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Definition of Viral Marketing

Here is your definition of Viral Marketing.

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that motivates individuals to pass on some kind of a marketing message to other people in return for something like a free ebook, referrals etc. This kind of a strategy creates a buzz around the product/service.

In the offline world, this is known as "Word-of-mouth" or "Network Marketing". This essentially acts like a 'virus', spreading the message to the masses, made popular by MSN's (now Bing) free hot-mail service.

Famous marketing gurus Jimmy D. Brown & Ryan Deiss have thoroughly analyzed viral marketing

in their e books, "Niche Factors" and "Viral e Book Brainstorm".

You Can Trust Me:

I have used, and I am still using this marketing strategy very effectively to generate leads for my “MLM” businesses for the past couple of years.


I have been testing various strategies for my viral marketing campaign. What I have learned is that, some strategies work better than others. I will discuss the strategies that worked well for  me. That way you save the trouble of re-inventing the wheel.

What is In It for You?

You will learn some very advanced strategies that will pull in traffic and bring exponential growth to your online business and sales!

Table of Content:

The Essential Elements in Viral Marketing

Tools & Resources

In order to effectively implement a viral marketing campaign, you need to have some key elements build into it.

What are those key elements?

1 -

Freebies (Give away free products/services)


"FREE" is the most powerful word that draws in huge crowd. It essentially plays on human psychology and is also a highly potential "Internet Marketing Strategy".

Successful online marketers have used this strategy to the fullest extent. Most of the viral marketing campaigns have this key element incorporated into their marketing strategy.

They give away value added products, eBooks, newsletters, tools, software, services etc., in return for the freebie hunter's email and contact address.

The emails and contacts harvested through this technique is then later on used to up-sell low to high value products or services. Thus making money on the back end.

This is a very effective way for “Lead Generation” and building mail lists. I have my mail list tripled using this strategy.


Get Your List Building Tools

It is your warm market to promote to any time you want.

At the same time, your mail list is like a double edged sword. It can also harm you if not done properly.

"How to grow your most profitable mail list"?

2 -

Leveraging on Your Existing Communication Network

Most of the folks lead very active social life. Scientific studies tell us that almost every individual on an average has a network of about 4 to 12 people as their close family and friends.

Some individuals and popular personalities have a wide network of people, family and friends. People working as waiters or bar tenders, for example, may communicate regularly with hundreds of customers every week.

Network marketers and “MLM businesses have long understood the power of these human networks. No different here.

A successful online marketer taps into this source and is able to generate viral leads and referrals for his or her internet business through his or her network of people. In the online world this is accomplished through viral emails, viral videos, viral eBooks etc.

I will go over the sneaky and advanced techniques in the links at the end of this page.

Please visit them regularly as the pages will be continuously updated.

3 -

Easily Communicable and Transferable

An easily transferable message is like a virus. Remember the virus season? A virus spreads across when it is easily transmittable, through touch, sneeze, cough etc.

Your viral marketing message should be exactly like this. Easily transmittable and communicable.

There are number of ways you can communicate your message to your network. Examples would be:

-> Emails through auto-responders

-> Your web site pages or squeeze pages

-> Free down-loadable e books, graphic, software etc. with reseller rights

-> Viral videos

-> Social media and forum discussions

-> Sales funnels (extremely effective and rewarding) etc.

The point to note here is that, your marketing message should be very simple, effective and easily communicable.

Your message should not get lost on the public during the process and should retain its integrity from beginning to end.

4 -


Scalability of your marketing model is crucial for success with this strategy.

Now, take the hot-mail example itself. It requires its own mail servers to house and handle the vast email accounts and its speedy delivery. In order for this to handle its growth, numerous mail servers are required and readily available.

So you need to plan well ahead your strategy and resource requirements.

You must also consider at this time various hosting and outsourcing options. More on that later.

5 -

Leverage on Human Psychology (Human Tendencies & Behavioural Pattern)

Viral-Marketing: Copywriting

This is my favourite topic. Playing on human psychology is "The Numero Uno" skill you need to have to stay in this game and make it BIG.

Clever viral marketing plans take advantage of this strategy.

What is the craze Now? iPhones, iPads etc., right? 

What is the ‘psychological, factor behind it?

None other than "the desire to look cool" isn't it?.

This is a common human tendency. The desire to look cool, possess something invaluable and then to be proud of that, the longing to be popular, praised, loved etc.

The passion, desire and urge to inform and communicate over the internet, generates countless websites and email messages.

Strategically place yourself to build on human tendencies, motivations and behaviours and develop a viral marketing plan for the transmission of your marketing messages, and you have a "Winner".

There are various resources available on the net about selling to human psychology, otherwise known as "Copy-writing".

I have read a number of eBooks about this. But found success with only a couple of them worth mentioning. I also enrolled myself into coaching and training programs provided by respectable online marketers.

Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys

OK. So, there you have the essential components of a viral marketing campaign.

I will cover every one of them in detail with some insider "Tips", "Tricks" and "Tools" to make your job easy and effective.


The entire process discussed on this page, for setting up an effective viral strategy, is contained in Michael Filsaime's renowned and expensive software known as "Butterfly Marketing". But, here is your once in a life time opportunity, to get the source code for FREE...What more can you ask for?

Mean while, here is your FREE tutorial on this topic, delivered by the Viral Effects 'Master', John Delavera. Grab your Free tutorial and learn the tricks to implement your marketing campaign fast and easy!!!

Ingredients Required for a Winning Viral Marketing Campaign!

Now that we know the elements required to setup a successful

viral marketing campaign, let's focus our attention on the ingredients that will constitute those elements.

Ready? Here you go.

  • PLR (Private Label Rights) product: PLR eBooks are the best way to start. Why?

Learn Everything About PLR

Because, you can get them from various sources for reasonable price. This makes a great product to be given to your visitors as freebies.

You include your PLR on your website as a down-loadable item on your "opt-in" form.

Make sure that the PLR is highly relevant to your website topic and will add value to your reader.

The reader will provide his/her contact details in exchange for the freebie. There, you have a list now.

Effective List Building

But let me also tell you this. You must spin the content to make it look unique and truly you. It should be different from several others using the same PLR content. This is extremely important.

Your PLR content should be highly relevant to your product/service and must add value to your reader.

Auto-responder: For your viral marketing campaign, this tool has to be there. You will setup a series of sequential emails, after your visitor provides you with his/her contact address.

Viral-Marketing: Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with AWeber Email Marketing

You will now start recommending your own products/services or affiliate products and start making money from the back end.

But note that, you will not probably make any sale until after you have sent out about 6 to 8 emails to your customer. So be ready for that.

But this is a great and effective way to make sales from your visitors.

This is covered in detail in Email Marketing.

Highly Effective Viral Marketing Media

> Social Media: Forums and social media is an excellent way to spread your viral message. You need to be a trusted member of the social media sites before you can even market your products.

I have covered the techniques separately on the social media page.

Social Media Tools & Resources

> Blog Marketing: Another excellent way to spread your viral message. More on that later.

>> Blog Marketing Tools <<

> Viral Articles: Covered on the “Article Marketing” page.

>> Tools & Resources <<

> Setting up Sales funnels: This is a rather advanced strategy that requires setting up of a bFit in the form of a freebie, and then trying to cross-sell and up-sell various high value products to your visitor.

This in itself is a complete system all tightly integrated and follows sequential steps. This is more like a "Decision tree" process.

Mike Filsaime has come up with this strategy beautifully in his viral experiment called the butterfly effects. Here is your golden opportunity, to lay your hands on the exact same "Butterfly Marketing" techniques described, all automated and compiled into his ever more popular "Butterfly Marketing Software". Get the entire source code for that software 'FREE' here.


Copy-writing: The "MOST" important component for success online is copy-writing. Without this vital skill your website will be starving for $$$.

>> Must Have Tools & Resources <<

Remember Traffic is one thing, but Conversion of that traffic into $$$ is quite another thing. And it is only a good sales copy that will convert your traffic into hot customers and buyers.

You get my point?

Copy-writing is an essential and a key component of your viral marketing strategy.

Ultimate “At Home” Internet Copywriting Workshop

Click here to grab your free SEO copywriting report


I hope you don't feel overwhelmed...If you do, relax, take it easy one step at a time.

The beauty of

viral marketing is that, if you create a viral campaign, you will be able to almost instantly maximize your outreach with less time and effort.

In fact, when your idea takes off, it can quickly propel your business to an entirely new level at absolutely no cost. Not only that, when your product or service goes viral, it may be the only marketing campaign you will ever need to generate targeted traffic, repeat business and new online customers to your website for a long period of time.

There are many different strategies that you can use to build a viral campaign, ensuring that your message penetrates your market and continues to build momentum over time.

Please visit the links below to know exactly how to setup an effective viral campaign. The viral strategies covered on this page is good enough for you to kick start your marketing campaign. But we are not done yet. I will cover the process in a step by step way for you to easily understand and implement.

Click on the links below to uncover all of the viral marketing

techniques, including copy-writing in a simple and easy to understand language. Bookmark this page and visit them periodically as I will continue to add new methods and process as and when I discover them. You do not want to miss anything.

Here is wishing you all success,



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