Strategies To Dominate The CPA Marketing World With Amazing Ease

Cost-Per-Action, or CPA in short, is like a coin with two faces:

The Advertiser and the Affiliate

I will discuss about the "Advertiser's" strategies here and also more cool stuff on the links at the bottom of this page.

Strategies for the "Affiliate" will be discussed in great detail under "Affiliate Marketing-2" page.

Go to "Affiliate Marketing-2" to learn about this cool opportunity to ‘Make Money Online’ with ‘CPA’ and “Affiliate Marketing”.

What is Cost Per Action Marketing?

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Cost Per Action Marketing Strategies:

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OK. Now back to the point. So in a CPA based ”Affiliate Marketing”, the advertiser is a company looking for more customers, and the affiliate, is the one, who will provide it, for which, he/she will get paid a commission. Of course, the visitor action will actually dictate this, as you know by now.

It's all about 'ACTION', as the name suggests. You pay your affiliate based on the visitor action. You get paid as an affiliate, based on your visitor's action. A great way to "Make Money On The Internet".

This is an excellent marketing strategy, no doubt.

Think about it. If you employ a team of affiliates, and offer them some exciting commissions for referrals, sales etc., you will hit the sky in no time with this marketing strategy. You see the power here.


As discussed in PPC Marketing, CPA or cost per action is a form of ppc advertising, where the payment to the publisher or affiliate, depends on the action that a visitor takes. This form of advertising is also referred to as Pay Per Action model.

Cost Per Action is also known as Cost Per Acquisition. This is basically a fancy word for "Lead Generation".

Go to "Lead Generation" to learn more about this.

When exploring various marketing strategies to market your product or services, you obviously look for that call of action, the "click". If you are budget-conscious, and you are of course, then your formula for success with CPA advertising is:

$ spent = A customer gained

If that is the case, then, a cost-per-action model is worth evaluating.

Why do you think, this Marketing Strategy work for marketers?

Because, this type of marketing and advertising results in the following: 

  • Get you closer to qualified customers.
  • Results in higher customer conversion and good Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Eliminates the much hated click fraud, which drains your ad budget.

CPA advertising models ensure that you only pay for legitimate leads, like a phone call, an email contact, a zip code, an online form submission etc. As an action based ad model, cost-per-action marketing, puts the control in your hands, and enables better management of your ad dollars.

That said, the biggest challenges you will be facing though, is Traffic, Time and Conversion.

This is what I have experienced.


CPA Marketing Strategies

OK. Let's look at some strategies to make CPA Marketing very effective and on budget.

Keyword Research:

Well, well. Here we are again discussing this guy. “Keyword Research” is the backbone of Internet marketing. You will have to research your niche market and understand your visitor's needs up-close. Keyword research is where you start.

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Keyword Grouping:

Organizing all your related keywords under one group, and thus forming a very tight and highly optimized keyword group, is in fact, the key to scoring high with CPA marketing.

This results in quite a few good things:

---> Improve your quality score.

---> Lower your minimum bid pricing.

---> Lower your 1st page ranking bid price in search engines.

---> Lower your Ad cost and keep it under budget.

---> Improve your visitor conversion and ROI (Return On Investment). 

Identify and Eliminate Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords are just that, negative keywords. They are non-targeted keywords, targeted by the freebie hunters. An absolute waste of your ad money. What else to say!

If you don't identify and filter out these keywords, then good luck...

Ad Groups and Ad Campaigns:

CPA - Find Success With Cost Per Action Marketing Using Google Adwords

Setting up your ad group and campaign becomes easy, once you have identified and organized your related keywords into a tightly knit keyword group.

The point of this whole exercise is to structure your ad Groups and campaigns in such a way that, they are optimally positioned to take the fullest advantage of your paid web traffic.

Essential Tools & Resources

And finally,

Highly Optimized Ad text and Landing Page:

This is the face of your CPA marketing, so to say. Your product/service is represented by your ad and your subsequent landing page or website, where you will direct your paid traffic.

Effective landing pages are crucial to your success with CPA or Cost-Per-Action Marketing, whichever way you choose to call it. You need to master the copywriting skills to create an irresistible landing page for your ‘CPA Marketing’!

Effective Copywriting Techniques for Your CPA Marketing

You should therefore be creating various ads that are compelling and highly targeted using your keyword grouping. This will ensure that, your ads are profitable.

And, if you have a well written sales copy for your landing page or your website, then that will ensure a high conversion ratio and ROI.

Why am I getting a feeling that, you are a bit confused by the IM lingos here.


And if you are, then here is a good resource that will educate you on the various Internet marketing terms. Please take your time in understanding them and later use it like a Pro.


Cost per action is a strategic bidding option, to ensure that your campaigns end up with optimized conversions in exchange for your advertising spend. In other words, you control your ad spend through low cost keywords that are targeted to your niche with little competition.

Must Have Tools & Resources

This ensures that your ads get clicked most of the times, assuming that, you have a well written ad and well targeted for the keywords. This will get you a good return for your investment (ROI).

Don't take bidding lightly and easy as it may look. In fact, you really need to know the process well and then apply it very tactfully. This obviously requires some analytical skills and application. CPA success is driven by low cost and high conversion ads.

Go to "CPA Marketing" to learn more about the bidding strategies.

Alright. Is there any scope for automation here?

Absolutely. You can indeed automate the entire CPA Marketing process, or each process separately. Up to you.

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You must visit this page frequently, so that you get everything you need to succeed in CPA marketing and advertising.


Affiliate Marketing-2page discuss the splendid Cost Per Action opportunity for affiliates to make some cool cash and really lead a very laid back, unhurried and comfortable Internet Marketing life style.

CPA Marketing Success

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Success

I have seen many a success stories and also I am proud to be one among them. Well, not really as big as the leaders in the game, like, Gauher Chowdhry, Chris X and others.

I am relatively new to CPA affiliate marketing, but I am seeing some good money already.

The recipe to success is not a secret any more.

Drive, Determination, Patience and Perseverance. If you have these, then you will succeed. No matter what.

But, also, the big money comes when you automate and outsource some of the mundane work. The tools to succeed online can be summed up as follows:

- Proper training and coaching (This is the no. 1 factor).

- A marketing plan, with all the steps and process.(Comes with A good training and coaching program).

- Tools to automate the steps and process.

- Outsourcing (Save time and focus on productive work).

Get Your Success Formula Tools Here


As the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end". Here we are at the end of this page.

But I am not done....

Internet marketing is an ever evolving world. New marketing strategies and ideas take root every often.

Now consider CPA (Cost Per Action) itself. Who would have ever thought that, this was going to be a huge success, that it is today.

As an online marketer, you need to be on top of these new strategies. And this website is dedicated to helping you stay on top of the game.

Click on the links below to discover the sneaky Cost Per Action marketing techniques, that others will charge money for. Even then, you will not get the quality and depth of information that you are getting for free on this website.

Here is wishing you all success with CPA marketing,



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