Affiliate Marketing Secrets to Make Money Online

Is Affiliate Marketing a viable Business to Make Money Online?


One thing certain about getting started online is that, ‘Affiliate Marketing’, in my opinion, is one of the the easiest ways for you to ‘Make Money Online’. 

You already know what is affiliate marketing. Some of you may also know how To Make Money Online, with this.

But I will tell you some of the sneaky and dark tactics, that are hardly shared on a public domain like this. These tactics, when used correctly, will bring in big bucks you can only dream of till now.

The beauty of affiliate marketing program is that, you do not need a product or a website. You also do not require experience. Well, you need some, but not a whole lot.

That's why I am here. I will teach you how to “Make Money Online”, without requiring your own product or a website. 

In fact, if you go to the “Make Money From Home” page, you will see that I have already discussed some cool ways to do so. 

Affiliate Marketing: Things You Will Learn  

Why Should YOU Listen to Me? 

My experience with affiliate marketing to ‘Make Money Online’ has paid of hugely. I have promoted quite a number of affiliate programs and products, through various affiliate networks, during my online tenure, that, now this has become a second nature to me. It is like opening of the water tap (money tap) whenever I need water/money. You see what I mean?

I am telling you, this is absolutely possible...Pay close attention to what I am saying. You can earn full-time income with Affiliate marketing.

Read this page from top to bottom, word by word. No matter how big the page is. This is pure content and killer stuff.

Ready? Here you go.


Affiliate Marketing: Essential Tools


Essential Reading

Affiliate Marketing: Which Affiliate Programs to Join? 

Join High Payout High Quality Affiliate Programs

Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Programs Wisely!!


Not all affiliate programs are created equal. This is generally due to the reason that, some merchants or product owners don't really take care of their affiliates.

Either laziness or a lack of focus generally keeps them from developing their affiliate program to help affiliates maximize on their sales.

To start off, you will need to find the right product that you can promote. When I say right product, you need to evaluate the following:

1) Do they have affiliate tools? Good affiliate programs will have a wide variety of tools to help their affiliates sell their products.

E.g. Email templates, pop ups, banners of all sizes, e zine ads, free reports etc.

2) Do they have a variety of different affiliate promotions? It's hard for an affiliate to use the same promotion over and over again.

Think about it, would you want to send the same email to your list every month? No..not me. That's why it's important to find a program that is constantly updated, with fresh promotional materials.


3) What about training?

Training is very important, as it gives you, as an affiliate, an opportunity to get educated on the best methods for selling the merchant's products.

4) Does your program has tracking tools? Tracking is important as an affiliate, because you want to know what your most effective promotions are going to be. You should be able to measure your success. If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

5) Do you get ongoing support? There is nothing more frustrating than having a question and not being able to find anyone to answer it. If you have questions, you want answers.

OK. So how are we doing so far?

The above questions will filter out most of the programs. Now after doing that, you have narrowed down your selection to some good ones.


Affiliate Marketing Tip: Keep Away from the Dud Affiliate Programs

Here are couple of other things that you need to focus on:

-> Popularity: A product is popular simply because, it can solve a problem. You need to get a first hand understanding of your niche market, and their requirements. This is where your market research and keyword research will come into play.

Must Read:

-> Pay-off: When you are starting your affiliate marketing campaign as a real business, you will invest a significant amount of time in researching the product and the market, setting up appropriate campaign etc.

So, you need to go for those affiliate programs that pays a good commission.

As a thumb rule, go for affiliate programs that pays you over $25 as commission. The more commission the better.

-> Presentation: When I say presentation, I mean the merchant's web page or the landing page, where you will send your visitor when he clicks on your affiliate link.

This part is extremely important. The sales copy should convert your suspect into a prospect.


Affiliate Marketing Tip

The appearance of the landing page should have at a minimum the following:

--- Professional look.

--- Easy to read and gives a clear picture of what the product is and the benefits.

--- Has adequate emotional drivers, like, the appeal and usefulness of the product in solving the visitor's problem, or providing all the information that your visitor is looking for.

--- Provides an urgency to the visitor to buy the product.

--- Has good number of satisfied customer testimonials.

--- Accepts all/most types of payments etc. Some good to have features are audio/video presentations.

I am telling you all this from my expensive experience.


> OK, now here is the trick. If the landing page is crappy, but pays good $$$ and the product is appealing to your niche market, then go ahead and promote this.

> But, you will need to write up a small sales page, or a squeeze page yourself and send your web traffic through your sales page first. Now, on this page you will pre-sell your visitor and will convert him into a warm buyer, and then send your visitor over to the merchant's page.

This way, for most part, you will not lose your visitor after sending him/her directly to the merchant's page, if that page is lousy. You get my point? Remember that, you are not selling to your visitor, but you are warming him/her up to the merchant's product.

This is a little bit tricky initially. But after some practice you will be good.


Affiliate Marketing: Closing Notes

To conclude,

Affiliate marketing is arguably the easiest entry point for people to start "making money online". But you should know the rules of the game from either side of the fence.

You get my point?

You see, there are three hat colors that you will encounter in the online world. White, Gray and Black hat. Black hat strategies are looked down by the Gurus, but employed by them secretly. These strategies are never discussed openly.

But I will cover all the marketing strategies to promote your affiliate link. It is up to you to decide how you are going to play the game.

You must visit all the links below and read every word carefully. Do not skip any line or page, because you may miss some vital points that can make your day.

I encourage you to share this website with your friends who are struggling with information overload, most of them JUNK

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Here is wishing you all success in your affiliate marketing campaigns,




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