101 Marketing Strategies to Tap into Future Sales!

Most Small businesses are in need of '101 Marketing Strategies', as they often fail to plan and lay the ground work to tap into future sales. This is also equally true for a budding “Home Based Business” entrepreneurs.

So, what is missing? You got it. A "Marketing Plan".

It's a perennial problem for many small business owners. Most of the time is spent servicing customers and other routine work. Almost no time is spend in the promotion and marketing of the products/services.

A well thought out marketing plan with the essential 101 marketing strategies that you will learn from this page and related pages on this website, will lay the groundwork for future sales and customer acquisition.

What You Will Take from 101 Marketing Strategies Page?

You will learn the importance of a “Marketing Plan” and '101 Marketing strategies' that you can incorporate into your plan, to grow your "Home Based Business".

Essential reading:

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101 Marketing Strategies: Free Business Plan

For small and Home Based Business Owners' starting out directionless or without a Plan, or seeking to improve their operations and to grow exponentially, grab this golden opportunity to be coached by none other than the Business Guru Rich Schefren.


Why 101 Marketing Strategies?

101 Marketing Strategies are for You if:

- You want to market to your potential future customers
- You want to maximize on future sales opportunity
- You want to retain your customers and make repeat sales

Assuming your answer is yes to any or all of above, you need to incorporate these 101 marketing strategies discussed here. Period.


The very purpose of all this exercise is to develop an awareness in your current and potential customers about:

--> Why your product/service is the one to buy?
--> What differentiates your product/service from that of your competitor's?
--> How your customers are going to be benefited with your product/service?

You see, your customers must see a perceived value in your offer which they believe to be more than its real value!!

How to do this? This is what exactly you will read here and other related pages.

Steps to implement '101 Marketing Strategies' real quick!


101 Marketing Strategies - Online Techniques

This is presuming that you already have a website, and you are now seeking to establish a web presence, for your "Home Based Business".

1- Directory Listing: Get your business listed on major relevant business directories. This will get you exposure online rather quickly.

Directory Submissions: Submit your website pages to major directories yourself, using automated tools or simply outsource the task.

2- PPC Advertising: Fastest way to introduce your product/service to your target audience, locally or globally.

Must read: 

Related reading: 


3- Social Media Marketing: This is a 'MUST HAVE' on your Marketing plan and is a key to see sustained growth with your small business enterprise or your home based business. 101 marketing strategies with a human element.

Must read: 

4- Email Marketing and List Building: Another big one to maintain customer relationship and generate repeat sales.

Must read: 

5- Article Marketing: The oldest, trusted and effective weapon in your arsenal.

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6- Affiliate and Viral Marketing: This strategy alone is sufficient enough to generate sales by the tons due to its powerful viral nature.

Must read: 

7- Blog Marketing: Web 2.0 and social networking is driving today's market. An area NOT TO BE MISSED at any cost.

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101 Marketing Strategies - Traffic Generation

101-Marketing-Strategies: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic

101 Marketing strategy is objective driven, which is to generate sustainable traffic.

Traffic is the bread and butter of your home based business, and to any business enterprise for that matter.

Your "Marketing Plan" will consist of action steps and processes all geared towards generating 'Web traffic'.

That said, if you follow the steps outlined above, and consistently apply the techniques, note the word "CONSISTENTLY", you will succeed.

Now I also want to provide you with some excellent traffic resources and training for 'FREE'.

Highly recommended Traffic Generation Techniques:

Some of the offline methods to create a kind of customer awareness:

  • Mass mailing of post cards and fliers using mail delivery.
  • Stuffing promotional post cards in shoppers' bags.
  • Registering your business with your local chamber of commerce and attending events and gatherings on a regular basis. This will generate referrals through networking.


So, there you have your '101 Marketing strategies'. Now it's your turn to actually do something about it.

The no.1 step would obviously be, to read this page and the related pages at least a couple of times. This website is full of doable strategies.

Start with your "Marketing Plan', and develop it based on the topics that we have discussed on this and other related pages.

I am sure, if followed properly and diligently the process, you will save tons of money that, otherwise you would spend without a clear direction and end purpose in mind.

Also visit the links below for relevant strategies and techniques that will form the basis for your 'Marketing Plan'. And in closing, stick to your plan and work your plan until you hit success. Here is wishing you all success with your internet marketing strategies.




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