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CPC Questions?

CPC: The driving force behind "PPC Marketing".

It is agreed that, "Pay Per Click" or "PPC" marketing is the easiest, fastest and costliest (if you don't know what you are doing), way to expose your product/service to your niche market. And the driving force behind PPC advertising is of-course, "Cost Per Click" or "CPC" in short.

As we observed earlier, "Google Adwords" is the prominent PPC engine. Fast action and quick results.

But, can burn your fingers, empty your pocket, if you don't know the game and how to play it tactfully.

Relax....You will do well after some time.

Initially, there will be some losses, but it will be minimum. Since you will be applying the CPC techniques, detailed here and on other pages on this website, your learning curve will be drastically reduced.

And, so will be your losses....

This was not a luxury when I started with Google ad-words. I paid through my nose for the clicks. It left with a large hole in my pocket.

There are top players with huge advertising budget, in this game, which you and I can only dream of, at least for now. We do not have that luxury to spend top dollars just yet.

Instead what we do, is to go after the low cost, low competition keywords or niches, and then bid on those keywords. It's not easy as it may look like. This technique will involve a good understanding of how this works and then use some sneaky underground tactics to pull this off.

What You Will Get From This Page?

Essential Reading:

Internet Marketing Strategies".

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Here is an excellent FREE guide from none other than Google. Please invest your time in reading this and getting the basics of "Google Adwords" and "Cost Per Click" bidding strategies.

Keyword research and CPC

Keyword Research is a "KEY" element in succeeding with PPC advertising. No doubt about that. In fact keyword research is the beginning and most important step in your marketing strategy. I hope you agree with this.

Essential Keyword Research Tools

CPC-Keyword Research-The Art of Longtail Search

OK. Let's now get into CPC in more depth.

So what you understand by CPC?

Long story short, cpc or cost-per-click refers to the actual price you will pay for each click in your pay-per-click marketing campaign.

A "click" represents an action by your visitor. Every click in a typical “PPC Advertising” campaign, represents an action from your visitor, who is looking for information to solve his problem, or to buy something, using some specific keywords.

So, in essence, you are paying for this visitor click, through Google ad-words, or through other PPC search engines.

Go to PPC for a list of top Pay Per Click engines.

So, now it's very clear as to why "Keyword Research" is key to your success.

The end objective of a PPC marketing strategy, is to drive your "laser targeted" web traffic to your landing page or website.

This is achieved by cherry picking your targeted keywords, based on your keyword research, and the placement of such keywords under a highly focused and relevant keyword grouping.

So, your keywords, URL (landing page or your website) and your highly relevant "PPC Ad", together, forms the basis for Google's quality score. This is in addition to other factors, such as, visitor reaction, click-through-rate (CTR) etc.


Google Adwords' Quality Score

Google's quality score could be a real nightmare for beginners. This is when you will start to lose money on the so called bidding wars and your Ad position.

I was there, and bit my fingers.

The "Quality Score" helps Google determine your cost per click (CPC).

The less relevant your advertisement, keywords and URL (landing page/website), the more you will pay to display your ads by Google, especially on "TOP" of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

It’s very easy to increase your CPC and Google just makes sure it stays that way, unless….you are able to keep your CPC at the lowest possible level.

It is essentially a measure of the quality, relevance, and performance of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, affecting:

  • Your Ad position
  • Your Cost for a visitor click

If your quality score is poor, then your ads will appear on the last page of the search engine page result. This means that you will not get any attention from the visitor, as he/she will not see your ad anywhere on the 1st page.

There, you lost some $$$...

Now, for you to come up in the search results, where the visitor sees your ad, you will have to either, increase your daily budget and your bid price (bidding war) for a keyword that you are after.

Or, do the following:

How to Improve Your Quality Score?

  • Better keywords:

You might have heard the saying, that, "Content is king". Great high quality content attracts visitors. But, for this, the most important requirement is the keyword. It should be highly relevant and targeted to your product/service. They are, therefore, the foundation for your Pay Per Click campaign. If you have done a poor job with your keyword research, then your entire campaign suffers in the first place. This is how you will start losing money.

>> Strategies & Tools for Success << 

  • Tight and highly relevant keyword grouping:

To start with, this will ensure a good quality score. Organizing your keywords into small and very tightly related groups is another big tip to score high with "Google Adwords". This also will make it very easy for you to develop specific ads and landing pages targeting your niche audience.

  • Highly relevant and appealing ad copy:

>> Learn Everything About Copywriting <<

We have discussed copy-writing. Put your skills to test here. An attractive and appealing ad copy, should appeal to your visitor and should speak to his/her query by emphasizing on the benefits as opposed to the features of a product.

This will make the visitor click on your ad. The rest of the job will be done by your landing page. A well written sales copy or landing page, will definitely convert that click into a sale. Your job is done.

What better way to keep your CPC cost way down!

Go to "Google Adwords" for more tips and tricks.

Now, you get the whole picture of a CPC campaign and factors that determine your success with it.

Why Buy Clicks When YOU Can Get Them For FREE?>


CPC Advertising is all about quick action and fast results. Your success verily depends on knowing the rules of the game and playing it smart.

And I am here to help you just to do that.

Go to "CPC Advertising", and learn some insider tricks, not shared anywhere else...

Your victory is guaranteed, if you follow what I am saying here and on the other pages listed under. Visit the links below regularly. Use it as your guide and take action. You will in no time see success. I learned everything the hard way. Now you learn from me the smart way.

Here is wishing you all success,



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