My MLM Business

by Sindhu

I joined an MLM business opportunity some four years back. I thought I would make money in MLM business, but couldn't. The product contained in this business was regarding health and wellness and also some automotive and detergent products. I used to buy products every month to increase the business and personal volume to achieve points.

I made my friends also to join as my down line. with the thought that, if I make them join, I’ll get a percent of the total amount. Like this I put five of them under my down line and each of these people will make others to join under them.

But unfortunately, none joined anybody, and the loss was for me to continue with the MLM business, as I kept on purchasing products like nutritional food supplements,car wash,dish wash,cloth liquid etc for my own use, but, primarily to be in the business.

I did small retail sale, selling stuff to my colleagues and relatives, but that also stopped,because people couldn’t afford the cost of the products every month.

Every one found it difficult to keep on buying products monthly, especially for the normal earning people. The products was good to use and were nutritional food supplements. The training provided by the MLM company meets their quality. The only deterrent was that products were expensive and the joining fees was also a little bit high.

I am seriously looking for a better MLM Business Opportunity to earn a good income monthly, with a reasonable joining fee, low cost products, preferably no monthly targets or purchase.

I will appreciate if somebody can suggest a good MLM business.

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