How to Save Money with an Internet Phone?

Looking for great savings this Holiday Season? On this page You will see 'How to Save Money', replacing your 'Home Phone Service' and 'Long Distance Phone Service' plans with an 'Internet Phone'!

Now don't get ideas when I say internet phone. It's not what you think.

This is a sleek 'Video Phone' that comes with 24 features, like, caller ID, call waiting, video and voice messages etc.

Most importantly, it has an human element, in that, you are able to see in real time, the other person vividly on a high definition screen.

What You will Get from This Page?

You will learn about an inexpensive way to save Significant Amount of Money on Your Telephone and Long-distance using an Ingenious Video Phone Technology… 

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Now you may be wondering, "How to save money on your essential services?"

You see, telecommunication and internet are two major yet unavoidable expenses that you will live with.

Most people spend a nice chunk of money on 'Long distance calling' each and every month.

This is a necessity to keep in touch with your loved ones'.


The question now is, "How to save money on your long distance calling?"

Let's look at some of the expenses that you have today and how to save money on them?

+ Home Phone Service
+ Long Distance Calling
+ Internet usage


Essential Requirements:

-> High Speed Internet (DSL)
-> Dry Loop Telephone line
-> Video Phone

How to Save Money on Home Phone Service?

If you will see, an average home phone service costs around $30, just for the basic features.

How to Save Money with an Internet Phone or Video Phone?


Simple. Just replace your 'Home Phone Service' with your Internet Phone or the Video Phone.

You see the video phone is based on Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology. It works on the internet. Therefore all you need is a video phone and a high speed internet.

Where will I go for the video phone?

Good question. This is a future technology and is not currently available with your local telecommunication provider.

The Video Phone is available ONLY through an Independent Representative.


Take a look at this sleek video phone that comes with 24 features included in its moderate pricing, that if you were to have with your current provider, will prove to be a significant amount. The best part is, you are able to see the person live on a high definition screen, with real life clarity and audibility, all at no extra cost. The phone comes with a Global plan included in the price, that allows you to call any one, any time, any where FREE! So, How to Save Money?

How to Save Money with Internet?


A standard internet bill depends on the usage. If your usage is within your specified limits you are fine.

But, if you exceed the usage, or the minimum allotted band width, then you will be charged for over usage, right?

This normally happens, during the uploading to a server or downloading from a server, kind of activities.

But then, you don’t need to limit your activities and keep a constant eye on your internet usage, do you?

How to Save Money Tip:

Simply switch your service to such a provider that don’t care a damn about your usage.

Again, you have to apply through an Independent Representative.


You can get your high speed internet for a reasonable price with no lmits on bandwidth usage. Ideal for people with excessive internet usage, game and movie addicts!

Do you get it? 'Ways to Save Money' on essential services?

+ Home Phone Service
+ Long Distance Calling
+ Internet usage
= Video Phone + High speed internet

All the above translates into significant savings for the residential and small business operations.

One of the easiest '’Ways to Save Money” is from from the above essential services. The savings could really come as a surprise over a period of time, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday season!

I will add more 'How to save Money' ideas in the very near future. Therefore, you bookmark this website/page for future reference.

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