Expert Link Building Strategies

What is Link Building?

Now, ‘Link Building’ is simply the process of getting "One Way Links" to your website from other related sites.  

Why Link Building?

When a website links to your site using a hyperlink, this will be used by the search engines to basically vote for your website.

The more links, more votes. Thus your website gains in popularity. This increases your 'Web site traffic'. And not any kind of web site traffic, but, 'Targeted Web Traffic'!

And that's the whole point. 'Web site traffic'. Remember, no traffic, no sales!

What You will Get from Link Building Page?

You will learn the top 'Link Building' techniques that has worked well for me.

Link building is an art and science in itself. There is a Right way, Wrong way and Smart way of getting backlinks.

This video will teach you the 'Smart' way of doing things with a proven methodology that has got consistent results over and over. Don't miss this. The techniques on this video will not be available anywhere else!


Essential Reading:

Recommended Link building Services:

  • Link Vana: Extremely powerful one way links.
  • Best Link Building Software: SE Nuke: Automates all the techniques discussed below. Free 1 week trial offer! Quick Link Building Tip: EDU Domain: EDU domains are only available to educational institution. This domain is extremely powerful for generating 'One way links' and also 'Targeted web traffic'. How to get one? Easy. Go Rent an EDU Domain for $1!! OK. Let's move on.>Top< Link Building 101:

How to Get one way links?

Before we start, here is a highly strategic 'SEO Software' that automates the entire process discussed on this page, well integrated and interfaced in an easy to use workflow. This software virtually eliminates the need for any Link Building Services whatsoever. It's highly recommended and I urge you to take a look at it by getting their FREE 1 week trial offer.

Effective Link Building


Link-Building Strategies: Get Backlinks for Pennies to the Dollar

Link Building:

Strategy No.1

Domain name. Your domain name should have your exact keywords in it.

E.G. If your key word is 'Link Building', then, your domain name should be, or or

But you see what I mean? You keyword should be in your domain name.

Recommended Domain Registrar:

Recommended reading:


» Google Sniper, discusses this strategy of ranking websites, solely using the domain name's SEO value, without any other link building whatsoever.

Tip: Buying old domains is a short-cut that few people use. Why do all the link building from scratch when you can buy an existing domain that already has thousands of links to it and simply put your own content on it? Think about it!

But here is the catch: You might not be able to find a high PR domain in your own niche, to take advantage of the SEO value of the keyword in the domain name, or the links built to the site might not be with the correct anchor text for the term you're targeting.

Solution: Look around at; You may be able to grab a great domain in your niche with a PR2-PR4 under $30.

Tip: Buy an old domain and transfer it to your own hosting. Remember to 'keep the registrar the same' and 'keep the title of the the website the same'. By doing so you will keep its PageRank!

Here is an easy way!

Go Rent an EDU Domain for $1!!


Link Building:

Strategy No.2

Create Blogs on Authority Sites.

Recommended reading:

Get all Your Blogging Tools Here…

Creating blogs on sites like, Google's Blogger, Squidoo, Hubpages, Wikispaces etc., can give you almost instant 'Search engine ranking'.

This obviously depends on the competition too. But you see what I am getting at?

Since these websites have significant link power, creating a blog on these sites means that, your blog will inherit some of its authority. And if your keywords does not have strong competition, it can be lingering on the first page of search results pretty quickly.

Not only that, even the outbound links from these blogs are worth its salt, because of the high PR of the root domain.

A Word of Caution:

Many marketers don't even buy their own domain. They simply create entire blogs on these sites and direct all their links to them.

While this works, and gets you near instant rankings, without spending on a domain, you stand the risk of being banned or your blog deleted for whatever reason.


Link Building:

Strategy No.3

Link-Building: Learn How to Build Links Video Training

RSS Feeds. I am sure, you have heard of RSS, right? But how many of you actually practice this little-known technique that works wonders?

RSS aggregators are sites like, that re-publish the entire content of your RSS feed on their own site. So any links present in your RSS feed show up on the RSS aggregators!

Example of RSS feed for this website:

"Notice how it appears that, is linking to various pages on "Marketing Strategies Blog", even though, it's the links that were submitted through the RSS feed to Feed Fury!

There are lots of RSS aggregators out there and this one technique can get you hundreds of quick links!

Here is a list of RSS aggregators:



Link Building:

Strategy No.4

Social bookmarking.

Link-Building: Facebook Social Media Techniques

The two most popular bookmarking sites are: Digg and Reddit.

Link building, by submitting stories to these sites has been popular for a while, and it still works well! The only problem is that, many of these sites have made all outbound links "nofollow" and have enforced strict no-spam policy.

But from my experience, the 'nofollow' doesn't mean that your link will not count at all. I believe that, as long as your post is genuine and interesting, the link will have value.

One of Google's off-page criteria seems to be factoring in the social bookmarking and "Social Media" activities and interest generated amongst the social networking communities, to qualify the "One way links" from these sites.

Social Media Tools & Resources


Link Building:

Strategy No.5

Writing articles and submission to article directories. One of my favourite techniques.

Essential reading:

Writing articles is not a secret to anyone. Submit articles using a Free Article Submitter, about your topic to various “Article Marketing Directory’s”, like, with your links in the "author bio box" at the bottom.

This will get you a quick link, plus the articles themselves rank well on the first page of Google a lot of times! A quick and effective 'Link building' strategy.

Article Writing Tools & Techniques


Link Building:

Strategy No.6

Video Marketing: Submit videos to video directories.

Essential Tools and Resources to Excel in Video Marketing:

  • Video Boss: Must’ve Have Coaching! –> Get onto the Queue due to high demand!
  • Stinger Videos: Specialized Video Marketing for Social Media Traffic

All Video Marketing Tools

Most people think of YouTube when they want to chill out and watch something. But it can be a great link building resource!

Quick Tip: Just create a quick short video using something like and submit it to Youtube and the dozens of other high PR video directories out there!

Place your link in the "video description" box whenever you submit the video. Also add a small watermark with the URL of your website somewhere in your video for direct traffic.

Automate your video submissions using, heyspread, tubemogul etc.


Link Building:

Strategy No.7

Link-Building: SEnukeX SEO Software

> Web 2.0: Here is how this works. You create an account. This gives you a page of your own on the site. Now you customize with a profile about yourself, your interest, hobbies etc.

The cool thing is that, you can also place your links in there! There are thousands such sites! As a matter of fact, almost every forum allows you to do the same!


Link Building:

Strategy No.8

Link Networks

Recommended Non Reciprocal Link Networks:

  • 1waylinks: Get hundreds of backlinks from unique blogs to any page you want -- on autopilot!

  • 3waylinks: Increase search engine rankings by automatically growing your site's link popularity!

  • MyWayLinks: Take full control of your linking building strategy. 

These are link networks where members link to each other's websites through articles, link pages and blog posts. This is great for link diversity, and taking part in these link networks alone can land you first page rankings for many keywords, but if you're serious about SEO, you really shouldn't rely on one method alone.

But, make sure the link network that you are part of, doesn't involve direct 1-to-1 reciprocal linking. So if website A is linking to website B, website B should NOT be linking to website A. Why? What is the risk?

Google picked up on this type of reciprocal linking a long time ago and can even penalize your website if done in excess.

The above link networks are safe and sure bet.

'Link building' although, is a laborious task, automation and outsourcing can save you tons of time.

The strategies discussed above are extremely effective, and once implemented, you can rest assured of guaranteed search engine ranking in a very short period of time.

And if your are able to automate the entire process, then, getting one way links as and when required, will be fun without the pain element. The only software known to do this is SE Nuke!!


Here is wishing you every success with your link building,



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