High Octane Twitter Marketing Strategies

What Is Twitter?

I am sure you must have heard of Twitter. If you have not, don't worry.

You are at the right place and at the right time too. You will not only learn what this is, but, you will be some what an expert by the time you read to the end of this page.

OK. Now, as I know, this is a social networking service, that enables its users to send and read 'tweets', or messages. Alexa has ranked it, as one of the top websites in the Whole Wide Web.

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You see, where there is buzz and popularity, marketers follow with full faith. No different here too. This Social Media, so to say, is increasingly being used as a marketing tool.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am involved with Twitter, since it was launched towards the end of 2006. But, I did not discover its full potential until 2008. I really had very good success with it in 2009. Since then, there was no looking back for me.

What You Will Read on This Page?

You will learn how Twitter can really make a ‘difference’ to your ‘Online Business’.

Table of Content:

Recommended Twitter Tools & Resources:

Essential Social Media Resources:

  • Social Matrix – The Complete Guide to Social Marketing
  • Let’s Get Social – Land Your Dream Job in Social Marketing
  • Social Blueprint – Step By Step Guide to Social Marketing Strategies & Techniques – FREE
  • Crowd Conversion - Dominate Facebook & Social Marketing

Now you might wonder, what this has to do with marketing?

You see, this is a simple tool that helps connect businesses with it's target audience, effectively and rather  meaningfully.

By the looks of it, and the number of tweets exchanged in a day, this could be the future platform for communication, marketing and everything in between.

Just imagine, major corporations are using Twitter as a key component of their Marketing Strategy

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How Twitter is Changing the Face of Social Media?

I feel that, the most noticeable twist to Social media, is that, it now has a central real-time hub, that serves to enhance every other content platform on the web.

Sure, you can use RSS for blogs, and sign up, to follow a person’s activity on a video or a photo sharing site for that matter.

Like for example, the RSS for this website…..!

Twitter, provides a one-stop, real-time service for all your content. Talk about centralized management. It essentially allows, your own broadcasting network, so to speak. Of course, these services are dependent on other services.

Services like, YouTube and other video sharing sites, Flickr and similar photo sites, WordPress and Blogger platforms etc., are crucial for hosting and publishing content.

They provide the hub, the means of connecting  your entire online activity to create a real-time, people-managed broadcasting type of network.

Do you see the power here?


Should Your Business Be On Twitter?

A very good question. That really depends on, “What is your objective?

What are you trying to accomplish? Are your customers on Twitter?

Before even deciding to venture into social media, like Facebook etc., it is extremely important that, you understand your own target audience.

Do You?

Do you know where they may be located and whether they have a clearly defined goals?

Your Goal Should be:

---> To meet your customers where they are now.

---> To assist them in their pursuit, their needs etc. Although, I am not an expert, I have been around for some time, and I found this to be a great space.

The reason for this is that, I know my target audience are there, and Twitter has a strong search-ability that is also very timely.

When you look at various spaces, like Facebook, MySpace etc., you should look at the search-ability, and how quickly you can obtain the necessary information from your Customers.

This is exactly why, you are going to use Twitter Search.

Here are Two Major Benefits Using Twitter :

  1. Your ability to build relationship with your Customers. Nothing is more powerful than a long-term relationship with your Customers, build on trust and authority.
  2. The second benefit is, when people are responding to the question, "What are you doing?", most of the times, they are saying, how they use a product or interact with a business.

Now, this is a useful market intelligence. More and more Businesses and people are turning to "Social Networking", such as Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace and others.

A study by Pew found that,unlike other social media spaces, Twitter has an older crowd, with a median age of 31 compared to 27 for MySpace, 26 for Facebook and 40 for LinkedIn. Beyond these stats, the study mentions, how users are more connected via electronic devices. This is not shocking, given the amount of early adopters in the space. The other discussion in the report is how users gain their news information.

As social media continues to become more mainstream, it will be important for companies to view this as another channel to communicate with their Customers!!!....$$$

Recommended Twitter Tools & Resources:

Essential Social Media Resources:

  • Social Matrix – The Complete Guide to Social Marketing
  • Let’s Get Social – Land Your Dream Job in Social Marketing
  • Social Blueprint – Step By Step Guide to Social Marketing Strategies & Techniques – FREE
  • Crowd Conversion - Dominate Facebook & Social Marketing



How to get started on Twitter?

Real easy. Watch this short video, that will take you through the steps.

You will need Flash Player to view this video. Download your free Flash Player.

Video Source: howcast.com

Once you have finished watching, continue reading to the end of this page. I will provide you with all the essential information, some quick tips and very good tools, to make this thing work like a charm.

So, here you go...


Twitter Marketing Techniques

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To begin with, consider this as a place more to build relationship with your existing or would-be customers, than to broadcast your marketing messages. This is important.

Here are some ways to do this:

  • Include in your Bio and/or custom background the names (or @usernames) of the people twittering from your company account. It’s also a good idea to include additional contact info, like email addresses.
  • Listening. A good listening skill is very important in all walks of life. Listen regularly for comments about your company, brand and products, and be prepared to address concerns, offer customer service or thank people for their comments of praise.

Here is what I usually do: keep an eye on the @messages. Actually, you can use your Saved Searches feature to easily track feedbacks of your product, brand, company, etc.

This is how you will do it:

From your Twitter home page, simply run a search, and then at the top of your results page, click "Save this search." A link with your search term will appear on the right side of your page, and whenever you click it, you’ll get real-time results for that query. To delete a search, just head to the top of your results and click "Remove this search."

  • Tune-up or Tone-up your messages. Don't use heavy wordings or try to be an orator. Use very casual tones and easy to understand language.
  • Always try to post links to articles and sites you think, your customers would find interesting, 'even' if they’re not your sites or about your company.
  • Make sure your tweets provide some real value. You know better than me, what is valuable to you and to your business.

Here are some quick ideas: * Offer exclusive coupons or deals * Take people behind the scenes of your company * Post pictures from your offices, stores, warehouses, etc. * Share sneak peeks of projects or events in development.

  • You are not required to follow everyone who follows you. But, do respond to some questions or comments addressed to you. If you like a particular message, re-tweet it. People often appreciate the sharing and amplification of their ideas, so look to re-tweet cool stuff.
  • Never ever to spam people. You have to respect the interests and desires of other people, or else they will simply un-follow you. Do not send unsolicited @messages or DMs, particularly when you include a promotional link. You will look a spammer for sure.

By all means, if you run an account that focuses explicitly on sharing exclusive coupon codes or sale information, you’re probably just fine posting promos. But tread carefully, and consider explaining in your bio or background how the account works.

OK, do this first. Test the waters by sending just a few promos to start, and continue only, if people show interest. Avoid spam by all means.

  • Follow Twitter's Terms Of Service (TOS):

---> Posting duplicate updates to an account: Posting the same update over and over throughout the day is considered spammy and a possible violation of the Terms Of Service (TOS).

---> Cross-posting duplicate updates to multiple accounts: When you post the same update to multiple accounts, you could again violate their TOS.

  • Following churn: Following and un-following the same people repeatedly, as well as following and un-following those who don't follow you back, are both violations of their TOS. Remember, messages or tweets are real-time.

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How To Leverage On Twitter's Instantaneous Message Delivery And Reach?

You should know by now that, tweets or messages are, short, quick and able to reach people wherever they happen to be, making this an instantaneous medium to deliver your messages.

Twitter Software

Here are some ways to leverage on that:

---> Ask questions, float ideas and solicit feedback. You can expect pretty quick replies most of the time.

---> If you’ve just launched a product/service, ask users what they think or search for real-time tweets from people talking about your product. You can also ask or search for feedback on new ad campaigns you’ve launched.

---> When people raise product/service issues, they generally expect a quick reply, within a day, if not within a few hours, depending on the nature of your business. Keep an eye on your @mentions.


Measure and Manage Your Twitter Outcome

If you cannot measure, you cannot manage...

Before you set up your measurement tools, you should first focus on the quality of your engagement, and use your gut feelings to check on, how things are going.

Here are some yardsticks to measure your progress:

---> How’s the feedback and interaction with your followers?

---> Are you responding to most of your @messages?

---> Are you getting more positive tweets about your product/service? If no, then are you able to improve upon your image?

---> Are more people beginning to engage with you and mention your product/service/company?

Try to quantify your experience. Although, it is somewhat difficult and tricky to assign a value to your relationships, you can measure your success, especially if you’ve already defined some progress milestones for your business in the first three months, six months or a year.

Here are a few techniques to measure your progress:

  • Keep a tally of questions answered, issues resolved, positive feedbacks received etc. Analyze if the percentages change over time.
  • When you offer deals, use a unique coupon code, to assess the responsiveness of that promotion. If you have an online presence, you can also set up a landing page for a promotion, to track not only click-through but further visitor action, reaction, behaviour and conversions.
  • Use third-party tools to figure out how much traffic your websites are receiving from Twitter.
  • Track and monitor your click-through rates from the links on your tweets/posts.

Measure your visitor's action and reaction through Google Analytics.


Twitter is a worthless marketing tool, if you don't have followers. And to create a substantial following, in a relatively short period of time, you will need to rely on the "Out of the Box" techniques.

Tools, Techniques and Resources to Generate Your Niche Targeted Followers:


For now here is a Free Tool that will generate your  initial following relatively easy and fast. Grab this tool now and initiate your marketing campaign... 

I will cover more Social Media strategies and techniques, that will get the lowdown on how to influence people to re-tweet your messages, to bond with you, and to actually make Twitter pay off in a big way.

Go to "Tweet Marketing" page for more on this...

Don't go away from this page, unless you want to lose on Twitter marketing. Keep visiting this page, as there will be regular updates added. I will also teach you a highly secretive strategy, to set up an incredibly powerful Twitter tool to get thousands of eager followers begging to buy your products...

Bookmark this page and watch for some exciting updates...

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Here is wishing you all success,



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