What Is MLM?

Well, that's an easy one. MLM stands for Multi-Level-Marketing. It's just a new form of franchising, which was controversial in its day and now is a standard business practice. It is a legal form of business, now regulated by FTC and state Attorneys General in the US.

It goes by various names, such as, “Network Marketing, consumer direct marketing, seller assisted marketing etc. It is essentially a business where payouts occur at multi levels.

As I understand, it's all about building networks, trust and relationships, which is why this is also called as “Relationship Marketing."

But, here is the fact though. It's not for everyone. In my understanding and experience, most of the people are either open or neutral to an “MLM Business Opportunity”.

And quite frankly, there are some folks who hate it.

But that's OK.

I do not blame them, as many of the folks carry a misconception, from their past experiences. This is mainly due to their association with wrong companies.

> Why Listen to Me?<

Topics Covered on This Page:

My MLM Struggle...

I started with MLM in 1999, on a part-time basis, while I worked my day job. The initial years were a failure, in spite of my efforts.

What was missing? To some extent, right company with the right leadership and support. But, mostly, it was due to lack of marketing.

I struggled in the first two years. Then in the third year, in, 2001, I started to learn about 'Internet Marketing' and the various 'Marketing Strategies'.

Initially I struggled with finding the right strategies and techniques to make my ‘Online Marketing’ work…

Burnt $$$$ on low quality eBooks and coaching programs.. 

Through research, testing and experience gained, I found the right strategies, training and tools, that brought success, albeit, slowly, to my online marketing and promotions.

I used my ‘MLM Business’ as the guinea pig and testing platform.

Long story short, after two gruesome years or so, I managed to turn the tide over 'MLM' and started to see success by way of increased sales and sign ups. This surprised my up line, and they came asking questions.

But, I never, told them the truth. I only revealed the tricks to my down line, as I needed to support them.

Moral of the story:

There is no MLM without marketing....


MLM: Know the Facts

Ready for this? Here you go.

-> About 95% companies go out of business in the first five years.

-> Few people really understand this business model. Well it's not your fault anyways. I will cover more on this and Network Marketing in my future updates, that will clear up a lot of smoke and gray.

-> Recurring purchases. This is a major drawback. But do not worry. (There is an 'MLM Business Opportunity', that does not require you to make any monthly purchase at all. Ahhhh, what a relief!!). Let's keep that a mystery for now!!

-> A lot of products are over priced.

-> MLM is a 80-20 rule. Meaning, 80% of your down line will be unproductive. It's the other 20% that will bring the bucks.

-> 1 out of 1,000 people make over $1,000 a month. WOW, that's too bad.

In spite of all the negatives above, this is a good vehicle to 'Make Money From Home', if you have joined an equally good 'opportunity'.

Now, even if you hate this, it is my earnest request that, you read to the end of this page, as I will uncover certain cold facts and discuss some strategies and techniques that may just change your mind, especially, if you had a negative experience in the past.

MLM is a topic feverishly debated upon as being a pyramid and other such unfounded fallacies. It will be really interesting to know your take on this.

Come on, be a cheer!. Bring in your opinion and experience to the middle of this discussion…

Please follow the instructions as under.

MLM: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!!

Share your experience with the rest of the world....

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Why MLM?

There are some good reasons, why you should consider this. 

-> Multi Level Marketing is a Real Business:

This is a real business, despite the many negative opinions flying around. You see, if you have a rock solid 'Opportunity', then it can be a real business, than the doctors' and lawyers'.

And, since, this is a numbers game, they are more like Business owners than anything else.

You see, Multi level marketing is the power of multiplication...leveraging on other people's time and effort. A truly team effort.

-> Multi Level Marketing has No Product Creation:


You can start a business without having to create a product first. If you see closely, you are saving a heck of $$$$ that other wise you will need to spend in creating a product.

And if the product turns out to be a dud, then, you just lost all the money

-> MLM: Your Residual Income Opportunity:

The lure of residual income is, one of the strongest reasons to get involved in Multi Level Marketing, as compared to a traditional business model.

One time effort, Life time money. If you have a good MLM Business Opportunity, then you should put in your best and make this a success.

The whole concept is, to get a couple of hundred individuals involved in your 'MLM Business Opportunity', and to get paid over and over on them. A truly great concept. 

-> Multi Level Marketing has Low Start up Costs:

The cost to start this type of a 'Home Based Business', is not alarmingly huge as in other business models, like a franchise.

Your start up cost can range any where between $20 to $3,000. But, if you look at the possibility of making a cool $100,000 out of it, that investment is very appealing, isn't it?


-> MLM: The Company Does Most of the Work:

If you had your own business, then you probably know that, shipping products out, preparing your marketing materials, keeping track of customers, etc. is, about 50% of the work that you have to do. Now, I am sure you will agree that, this is hard work and even time consuming.

On the contrary, if you had the luxury in business to not have to do any of the above mentioned chores, then, you simply increase your chances of success, by eliminating the above work and focus on marketing. You see marketing is the key to success.  

Now that you know, and probably may be thinking, the positives to MLM far outweigh the negatives.

Would it not be a good idea to consider an 'MLM Business Opportunity' to pursue success with this 'Home-based Business' model?

Well, that's why I insist on reading till the end of this page. You will get a better picture of 'MLM' and will also pick up some good strategies to run with it.


Why People Fail In MLM?

A good question.

Before I answer your question, you need to understand a couple of things. I think I have covered this above. But anyways, I will repeat it here.

---> Nearly 2/3rds of Multi Level Marketing Businesses that are started in North America, fail in their very first year.

---> Nearly 80% are out of business by the 3rd year.

---> Only about 20% Businesses last.

Now, if you are wondering, "why the number is so low?", as per my understanding, most of them don't focus on marketing. I very strongly believe that, marketing is the backbone of success for any business venture.

But, here are the most common reasons why people fail in MLM:

Wrong Company

A large number of people picked a wrong 'Business' to work on. Now, without a strong and solid company, you can forget everything else. Many people choose the company based on what their friends or some business people have told and sold them.

The product of your 'MLM Business' is crucial here. You have to also weigh in other factors such as, age of the company, annual revenue, compensation plan etc.


But according to me, the most important factors to consider are the following:

---> Training

---> Leadership

---> Support

---> Marketing Tools and Materials

---> Compensation Plan

---> Awards and Recognitions

Lack of Leadership

Lack of leadership is a big problem with a lot of Multi Level Marketing businesses. When I say leadership, I mean providing actual support, whenever and wherever needed.

> Not just talking over the phone. Of course, talking and guiding over the phone is good, but, you need to have your Subject Matter Expert (SME) to come over to your place and do a proper and professional presentation to your leads/prospects.

> Your up line should be actually providing you with warm leads and even signing them up under you and even your down line.

> This sort of a leadership and team building culture does not exist with majority of 'MLM Opportunities' out there.

And if you are misled into believing that, leadership, just refers to the number of years experience in Multi Level Marketing, then you are probably misguided.

So you should exercise caution when deciding on your 'MLM Business Opportunity', and ask open ended questions.

Lack of Marketing

> Marketing is the key to your success, be it Multi Level Marketing, or any other business model.

But, remember, marketing is just that, without a solid MLM business and, a strong and supportive leadership.

> In my experience, it is marketing (and the real tools to market and promote), where, people fail miserably with MLM. They are not generating leads, or do not have a clue about the real marketing.

Giving ads in the paper or distributing flyers and videos are not going to make it.

I will discuss the various levels of leads and why is it important to understand the levels, if you are planning to buy “MLM Leads”. Look out for my updates...

 Lack of Commitment

This is one of the least understood by many folks engaged in MLM.

When you sign up under someone, you need to be committed to doing your part, and, also, get commitment from the up line to support you.

If both of you are not committed at some level, then, your partnership is bound to hit the rocks.

If your up line is not committing some hours in a week to support you, then you are bound to fail. And 98% of the people fail.

To summarize, this is a great business model to "Make Money From Home".

But the key ingredients for success with this business are:

---> The Company (MLM Business)

---> The Marketing Plan

---> Your Commitment

I will cover the  "MLM Business" and "MLM Marketing" on separate pages.


As for Multi Level Marketing, here is your Training, Strategies, and Software, nicely integrated and packaged specifically for Network Marketing, by the renowned marketer and medical doctor, Ken Evoy. When Ken is guaranteeing you success with his system, don't you want to try this out risk free for 30 days? At least take a look at what this can deliver, and also you can cover plenty of strategies for free in 30 days. Simply return it, within 30 days, if, you do not like what you see, and get your money back!!!

The Old School MLM Does Not Make The Cut...

Most network marketers start with a list of some 100 acquaintances and setup a three-way call with their up lines.

You may ask, "what is wrong with this?"

Well nothing is wrong with that.

Here is the thing:

To be really successful with your 'MLM Business', you must be excited and passionate about your product/service that you are trying to sell to people.

And if you are really passionate, then you will find it obligatory on your part to expose your product to people.

I have noted (and done myself in the beginning), that, many marketers hang out at the malls and coffee houses, trying to sell the product or the 'Multi Level Marketing' business idea to people.

I have tried this and failed miserably...It's a time waste.

And once you have burnt out with the list, then, pretty much the only thing left to do is, to visit the malls and distribute flyers.


I have discussed strategies to market and promote your 'Business' in my 'Network Marketing' page and other pages.


Essential Related Reading

In my experience, people are in need of your 'MLM' product that you are selling, and would even be interested in joining your 'Business Opportunity', provided, the Company that you are representing is indeed a good one with an excellent track record.

And here is the thing. Folks do not need their friends and family members, bugging them, about your 'Business Opportunity'.

You see, this way, you will end up with sour relation with your family members and friends, and also you will lose an opportunity to present your product, however good it might be.

Calling up people on the list, is often, done by dentists and insurance brokers, when, starting up a new business or practice.

One way to go about generating your ‘MLM Leads’ is through an opt-in list or a squeeze page setup. To get more information on this, visit, "Lead Generation" page.

I will discuss about "MLM Leads" on a separate page.

Please visit “Multi Level Marketing Leads” page now, to read more on the techniques of “Lead Generation”. 

Continue watching for my updates...


So, how do you feel? What do you think of MLM?

I am hopeful, that, this page must've cleared some of the negative impressions that you might have had about Multi Level Marketing.

And for those of you. who are just contemplating this as your "Make Money From Home" business model, this page must've provided you with some information for you to munch on.

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Any ways I appreciate the time you took to read to the end, and I am hopeful that, you will proceed to the links below, which will have some truly great information added from time to time.

Here is wishing you all success,



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