MLM works, but could be better.

by Mike Green
(Denham Springs, LA)

I joined up with Isagenix a little over three years ago.  I heard that Isagenix was a good MLM business opportunity, and I really needed the extra money to be able to afford the vacations I wanted.  I was able to sell a little of the merchandise, so I had some success with this MLM opportunity. 

The nutritional cleansing products I was selling were pretty good, and the training I got was alright, so I managed to make about $300 a month. 

However, I had to make $127 monthly purchases to participate in the MLM program.  These monthly purchases made it really difficult to build the down line I needed.  

Overall, I made some OK money, but I didn't make enough to afford the vacations I wanted, which was really frustrating. 

I'm currently looking for a better MLM business opportunity. 

After reading the “MLM Business Opportunity” page on this website, I see a better and much faster way to make the money I want, especially, with no monthly sales involved.  

Any one interested, here is the link to the page:

Thanks to Vat for guiding to the right MLM opportunity.

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