Ways to Save Money With Home Energy Solutions

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Important Topics Covered on this Page:

Ways to Save Money: Places Low Cost Energy Programs Currently Available

This 'Home Energy' strategy however, is ONLY available to the residents of the following Canadian Provinces indicated below at this time:

ONTARIO: Natural gas & electricity for home and small business 
QUEBEC: Natural gas for small business 
BRITISH COLUMBIA: Natural gas for home and small business 
MANITOBA: Natural gas for home and small business

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OK. Back to our subject. You might be wondering how any one can save reasonably good amount of money from home energy products, right?

Relax. You will soon see ways to save money by having 'Home Energy Solutions', using 'Environmentally Friendly Products' and 'Green Energy'.

This page may go long, but, I strongly strongly recommend you to read to the end of this page, and you will learn the 'Ways to Save Money' that will really surprise you and will definitely usher in the most cheerful holiday season that you can ever imagine in these recession times!!!  


Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs - Electricity

You might be having a lingering doubt that, why should you listen to me? This guy is not an expert on this subject.

And you are very right. I am not an energy expert by a long shot. My field and expertise is 'Internet Marketing', as you know.

But, for 'Ways to Save Money', with 'Home Energy', I am kind of an expert. Here is how. 

Through my "MLM Business Opportunity" that I am currently in, I learned about the products offered by this 'MLM Program'. 'Home Energy Solutions' for today's environmentally challenged planet.

As in any MLM, you need to get proper training on the products. I got the training and also did my own research on topics like 'Green Energy', global warming, energy pricing, energy audit, and most importantly, ways to save money with home energy solutions like green energy, renewable energy etc.

This self education also showed me the ways to save money from 'Home Energy Solutions'. Simple.

So there you go, you can trust me on one thing, I do not write about anything that I am not confident of or experienced it.

OK. So let's move on.

Ways to Save Money: What are energy costs?

> They are simply the costs associated to your use of electricity at your home, business etc. Energy costs are heating up, and so does the cost of heating your homes and providing hot water.

> Sustainable energy is becoming a key issue and there are lots of changes we can all make to save cash and create a better world.


According to latest reports, electricity costs will go up 90% by 2035, gasoline by 58%, and natural gas by 55% by 2035. The cumulative energy costs for a family of four by then, will be nearly $20,000. Consumers can pay a premium price to purchase green energy products based on wind, biomass, solar, and small hydroelectric projects.

> This renewable, domestically produced alternative can be used in conventional diesel cars and trucks, construction equipment, boats, and home heating systems, and is the future.

Ways to save Money: How Does Energy Costs Affect Your Billing?

If you are on a Regulated Price Plan, then, you will note the following costs on your bill:

Utility (RPP Time of Use/RPP Tiered):
Electricity/RPP Rate (price per kWh approved by Ontario Energy Board; includes Provincial Benefit Charge) +
Delivery (approved by OEB; includes Distribution & Transmission Costs)+ Regulatory + Debt Retirement Charge  

And if you are with an energy retailer, then you will see the following on your electricity bill:

Electricity/Commodity Price (Your Contract Price)+ Provincial Benefit + Delivery (approved by OEB; includes Distribution & Transmission Costs)+
Regulatory + Debt Retirement Charge

Now, the Ontario Energy Board is in the process of migrating to a 'Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Time-of-Use (TOU) Pricing'.

Click on the links below to see the two different pricing structures:

  • Regulated Price Plan (RPP) - Tiered Prices: Now replaced with the below pricing model.
  • Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Time-of-Use (TOU) Prices: This may be already in effect, on your next bill.

What ‘Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Time-of-Use (TOU) Prices’ means to you?

Home Energy


Do you see the Energy costs going way up during summer? The price of electricity goes up during peak usage.  This is already being feverishly debated in parliament hill. And on top of that, the HST thing will really make life miserable.

This is where you need to save money without sacrificing your comfort and life-style. Meaning to say, not using air conditioner on a hot summer night!

How to get around this 'HOT' price increase and still remain 'COOL'?

Welcome to 'Ways to Save Money' tips.


Ways to save Money - Protection from Volatile Electricity Price


Sign up for a 'Stable' or 'Sleep Easy' pricing program with a 'Green Energy' option! Obviously there are tons of energy providers in the market.

Choosing one of the best energy providers is a big gamble, as you are locked into a 3 to 5 year term, with a penalty for breach or early termination of contract, once you sign up. And without signing up, how you are going to evaluate your energy provider? Right?

Relax. Here are some directions when looking for an energy provider:

* Choose an energy retailer of good standing that offers environmentally friendly products.
* Committed to relieving customers of volatile energy pricing by offering price protection.
* Offers Stable pricing options.
* Green energy options.

Question is, where do you find them?


Move out from your utility provider who has no flexibility around pricing and choose a better positioned energy retailer to supply you with clean and renewable energy sources offering a stable price protection plan.

Check the following resources for various options and ways to save money significantly!!

Small Business establishments with an annual energy consumption in excess of 500,000/Kwh can also explore ways to save significant amount of money using renewable energy sources from this energy retailer...$$$


Ways to Save Money from Home Energy Solutions - Storage Water Heater

One of the quickest 'Ways to Save Money' is by replacing 5 years and over water heaters with energy efficient water heaters.


> First let's see how does a typical water heater operates. A water heater uses a heating source to raise the temperature of incoming cold water from a municipal main or well.

The heated water is stored in a tank and distributed on demand to showers, bathtubs, sinks and other water-using equipment in the home, accounting for over 20% of the total energy used in a household.

Ways to save Money: What to look for When Renting out Storage Water Heater?



> When you’re selecting a tank, make sure the model you choose is adequate for the needs of your home and your family.

Too small, and you might not have enough capacity. Too big, and you’ll be paying for capacity that you don’t use.

Other key factors when selecting a storage water heater rental are:

- Environmentally friendly products
- Low emission technology
- Meets ENERGY STAR® technical specifications
- Free 24 hrs service
- Free parts replacement

The energy efficient storage tank water heaters perform as much as 40 percent better than conventional models.

Ways to Save Money: Benefits of an Energy efficient Storage Water Heater

--> Changes in Government standards has brought in an additional 5-10% improved efficiency versus 5 year old or older heaters.

--> Avoids Scale build up! Reduce up to 30% increase by replacing scaled heaters with new, clean heaters.

You can reduce the cost of making hot water with your oil, gas, or electric-fired water heater by removing scale from the tank bottom. The scale layer on the tank bottom (or on an electric water heater's electrodes) interferes with heat transfer into the hot water.

This means that the water heater will have to operate longer (and you will spend more on hot water costs) than necessary to re-heat incoming water.

--> According to the Ontario Ministry of Energy, the average annual cost to heat water is $400.

Due to higher government standards, there is a 5% increase in efficiency rate on newer heaters. In addition, a 15-30% increase in efficiency can be derived from clean heater with no scale.

All the above translates into 'Ways to Save Money' from 'Home Energy Solutions'.


Ways to save Money: Green Energy 

What is this talk about green energy?

It's first of all, non-polluting and environmentally friendly. To certain extent, we are forced to use alternative sources of energy due to problems with the use of fossil fuels.

Green energy is electricity that has been generated using clean, renewable sources such as wind and solar. At one time, windmill was the only way to get clean energy, you now have a variety of green energy options available directly from the electricity grid.

Because 'Green Energy' is sustainable, no matter how you use these resources, the future generation will not likely suffer because of its sustainability!

The bottom line, you see significant savings on your energy bills...$$$ 

Two birds in one shot...You save money and also save the planet....


Ways to Save Money on Natural Gas

What you need to know about natural gas? The number one thing is that, natural gas is one of the most volatile commodities out there. Why?

The following factors affect its price:

Inventories, Production, Consumption, Weather, Alternative fuels, Geopolitical factors etc.

The prices can spike now and drop any time during the year.

The only way to escape this kind of price fluctuations is to lock into the stability pricing model or a mix of both fixed and variable pricing, as in a mortgage. This feature is not available with your utility companies.

You have to shop around for good and trusted energy retailers.

Save a good amount of money by locking into a fixed or a semi-variable pricing. This will ensure protection from price volatility.


This translates into significant savings for the residential, small business and large commercial organizations.

Visit one such energy retailer who will stand behind their services and offer 'Home Energy Solutions' from 'Green Energy' and 'Environmentally Friendly Products'.

- For Residential Energy click here

- For Small Business Energy click here

One of the easiest 'Ways to Save Money' is from 'Home Energy' products. The savings could really come as a surprise over a period of time, with the added benefits of green energy!


'Ways to Save Money' through the use of 'Renewable Energy' with a stable pricing option is being realized by more and more folks.

The energy prices are going to go up drastically due to the new Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Time-of-Use (TOU) smart metering.

So if you are reading this, then, you are the right time and place to take advantage of the stable energy pricing options offered by the energy retailers. In opting for green energy, you are doing the right thing to reduce, green house gas emission, one home at a time.

This act of your will be thanked by the future inhabitants of this planet.

I really appreciate your time and patience to read to the end of this page. I am sure you must've taken home some pretty neat stuff. Now, all you have to do, is to, put everything you read here into practice.

And, as usual, be sure to visit the links below, read and take home as much as you can.

Here is wishing you all success,



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