Is Email Marketing Right For You?

Absolutely. Email Marketing is an absolute must and should be part of you Marketing Strategy.


Because it's one of the most effective forms of online marketing, second to none, and a powerful tool to build, sustain and retain business relationship with your customer.

I have been ignoring email marketing, when I started online, for a long time. That time I did not realize the importance and value of this marketing tool. It's only after reading an article about this marketing strategy, that my eyes opened to a rare opportunity to grow your business through customer retention and trust.

This is a powerful tool, when you are really giving value to your customers, and is often used as a step in the process of promoting new products, offers and services.

It's now the method of choice for marketers, because it's grounded pretty much in the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model.

Why Should YOU Listen to Me?

I consider this, based on my experience, an excellent method of communicating and distributing information, and an essential part of an integrated marketing strategy. The beauty of this is that, it's track able in real time. You see, when you send out an email survey or an HTML newsletter, you can track when your email was opened and which links were clicked on, with the time and date stamp.

Obviously you need a good email marketing software for this.

Use Email Marketing To Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with AWeber Email-Marketing-Software

In my opinion, no other type of mass marketing gives you the freedom to send messages in various shapes and forms like, images, video, text, links etc. Your business flourishes through repeat customers.

And email marketing is the best way to guarantee that, if properly executed.

What You Will Take Away From This Page?

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Benefits Of Email Marketing... - Email Marketing Service Off the top of my head, following, are the TWO foremost benefits that I consider:

-> Enhance Business and Customer Relation: Email marketing can improve your business relationship with the customer. This will build trust and loyalty, that will encourage purchase and repeat business from your customer.

-> Establish Habitual Purchase: A good marketing campaign can form a habit with your existing customer to transact business with you. Think about it. If your customer trusts you, then he/she will be also loyal to you.

This will mean repeat business, that will take the shape of a habit. So your customer is now habitually accustomed to buying products from you.

Now, there will also be a viral effect, if your customer refers your product to his/her people in the network. So, this can be used to gain new customers and retain and grow your customer base, through, loyalty and trust.

==> Other benefits are as follows:

-$ Low Cost: As compared to traditional marketing methods, email marketing requires minimal investment. There will be some initial start up costs, like email marketing software, systems, autoresponders etc. But this is geared for long term success and profitability.

-$ Efficiency: You can shoot mass emails targeted to your niche, rather than preparing separate marketing materials for each customer.

-$ Speed: A crucial factor in today's world. Instant email messages, newsletters etc. delivered to the customer's in box in a fast and efficient manner.

-$ Tracking: A very important element of marketing success. With advanced email marketing software, tracking and managing your email campaigns is a breeze.

What are you going to track here?

Delivery, email open rate (opened the email and read), and the click through rates are tracked. Through tracking, you will be able to analyze reader response, action/reaction etc. A very important component in measuring your success.

-$ Broad and Narrow Target Reach: Your campaigns can be setup to reach a specific target group or for a general broadcast. This is very useful in targeting your specific niche with some new product information and updates.

This type of marketing has an advantage over the traditional marketing, in that, there is no geographical restriction, and can reach any one any where in an instance.

-$ Organization: The email data can be very easily retained and organized according to the requirement. No hassles of filing and paperwork.

So, there are your benefits ........$$$


Email Marketing Tips!!!

I am providing below, some very good tips that you can follow. These tips are from a rather expert source, as you will find that out when you click on the links below.


Autoresponders and Lead Generation

Never Before Revealed Autoresponder Strategies…

Two most important elements that come up when you think of email marketing are:

-> Lead Generation/Email Lists: Email marketing and lead generation goes hand in hand. Pre-written emails are queued up and dispatched in a sequential manner, after a lead is obtained through an email opt-in form. This in other words is also known as "list building".

An essential part of Email Marketing.

Tools & Resources to Grow Your Email List

"Your MONEY is in the LIST"...

In this manner, you build "Email Lists", for each of your target niche. Email lists or Lead Generation, is kind of a one time activity, that will pay forward handsomely in the long run. The way this is done is by setting up something called a squeeze page, that offers the visitor a free gift for an action taken by him/her.

Read more about "Lead Generation" here.

That action is generally submitting an email address and a contact name, in exchange for a free ebook or a newsletter. This method of lead generation is used to build targeted email lists, for each of your market.

Any thing that happens, after the visitor submits his/her email and contact details, is managed by your Email Marketing Software or an Autoresponder.

-> Autoresponders: Autoresponders are email marketing software that automatically responds and corresponds with your mailing list. This software saves an incredible amount of time, and helps in the tracking and managing of your campaigns.

An essential and potential marketing tool in the hands of the right person.

There are many autoresponders available in the market. I have provided the best autoresponders here on this page.

Well, I am not a guru OK?

It is one thing to have the best autoresponder. It is quite another thing, to know, how to operate and optimize it efficiently.

Never Before Revealed Autoresponder Strategies…

Keep visiting this page and the links on this page regularly. You do not want to miss on the action.......


Email Marketing Strategies

Let's discuss briefly the Email Marketing strategies you should implement to be successful with this.

Firstly Get All Your Tools

0-> Open mail rates: The very first thing you should focus on is improving on your open mail rate. You will need to improve on the 'email open rates' that you get with your autoresponder or your marketing service reports.

An email open rate is a measure of your relative email-to-email success. Now, improving your email open rate is quite simply about carrying out a better marketing campaign. Now this can be achieved with some short and long-term steps. I will discuss both here.

Short-term action plan

Use absolute URLs in your messages and newsletters. Relative URLs will fail to bring people from your newsletter to your site.

---> Improve header and the subject line: Your subject line, I would say, is probably the single most important driving factor, in achieving good open rates. When you're thus experimenting with your potential subject line, do not overlook the other elements in your email header that gets displayed in a reader's inbox.

The "from" line, in particular, is very important, as people most likely open email from a trusted source or person. Use "Bold Face" for 'Emphasis' in your email marketing. Make important text STAND OUT in your messages.

Effective Copywriting Techniques for Your Email-Marketing></a></p>
<p align=

Use your 'Brand' in the Subject line. Spark interest, and make your recipients comfortable with opening your marketing messages.

---> Timing: The email open rates will vary for the same email sent on different days or at different times of the day.


Sneaky email marketing tricks, UH!

Because of the mood and timing of the reader. I have heard many people claim that a day on a weekend is not a good time to send an email.

The best time to shoot an email is near the beginning of a work week. But, these are based on averages and not on the individual characteristics of your email list. I rather, you evaluate this, based on your intuition.

Think logically, when people are most likely to have the time and interest to view your email and go from there. The important thing here is testing. Remember, I have said this? Test every thing. Do not just go by assumption. Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

Send your marketing messages as Multi-part/Alternative. Get the best of both worlds, and give those who prefer HTML, a rich version, and those who prefer plain text, a plain alternative.

---> Frequency: If you send too many emails, people will take it as some scam and will lose interest in your emails. On the other hand, If you send too little, then they will forget about you and will lose trust in you.

How much is toooooo much?

That really depends on your situation. And don't forget that, the responses to your emails, will also affect all your other emails, like, welcome emails, personal and transactional emails etc.

OK. As a rule of thumb, do not send more than two marketing emails a week to your list. It may affect your open rate. Now, for your Long-term action plan.

Long-term Action Plan

Email-Marketing-Software Infusionsoft - try it free

---> Improve your overall strategy and approach: Adopt industry best practices in all aspects of your email marketing. This will surely bring in a sustainable and significant improvement in your marketing.

First and foremost, you should commit to a professional permission-based email marketing practice. This hopefully will increase your open rates. Studies have found that, adhering to the best practices of CAN SPAM compliance, subscribers are more willing to encourage friends, family and co-workers to sign up to their favourite email marketing newsletters.

I will definitely advice you to take some time and effort to keep your customers and new subscribers informed about your company or organization's community relationship.

If you and/or your company have interest in working with web-based permission email marketing solutions, then you need to be partnered with a company that is best suited for helping you to achieve your goals.

Keep it straight and simple. If you send useful, relevant, engaging emails to the right set of people at the right time, then your open rates will simply soar.

---> Improve deliverability: By using good Email Marketing Software, you can improve your email deliverability. The more emails delivered, the better your chance of people actually looking at them. This is crucial.

How To Double & Triple Your Email Conversions?

---> Get people to add you to their safe list: Request your reader to add your email to their safe list. This can be done by including your request for adding your "From" address to the reader's personal address list, either on your welcome message or at the top of each email that you send out.

This will help you avoid spam filters set up by your reader. What this means is that, your reader's email client or web-based email service will now display images that were previously blocked in your emails, enabling the tracking image which otherwise was missed.

---> Rework and refine your email targeting and sign-up or opt-in process: Readership in your emails will largely depend on how targeted your audience are. The more tightly targeted your emails are, the more likely your email will be read by your readers and will be interested in your contents.

This will result in higher email open rate. Targeting starts with, where and how you build your email address list. Therefore, it is extremely important to set expectations for your visitors correctly, so that the "right" person signs up for your marketing emails or newsletters.

Only add addresses to your list when the owners explicitly requested you to do so. Respect that permission. It will be a good idea to have a double opt-in for your emails.

This way you make sure that you have your reader's permission to send out emails, and you also have a record of your reader's acceptance in case of any SPAM complaints.

Make sure 'un-subscriptions' are effective immediately. Avoid a spam-like impression by making sure un-subscriptions from your newsletters or email marketing lists go into effect immediately.

Targeting also comes into play when you send out your emails. It means matching content to reader. Which is where it helps to segment your list into smaller groups, sharing particular characteristics, letting you fine tune your messages to their needs.

---> Landing page: Make landing pages fit your email marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign is nothing without a landing page. So make sure it visually belongs to its campaign, and does not irritate the reader.

Effective Email Marketing Techniques & Tools:


Keep tuned in.....Visit as often as you can. Visit the links below to get your hands on more email marketing tips and techniques.


Future of Email Marketing???

Very bright, I would say. After all, this has been around for a while and has proven itself again and again as an essential tool for the small business or entrepreneur. If you're looking to grow your business online, then you need to include this marketing strategy in your campaigns.

Forrester Research, indicates that, falling CPMs (cost per thousands), higher ROI (return on investment) and growing consumer use of social email accounts will all contribute to the use of email by direct marketing professionals. In five years, consumers will opt-in to receive over 9,000 email marketing messages annually.

The research cites the following as key growth areas for shaping the future of email marketing:

Retention email: Email that recipients have blessed with their permission, will continue to replace paper communications and will make up the largest share of marketing messages. While the bulk of the market will continue to deploy email marketing on a self-service basis, the growing complexity associated with data integration and new tactics to increase relevancy, will drive healthy growth in use of email service providers.

Social media has brought an interesting new element into the world of email marketing. As social media becomes more integrated into the lives of consumers, you will see email marketing services building more types of features and functionality into their offerings, enhancing users’ interactivity and social experiences.

Go to "Social Media" page to read more on this...

In closing, I want to thank you for reading till here. I am sure you must have benefited by reading this page from beginning to the end. Well, this is not an ending. This is just a beginning. As you have seen, email marketing is the best way to acquire, retain and do repeat business with your visitor turned customer, over and over.

As the famous saying,

Money is in Your Email lists

This is so very true. The bigger your list, the better your chance of marketing your product or service through the life time of your list. I will discuss more on, how money can be made from ‘Email lists’, in the “Make Money From Home” page.

So, visit this and other pages in the links at the bottom of this page to keep tuned in…


Do not forget to bookmark and visit this page and the links below, as it will be updated from time to time with the latest techniques and tricks to make this the most effective marketing tool.

Here is wishing you all success,



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