Winning Marketing Strategies You Want To Implement...!!

The net has tons of Marketing Strategies. The challenge for you is to pick and choose the RIGHT ones.

Lack of fundamental business building knowledge and a goodMarketing Planis really the primary cause for so many internet businesses struggling and wasting precious time.

My goal is to make your online venture a complete success. This website will focus on equipping you with the much needed skills, knowledge and tools to stay in the game and then to finally “WIN” the game

Separate the wheat from the chaff…

On this website you will get, the, ‘Cut-to-the-Chase’ ‘Get-to-the-Point’, “Internet Marketing Strategies”, personally written by me from my +7 years of Online Marketing experience and success. Period.

Marketing Strategies: Topics You Will Read

Nothing on this page or on this website will WORK, unless YOU make it WORK

As in anything real in life, nothing comes easy. If you follow my advice to the tee and be consistently PATIENT, PERSEVERE and PERSIST, your success is guaranteed. No doubt about that. 


"Why Should You Listen To Me?”

Vat Thilek: The Marketing-Strategies-Expert My name is Vat Thilek, the webmaster, author and your guide to ‘Internet Marketing’. I am into online marketing since 2003. I have invested a significant amount of time and money in researching the best strategies for my online business.

My experience proves that not all of them are made equal. Some are extremely effective, while others are just mediocre. You will learn from my experience and failures, some of the best internet marketing techniques that will readily boost your sales and establish your presence on the World Wide Web.

About Me!

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You can read my whole story here……

If you are still listening, then let us jump right into the topic without any further ado.


Marketing Strategies: The Fundamentals 

There are basically two ways to market your products or services. On-line and off-line. Day by day many successful off-line businesses are adopting online strategies to win over their competition.

I  will discuss with you mainly the online marketing strategies throughout this website.

I am no way discounting the good old off-line strategies. I will also explore those strategies and will discuss some of the important ones where you need to focus at a later time.

Keep tuned in for that.

In order to execute a good “Marketing Plan” for your web site marketing or for your online business, it is essential to have a good understanding of the various marketing strategies and the ability to implement it properly.


> A good “Internet Marketing Course” or a mentoring program is your best bet. The time and money invested into this will serve you many times over down the line.

I am saying this from my own experience and lessons learned the hard way.

With the economical downturn and job losses, many budding Internet Marketing Business, seeking to “Make Money From Home”, are competing feverishly online to gain an upper hand with major search engines to establish a profitable “Home Based Business”.

Majority of them, however, are bound to fail as they either do not have the required knowledge and expertise, or have researched, practiced and tested the marketing and promotion strategies that work.


> Unlike many/most of the websites out there that tells you "WHAT" marketing strategies to implement, and never really shows the "HOW" of it; I will not only tell you the online marketing strategy "THAT ACTUALLY WORKS", but I will also show you how to implement it in the right way, so that you will see the results in a short period of time. 

OK. For the sake of knowledge: The 4 Pillars of Marketing, around which your 'Marketing Strategies' will be crafted, are the 4 Ps:

Product, Pricing, Placing and Promotion.

I will focus on the "Promotion" aspect, because that is what this website is all about.

In my opinion, a successful marketing strategy is centered around the vital concept of customer satisfaction. "Customer is always right": Well, not always...I guess.


Why Should You Implement an Internet Marketing Strategy?

A very good question indeed. And the answer is simple.

To drive more targeted traffic to your website that end up in more sales and revenue.

If properly done, a good online strategy can attract more people to your website, increase customers for your business, and enhance branding of your company and products.


> Remember this. For any business to be successful, you need to have targeted visitors, meaning, people looking for a solution to a problem or seeking information that they believe will resolve their issues.

Your job is to provide your visitor with that information or solution to their problems. This will happen only when your visitor is able to find your website amongst the zillions of websites in the cyber space.

Your potential visitor must find you in the Top 10, or at the least in the Top 20 of the search results for your keyword. Otherwise, you simply don't exist for that word because most surfers will not investigate past the 20th position.

----------> GAME OVER <---------


Now, You don't want that to happen, do you?

I know what you are thinking. How the heck can I find such visitors? How people will know about my website?

Relax. This is where your marketing strategy will focus on. And your strategy will be based on your market research.

If you are starting a business or a beginner in online business marketing or looking to improve on your website marketing skills, I will provide you with some initial steps to guide you in the right direction.

Remember, you need to carefully and diligently plan and strategize your online promotion to see any success with your online marketing.    

Ready?, here you go...


Marketing Strategies: 10 Step Action Plan

1 - First of, start with a good, rather I would say an excellent web marketing and promotion plan. Obviously for this you will need a good website development strategy, and a basic “Marketing Plan”.

> Website Building Tools

2 - An excellent search engine optimization plan for a good “Search Engine Positioning”, ranking and search engine placement.

> Get Your Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning Tips

3 - Social media and blogging. You can read here on “Social Media”, “Twitter”, “Blog Marketing” etc. Implement these social ‘Marketing Strategies’ to see faster and greater success with your ‘Online Marketing’.

> How to Blog?

> Blogging Tools

4 - Implement a good web site promotion plan through interactive medium, such as, forums and social networking. Use the strategies covered on “Twitter Marketing”, “Social Media Marketing”, “Blog Promotion” etc. to establish cyber following and authority. Incentivize your visitors to participate in polls and opinions by providing free quality information and/or e-books.

> Social Media Marketing Tools


5 - Initiate an effective “Email Marketing” program and grow a solid opt-in list.

> Lead Generation

> List Building Tools

6 - Establish relationship and trust with your visitors by providing a high quality information on your website. Offer FREE informative eBooks and spread your marketing message virally. Engage in “Viral Marketing” strategies to popularize your product/service even more!

> Proven Viral Marketing Campaign Strategies

> Viral Marketing Tools

7 – Leverage your expertise effectively with “Article Marketing” and press releases.

> Writing Articles that Gets Noticed

> Article Writing Tools

8 - Promote your products or services through “Affiliate Marketing” and other associate programs. This will help you to dominate your niche very quickly.

> Affiliate Marketing Secrets to Make Money Online

> Affiliate Marketing Tools

9 – Leap frog your Online Business with “PPC” and “Google Adwords”.

> Online Advertising

> PPC Marketing

> PPC Strategies

> Low Cost Traffic


10 - I think the most important of all, enrol into a very good “Internet Marketing Course” or engage trusted and reliable internet marketing services to do the job for you. This is what is called outsourcing. More on outsourcing later.

> Internet Marketing Training

> Internet Marketing Tools

> Marketing Tools

> Affiliate Marketing Tools

Marketing Strategies & Money Making Opportunities

Although, your primary objective will be to drive targeted traffic to your product/service, implementing the ‘Marketing Strategies’ covered on this website also comes with its own advantages; An opportunity to ‘Make Money’ out of your traffic.

$ Make Money from Home

$ Make Money Online with Google Adsense

$ Make Money Blogging

Marketing Strategies: Network Marketing

Ø What Is MLM?

Ø MLM Business Opportunity : A perfect “Home Based Business” Model…

Ø Why Network Marketing?

Whatever you choose, you need to get over the learning curve slow and steady.

And the best way to do that in my humble opinion is, either to buy a good “Internet Marketing Course” or an “Internet Marketing Training”. Trust me, this investment is worth it and will pay back many times over.

I was there and learned all this through costly mistakes.


Marketing Strategies: Real Life Lessons

The lesson that I have learned through years of research and practice can be summarized as follows:

Traffic is the lifeline of any business, be it an online business or a brick and mortar kind of business. Now, even if your website has a good number of traffic, it is the conversion factor that actually comes into play and this can "MAKE" or "BREAK" your business.

So, in essence, here is your success formula for your online marketing  efforts:

Traffic (Good targeted traffic) + Conversion = $$$$


I will discuss all the ‘marketing strategies’, tips and techniques that I have acquired through my years of research and experience, right here on this website. If you can assimilate them and put it into action, then I can literally guarantee your success in your online marketing.

I will also reveal some of the tools and services that I use to effectively implement the marketing strategies listed under and enjoy huge success with it.


Marketing Strategies: Tools of the Trade 

Based on my research and experience, below are the most effective “Internet Marketing Strategies” & Tools that you can implement. Of course, as with anything new, there is a learning curve involved in order to understand and implement them properly.

For now, you do not worry about that, as I will go over each of them in detail and will also advise on the tools and resources to automate and/or outsource them.

Keep visiting this website page frequently, as more marketing strategies will be added from time to time.


Please bookmark this website and return as many times as you want. I will be right here to advise and guide you in the proper direction.

This website will be constantly updated to provide you with the best of marketing strategies, marketing plans and tools to make your online business a tremendous success.

I have already provided the links below to the various “Marketing Strategies” that you can adopt and put to effective use. You see, I kept my promise.

Now, it’s your turn to take action. Visit all the links and pages below, and read every word on them. Then you incorporate each of them into your own Online Strategies.

Here is wishing you all success,


CHEERS & BEERS  Vat-Thilek: Celebrate Success with Internet Marketing

Vat-Thilek: The Marketing-Strategies-Expert

Contact Vat Thilek for Questions & Suggestions

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