Learn How to Use Blog Marketing to Dominate YOUR Niche Effortlessely.

You name it. All major and small businesses now have a ‘Blog Marketing’ strategy, to increase their web presence and attract targeted traffic to their web sites.

Blogs have grown from its infancy that started with simple "web logs" to a highly advanced blog marketing strategy.

I started my blogging in the early 2005 in an attempt to drive warm traffic to my MLM sites. It was a big challenge initially and a long learning curve. I went through a couple of e books hoping that there will be some magic tricks to bring a blog to life that will instantly generate good traffic.

Contrary to the belief, I realized that there is no magic in this. It is again hard manual work to setup and maintain the blog. No tricks at all whatsoever.

I struggled with this, in spite of my tech savvy skills and reasonably good SEO skills. I learned the blogging tricks, the very hard way,

when I say tricks, there are none.

It is the understanding and then executing of the right way to setup and run a blog... Plain and simple. No tricks.

Whether it be a blog or a website, if you are good at these two things, then anything is possible...People call that tricks, secrets etc.

What are those two things? Traffic and Conversion.

There is killer potential in blogs to generate almost pre-qualified traffic that will make you money.

What You Will Read on This Page?

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What is a blog?

How to Succeed in Blogging?


blog is the short form for a "Web Log". A web log is nothing but a daily log written by a blogger. This is like a personal diary, where you write about some memorable or important events that occurred on a given day.

I remember my father writing a diary daily. But now it's no more considered as a log. It is rather a full blown website, that is updated regularly.

A blog is indeed a very powerful way to get inside the mind of your visitor. Although a blog is technically a platform for publishing content, blogging enables an interaction between your business and the visitor on a mass scale. This was never possible before.

Many established Organizations are taking advantage of blogging and is using this as an effective blog marketing tool.

An effective blog marketing strategy will drive highly targeted visitor traffic to the website.

The other advantages of such a marketing strategy are as follows:

-> It enables your company to reach the target audience and establish trust on a regular basis.

-> Enables to Interact with the such an audience to gain an understanding of their needs.

-> Increase search engine ranking. - Create a marketing buzz with people's opinion.

-> Establish a firm web presence.

A good blog marketing campaign puts your customer in direct contact. This obviously breaks the traditional barrier that exist between you as a Company and your customer.

You should utilize your blogs to gain insight and feed-back from your target audience, to discover the "needs" of your niche market. Look for the "hungriness" in your audience and cater to their requirements. This will position you as a leader in your niche.

How difficult is that?

Very, I would say.

Through blogging, you are generating buzz about your products/services, unearthing strategic partnership opportunities with other blogger that have an established readership base.

I am sure this is not an easy job as it may sound. About 90% of bloggers are not doing it right.

I was also one among them...But not anymore.

The real key to blogging success is about getting your message in front of the right people. And, I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do. If you follow the blog marketing.

strategies on this website, people eager to buy or at least know more about your product or service, will not only know that your blog exists, but will actually visit your blog.

I am into blogging since 2005 and have learned the art of blogging good enough to generate a steady stream of income from it. So you are in good hands.

OK, enough of the bragging. Let's continue.


Here is an excellent 'FREE' E-course, that will teach you some cool and effective strategies and some very secretive techniques to make this one of your most potential "Marketing Strategies", Get your 8 weeks blog training here.

Why Blog?

That's is a good question.

Reasons for

blogging can be categorized as:

For pleasure and hobby:

Many folks create a blog just for fun, hobby and networking with friends. I am not really interested in this topic. So I will not discuss this here.

This website is for serious marketers who wants to make it big on the net. So, if you are here for fun, then I need to request you to leave this site now, as you are wasting your time.

And to me, TIME = $$$

To make money with blogs:

Tools to Make Money With Blogging!

This is what I am really interested in. Let's get into this right away.

What are the ways that you can make money with blogs?

Plenty. To start with, if you are a good writer with good knowledge of your topics, it can be anything, then you should blog for money.

Here are some of the popular ways you can make money with blogs


- Contextual Ads (Adsense, Chikita etc.)

- Affiliate programs

- CPA programs

- Advertisements on your


- Selling the blog for cash (site flipping)

- Selling links to other websites and blogs, so on and so forth.

As you can see there are plenty of avenues to make money with your blogs.

I will cover all of the above monetization methods in detail on “Make Money From Home” page.

- Website promotion

You can use the blog to leverage on your blog marketing strategy and gain speedier “Search Engine Positioning” and ranking.

You just need to know how to create a blog properly with all the on page and off page strategies in place.

You can visit the “How to Blog” page to read on the basics.

I have covered some highly advanced ‘Blog Marketing’ techniques with some high end tools and strategies.

OK. So, what is your pick?

I know what you are thinking. Obviously the make money option. Or if you have a business website, then promotion of course.



blog marketing may look simple, trust me it is not. I have been there and done this, and still doing it.

There is a lot of manual work involved.

Here are the essential steps in blog marketing:

    • Create a blog

    • Blog writing and blog content

    • Blog promotion

    • Analysis and metrics, and lastly

    • Blog maintenance (Blog comments, hosting and server management).

If you are to do all of them yourself, then I guarantee that you will be tied up doing all of the above chores endlessly.

So what are the options to free up the time?

There are two options:

  1. Automate

  2. Outsource.

I will deal with outsourcing separately as this is a vast subject.

Bur for now, we can talk about automation. Tools are a BIG part of your Blog Marketing.

What to automate and how?

Automate the following components of your blog marketing strategy:

Creating a blog - Blog content - Blog promotion - Analysis and metrics

You see now, how many tasks you automated, and freed up your time too. Your blog marketing strategy should also include time management.

Right now, you should focus on getting a good understanding of the blog marketing

strategy and the steps involved in setting it up correctly.

Watch for this page. Book mark it now. You will need this later.


Manual Blog Creation

Blog Marketing - Great WordPress Themes

What if you do not want to automate? You want to create your blog manually.

No problem.

The 2 most common

blogging platforms are, Google's Blogger and Wordpress. They come with free hosting.

But the downside to it is that, you do not have any control. You can also lose your hard earned traffic, if they ban you from accessing the blog for some reason. This will happen if you are using some black hat stuff on your blogs.

I was there, and this has happened to me a couple of times.....Lessons learned the hard way.

Always host your own blogs and websites. That way at least you have control over them.

Blog Marketing - Wordpress Themes

Here are some free blog templates that you can use for your blogs


Wordpress Templates:


Ok. Now we need a good HTML editor. There are plenty of places where you can get this free. Here is a free website and blog creator, that eliminates the use of an HTML editor, and builds the blog or site in a 'BLINK' as the name suggests. I found this tool to be of great use and huge time saver. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced alike. Here is Matt Callen's BlinkWeb. Use it and experience the difference from a standard WYSIWYG editor.

Click here for More Website Builders!!

I have been using the free tools regularly when I began my online career. But then after some time I found that the free stuff limits your ability to be creative and imaginative.

There is a big disadvantage in this. You will leave foot prints if you are using a free template. So many other bloggers are also using the same template. This affects your website ranking.

If you have options, then definitely go for paid stuff. You get what you pay for.

For now, go to “Internet Marketing Strategy”, where I discuss the ‘FREE’ and ‘PAID’ options in detail. Reading this, I am sure, will make your decision process simple….

Internet Marketing-Tools of the Trade:


Blog Content & Promotion

What about

blog content writing?

They say, "Content is king". An essential element of 'Blog Marketing', and I agree to that. But it should be original and not rehashed one.

See Google’s latest algorithmic change to battle spam, copied and poor content…

Tools & resources to Help YOU Write Excellent Web Content!

Remember that you will have to do a blog post at least once in a week, to get your blogs any attention from the search engines. An effective blog marketing starts with your Blog content, and, writing is indeed hard and time consuming, especially if you do not have a good knowledge of your topic.

This is exactly like “Writing Articles”. You have options to research the topic and write about it, or outsource your article and blog writing.


See the Article Marketing section for more on this.

Although, I am always in favour of original content with your own voice and spin, in

blogging you will go slightly off the track. You website will have your original and "unique to you" content, that will pre-sell your visitor on the offers that you have.

Your blog is a tool for your website promotion. Google and company rate blogs favourably and does not come heavy handed on duplicate content. Therefore the content generators, which scrape content from related and relevant websites and blogs, and slightly modify it, are very high in demand.

However, a word of caution. Your scraped content will not be rated as high as your own content.

OK. So we are almost done with the blog marketing on this page.

Now for the crowning glory, i.e. Blog Promotion:

Here is a list of the key promotion strategies for your blog that you should implement:

  • On page SEO strategies (Keywords, Title tags, Meta tags etc.)

  • Off page strategies (Link building - one way, two way and three way links)

  • Article Marketing 

  • Blog Marketing

    , of course

  • Social Media and Social Networking (Forums, Web2.0 etc.)

Blog promotion is just like any website promotion. The promotion strategies the are discussed on the home page "Marketing Strategies" and on the Internet Marketing Strategies, will also form your promotion plan for your blog.

You should incorporate the strategies discussed in detail on this website into your blog marketing campaign.

  • Blog management and maintenance:

If you cannot "Measure" you cannot "Manage".

Blog visitor logs and metrics are key to measure the success of your blog promotion efforts.

There are several software that handle this. But I will only talk about the one that I use and have found to be extremely reliable and easy to use.

Keep an eye on this as, I will discuss the tool that I am using later.

How about hosting?

This is like a "Home" to your blog

. So you see the importance there. There are free and paid hosting services.

But in this one case, I will not talk about the free stuff. Sorry..I have burned my fingers here too I will however, tell you the one that I use. But not now. Later. Come back to this page frequently, as many things will be added gradually.

Tools & Resources:


Here is an excellent piece of software that will not only generate content based on your keyword, it will build a webpage from a collection of custom templates in the software all automatically. This type of web pages are particularly good for generating passive income from Google adsense and other contextual advertisement programs. A must have tool to generate a passive income that can be used to fund your website promotional efforts or any other home based business programs. This product is from the renowned software developer Matt Callen called HyperVRE.

And here is a free social networking tool to bookmark your web pages on the most popular bookmarking sites. You will have to register with the sites first before bookmarking your website. This is quite a time saver and definitely would recommend this program that will save you money. Because this is free.


So we are done with blog marketing. Now it is time for you to go and apply the marketing strategies to your blog.

To get a good understanding of the blog marketing strategies and to effectively implement them, you need to click on all the links below.

You do not want to miss even one. Thanks for visiting this website. I am sure you must have taken home some valuable marketing information.

Here is wishing you all success in blog marketing,



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