My Story...

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 I welcome you to “Marketing Strategies” website and thank you for listening to my story.

As any one looking to make it big online, I also started my online journey slowly but not surely, as I had no clue where I was going or what my goal was.   

Chapters from My Life

I was a very frustrated and disheartened marketer in the beginning. I had no clue about marketing on the internet whatsoever. I had no proper guidance, training and support, when I started online.

I was a ‘BIG LOOSER’ and lost about $ 10,000, if not more, in a span of six months, when I first started online. I did the wrong things, read the wrong books, and went after the ‘Get Rich Quick’ gurus and scams out there…. 

I have taken upon myself the burden of guiding the struggling and the newbie with entrepreneurial spirits in the proper direction by providing the strategies, techniques and the tools to reach the goal of success and freedom, with online marketing.



You just salvaged over 7 years of your precious time by visiting this website.

Ask me how?

Here is, how it is.

I have transferred on to this website, all my knowledge, skills and techniques in 'Online Marketing', that, I have gained through sheer determination, hard work and experience for YOU, in my +7 years of online existence.

Don't you consider yourself LUCKY?!

Please read to the end of this page for inspiration and motivation...

Here is my story...



My name is Vat Thilek. I came from a middle class family, with my father as the only bread earner, working as an Officer in the Railways.

With an MBA degree in marketing, I started my career working on several small assignments in marketing and branding.  

My dream was to work for a large multinational organization all my life and then to 'Retire Rich'.

I saw my father retire after 35 years of dedication, from the Railways, not rich, but, poor..!

In spite of that, I held on to my dreams of retiring rich.


Working in Dubai


As desired, I worked for a multinational company in Dubai for couple of years, and then, started as a Marketing Consultant, offering my services in the areas of branding and commercial advertisement.

I used my full potential and my MBA in marketing certification to become one of the leading ‘Marketing Consultants’ in Dubai. I loved the work, in fact it was not just a JOB, it was my passion.

I was a very successful Marketing Consultant’, and worked on some prestigious projects in Dubai for 10 long years.

Money is Not Everything


The only problem was I had no time for myself or for my family…

I worked incredibly long hours, and week ends. No holidays, no vacations, no time off nothing….Just work, work and more work. But, the money was good.

The only time I went on a vacation was when my kids had summer holidays. Even that was not really a vacation, as I carried my project work along with me, and squeezed a good amount of time to complete the projects.

Soon I realized that. I was burning out real fast and that was taking a toll on my health and relationship.

Even at that time, my dream was to retire rich.

Migration To Canada



Then I thought to myself, may be working in a corporate environment will get me the break from long hours of work.

Also at the same time, a plan was brewing in my mind, migration to Canada. Finally in the beginning of 1997, I migrated with my family to Canada, Toronto.

I held up my dream, to work for a multinational, and retire rich.

Job Search


Vat-Thilek_Job-Search I started to float my resume to various organizations, registered with the employment agencies, in the hopes of getting into a good organization. But as fate would have it, I was not able to get a good job in the field of marketing.

Months passed by, and I was getting very desperate and frustrated. We were living on our savings from Dubai...which was depleting fast.

And then nearly after 4 months of struggle and being jobless, I got a temporary break with IBM as a Marketing Specialist.

In the period from 1997 to 1998, I worked 6 jobs…………

The money was just not there to support our lifestyle that we wished for...


MLM & Mounting Debts

And about the same time in 1997, I happened to see an ad in the paper, that promised good money working from home. I grabbed the opportunity to attend a seminar, and found out that it was about an 'MLM Opportunity'.

After deep thinking, forked out $165 to join the weight loss 'MLM Business'. And thus I entered the world of “Network Marketing” for the very first time in my life.

"Was it easy?"

Ask me. It was an emotional roller coaster all the way throughout.

We were landed immigrants chasing the dream of retiring rich.

I struggled with my temporary day jobs, and, now with this MLM business. I soon found out that, I was losing money in buying stuff for the MLM and to maintain the mandatory points level to be in the business.


We approached people whenever and wherever we could, but, it was very difficult to make people, listen to our opportunity.

Thus the struggle continued for about 4 months...

Ultimately I gave up that business, losing over $2000 in the bargain.

Just after a month, I joined another 'MLM Business'. Did that for about 5 months, and discontinued after losing money.

Like this I tried 3 different MLM programs, in a span of one year in 1997, and all of them failed miserably.

I was doing MLM using loans and credit cards.

We were up to our necks with loans and credit cards.

I gave up all the hopes of making money from home, and went back to my dream of retiring rich...


Back To School

Vat-Thilek_CPA In the year 1998, I went back to school to acquire a North American designation. From MBA (Marketing), this time, I pursued accounting designation from the US and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I did further certifications in systems audit and ERP consulting.

In 1999, I got the big break that I was always seeking, and landed up in a six figure income job. I decided, this is it.

And from here I will live the dream of retiring rich, which I always wanted.  

Little I realized the value and possibility of Time and Money freedom.


I was happy with the 100K job, but, unhappy with the lesser and lesser amount of time at my disposal to spend with my family and kids.

I was working tirelessly over 60 hours a week and devoted my valuable weekends and personal time to work.

The lifestyle and the past MLM businesses was burrowing into the debts that was accumulating.

Then came the least expected...rift in relationships, brought about primarily due to mounting work pressure and lack of time to spend with family and kids.

Divorce threats followed...

All these caused me to sit awake at nights and think....


--------> What Went Wrong? <--------


I realized the futility of Money without the Time to enjoy it. Money was not everything, I said to myself.

I should aim for Time, Money, Health, Mental Peace, Harmony and Happy Family Life.

But how to get that from a high pressure JOB?

Life Changing Lessons

I started looking for alternative sources of income. Started to look for solutions in the books and magazines.


The following books brought some cheer and purpose in life, that I also recommend, you to read:

---> The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

---> Rich Dad Poor Dad

---> Think and Grow Rich

---> How To Win Friends and Influence People

---> The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

---> Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

Beach Money; Creating Your Dream Life Through Multi Level Marketing


The books broadened my very short range views and outlook, and made me rethink about my dream of retiring rich.

The thought of post retirement life, made me feel rather vulnerable, with the mounting debts, mortgage and children education.

The reality of retiring in debt was sinking in...

This made me to look for multiple income streams and opportunities to "Make Money From Home". 

Back To MLM & More Trouble


Burning Both Ends Of The Candle


I started to research MLM opportunities, and while I was doing this, stumbled upon an old email from a like minded lady, who was already doing MLM and had recommended it to me, in the past.

I jumped in and joined the MLM. The same lady was also into another MLM business, that got me interested. I joined that too.

All this was happening in the gloomy days of 1999.

Now, I had my well paying but time starved day job, and these two MLM programs. I started again juggling between my work and the MLM businesses.


This in fact made my wife really go mad and created more tension and stress.

But I somehow kept with it, stayed away in hotels during weekends in the pretext of office work and tried to grow my MLM business. But, the business just would not grow and it did not fetch any returns. This continued for more than a year.

The hotel stay and business expenses kept mounting and the MLM products were filling the house.

I said to myself, "Something somewhere I am not doing right!!"

"What could that be?"


Internet Marketing Immersion 

I started to look for answers in the internet. I researched day and night the net whenever I could get time.

Initially, I started off looking at wrong places and people for ideas about generating wealth online. But, I was not looking to work long hours like in the past, to make money online.

This time I wanted ‘TIME’ & ‘MONEY’, both. I was looking to balance my work and time with my family, quality time.

I kept on researching the net for a top "Internet Marketing Course" and training. I poked and prodded along.

It took almost 2 years before I got myself to a live event, i.e. a "REAL" marketing seminar.

Spending anywhere between 12-18 hours every day with other like minded marketers, transformed everything I had studied and learned from black and white to color.

It was truly an unbelievable experience.


Vision & Mission

Now I had a vision and a mission, where I needed to take my ‘Online Business’; A vision I could have ‘NEVER’ caught at home, with my online training and coaching…

I flew to various cities in the US and some exotic destinations, to attend many a marketing seminars and learn the underground “Internet Marketing Strategies”, used by successful marketers.

That was the eye opener...

The 80-20 Approach


But, you know what? The wealth of information from my training, coaching and seminars has left me with little time, that I have not applied every possible thing I got, into my online businesses.

But it doesn't matter. Because from that point forward, my approach to learning has always been:

"Absorb now; Apply later”.
I do not deny myself the opportunity to learn something new and important just because, I didn't do everything that, I learned yesterday.
Why should I punish myself like this? I don’t have to implement everything that I learn.

Common, if you only implement the best 20%, and the rest 80% you store for future use, you not only, adjust your game plan to the very best and latest marketing intelligence available, you always have a backup plan too.


That's the 80/20 strategy I apply to my continuing education. The thing is, if I invest in a mentor, and their advice really pays off, then, I would like to get everything they have got.

No matter how great your teacher is, no matter how good your materials are, if you are stuck with piling them up, and not act on it, then its sheer waste of time and money. You might as well dump them and watch the rookies playing…

With renewed energy and motivation, I enrolled in some training and coaching programs, that, literally turned the game.

All this happened in the years, 2000 - 2002.

The rest is history...


Internet Lifestyle: A Dream Come True 


Fast-Forward to Year 2003:

Ever since establishing myself in 'Online Marketing', there was no looking back. I learned and practiced the various "Internet Marketing Strategies" and made full use of the coaching and guidance that was available to me.

I perfected the techniques of setting up squeeze pages and opt-in pages and grew a warm list of "MLM Leads", that took my "MLM Business" to the next level.

Go to “MLM” page to read and understand, what is MLM.

I also successfully diversified my income streams through, "Affiliate Marketing", "Google Adsense", "CPA" etc.

Training & Coaching that Made the Difference

Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys


No More Screeeeeching Alarms 

Solo Build It

Today, I can turn back to those days of struggle, sweat and tears and reaffirm to you that anything is possible with 'Drive', 'Determination', 'Patience' and 'Perseverance', and the lesson:

The Bottom Line

A JOB is just that, J(ust) O(ver) B(roke)

You can surpass me in speed and success with the strategies and tools, available to you on this website.

I am now retired rich so to say. Well, not really, but, if you think about it, I am no more 9-5 cubicle guy.

I work from home or anywhere for that matter.

I just need my laptop, that's it. And I make more than what I made in my previous wealthy jobs.

Vacations are just a matter of willing for me...

The sensation and thrill of Time and Money freedom are inexplicable....You need to experience it.

I wish you all success from the bottom of my heart.



CPA, MBA (Marketing)

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