MLM Business Challenges


I had heard a lot about MLM but it was at the insistence of one of my friends that I joined MLM. My friend introduced me to a MLM Business opportunity saying that you can do it in your spare time and can also earn money. At first I was not convinced but she motivated me by explaining in details and I joined MLM. I paid the membership fee and got the starter kit and CD. I also attended seminars where I came to know in detail about the products and how to do this business.

The products are no doubt excellent but they are a bit expensive and it is not possible for all to afford it. The hardest thing in this MLM business is to convince other people to join under us and to sell the products. It is only when other people join under us that our network expands and we are able to earn. Also the minimum monthly purchases were required to be in the MLM program. The minimum monthly purchases made it difficult to expand the network. No doubt I gained a lot of knowledge from MLM business and was successful. I was able to earn $400 per month but I had to work day and night for it.

Now I am looking for some better MLM Business Opportunity through which I can earn more money.

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