Google Adwords Tricks For Optimal Cost & High Conversion..!

Well, Google Adwords is all about optimizing your adwords cost with highly relevant and targeted ad campaigns, and achieving an above normal visitor conversion ratio.

I hope you get my point. If not, don't worry. You will get it by the time you read this entire page.

I started with Google ad-words in 2005 and incurred heavy losses with it. That was very disappointing. But, hey, such is life...


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I have already covered Google Adwords somewhat under the CPC page. Go to the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) page, to learn more. But I know, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Continue reading down to the end of this page, and I can promise you this: You will be a winner!!!

Important Points Covered On This Page:

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Why Google Adwords?

In order to be successful with your online business, and to profit hugely from it, you need just these two things:

  Traffic and Conversion!! Period.

Google-Adwords-Tips from Adwords Expert Perry Marshall

Traffic comes in 2 forms; Paid and free. We will discuss the free web traffic on the other pages of this website.

Here we will discuss only the paid traffic. Talking of traffic, you will need this every time. It's somewhat like oxygen....Your Life-Line.

In order to have targeted traffic coming constantly to your website, you need to master the PPC Advertising techniques. And as you have learned by now, Google adwords is the leading PPC search engine. Ad-words pay-per click allows you to present your product/service to online searchers seeking information based on a keyword.

Now, if your Google adwords 'Ad' contains anything related to that keyword, it will instantly display your ad to the online information seeker, but it may not appear on the top of the page or even on the first two pages. And therefore, you are out of sight, for the searcher, for all intents and purposes.

Now, imagine this...

What if you could go further and meet the searcher half way?

Target your marketing message to the exact keywords used by the searcher while typing in. Now your website is within the searcher's visible range. And when the searcher clicks on your ad, your website is presented to him/her, who now becomes your visitor.

Your website/landing page does the rest. Convert the visitor into your customer.

So, Google adwords provides you with an opportunity to meet with your online searcher, halfway through, and market your product or service directly.


Here is a quick video titled "Getting started with Google Adwords". Watch this tutorial video first, before proceeding any further. The tips that I am going to provide you with, require you to get the fundamentals right. I strongly urge you to watch this video, if you are any serious with this.

Here is yet another guide for the beginners. I know that I am asking for too much. But this is only for your good. The more you understand about this PPC marketing program, the better for you. Rest is upto you.

Google Adwords Tips...

Google-Adwords-Tips from Adwords Expert Armand Morin

I am assuming that you have watched the video, read the Google Adwords guide, and you understand the fundamentals of setting up an adwords campaign.

OK. Here are some quick tips on Google Adwords:

-> Keyword Spying:

Everything is fair in love and war. Marketing is a tough place to be in, especially Google adwords. It's a fierce market depending on your niche. So, it's essential to spy on your competitor's ad campaigns. Nothing un-ethical with that. Use keyword tools like "Keyword Spy" or "Spy Fu", that will spy on your competitor's ad campaigns and provide you with the exact keywords they are bidding on. Simply use the same keywords and swipe their ad copy with adequate variation, in order to make it unique.

Get Your Essential Keyword Tools

-> Google Content Network:

Use the content network and try to bid low on your keywords. Do not overlook content network. You can get potential traffic from Google's content network.

> Master Google’s Content Network <

-> Domain Name:

Use domain names as keywords and bid on them. For example, if you want to bid on keyword "Diet", then use the domain name "". The trick here is to locate the domain names related to your keyword that gets a ton of traffic. This is not that easy, and requires some testing.

-> Image Ads:

Use image ads in the content network. This is a great way to target the content network. Create a good number of ads with variations, and place it under various ad groups. The ads should be tightly targeted and relevant to your product or service. Just like, how you do your adwords grouping. Now place the ads and distribute it on the content network only.

-> Display Ads During Specific Times:

Activate/deactivate your ads for certain times of the day. You turn on/off your ad only for certain times of the day. For example, you can run your ads during the normal working hours, or during the nights only. See which times the ads perform better. Tracking and monitoring is crucial here. Display ads for only that times it works the best. This way you focus on the productive ads and cut down on your ad spend.

-> Google Site Placement:

Google-Adwords Site Placement Tricks from Adwords Expert Armand Morin

Last but not the least..very sneaky and advanced strategy. Use the site placement feature of Google adwords. What this means is that, you can place your ads on specific sites, that are relevant to your niche market and demographics. As this is an advanced strategy, I will discuss this separately, in my future update.

Please visit the link at the bottom of this page titled, "Google Adwords Tips", for some advanced tips and techniques. Make sure that, you also visit the links to more pages at the bottom of this page, for various adwords strategies and tips.


Here are your free lessons to implement a successful PPC campaign delivered via email to your inbox by the adwords expert Perry Marshall. Do not take this lightly because this is free. Unlike other so called gurus, Perry's courses are of very high calibre and has virtually no fluff. These lessons are sufficient to get you started. Make the fullest use of these lessons.

Google Adwords Optimization

Let's discuss some essential points in Google Adwords optimization.


>> Tools & Resources YOU Will Ever Need! <<

Assuming that you already have a well written sales page or a landing page, the following factors will make or break your adwords campaign:

-> Relevancy:

We have already talked about this. Your ads will be targeting your niche market using the keywords that a searcher will use to find your ad. The ads will represent a very tight group of relevant keywords.

Your website or landing page will be highly relevant to the ads and also to the product or service that you are offering. See, how everything is related and relevant. This is what Google's quality score looks for.

Now, if you satisfy Google's quality score, then it will reward you with two things:

---> Top placement on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

---> Low minimum bid amount This means getting more clicks at a very reasonable price. A PPC marketer's dream.

If your copywriting skills are really good, then you should be able to optimize on these clicks and gain a very good conversion ratio.

>> How to Excel in Copywriting? <<

If on the other hand, your ads are not relevant to the searcher, then you will be required to pay higher minimum bid prices. This is known in the PPC marketing world as Google slap.

Not only that, Google may ban your ad altogether. This has happened to me and many marketers.

I have suffered due to the Google slap and has incurred substantial losses with Google adwords advertising. That was in the year 2006, when Google suddenly changed its quality score algorithm. What actually got affected was the Landing page relevance and quality of its contents along with the other factors like, CTR (Click-Through-Rate), adwords account history etc.

Here is what Google had to say about the change. Taken from on 7/7

"As you may recall, we began incorporating advertiser landing page quality into the quality score back in December 2005. Following that change, advertisers who are not providing useful landing pages to our users will have lower quality scores that in turn result in higher minimum bid requirements for their keywords. We realize that some minimum bids may be too high to be cost-effective --indeed, these high minimum bids are our way of motivating advertisers to either improve their landing pages or to simply stop using AdWords for those pages, while still giving some control over which keywords to advertise on. Although it is counter-intuitive to some who hear it, we'd rather show one less ad than to show an ad which leads to a poor user experience --since long- term user trust in AdWords is of overarching importance".

Google Slap

Many marketers, including me, was slapped anywhere between $5 and $10 per click in some cases. Of course, you are no where expected to pay that amount. It's just the way Google was politely showing you the door. Soon after that, I decided to pull the plug on this, and never to come back until, I learned all the tips and tricks to stay legitimately in the game and succeed with it.

I invested quite an amount of time and money in buying ebooks and self study materials. I found a few of them to be of good substance. I will have them disclosed at a later time.

Long story short,

Relevancy is the key to score well with Google's quality score.

-> Copywriting:

Google-Adwords: Simple Copywriting for Excellent Conversions

Well you don't need any introduction to this, I am sure. I have already covered the importance of good copywriting. This will ensure a good visitor conversion.

Although, you are paying less due to high relevancy of your keyword/keyword group and your Google ads, if your landing page does a poor job of converting your paid visitors, then you will lose money and also suffer at the hands of Google and its ranking algorithm. This could be very frustrating indeed....Just to watch helplessly, all the valuable clicks go by....

My advice?

"Hone your copywriting skills or outsource the job to a professional".

>> How to Excel in Copywriting? <<

-> Testing and Tracking:

In the online marketing world, everything from ebooks to outsourcing, and anything in between, needs to be tested.

No different here. In fact, the more testing and tweaking that you do with adwords the more profitable your PPC advertising will be.

The way you do this is, to create two different ads for a specific ad group. Then test and track the performance of the ads regularly, by changing the variables, like, head line, ad text etc. Keep the better performing ad, and dump the loser. Then create another ad and test it against the first ad, which will be your control or benchmark. This way you keep on testing and tweaking till you find your golden ad.

There are various tools to automate this process.

> Get Your Essential Tools Here <

I want to see you succeed with Google adwords and not to bleed $$$$ like me......with Google slap and quality score.

I now have many adword campaigns running and I am profitable with almost all of them. If you are serious with this, you can make over $500 a day...I mean a day.

I even know, how to recoil from a slap and turn the tide on Google...

There are some very cool strategies that I will cover on the other pages, that will teach you to recover from a "Google slap" and then beat this giant hands down. These, some underground gurus call Google loopholes.


Google Adwords, undoubtedly is the fastest way to get your product/service before an online information seeker.

Playing this game the right way and staying legitimately in the game, in spite of the feared Google slap, will take you to unseen success within a short period of time.

I will be explaining the quality score and turnaround with Google slap on a separate page. For now, you should educate yourself with the Google Adwords video and the beginner's guide that are provided on this website. You need to lay a very strong foundation and understand Google Adwords’ Terms of Service (TOS) and Adwords process.

And finally when you are all done, then invest in a good training program or good Google Adwords guide.

Remember we are talking about,"Make Money From Home" kind of business. This is a real business and you should treat this as one.

"Work hard "ONE" time, and get paid "LIFE" time....

Would you not go the extra mile, and invest in the much needed training, coaching and ebooks for just one time?

Success is just round the corner, for people with drive and determination. Would you not be one among them? Think about it!!....This is for REAL...


Look no further. You will have all the right information and also some sneaky techniques, that will make you succeed with Google Adwords.

Come back to this page, book mark it now....You will need this as your reference guide.

And do not overlook any links that are on this website. Click on them, and read them till you digest each and every word of it. All of them have value and serve different purposes.

Here is wishing you all success,



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