Free & Paid Web Traffic Techniques!

Welcome to Web Traffic page. Website Traffic is a challenge every online marketer is facing. I was no exception.

I am facing this even today to be honest. The difference is, I know how to pull this off.

Traffic is not such a complicated thing, although, that's what the marketing gurus want you to believe. And it's my job to teach you the proper way of driving traffic to your website.

Simply put, there are ONLY TWO ways to get 'Web Traffic' to your site. You either pay for it, get it for free or you do both.

Why Listen to Me?

What You Will Learn from Web Traffic Page?

Essential Tools & Resources:

Web-Traffic: Without Traffic NO Business. The #1 Traffic Getting System

Seriously, Why Should YOU Listen to Me?

Because you trust me. Don't you? Well, you see I have plenty of experience online, and I am an accomplished marketer.

How did I come to achieve this?

Well, it didn't happen in a day. Read my story..


Strategies for Web Traffic

Before we proceed any further, I would like to stress here on a long-term sustainable Web Traffic Strategy, using the raw power of search engines to deliver not just any traffic, but, highly targeted per-sold traffic to your website. This may sound like magic, but, it’s not.Click on to read further…

Getting traffic to your website is not a trick, it's a skill. A skill acquired through a 'GOOD' "Internet Marketing Training" or an "Internet Marketing Course".

But not just that, you need to apply what you learn and then hone your skills.

Ok. So, "what's the easiest way to generating online traffic?"

None. There is no easy way. Period.

If you ask me, "What are the ways traffic can be generated?", then I will say, basically there are only two ways to do that.


> Paid Traffic

> FREE Traffic

That was easy, right? Just pay for it, and it will come. WRONG.

Even if you are paying for the website traffic, you will only end up losing money, if you don't know what you are up to.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not discouraging or trying to scare you away.

On the other hand, you will come out very confident and with a positive frame of mind, after you read this page carefully and completely to the end.

That's my promise.

OK. Let's move on.


PAID Web Traffic

Earlier I asked you a question. "What is the easiest way to get traffic?"

And I said, there is no easy way, right? but, there is a faster way to drive traffic to your website. And that's by paying for it.

Now, just because you are paying for it, it doesn't mean it's easy. Farther from the truth, it will be hard for someone who is not trained properly to get website traffic, while paying for it.


Let's see how you can get paid Traffic.


Paid Web Traffic Sources & Methods

I know there are other methods that exist, but I will cover only those topics that I have used and still use, for that matter.

The point here is to find 'Ways that Work', to drive 'Web Traffic' to your site, product or service. Period.

--> Web Traffic from eZine Publishers:

I have not tried this method out. It's considered to be pretty good, if you can manage to have links coming out from high circulation eZines.

You know what, I am going to have my own eZine published 'FREE', exclusively for you guys, on this website, very shortly. It's in the works, that's all I can say for now.


--> Web Traffic from Web Masters:

Similar to eZines, you pay to the web master of high ranking sites for a backlink from their website, or for an ad space. But, make sure that, you have your target keyword as your anchor text.

Go to "Link Building" page to learn more about backlinks and link structures.

--> Web Traffic from Bloggers:

Pay top bloggers for renting out ad space on their blogs. Top bloggers are respected and carry an authority around them. But it will be expensive and you may want to pursue this if you have some serious money and worthwhile product/service on offer.

Now let's see the methods that I have used and continue to use.


--> Web Traffic from High Traffic Directories:

-> Yahoo is considered the grand daddy of directories. You have to shell out $299 for inclusion for one year.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites.

Sign up and get a $25 credit.

->, Another paid directory with high page rank and web traffic . You get your business listed on for the same price that of Yahoo.

Get listed to Millions of B2B Buyers – $50 Off!


But a note of caution:

Listing your business on Yahoo and will not guarantee the web traffic that you expect to see.

Why? Because I have not seen any significant website traffic flow from these directories for my 'Online Business'.

You may ask, then, "why should I invest money in this?"

From  what I see, listing your business on these authority directories is seen favourably by Google, and the links that you get from these directories can improve your "Search Engine Positioning" and 'Search Engine Ranking'.

Google values genuine backlinks and is used in its ranking algorithm.


Essential Reading:

> Expert Link Building Strategies

> One Way Links: Factors Essential for Success

It's up to you if you want to employ these strategies to improve your website ranking, which, eventually help drive 'Web Traffic' to your product/service.
--> Web Traffic from Expired Domains: This is a good strategy to get the existing traffic from an expired domain.

But you need to be very cautious as you can be throwing money on a seemingly good traffic domain that is not stable.

I will be discussing this strategy in detail on a separate page.

But for now, please visit "Expired Domain" to read more on this strategy. 


--> Media Web Traffic: Another effective strategy for website traffic solutions. I will cover this strategy separately.

But here is an excellent resource “Media Traffic Melt down”, that explains the strategy quite well.

OK. Now for my favourite Paid Web Traffic Strategies...

Web Traffic from PPC Engines

This is my favourite method to break the ice in new and highly competitive niches.


Because the results are QUICK! Especially with "Google Adwords".

> List of PPC Engines



Strategies & Tools:

Paid-Web-Traffic: Google Adwords-Quantum Click Method


What is Your Most Effective Web Traffic Method?

Hello, and Welcome to 'Web Traffic Insider's Club'. This is the place where you will share your favourite web traffic strategies that is getting you the RESULTS.

OK. I know, "What is in it for You?"

3 Incredible Benefits for Sharing Your Web Traffic Strategy

1-> You will get access to a private password protected page, where I will share some 'Jaw-Dropping' strategies and Tools that I use, to drive traffic to my sites. These techniques are not shared and will NOT be shared elsewhere on this website.
2-> Your content will appear on this webpage and will be viewed by all, driving instant popularity to your website...

3-> Going forward 'Web Traffic' Insider's Club will be an excellent learning platform, with marketers helping and learning from each other, to dominate and stay well ahead of the growing competition. 

Rules You Need to Respect

> Your web traffic method should be genuine and is getting results. Your submission will be manually reviewed by me or my staff, before publishing.

> Once your submission is approved, you will receive a confirmation, if you have opted to receive.

> You will receive the password to the "Web Traffic Insider Page" via email that you have provided us at the time of submission.

> Your email and personal data will NEVER be divulged and will be treated with utmost privacy. Read our "Privacy Policy".


Get on the act now. Submit your favourite web traffic technique and receive free access to the 'Web Traffic Insider Page'.

Submission is very simple. Just follow the instructions on the form below.

FREE Web Traffic

Web-Traffic: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Web Traffic

You just cannot imagine making any money from your 'Online Business' without 'Traffic', can you?

With more than 2 years into e-business, most people don't understand the fundamental reality of how it works.

They put up sites and wonder why they don't get traffic. Trust me, I have been there, experienced it.

Web Traffic: Take Your SBI! Web Traffic Test

Driving the 'Internet Traffic' and that too, 'FREE' traffic is not a joke. You must be somewhat skilled to execute it.

But, that's the whole purpose of this website. To guide you in the proper direction with actual steps that you need to take.


Sources of FREE Traffic:

How to Get the Cream of the Traffic for FREE?

I want to clarify something before you jump into any kind of conclusion. Let me ask you a question.

What is Free Traffic? Is there any such thing as 'FREE' Web Traffic?

OK. I see you are getting somewhat confused. A free traffic is nothing but organic traffic referred by search engines. You don't pay the engines for an organic traffic.

How do engines send traffic to your website?

I don't know if you have heard of a time tested guaranteed process called : CTPM

The process is rather simple to say, but hard enough to crack, without proper tools and training.


The engines want to see the following before it sends any web traffic your way:

- A reasonably simple and clean website
- Wealth of good and useful content
- Natural backlinks to your site
- Engaging user activities

In short, content that pleases the humans and the engines at the same time.


Free Targeted Web Traffic: Essential Steps

I will cover the essential steps more elaborately in my coming update...Look out for that!

> Website Building Tools & Resources

--> Assuming that you have a website with a reasonable 'Look' & 'Feel', the next thing that you may want to have is high quality relevant content.

Free Resource: How to write good content?

> Get all Your Article Writing Tools

--> Engage the users and develop an affinity with them.


--> Establish 'Trust' and 'Relationship' with your visitors.

> How to Build Trust & Relationship?

And then, and ONLY then, promote your product/service.

It's all about your Visitor/Customer...

This will automatically make the engines look up to your site and will naturally send website traffic your way 'Un-asked'.

> Tools that Drive Traffic to Your Site


Web Traffic Channels

It's time to look at the various techniques to get 'Free Traffic'. Ready, here you go.

Each of the strategies mentioned here are discussed in great detail individually. Please feel free to open up the links any time, and read its contents carefully.

I guarantee you that, you will get from each of them, real life techniques to make the engines send your way 'FREE' 'Online Traffic' at will.

I will discuss each of them also on separate pages, this time, exclusively focusing on, getting more web traffic to your website, from these online sources.


=> Article Marketing

=> Affiliate Marketing

=> Blog Marketing

=> Viral Marketing

=> Video Marketing

=> Email Marketing

=> Social Media

=> Google Adsense


Web Traffic Strategies: Coming Soon

=> Free Directory Submissions

=> RSS

=> Web 2.0

=> SEO: On-page Strategies

=> SEO: Off-page Strategies

=> Press Releases

=> Long Tail Traffic

Web-Traffic: The Longtail Search for Easy Web Traffic

There you go. You now have all the tricks and techniques to get both free and paid 'Web Traffic' whenever you want.


The only thing that you need to remember is this:

Traffic = Visitors and exposure for your site.

Targeted Traffic = Buyers looking to buy.

Converted Traffic = Customers to keep, with an on-going sales opportunity.

So, which one you will pick? Obviously the last one, isn't it?

Therefore, to sustain your 'Online Business' you will need to achieve good conversion rates from your internet traffic.

How to achieve that?

Web-Traffic: The Evolution of Traffic that Converts like Crazy


You will find all the information here on this web page, and the links below.

Do not forget to visit this page very often, as you will find a good number of strategies aimed at attracting the most targeted 'Web Traffic' to your site.

You will also learn the techniques to 'Convert' your website traffic in the best manner possible.

So, once again stay in touch, book mark this page and visit them frequently.

Better still subscribe to "Marketing Strategies Blog" and stay connected with the most current strategies to attract, convert and retain your online traffic.


As always, here is wishing you all success in your Online Marketing and also with your Marketing Tools!!



Contact Vat Thilek for Questions & Suggestions

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