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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is an effective ‘Marketing Strategy’ by which you can receive qualified and pre-sold ‘Web Traffic’ to your website.

This strategy can go viral as in “Viral Marketing”. An Internet Business rewards an affiliate marketer a sales commission for promoting its product/service. If the business has a team of affiliates promoting its product or service, the amount of sales generated becomes substantial in no time.

This is a very effective way to generate an online revenue. And if the product is digital in nature, then the expense involved is minimal to the business.

  • You promote your product/service through your affiliates, by giving them sales/affiliate commission.

  • Promote other people's products or services for a commission. A very easy and laid back way to "Make Money Online".

What You Will Get from Affiliate Marketing Page?

Cool strategies to increase your online exposure and sales!

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I have been there and done it, and continue doing it since my online success in 2003… Read my full story here

I am living the Internet lifestyle that to most is only a DREAM!

You now sit back, get your favourite drink and enjoy the ride.

Essential Reading:


Affiliate Marketing:

Essential Tools and Resources


Affiliate Marketing:

A Cool Strategy to Increase Your Online Exposure and Sales

Why Marketers Fail? 14 Free Video Lessons

Super Affiliate Coaching: Free Videos

Essential Tools:

Do you have a "Marketing Plan" or an "Affiliate Marketing Program" for this?


Essential Reading:

Let's look at the key components that you need to be put together, to

make this strategy successful.


Ecommerce Website:

This is your starting point. A website where you have the affiliate sign-up page, a product/service sales page (ability to accept all kinds of payments), a squeeze page, where your visitors can opt-in, a download page (where your visitors, referred by your affiliate team, can download your e book or software product).

All in one Affiliate Management and E Commerce System



Affiliate Marketing Network:

Recommended Affiliate Networks

Related Reading:

These networks will have all the affiliate programs listed. You need to register with some popular Affiliate networks, in order to promote your product through them.

An affiliate network is the place where all your would-be affiliates go in search of affiliate products to promote.

Create an affiliate marketing program for your affiliates, that will put an army of affiliate representatives under you. Compensate your affiliates suitably, and watch your sales shoot through the roof without much effort on your part.

What a terrific way to explode your sales!!

Soon coming: "Affiliate Marketing Network" page.



Overseeing Your Affiliate Activities:

For this, you need to rely on an exceptionally good tool, to sign-up, track and monitor your affiliates. Your affiliates will be coming from various networking sources.

You may have a multi-tier affiliate team. Your ability to track all your affiliate activities is a crucial element to your success. Therefore investing in a good tool is an absolute must.

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Software:



And, if your product is digital or downloadable one, then, you do not have to worry much.

As you know, "Clickbank" is the leader in the Affiliate Marketing Network area for digital/downloadable products, your service/delivery is automatically taken care of.

Make sure you bookmark this page and do not forget to pay a visit once in a while.


Expedite Your Product/Service Delivery:

Your system should allow for an on-time delivery of your product/service. At the same time, you should provide timely update (confirmation and follow-up emails) to your customer as to the product/service availability to them.

This is a crucial step, and will help maintain good relationship with your customer.



Viral Traffic:

Essential Reading:

Viral Marketing Tools

Traffic is the life line of your online business. Investing in the right tools and process will help you succeed in generating viral web traffic. You can gain increased efficiency in your operations, if you have a centralized management system.

Affiliate-Marketing-Strategies: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic


Highly Recommended Free Traffic Resources:

More Traffic Generation Tools & Resources


Joint Ventures:

Must Read:

JV Attraction Formula

Joint ventures can be immensely successful if you do it properly. The key here is to locate other products/services that appeals to your customer. This can be done through ‘Social Media’ and ‘Blog Marketing’ techniques.

Engaging your customers on a one-on-one discussion in popular forums and networking sites, will give an insight into your niche market requirements. Providing constant updates on your blog about your new products and inviting comments from your visitors is another way this can be done.

Once you know your customer needs, locate a suitable joint venture (JV) partners, and then sell the products to your customers. This will free-up your time and money in the creation of the product itself.


> Reseller Rights:

Give your customers the right to sell your product. This will have a viral effect on your marketing. Your customer will be motivated by the opportunity to make some money.

What is PLR?


Affiliate Marketing Tip:

Create your own downloadable eBook, and give it out for ‘FREE” to your website visitors. Only thing, make sure that it should be Relevant, Valuable and has Quality information regarding your product/service.

Here is a classic example, how this is done….

Free Viral Marketing Tutorial

Note the words: ``How to Make this eBook Your Golden Goose?"

Affiliate Marketing Tip:

Butterfly Reports is an excellent source for your Viral Marketing techniques, to push your marketing messages ever so subtly, while providing useful quality material for your customer.

So, there you are. You have all the concepts. All you need to do now is to plan it out and work it out.

The Tool for the Job: Butterfly Marketing


Affiliate Marketing Tip:

Automate Your Front & Back-end Process

How about automating the above process in part or whole?

Yes, this is definitely possible.

I will highly recommend you to read Mike Filsaime's "Butterfly Marketing" report. He is actually giving out 27 pages from that for Free.

Go to this link, where it says,"Get 27 Pages Of The Leaked Chapter Of The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript", and if you scroll down to the end, you will find an opt-in form. Just fill that up, and get at least the 27 pages. It's completely free and talks about sneaky marketing strategies to grow your online business exponentially.

This is a must read for all marketers and entrepreneur aspiring to hit big time online.


Go Viral with Your Affiliate Marketing 

Get JV Strategies for FREE

I am sure you will get to learn solid marketing strategies from these masters and put them to good use.

Keep visiting this page every so often, so that you keep yourself ahead of time and competition with the best affiliate marketing tools out there.


I will regularly provide you with the latest and greatest in affiliate marketing in the links below.

Please do not ignore them. And if you ignore them, do so at your own risk. Visit each of the links below, and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Learn the tricks of the trade, use the most effective tools and get the best of Internet Marketing Strategies for free. The so called gurus will charge you a hefty sum to divulge these "Secrets".

In closing, I want to congratulate you for reading up-till here without missing a word. This is what I call motivation. Now that is only half the job. "Taking Action", is the other half.

So, You Take Action.....

Marketing Strategies Blog

Here is wishing you all success in your affiliate marketing,




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