Simply Effective Twitter Marketing Tips

If you follow the ‘Twitter Marketing’ strategies that I have detailed out on this page, and related pages, you will be able to jump start your campaign on a very positive note.

The key to success, is to keep it simple and real.

I will provide you with some best practice tips and strategies, that you can immediately implement. And as usual, my advice to you is that, keep reading every word on this page to the end.

Do not forget to visit the links that I will add at the bottom of this page, from time to time. I am here to help you with your marketing strategies, that will eventually lead you to greater success.

The “Marketing Strategies” that I am providing here on this website, is of very high quality, and is drawn from my own experience and results. So, just because you are getting it for free, do not underestimate its potential.

What You will Learn from This Page?

Twitter Marketing Tips Covered on this Page:

In token of appreciation, I only ask of you to implement the strategies yourself, and to share your experience and results on this website

Let us make this a collaborative learning platform, to provide the much needed knowledge and skills to every one.

OK. Let's move on.


For those of you, who are just starting with this "Marketing Strategy", here is a FREE Tutorial. This training video will explain everything that you need to know, to setup your marketing campaign. First learn the basics and then focus on the tips that I have detailed out on this page.

Twitter Marketing Tips- Part I: How To Grow A Large, Loyal And Targeted Following?

Twitter-Marketing Bootcamp and Tips

As I said, the secret to Twitter Marketing success is to keep it real and simple.

Are you ready for the tips?

Here you go...

Twitter Marketing: Tweet Like Treats

1- How Many Tweets?

This is the biggest question every one has. "Just how many times should you tweet each day?"

And my answer to that is, post two tweets a day.

2- Mix it up:


One of those two tweets should have a very useful link for your target audience. Now this has to be a non-affiliated link, as opposed to your sales link.

You want to provide real value to your followers, not just promotional ads for your product/service.

3- Space out Your Tweets:

Always space out your tweets/messages. Keep a gap of few hours between your tweet posts. Best thing is, do one in the morning and one at night.

If you have trouble setting aside time twice a day, try using a tool such as "SocialOomph".

Register for your free account here

What this little tool does, is that, it will schedule your tweets and have them posted for you, in your absence. This will free up your time, that you can spend on more productive work.

4- Short is Pretty:

Make your affiliate links short and easy on the eyes. Use a link-shortening tool to help hide the fact that it’s an affiliate link.

There are many link cloakers and shorteners in the market. I will however, provide you with the real good ones, that does the cloaking, tracking and shortening, all together.

FREE Webinar on “Why Link Cloaking is So Important?”

Twitter Marketing: Cloaking Tools:

Twitter-Marketing: Free Link Cloaker

> Get other Great Cloaking Tools <


Twitter Marketing: Soft sell Marketing Techniques 

5- Link to Your Own Blog:

Point some of your helpful links to your blog posts. Post blog entries that are helpful to people or give them value in other ways. Getting your Twitter followers onto your site, deepens the relationship you have with them and builds your readership.

Learn everything about Blogging 

6- Have Fun with Your Tweets:

Link to funny stuff in some of your tweets. This will make you a real person, and not just a machine. You should try to stick to your niche. This will also add variety to your Twitter marketing.

7- Be a Source for Ideas:

Take note of interesting sites you come across. You may come across good, compelling or helpful sites and tools. Share your discoveries with your target following.

8- Research for Latest Trends and Topics:

Provide links to the latest topics of interest to you and to your followers, simply by researching on interesting topics.


9- Be on Alert and Re-Tweet (RT):

This is a very good 'Twitter marketing' strategy. Follow the best Twitter accounts in your niche.

Here is how you can do this. There are sites that provide a list of popular people, who you should follow. Use 'Twitter Search', to find the most frequent and popular tweeters on your niche. When they tweet something interesting, re-tweet it, and at the same time, share it with your followers.

10- Start a Viral Effect:

Yet another Twitter marketing strategy, that you can use, to make yourself known in your target niche.

How to do this? Simple. Ask 'open-ended' questions to draw out responses from your followers. This will result in other users replying to you, and in doing so, they are using your Twitter ID in their responses.

What this means, is that, your ID will now appear on their feed, and all of their followers, can click to learn about you, and begin following you. This approach is key to start a "snowball" growth of your followers.

Learn more about “Viral Marketing” here…

Essential Viral Marketing Tools


11- Develop Trust:

This is a BIG one. Project an image, that you are a real person, and a keen participator. Ask controversial questions in your tweets and elicit peoples' opinion on an issue.

By doing this, you are now interacting with others. Your followers will take note of this, and see that you are not just putting on a sales front but are engaging and there to help.

They’ll also be more likely to recommend you to their followers. A subtle 'Twitter marketing' strategy, to grow your target followers.

I am sure, most of the tips outlined above are not used by many marketers. They may look simple, and it is simple, but overlooked most of the times.

The above strategies are real and natural way to grow your Twitter following, which obviously is your ultimate goal that you want to achieve from your Twitter marketing efforts.

Isn't it?

I know that there is some work involved. But, this will pay rich dividends for sure, in the long run.

Your Twitter marketing objective is to establish not only a large following, but also to develop, some kind of a trust in you or in your product/service, that will be promoted by your followers, on this social networking platform.

Click here to learn more about “Social Media”.


I am not done with this yet. I have many more Twitter marketing tips and techniques, that I want to share with you.

I also want to share a very secretive tactic to grow your Twitter following and an email list at the same time.

"Two birds in ONE shot" kind of a thing. However, that will be in a future update.

Look for the details on this page. You do not want to miss this, at any cost.


Here is an easy and effective way to grow your following from scratch. Now, this will require you to open an account. But it's FREE to join. So, go ahead, and signup for a free account, and start testing this technique.


This series of "Twitter Marketing" tips and techniques, will be running into many parts. I do not want to place everything on this page, as it will grow humungous in size.

I do not want you to feel an 'information overload' kind of thing. Take it easy. One step at a time, the best way to learn huge subjects.

The tips that I will be going over, in the coming updates, will get into more strategies, like the one above, but will have depth and substance.

Visit this page, very often. Bookmark and share it with your friends or colleagues, who are keen to learn 'Twitter Marketing' strategies from a new angle and approach. I am sure, some of the techniques discussed here, will also be discussed elsewhere, in forums etc.

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In any case, do not forget to visit the links that I will add from time to time, at the bottom. I can tell you this much. The information that I provide, will be of high quality, backed by my experience, testing and results.

Here is wishing you all success,



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