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So, What Exactly Is Search Engine Positioning?

Well. Search Engine Positioning is, in reality, Search Engine Marketing. It is a conscientious effort, to push your site towards the top of "Search Engine Ranking", for a specific search term typed in by an online searcher. It can be referred to as the backbone of any marketing plan, since it immediately affects your company’s ‘Website Ranking’ and the ability to be found online.

Why You Need to Read This Page to the End?

Because, You will learn the essential strategies to achieve TOP Search Engine Positioning.

Topics Covered:

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SEO-Tool: SEnuke Complete Marketing Software

Essential Reading:

Essential SEO Tools & Resources

Read to the end of this page, and, you will not have wasted your time. Just because I am providing the Search Engine Positioning steps, and tips with it, for free, do not underestimate the value and power of the strategies I have outlined here.

I respect your time, and I fully believe that the content on this page will never go waste in your Search Engine Positioning and SEO optimization efforts.

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"Search Engine Marketing" starts with your competition. I am giving you a FREE "SEO Tool", that you will need to spy on your competition. You will see the importance of this exercise as you continue to the end of this page. Obviously, a free tool will be limited in its true potential. But this will be good enough to get you started on the right track. Use this when the time comes...

Why Search Engine Positioning? What's the fun?

You are asking me, "Why Search Engine Positioning?"

Let me bring up some numbers here, that I researched.

--> Do you know that about 85% of the websites are found through search engines?

--> Do you know that there are +300 million searches made EVERY DAY? You need to get to the Top 10 in "Search Engine Positioning" on the major engines, for your site to be visible and receiving traffic. And if you slip any further in your search engine positioning and ranking, then, you are missing out on a huge chunk of action.

Here are some more interesting findings:

Based on the GVU, users survey, search engines account for over 85% of all new visitors to a web site. You must have read this before. But, here is the surprise. It is estimated that, only about 7% of Internet users will actually go beyond the first 20 listings on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

What about the remaining users? A recent study by the NEC Research Institute, show that, above 87% of the users would prefer to switch to a different engine, rather than browsing beyond the first 20 positions.

Here is Why YOU Should Listen to Me

When I started my online career back in 2003, I did not have a website. So I contracted the website building to a team of professionals and got a stunning and colourful website built.

I thought, well, now I can start making money selling my “MLM” products and also recruit people under me. But that was far from the truth. I used to daily wish and hope for traffic, conversions and sales and continued hoping for the next six or so months.

Nothing happened!!!!!!!

I had no clue about search engines, let alone search engine positioning. It was then, that, I started researching more on website building, various marketing strategies and search engine positioning and ranking techniques.

And What did I learn?

After investing a couple of thousands of dollars developing a Web site, I painfully discovered that my site was invisible in the major search engines.

Failing to take your Web site's search engine positioning and visibility into consideration when making site development decisions, is a very expensive mistake.

By recognizing both the importance and the need of search engine positioning and optimization in the development of your Web site, you hold a significant advantage over your competition.

Search Engine Positioning: SEO Mistakes


Here is your highly effective SEO techniques in addition to whatever I will discuss with you on this website. These techniques will rock, and will bring you loads of free "Web Traffic". Simply implement the SEO strategies that you will learn from the high quality training videos. Make use of the "SEO Tool" that is also included along with your training videos. Imagine, you are getting all these for FREE.Take maximum advantage, and put them to effective use....You can thank me later for all this... 

Search Engine Positioning - Ever Changing Scenarios and Challenges

Search engine positioning is the way to go. But...

Did you know that, Search Engine Positioning can be a very controversial and frequently debated subject. It is constantly changing.

Major search engines, like, Google, Yahoo and BIng (formerly MSN), are constantly changing their search engine positioning and ranking algorithms and related criteria, based on which, they determine factors considered important for delivering the most relevant results to user search queries.

Read about the recent changes in Google’s algorithm

Search engine positioning is indeed an art, as well as science. The search engine positioning and ranking factors cast an extremely powerful influence on your website ranking.

How to Please the Engines?


Search Engine Positioning and Ranking

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Let's understand the search engine ranking algorithm, and how does it affect your search engine positioning.

What the heck is an Algorithm?

For sure this thing will affect your Search Engine Positioning every time Google rhythm changes. An algorithm is all about search engine positioning, and has nothing to do with algebra or Pythagoras theorem. Thank god for that.

In a nutshell, this is a formula that is used to evaluate your web pages, in order to derive and determine, its relevance and value to the website visitor, while being crawled, by a search engine spider, for an inclusion in its database. By the way, if you are wondering what a spider is, it's a robot that browses all of the web pages for the engine.

Of all the search engines, Google's algorithm is a key factor that affects your search engine positioning.

As you know, Google is the top search engine, which has the most comprehensive and highly advanced technology, a simple and straightforward user interface, and a wide range of search tools, that enable a user, to easily navigate and access a variety of information online.

FREE-How to Beat Google to its Own Game?

Google algorithm and Google dance:

I will cover the most important factors that comprises Google's algorithm.

---> Page Rank:

Google uses an indigenous "Page Rank Technology" and "Hypertext-matching analysis", that makes split-second calculations, without any human intervention. The Page Rank technology uses a mathematical equation, with numerous variables, to measure the relevance and significance of the web pages.

For mathematically interested minds, this calculation actually involves around 500 million variables and over 3 billion terms.

How do I know all these things? You may wonder.

Well, you see, I do a lot of research and read high quality materials. I attend frequently the Internet Marketing and SEO seminars conducted by the most trusted and respected marketers. This is how I keep abreast with the current trends and learn the tricks from the master performers.

OK. Back to the point. Unlike some search engines, Google does not take links into consideration. It rather, utilizes the extensive link structure of a website.

Let me explain how this works. Let's say, when you click a link from a Tier 2 page to a Tier 1 page, then, that click is considered as a vote of confidence towards the Tier 1 page. Hope, I am making this clear to you.

---> What about Back Links?

Essential Tools & Resources

Sure, they are considered as popularity votes. What this essentially means, is that, Google attributes the importance of a page, based on such votes. The more back links, the more popular that page is, in the eyes of Google.

Google also evaluates the voter's reputation, meaning, the importance of the page that is linking.

So, if the voting or linking page carries a heavy weight, then that importance or weight is passed on to the page that it links to.

A point to note here is that, Google’s technology does not in the least involve humans. It uses the internet and its resources to determine the ranking and importance of a web page.

Very interesting topic. Don't you think so?

We earlier talked about Hypertext-matching analysis. What is this?

Google is in fact hypertext-based search engine. Meaning, it analyzes the content on each web page, for the exact positions of all the terms, fonts, page divisions etc. It also evaluates, the content of its nearest web pages. All these things, make Google more efficient, in returning the closest matching websites to a search query.

Have you heard of the Google dance?

The algorithm shuffle happens, basically due to the following reason:

Due to the Page Rank characteristics, the calculations involved, need to be performed about 40 times. Since the index is so large, it takes several days to complete the mathematical calculations. During this period, the search results fluctuate.

Pages that ranked well before, fell in ranking. Pages that were indexed before, got de-indexed. This makes a marketer's life miserable, especially those who rely on this for their livelihood.

Like me, for example. Many adsense publishing sites often get hit during these times. These fluctuations caused concerns to many marketers and SEO experts. The term Google dance was phrased by the frustrated marketers.

Go to Google Adsense, to read more on adsense.

I can go on and on with this. But that is not my intention. I want you to get a basic understanding of the underlying factors that drives the "Search Engine Positioning" efforts.

So, what is the lesson to be drawn from the above?

A very good rule of thumb to start with, is to have original and user focused content on your website.

Here is an excellent report from a well renowned SEO expert, about his surprisingly unexpected find, a loophole rather, in Google’s system, exploring the possibility of unlimited free traffic from mighty Google. Rush to get your ‘FREE’ copy of the Perpetual Traffic Report by Ryan Deiss, and beat Google to its own algorithm..!


Steps To Speed up Your Search Engine Positioning

Following are the SEO steps, that I invariably use. when I start off, for faster Search Engine Positioning and ranking. Of course, there are many more SEO procedures, but, essentially, by covering these steps you should be good to go.

The Search Engine Ranking and positioning strategies can be divided into two parts:

On page and Off page.

SEO: The On-page Strategies

---> Keyword Analysis:

Choosing the right keyword is the key. This is a very important step and should be handled carefully. I personally go for keywords that have good number of searches, and the ones that convert. You should also be doing the same thing.

Get all Your Keyword Tools Here

Converting keywords are the so called long-tailed keywords. These are specific and targeted buyer keywords with generally lesser competition. I have found in my testing that, the best way to evaluate the keywords and to hand pick the converting ones, is with a PPC campaign. But the strategy is a bit time consuming and costs little bit money.

 Search-Engine-Positioning:The Longtail Search

There are other underground strategies and tools, that will instantly scoop up the converting and profitable keywords upfront without even a PPC campaign.

Get Your Tools & Strategies

You can use the Google External keyword tool, which is also a very good tool, and it's free to use.

Go to Pay Per Click Advertising, to learn more about the underground and hidden strategies.

I have “Keyword Research” page created, that discusses some cool strategies and tools to make this a fun and rewarding exercise.

The strategies that I discuss here, are not to be found elsewhere. So, do not disclose these strategies to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Share only with your trusted friends who are serious about making money online…

Here, use this free SEO Tool to dig up the competition based on your keyword. This little tool will bring up competitive intelligence data and costs nearly $10,000 to its maker, the renowned SEO expert Ryan Deiss.  

---> SEO optimization on your pages:

Here are some quick tips to follow:

---> Keywords in your title tags. If possible include in URLs too.

---> Keywords in your meta tags.

---> Links to your home page from your inner pages or your sub pages.

---> Links from your inner page to other inner pages.

---> Links from your home page to your inner pages.

SEO: The Off-page Strategies

---> Acquire an aged domain:

The older a domain, the better is its ranking capabilities. When I check the age of the sites in my competition, I find that, most of the times, they are +3 years old.

The engines do give importance to the age and domain registration length.

Among other things, Google determines authority of a web site, based on two chief factors:

---> Amount of quality links pointing to it, and,

---> Age of the domain. When I say age of the domain, I mean the number of years the website had content that were indexed by the engines. No body has any control over this. The only way to meet this criteria, is to purchase an old domain.

Where to purchase old domain? Be careful here, not to buy a dropped domain. A dropped domain will have its registration date starting all over, like a new domain.

There are many places where you can purchase an old domain. Digitalpoint,, etc. Some of the old domains even comes with page ranks.

Strategies to Buy Aged Domains Real Cheap:  

-> Firstly, go to, and find the domain names that are up for grabs. Once you find your domain, buy it from the vendor who is offering it.

Next, you ask the "Owner" to transfer the domain in your name "Under the same registrar, where the domain was held".

This step is very important, to retain the age of the domain that you are buying.

Now, when you use, Godaddy auctions, this transfer is done automatically.

The other way to do this is, to go to,, where you can buy domains very cheap, as low as $5. The $5 domains are the final close-out price, plus the $10 fee.

Those are "buy now" prices, but you have to wait about a week before you get possession of them.

Make sure you use a coupon when you buy to save about $2.50/domain.

Get your coupons from Godaddy here

Now, do a "301 redirect" to a current and active domain, from your newly acquired aged domain.

Wondering what a 301 redirect is?

It is just that you are pointing your aged domain to an existing domain. Now, this is going to be permanent.

And since this is permanent, Google will pass on the attributes of the aged domain, such as a page rank (PR), to your existing domain.

However, for this redirect to take effect, it may take a couple of months, to actually see the page rank for your existing domain. So, be patient.

You can actually download Google page rank tool.

Cool stuff...Isn't it?

When you look for aged domains, look for attributes, such as age of the domain, Page rank, back links and even traffic for that matter.

---> Directory submissions:

Free Directory Submitter

Submit your website to web directories. But before submitting, you should check the competition. Analyze your competition's sites for the in-pointing links.

Look for common trends and patterns, such as a link with a URL in it.

These domain URLs may have different combination, e.g. "", "", "" etc.

Many people argue about the benefits of URL links. But, you can never say, as Google's algorithm keeps moving all the time, and so does the "Search Engine Positioning" techniques.

In my opinion, Google considers these types of in-pointing links, anywhere between 5% to 40%, to be natural. I could be wrong. But, nobody can be 100% sure about Google anyways.

Now for the directory submissions, you need to get some high value links with your "keywords" in anchor texts.

I have during my testing and research, found many in-coming links from the sites that are not on Google's index. This could tell something. But, most of the links are high quality links though.

You can get links from free directories too. But, if you ask me, I will say, get it from paid directories, most prominently Yahoo, etc. And, if you can get into DMOZ, then you indeed made your day.

Here are some prominent major directories:

Yahoo Directory Submit (Free and paid)

DMOZ (Free) (Paid): Get listed to Millions of B2B Buyers – $50 Off!

---> Analyze your competition:

This is I believe, is one of the most important area usually overlooked by many. Consider this as very important.

Here is how you do this properly.

---> Firstly choose your favourite mid range keyword that you have identified during your keywords research.

---> Then do a Google search for it, and look at the sites that come up in the top ten. These are your competitors. Keep a spreadsheet and note down the numbers. Do this for all your selected keywords. You will see a pattern here.

What exactly you will look for in your competition?

Here is the list:

1) Age of the domain or site.

2) Pager rank (PR). Higher the PR, tougher it will be for you to rank for that keyword. I.E., you cannot beat a PR5 page with a PR2 or 3.

But the PR is actually for the number and quality of the incoming links. So if you focus on that, then PR will not be an issue.

Here is free tool to check the page rank.

3) Number of backlinks, quality and composition of such links.

4) Take note of the size of the sites.

Use this free tool.

Somewhat important is page rank, but I often see PR2 above a PR4 (or something similar) in rankings as I believe, it is the combination of factors that play a larger role in the search engine positioning and ranking.

I know, this is going to be a manual labour. But, you know what? Early on, with such analysis you will save tons of time and frustration in the end.

So, what is better? You guessed it right.

OK. I will save you the labour. There are some tools out there, that does this job in a breeze. Just have patience. I will come up with all such tools and strategies. Give me some time.....

-> Plan of attack:

So you now have your competitor's data. Let's begin your plan of attack. This will be based on the number of back links we need and their page ranks.

Let's say for example: PR4 = 6 PR3 = 7 PR2 = 18 PR1 = 20 PR0 = 20-50 Misc Links = 50-100

It will be a good idea to add analytic to your site to track the traffic, alexa rank, PR etc. You should also assess the size requirement of your site at this point.

As you continue to improve on the above elements, your site will naturally rise up in Google search engine positioning and rankings. Your SpyderMate score will also go up. Continuous monitoring is the key here.

I must stress here, the need for you to invest in some good tools for your analysis, tracking and monitoring. This will make your life easy and your progress faster.

Here is a world class analytical tool that does more than SEO analysis. Try out its Free version for your evaluation.

SEO software by Web CEO

---> Link bait:

As the name suggests, it is a bait for others to link to your site. And how this works, is by providing something useful and of value to your would be linking sites.

But, you know what, the most effective way to do SEO, is to build your site the normal way, the natural way. Keep it real. Keep it original with high quality content. But, this takes time and patience.... I know.

---> Double listings:

The way to do this is, by linking not to just one page in your site for a particular keyword, but linking to a second page also for the same keyword. This is most often seen with the index/home page being the first and then an inner page just under.

The inner page need NOT have to have the same ranking strength, to get there, as the strength of the first listing kind of pulls it up.

Here is a quick tip:

Take your best converting keyword, and link to both the Index and the corresponding inner page (with matching title tags).

---> Harvesting backlinks:

Search-Engine-Positioning: LinxBoss Fully Automated SEO Linking

This topic is covered in great detail under "Link Building" page.

Essential Link Building Tools & Resources

Alright. I hope you are not lost and you are still with me. Good. This page has grown in length. But you must have learned some good things, I am sure.


I hope you now see the importance of a good "Search Engine Positioning", especially in Google.

Please visit the “Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking and Positioning” page for more such high-end strategies.

I have yet to discuss the various other strategies and the supporting SEO Tools, that will literally push your site up in ranking dramatically.

I, therefore, urge you to proceed to the links below, and devour everything that I will be talking about on those pages.

Please pass on this information to your friends or colleagues who are desperately looking for these marketing strategies.

Also, provide your feedback by going to the contact Vat Thilek link…

Here is wishing you every success in achieving remarkable "Search Engine Positioning"!!



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