In Search of a New MLM business opportunity


I had joined a MLM business opportunity accidentally two years ago. Being an introvert in nature, I could never communicate with people in an articulate manner. But the MLM business brings success to those who can speak a lot and can build relationships with customers. I attended many seminars by giving an amount as the entry fee. But I was still not satisfied with my performance. I could increase my chain by introducing only two members and too after much coaxing. The MLM business I am presently working for sells personal care, household beauty, and health and wellness products. They have also introduced insurance products after tie up with a renowned insurance company. The problem lies here that we are not trained to sell insurance policies. So once a customer is told about the policy, he/she asks different number of questions to which there is no answer from my side. I am sometimes confused as to whether we are selling our products or insurance policies. So it is high time that I am giving a thought of leaving this MLM business opportunity to join a new MLM where I can succeed by selling a product that I can use myself and vouch for.

Any body have any suggestions?

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