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To be successful online, you should implement effective Internet Marketing Strategies.

This is now a well known fact. But the sad thing is that many, I would say a majority online business fail to implement the rightMarketing Strategies” in the right manner. This makes their online marketing efforts an utter failure and waste of precious time.

The biggest challenge that I faced during my online career was to come up with an effectiveMarketing Plan for my online business.

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> Marketing Plan to Action Plan <

I bought an “Internet Marketing Course” and religiously studied them, subscribed to news letters for internet marketing tips and even talked to an internet marketing expert.

Internet Marketing Explained

A good and effective Internet Marketing Strategy is the compass by which you navigate the cyber space. Given the challenges and time constraints, it is indeed difficult to develop an effective Internet Marketing Strategy in just one sitting. It takes research and practice.

And without a strategic plan, you risk becoming unfocused in your marketing efforts, resulting in guesses about what might be best for your online business, or even your offline business that you seek to promote online.

I will provide you with the best internet marketing strategies that has worked well for me consistently.

What You Will Learn from This Page?

Why Should YOU Listen to Me? 

I have been there and done this and benefited a thousand fold. I was running from "eBook" to "eBook" in the beginning, but got little out of it.

After spending significant amount of time and money, I finally got what I wanted. I am opening up to you and revealing the programs that plummeted me into success with this thing, with my "Internet Business".

Remember, I have told this elsewhere. You need to get over the learning curve in order to understand and effectively implement the "Marketing Strategy", to see any results.

For online businesses, an effective internet marketing strategy can bring in more trust and credibility and therefore more satisfied repeat business from your happy customers.

To be most effective, your online marketing should be part of your overall business marketing plan.

Based on my experience, the best way to acquire the much sought after "KNOWLEDGE" and "SKILL" is to invest in a good “Internet Marketing Course” or coaching program.

Pages You Must Read:

No matter what the strategies and techniques are, you must take action and implement them. Remember, it is ACTION that will bring in the results.


Here is your "Free Internet Marketing Newsletter", covering the best "Marketing Strategies", from none other than the marketing guru himself, Armand Morin. Get invaluable internet marketing tips and strategies for 'FREE'.

Bookmark and visit this website as often as you want, and learn the techniques and put them to good use.

Now let's jump right into the meat of the Marketing Strategies.


Here is a free eBook by the great internet marketing guru, Rich Schefren. Rich is the guy who has coached and mentored famed marketers like Mike Filsaime, John Reese etc. This eBook titled "Internet Business Manifesto" introduces you to the world of online marketing and essentially pinpoints the time spent on various activities. It provides a great insight into shaving off the grunt and routine work and to focus your time on more productive job. It encourages you to assign a $ value to your time . Please take pleasure in reading this and let this form a foundation to your internet marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Strategies

OK. Let's get into some serious stuff now. Your Internet Marketing Strategies should be a result producer. There are many strategies that you can implement. But, the big question is, "will it produce any results"?. Are they "TESTED" and "TRIED" strategies?

Internet Marketing Success Strategies:

Essential Tools & Resources:


So, you now have the Internet Marketing Strategies that you should focus on, and ideally incorporate into your “Marketing Plan”. 

With any marketing plan, the online marketing plan consists of developing an online marketing strategy  and action plans, that, when implemented, will help you achieve your online marketing goals.

> What Should be Your Objective? <

The objective addresses the “big picture”. In general, your objective should answer the question, “How to overcome my main marketing challenge(s)?”.

If your challenge is to figure out how to send more targeted traffic to your Website and increase your sales, for example, then an objective for your online marketing plan could be, “To engage in online promotions to build site awareness and interest with your visitors and search engines.”

Essential Tools & Resources to Get Quality Web Traffic

Internet-Marketing-Strategies: The #1 Traffic Getting System  

A Marketing Strategy supports your objective, and defines a general approach you will take to meet your objective. For example, strategies to support the above objective of driving targeted traffic to your website "SHOULD" include the strategies on this page.

Please visit the link at the bottom of this page for your list of The “Marketing Strategies" that you should implement one way or the other.


Automation and Outsourcing

I have found real success with "Automation" and "Outsourcing" of the various internet marketing strategies. The two pillars of any successful venture.

I am a big fan of this, and I always made my way through to apply these two techniques where ever possible. And honestly, my success as an internet marketer has to do with this two things in a major way.

I will expose the automation tools and outsourcing possibilities for the Internet marketing strategies,  we have discussed here, on this page, as well as on this website.

Go to ‘Internet Marketing Strategies’ listed on top…

Essential Automation Tools & Resources:

Everything begins with a game plan and then an action plan to implement it.

An action plan or marketing programs will outline the action steps that you will take to bring each of the above marketing strategy into effect.

> Marketing Plan to Action Plan <


The all important thing for you to remember is to "STAY FOCUSED and STAY THE COURSE". You should try to weed out unwanted distractions from your path and focus on the job on hand. There are so many ways you could do this. Here is a free and excellent resource and tools to bring in more clarity and focus on your job. Please utilize Mark Joyner's Simpleology to increase your focus and productivity.

Your Take Home Lesson

I know what you are thinking... OMG!

This seems like a never ending learning process. And that is true. The internet is a constantly evolving platform. I am still learning new stuff every day. There are newer ways of promoting and marketing your products or services.

You have to be constantly ahead of your competition and learn new techniques as well. This could be overwhelming and is not possible all in one day.

The way I do this is to learn from the 'Gurus" and top marketers. There is a saying, "Copy the best, and the rest will follow". You can never go wrong with this strategy.

The lesson that I learned from my years of research and testing of the various internet marketing strategies, is that, not all of them are going to get you the results that you want. In my online career since 2003, I employed all the online marketing strategies that I researched, studied, practiced and tested to make my website progress in its rankings.

But to my surprise, not all of them were effective and failed to produce the results that I was looking for. This made me take a closer look at the successful ones that was worth pursuing.

The strategies listed on this page are the best internet marketing strategies in my opinion, and have proven to be immensely successful for my online business. Please visit the links below and apply them to your own online business.

I now enjoy the privilege of owning some successful online businesses and make money from home!!! No more 9 to 5 rat race...Trust me, you can do this and you will. Cool, isn't it?

Would you rather learn the Internet Marketing Strategies and “Make Money Online, or lead a life of 'Hand-to-Mouth' existence with your day job?

I have also introduced some of the proven 'Make Money From Home' opportunities on this website. Stay open minded and focused and also willing to learn.

Keep coming back to these pages, as you will find valuable information and "TIPS", "TRICKS" and "TOOLS" regularly added.

Top notch coaching and mentoring programs that can leap forward your strategic internet marketing, and leave your competition to dust. Really, I mean it.

Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys

Do come back to this page at a later time for these killer "Internet Marketing Strategies"... For now continue to read the rest of this page and visit all the links provided below.

If you miss to read even "ONE" link below, you are missing a lot. Make sure you read everything on this page at least two times. Read the pages in the links below, slowly and thoroughly. Absorb everything in it.

Your success is a GIVEN...


Come on, you need to go out there and TAKE ACTION.

I can only guide you, but I will guide you in the right direction. So at least that guess work is out of your way.

Remember, I did not have any guidance when I started on line. So make use of my experience and guidance to the most.


Follow the links below to equip yourself with the insider secrets and powerful "Internet Marketing Strategies".

You are now ready to go out into the field and win the battle easily. Realize that you are on level playing ground with the so called marketing experts or gurus.

I would say you have an unfair advantage with the mentoring and marketing tips and tools that you have access to on this page and the links below. Here is wishing you all success with your internet marketing strategies.



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