Home Based Business with MLM in 5 Easy Steps!

Do you wonder why I picked “MLM” as the 'Home Based Business' model? You guessed it right, I love the 'Residual Income' concept. Don't you? I am sure you do, right?

It's the residual income from MLM that is the motivating factor. One time work, life time money...

I love the idea. A perfect home based business scenario.

By now, you know that, I am into MLM since 1999, and have seen very good success with it, that, I am currently into 3 MLM businesses.

I had my fair share of failures initially, mainly due to the following reasons: Wrong MLM opportunity & Lack of marketing.

Is it any wonder why so many fail in MLM in their very first year?

You will Read on this Page:

A sound "Marketing Plan" and a good opportunity are crucial to your success in "MLM".

I have covered in depth the things to be aware of when researching a good 'MLM Opportunity' and how "MLM Leads" form the backbone of your "MLM" business.  The role of a “Lead Generation Software” cannot be stressed enough, in growing your down line with warm and presold MLM leads!!

Take your time to read all the relevant pages for "Network Marketing" and how to choose a good "MLM Business Opportunity".

Participate in this MLM discussion! Announce to the world your MLM Business experience/story and keep surprise gifts of highest value!!!

You can also read great MLM stories from the visitors' to this website...


OK. For those of you who are new to MLM or contemplating on a sound 'Home Based Business' model, this page will cover some important steps to be taken, to see your "Make Money From Home" dream fulfilled.

So, make sure to read to the very end of this page at least once. You will never regret the time spent doing so.

A good 'Home based Business' is a dream come true for so many WAHMs, "Work At Home Moms". If you are a 'Work From Home' mom, then, you will love this!

Steps to Build a Successful Home Based Business with MLM

(Step 1) Home Based Business Foundation:

Identify Your MLM Business Opportunity

It all starts with the 'Right' opportunity.

Where do I look for the right opportunity? Internet.

I have also detailed on the "MLM", "MLM Business Opportunity" and "Network Marketing Business" pages, what to look for in a good opportunity.


This research will form the foundation for your success with MLM, as your 'Home Based Business' model. So read them carefully and fully.

Here is a wealthy secret, meaning, the secret of wealthy people. Although, you have laid a strong foundation to your home based business, by choosing the right MLM Business Opportunity, you should remember that, a multiple source of income, will only stand the test of time and turbulence.

In other words, you should never depend on only 'ONE' source of income, for sustaining your home based business. Diversify......

Learn how to create multiple sources of income by reading "Make Money From Home" page, now.

(Step 2) Home Base Business Success with

MLM is in Your Lead Generation

"MLM Leads" is the lifeline of your 'MLM Business', which is your 'Home Based Business' model.

What is a lead? How to generate leads?

Go to "MLM Leads" and "MLM leads-2" pages for answers.

> Online Lead Generation And Email Marketing

Generating MLM Leads can be done in two ways:


1----> Word of mouth or "Network Marketing". The good old 3 or 30 feet rule approach. Approach everyone within 3/30 feet range. Needs a tough mental makeup and courage to face 'NO' for an answer.

There are some books that can help you toughen up, if you are going this path. The one that I used and recommend is,

I have covered some key strategies to get into the right mindset, to approach your prospects, without the fear of rejection.

Read more on the "Network Marketing Business" page.

2 ----> MLM Lead Generation:

> Generate Your MLM Leads With Ease!

> Grow Your MLM Leads From Purchased Lists

This is my favourite part. Ideal for people who detest bugging family, friends and every one in between. In this era of 'Internet Marketing', what could be a better way to prospect and generate warm and presold "MLM Leads"?

But this comes with its own challenges though. You need to setup your "lead Generation" system.

It's indeed a daunting task if you think about the following:

---> Building a website. Cannot think of a successful home based business, without a website, now a days.
    ~ Components required to build and make a site work
    ~ Hosting
    ~ Time taken to create a website
    ~ Recurring expenses - Site maintenance, server administration etc.

Let's look for solutions:

A free website builder that will build websites of reasonable quality with key functionalities almost instantly. Click here for details...  

How about this?


The above website builder can also be targeted exclusively to "Network Marketing", as demonstrated in the link below.

A simple, yet, effective 'Lead generation' system, with the 'Training', 'Strategies' and the 'Tools', all integrated into a step-by-step process, exclusively for Network Marketing. An ideal “Lead Generation Software”, so to say, that will generate presold 'MLM Leads' for your 'MLM Business Opportunity', with GUARANTEED results. You can test drive this system for one month, and return happily for a full refund, if you are not satisfied.....

(Step 3)

Marketing and Promoting Your MLM Home Based Business

Marketing forms the basis for any 'Home Based Business' model to succeed, and see extremely good results.

The above solution resolves almost all the issues relating to website building and a good part of marketing and promoting your lead generation website, all automated and built into the process within the tool.

But, you still have to do your own marketing and promotion, to generate large volumes of targeted traffic to your site.

How you will do that?


Easy, follow the various "Internet Marketing Strategies", all conveniently laid out for you on this website. Just follow that and make it happen.

"Nothing happens unless you make it happen!"

Home Based Business Tip

Use This Lead Generation Software

Now that you have setup an excellent lead generation system, that is bringing in warm and qualified leads to your "MLM Business Opportunity", what next?

Step 4) Home Based Business Success with MLM:

Follow-up- Sponsor - Recruit

You got it. Pick up that phone and connect with your lead.

Go to "Network Marketing Business" page to learn more on how to connect with your presold prospects.

Once you establish a connection with your prospect, the next thing is to properly induct him/her into your MLM program. Again visit the "Network Marketing Business" page to learn how?

(Step 5)

Replicate Your MLM Success & Grow Your Home Based Business 

Once you have your prospect inducted into your business, you need to launch him/her properly.

Plug your new prospect into the system, and ensure, he/she is exposed to your MLM company's business and product trainings.

This is explained in the "Network Marketing Business" page.

Thus, you will ensure that your newly inducted business partner learn the tricks and replicate your success. This way you will grow your down line and also your 'Home Based Business'.


There you have your steps to establish a profitable 'Home Based Business' with MLM. If followed diligently, your success as a home based business owner is guaranteed.

All you need to do is, follow the above steps, and visit the relevant pages provided in the links below, that elaborates each step in the process.

The crucial part is to choose the right 'MLM Opportunity' where it all begins. To ensure you do this, read the "MLM Business Opportunity" page thoroughly.

Bookmark this page to return to it whenever a need arise, and also refer it to your network of friends who are struggling with their current MLM or people seeking to add MLM as their 'Home Based Business' opportunity.

As always, Here is wishing to your success,



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