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Welcome to 'Marketing Tools' page. If you have an "Internet Marketing Business", and want to see growth and success, then, you need a "Marketing Plan" and tools to drive your business.

Online marketing is the easiest and most effective way to promote your product/service internationally.

What you can achieve with offline marketing over a period of time, could be accomplished in a far less amount of time enjoying a global outreach, with a combination of the right 'Marketing tools' and online "Marketing Strategies". 

What is in it for You?

You can fast forward and learn from my +7 years of online experience, the tried and tested, result producing 'Marketing tools' for each marketing strategy that you can implement with ease and deadly effect.

This way you literally guarantee your success with internet marketing or "Affiliate Marketing".

What You Will get from Marketing Tools Page?

Get the Marketing Plan YOU Will Ever Need from These Two Masterminds

* How to Build Trust & Relationship?

* How to Instantly Grow Your Sales and Revenue?

* How to Buy Traffic at Lowest Price Possible?

* How to Please the Engines and Make them Outrank Your Competition?

* How to Maximize on Sales from Every Visitor to Your Website?

* Essential Related Reading

* Tools that Drive Your Online Marketing

* Website Building Tools

* Tools that Work for You to Drive Traffic!


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Get Your 'Internet Marketing Training' to Develop a Marketing Plan
As there are numerous tools out there, it's only with experience and exposure to the various "Online Tools", that you can determine which tools are truly the winners!

However, the tools by itself will not work, unless you make it work!

Want a Tool that Will Teach, Train and Do the Work Also? Watch This Video Now!!========================================================

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-> How a Marketing Plan Can Save YOU from Committing these 7 Costly Mistakes?
-> Are Affiliate Tools Indispensable to YOUR Success?
-> Internet Marketing Strategy: Free or Paid Tools?
-> Investing in the RIGHT Tools!
-> Good Internet Marketing Course Is Where Your Marketing Strategy Really Begins!!

Marketing Tools for Online Strategies


=> Keyword research
=> Affiliate Marketing
=> Article Marketing
=> Blog Marketing
=> Email Marketing
=> Link Building
=> PPC Marketing
=> Search Engine Optimization
=> Social Networking
=> Video Marketing
=> Viral Marketing

Website Building Tools:


How About Membership Site Builder With Strategic Marketing Funnels?==================================================

-> Blink Web - Free Website and squeeze page builder
-> Hyper VRE - A FREE mass website builder with content - Ideal for Google Adsense
-> Marketer CMS - A fully integrated and automated website builder
-> Affiliate Genie -  Make professional looking affiliate websites in minutes

Traffic Tools and Resources:

The Smartest and Easiest way to Generate Traffic at Will!

Marketing-Strategies: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic


-> Zero Down Traffic Blueprint - FREE Video Training
-> Yet Another Source of Massively Free Traffic!
-> Stealth Traffic – Highly Recomended
-> Total Traffic Annihilation
-> Traffic Reloaded

FREE Traffic Resources..!

    Time Saving Tools:

    RoboForm: Learn more...

    Internet marketing is growing in leaps and bounds, and so does the marketing strategies. In order to implement the various online strategies efficiently and effectively, you need to have the appropriate "Internet Marketing Tools" and process in place.

    The best way to bring your strategies and tools working together, is to have a "Marketing Plan" that essentially identifies your marketing process and relevant marketing tools to drive the process.

    Simple, Silent, Non-stop backup protection


    Keyword Research-Marketing Tools

    "Keyword Research" is the foundation of your marketing strategy. The purpose is to analyze your niche and understand the competition for the keywords of your product/service, that you want to promote. If you do not perform this crucial function then you are setting up for failure.


    Get all Your Tools to Perform an Effective Keyword Research


    Marketing Tools to Instantly Grow Your Sales

    Affiliate Marketing: If you are looking to market your product/service through this highly effective strategy, or you want to "Make Money Online" selling other peoples' products, as an affiliate, you need to plug in the right 'Marketing Tools' to make a real difference in your sales and revenue.

    Essential reading:

    -> Are Affiliate Tools Indispensable to YOUR Success?
    -> Become a Super Affiliate in 10 days!

    => Affiliate Tools for Super Success!!
    => Get Your Affiliate Marketing Training

    Article Marketing: "Article Marketing" is an age-old stable and effective 'Online Marketing' strategy practiced till today. This method is also very tedious and time consuming.

    But if you employ the smart article 'Marketing Tools' that are available, your efforts would be drastically minimized to a mere push-button act.


    For example this tool here, is capable of generating articles based on your keyword, rewrite it to make it unique and submit it to various top of the line article directories, all at a mere push of a button! The fun part is, that's just one of the many 'Marketing Tools' built into this monster...




    ---> Get all Your Article Writing Tools here

    Viral Marketing: "Viral Marketing" is an extremely quick way top spread your marketing messages virally, and generate viral traffic and sales.

    A strategy used by the top of the crop marketers. To  makes this work, you need to invest in some of the best 'Marketing Tools' used specifically for this purpose.

    The Made for the Job Tool:

    => Butterfly Marketing

    Essential Reading:

    => Why PLR is a Favourite Tool for Viral Marketing?
    => How to Use PLR Content for Viral Marketing?

    Related Pages from this Website:


    -> Marketing Tips: Viral Marketing To Increase Your Sales And Brand Awareness!!!
    -> Killer Viral Marketing Campaign Techniques For Maximum Success!!

    Video Marketing: 'Video Marketing' is yet another effective strategy to establish trust and expertise and also to exponentially grow your sales.

    Search engines especially, Google, loves video and often ranks it very high on its Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

    Essential Marketing Tools:

    => What strategies and tools you have in place to take advantage of this powerful marketing medium?

    Get all the Tools here


    Marketing Tools to Build Trust

    Trust & Relationship = Repeat Sales!

    Let's look at the strategies and tools to pull this off!


    Blog Marketing: Blogging is a very effective strategy to connect with your customers and to build trust and relationship.

    The end result, repeat sales and referral sales...

    You need to have two things to make this work; A strategy and 'Marketing Tools' to automate the process.

    Essential Reading:

    > Effective Blog Marketing Techniques To Dominate Your Niche!
    > Simple How To Blog Techniques For Effective Blog Marketing!!!

    Get all your Blogging Tools here


    Email Marketing: Another cool marketing strategy is to capture the emails of your visitors every time they visit your product/service website.

    This tactic is also known as relationship marketing. There are several "Internet Marketing Tools" available to make the job easy and fun.

    A successful "Email Marketing" campaign will result in a large list of warm ready to buy customers of whom you will generate repeat sales.

    A lot of folks either doesn't know about the effectiveness of this strategy or are simply ignorant to setup a profitable email marketing campaign.   

    But, you will not be, as you will get all the strategies and tools to make a killing with this.

    Infusionsoft - try it free

    Email Tools and Strategies at One Click



    Social Networking: Social marketing or "Social Media" is a very modern strategy to market your product/service to a niche market.

    The beauty of this strategy is that you will grow a fan following who will trust you and bond with you. It's exactly like "List Building".

    Since your following is market specific, you will have your opportunity to sell to them over and over.

    But, there is a catch 22 to it. You can as easily loose their trust just as hardly as you cultivated it. You see what I mean?

    You will have to get some good understanding of how this works. There are some excellent 'Marketing Tools' out there to speed up the process.

    Get Your Training & Tools for Social Networking...


    Marketing Tools: Buy Traffic for Least Expense

    Why Buy Clicks When YOU Can Get Them For FREE?


    PPC Marketing: Paid traffic is undoubtedly the fastest way to promote your website. The results are instantaneous, especially with "Google Adwords".

    Now, if you are not very knowledgeable about "PPC Advertising" then you should not attempt this strategy.

    Marketers with a good handle of online advertising and some very good 'Marketing Tools' are making a huge profit out of this.

    Remember, instant traffic is what you get from adwords and other PPC programs.

    Get All Your PPC Training Here...

    Insider Tips:

    Yahoo Search Marketing is less expensive compared to 'Google Adwords'. Although it has a lesser outreach as compared to Google, I have experienced excellent results at a lesser cost. Think about it!

    Yahoo! Sponsored Search, lists your business on top sites.

    Sign up and get a $25 credit.


    Essential Strategies & Marketing Tools for PPC Success:

    1=> Pick a Winner Keyword and Mount Your PPC Campaign: Cost-per-click advertising requires testing and tweaking to come up with the search terms that could be profitable. 

    This entails investment of time and money and lots of patience. Why not just cut through the chase and simply automate the process?

    Marketing Tools that Will Do the Heavy Lifting for YOU:

    => The Magic Bullet System (Reserve Your Spot for Future. It's Worth The Wait)
    => Marketers' CMS

    2=> Go After the Long tail: Long tail keywords are also known as low hanging fruits. Easy to reach, meaning easy to win! But, without the right marketing tools this will not happen.

    The Longtail Search

    Tools Best Suited to Perform the Job:


    => Keyword Elite
    => Adwords Analyzer 

    3=> Cherry Pick ONLY Profitable Keywords and Terms: Is it ever possible to pick ONLY PROFITABLE keywords from zillions of them? Imagine how much effort you will have to put in, to do such an analysis!

    And what does profitable mean?

    Keywords are first researched and then used in various cost-per-click programs. Remember, each click has an associated cost to it.

    So while testing these keywords you will incur costs but no conversion. That is a huge pain. And to reasonably assess the profitability of the keywords, you will have to run the campaigns for weeks and even months.

    All this effort is just to get to those winning keywords, that visitors actually click, seemingly looking to buy the item advertised.

    This is known as 'Buyer Keywords' ripe for conversion


    Tools Best Suited to Perform the Job:

    => IMeye
    => Traffic Travis - FREE
    => Micro Niche Finder
    => keyWORD SPY 

    4=> Test the Waters with ONLY Profitable Niches/Keywords:

    => IMeye
    => Traffic Travis - FREE
    => Micro Niche Finder
    => keyWORD SPY

    5=> Cost Effective Marketing Tools for Keyword research:

    => PPC Web Spy - FREE
    => Google Adwords Keyword Tool - FREE
    => Keyword Discovery - FREE Trial
    => Traffic Travis - FREE


    Marketing Tools to Please the Search Engines

    Ranking high in the search engines is extremely difficult, especially if you are in a highly competitive market. But it's possible.

    There is a learning curve that you need to negotiate. And if you have the right 'Marketing Tools' for the job, then it will be easy and way simplified.

    "Search Engine Positioning" and ranking can be achieved through strategic 'On-page', and to a large extent, 'Off-page' techniques.


    Essential Tools for Link Building

    Marketing Tools - SEO Software


    The 'Marketing Tools' that you have now at your disposal can be very lethal and even be harmful if not used with restraint. No promotion or marketing should be overdone.

    Pages "Internet Marketing Training" and "Internet Marketing Course" provide many useful resources to get trained and equipped with, various "Internet Marketing Tools" and "Affiliate Marketing Tools". So visit them and give a thorough read.

    Do not forget to visit the links below and read the pages over. It will be a good idea to bookmark this page and subscribe to the "Marketing Strategies Blog" to be in the loop all the time.

    This way you will not miss any updates and fresh strategies added to this website every now and then.

    Applying whatever you read here on this website, will definitely grant you success with every aspect of your 'Internet Marketing Strategy'.

    As always, here is wishing you all success in your Online Marketing and also with your Marketing Tools!!



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