Proven Article Marketing Strategies for Building Wealth and Success for Your Home Based Business!

There are plenty of e books and articles about Article Marketing.

But my gut feeling is that nothing works unless experimented and tested. And there is no substitute for experience.

I am into online marketing since 2003, and have tested  and experimented different strategies in writing and presenting various promotional articles for my internet business.

The strategies that I am going to reveal have worked extremely well for me. Hopefully this should work well for you too. I will outline the steps that you can take to ensure your article produces the desired results and website ranking.

You can no doubt make loads of cash if you know how to perform your campaigns correctly.

Several online marketing experts have mastered how to do this. (Steven Wagenheim, Dean Shainin, Josh Spaulding...etc). When these guys talk article marketing pay attention.

Now don't get any ideas, that this is very easy...NO..NO.

As anything real, you need to put in sufficient hard work and also should have professional patience. But the payoff can be huge. I mean HUGE.

Essential Tools & Resources:

I personally view every article in 2 ways. My first view is that an article is like a mini-traffic launch. Every article is launched to drive traffic. Some of these traffic launches perform better than others.

The second way I view articles is in the same manner as “MLM” guys view their down line. I submit lots of articles, the MLM builds a big down-line. Now 80% of a MLM's down-line will do nothing but the other 20% will make you money. (I have been there and done this for my MLM business. I am still doing it as a matter of fact).

By the way, MLM is a great way to diversify and have an additional stream of income.

Go to “Make Money From Home” page, to learn the different channels to ‘Make Money Online

Go to the “MLM” page to read more on MLM.

OK. Now, my submitted articles constitute my down-line, but the exact opposite happens. About 85% of my articles make me money (loads of it!!) and the remaining 15% either does not make any penny or breaks even.

Well, I am not complaining. Article marketing and article writing is indeed an art and a well deserved skill set. In my honest opinion, having this skill set is far better than having a professional degree.

I mean it...


There is an excellent resource on "Writing Articles". This Ebook is from non other than the founders of the high ranking article directory known as "ArticlesBase". Read it. Get to know the basics of article marketing and lay a strong foundation.

OK. so "What is article marketing"?

Get all your Tools here…

It is a type of "marketing and advertising" in which you write articles related to your niche or industry and distribute it over the net through various mediums like, article directory, “Blog Marketing”,”Social Media” etc.

It is a proven way to bring in new "web traffic". This strategy is absolutely worth your time and the returns will be huge if you persist on doing this.

Article marketing has been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web and will continue to be the major pillar of online marketing. Marketing your business with articles is the easiest way to build massive targeted traffic, boost your “Search Engine Positioning”, link popularity, credibility, and your income at ZERO cost.

So, what are the essential components of article marketing?

The very first component would be obviously the "Keyword Research Tools". You may ask why?

Your objective is to send targeted traffic to your website or your money site through your well written articles. Now, when I say targeted traffic, I mean visitors or surfers looking for a particular information to either relieve their pain, solution for a problem or to find something on the net.

How do we know what a visitor wants or what he/she is looking for?

This is where a market research or an article marketing strategy comes into play. And the very first step in this research is "Niche Marketing", or in other words marketing to a hungry niche or crowd.

OK, that is fine. "But how will I know where the hungry market is? What is the magic formula to find this market of needy"?.

There is no magic or any formula involved.

Using keywords to position your article is the trick or magic. A keyword is a phrase that a visitor types in, to search for anything and everything online.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of "keyword research". The whole idea is to find that winnable niche. A winnable niche is a keyword that has reasonable number of searches with less competition. There are also other factors that can affect the competition and profitability of a niche. But, it's not too much of a concern for the initial research.


Now to locate the keywords or the niche market, and to do a "keyword research", you need to have a reliable key word tool. Fortunately there is a free tool called Google External Keyword Tool.

Please make sure that you visit all the links at the bottom of this page for more on article marketing, keyword research and article writing tips and services.

The links at the bottom of this page is your ticket to article marketing strategies and niche domination.

We are not done yet. Below are the steps required to setup a result driven article marketing campaign:

We briefly covered "keyword research" above. Go to the "keyword research" link above to learn more about this "key" strategy.

Following topics are covered in detail. Please click on the links below, and you will be taken to the respective topic. I have discussed each of them to the best of my ability. I am sure, if you follow them carefully, you will succeed in setting up your result driven "article marketing strategy", that will send forth free targeted "web traffic" to your money site.

Enjoy some sneaky strategies that are hardly discussed openly, except in highly selected and secretive seminars, coaching and mentoring programs.

Again, visit the links at the end of this page for details...


We are not done yet. Below are the steps required to setup a result driven article marketing campaign:

We briefly covered "keyword research" above.

The topics covered on this page and the links at the end of this page will make you sufficiently knowledgeable.

But the key is to "TAKE ACTION".

Move on! Implement the techniques detailed in each of the topics listed at the bottom of this page. Take your time to learn them thoroughly. I guarantee that if you apply even some of them correctly and consistently, you WILL in a short period of time see the results you want.

I will also discuss the "Tricks of the Trade", where ever applicable. This will make your life easy and "free-up" loads of time, otherwise spent on laborious tasks.

Are you overwhelmed?

I know there is quite a work involved. Don't you worry. Initially everything is hard and laborious. Once you will get the hang of it, and I am pretty sure, you will, this thing becomes your second nature. If you get this right and follow what I say, then you will reap the benefits many-fold...

I mean you will see TONS of money. There are marketers and professional writers who make a pretty good living only from article marketing.

But, on this website, I will also show you "make money from home" opportunities and how to create multiple streams of income, not only just making money with article marketing.

Hang in tight, and see for yourself the money making strategies unfolding before your eyes.

OK. Let's move on...


All the topics discussed here are crucial to your success in article marketing, and are also resource intensive.

The biggest mistake made by an online marketer is taking into his/her hands "ALL THE TASKS" in running an online business.

Well, "how this can be a mistake"?, you may wonder!

Through my +7 years of online experience, especially with "Article Marketing", the biggest secret that I learned is this:

"Do what you are best at, and outsource the rest. Automate the jobs that you do your best".

So in a nutshell, you need to have a business process/plan, a step by step procedure to execute them. Once you have this, then it will be very easy for you to "OUTSOURCE" and/or "AUTOMATE" some/most of the tasks.

I will discuss the various outsourcing options and strategies separately. As this is my favourite subject, I am going to devote an entire web page for this topic. Please click on the links below and keep your eyes glued on for this information. This will be your saviour from the grunt work to the famed "TIME & MONEY FREEDOM".

As said earlier, automating the mechanical and resource intensive job will give you enough free time that you can spend on more productive work such as, keyword research, niche marketing, spending quality time with family and friends etc.


Here is a cool free report from Rich Schefren called "Internet Business Manifesto". This report will tell everything about the "Internet Marketing Business" and where most of the time is spent and how can this be salvaged and put to more productive use.

Free Vs. Commercial Tools:

Let's be clear on this. Most free tools are free because they are limited. Even great free tools like Win-zip comes in free and paid versions.

Well, you may ask "What is the difference"?

A free tool offers you some basic functions. They do not typically offer the full features you will need if you are a serious and driven business owner creating a mega empire on the Internet. Free tools are generally created as demos or samples of the larger full-featured tools.

You get what you pay for...

Go to “Internet Marketing Strategy” page, and read on further about the major difference between a free and a paid tool. You will be surprised with the what you get..

That said, there are a number of keyword tools in the market. I have invested so much of my time and energy into studying and testing these tools for my own use, and finally was able to cherry pick 'THE TOOLS' that I found to be extremely useful and effective in picking the right niche for my article marketing.

Well, "what are those "secretive" tools"? TELL ME NOW !

Essential Tools & Resources:

Stay tuned in, and visit this page every often. It won't be too long. That much I can promise.

But for now, understand this. A good article should be able to provide a high value to your reader by way of good content. At the same time, you should be able to spin your own voice and personality into the content. This will make your reader "pre-sold" and will readily click on the much awaited author bio link.


I want to refer you to an extremely good 'FREE" ebook that teaches you how to make the content unique to you by adding your personal spin and voice. Please read this ebook "Make Your Content Pre-sell" thoroughly. You will definitely learn good content writing skills if you follow this to a tee.  

OK. Finally we have come to the end of this page.

Take your time to learn the process and use the tools, that will be very shortly added to this page and the links at the bottom, as it fits your budget and time constraints.

I will continue to provide you with the "Tips, Tricks and Techniques" to accelerate your article marketing effort and see the results much quicker. The Fun just begins now.

Visit each of the following links below, that will take you to the "cream of the crop" Article Marketing strategies, to speed up your process and to quadruple your marketing results. In closing, 'Do not compromise on "QUALITY" for "QUANTITY" and "SPEED".

Here is wishing you all success in article marketing,



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