Affiliate Marketing Tools for Success

However good your "Online Affiliate Marketing" strategies may be, without the right 'Affiliate Marketing Tools', it will be only half effective in getting the desired results. That's my experience.

It's your Affiliate marketing tools that actually drives your business process.

A "Marketing Plan" is process driven, and will have all the steps to promote your product/service both online and offline.

And without tools and automation, you will be constantly working your ass off, spending hours and hours of precious time before your PC.

Is that what you want?

What You Will Get from This Page?

Affiliate Marketing Tools & Process to Succeed Online:

The affiliate marketing tools discussed here are result producing and is process specific. Meaning, each process will have its own set of tools.

=> Keyword Research
=> Website Building
=> Link Cloaking
=> List Building
Article Writing
Link Building
Social Media
Video Marketing
=> Viral Marketing
Back-end Sales
Training & Coaching
Super Affiliate Tools
Beyond 6 Figures' Strategies
Get all the tools here

Essential Reading:

Investing in the right 'Affiliate Marketing Tools' will pay you handsomely overtime. Take it from me.

Why Listen to Me?


I have invested a good amount of money to learn the tricks of the trade and also on the tools.

You will see 'The Tools', both free and paid, used by me for the past 7 years as an internet marketer that has allowed me to live the rich life of a super affiliate.

But, the reason why I use many different tools and resources, is to cover my grounds well, and to outsmart the competition from all angles.

It's a tough world out there, you see?

You really do not have to get all of them, especially when you are starting out.

The whole idea of "Affiliate Marketing" is to create a successful "Home Based Business", spending as little time as possible on your PC. Spend rest of the time with your family and friends, doing what you like.

You cannot realize this dream without automating your grind work. This is where your 'Affiliate Marketing Tools' come into play.

Got it? Take it slow and steady.  

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: SEnuke Complete Marketing Software

Affiliate Marketing Tools - Keyword Research

"Keyword Research" is the secret to clearly depart from an average Joe and make six and seven figures with "Online Affiliate Marketing".

And, this cannot be achieved without the affiliate marketing tools, especially,


Keyword Research Tools:

  • PPC Web Spy - A FREE keyword research tool that will provide a superior market intelligence and result producing keywords.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool - FREE but useful tool for the initial research from the search engine itself.
  • Keyword Country - FREE Keyword research tool to analyze profitability and popularity.
  • Traffic Travis - A FREE keyword research and competition analyzer
  • IMeye - Researching keyword is one thing. Analyzing your competition and to better it is a less known strategy. Make it happen.-> Highly Recommended
  • Keyword Spy - Keyword analyzer and competition spyer. All the dirty work done for you.
  • Keyword Elite - The only tool that will come up with all kinds of keywords typed in by online searchers. A very handy tool to discover some hidden keywords overlooked by many...
  • Micro Niche Finder - Analyze your keywords and discover the real intention behind those keywords. A cool strategy to obtain buyer keywords.

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Keyword Research Tool

Must Read:


Affiliate Marketing Tools - Website Builder

Why a website builder? You really don't need one. You can always use the merchant's website to link to and send traffic directly. You will save time and effort in the bargain, and you will earn your affiliate commissions.

The downside to that is, you are essentially leaving money on the table, by not generating your own email list.

Your affiliate merchant collects the name and email from the traffic that you send. Remember, money is in the list.

Recommended Resources:

  • Website Builder – FREE: Use this tool to construct your website with an opt-in page. Very easy.
  • Fully automated sales ready website builder: Check out Armand Morin's product, ideal for an affiliate marketer, that makes the process of writing and creating a sales letter, opt in page, and Google compliant website a breeze.
  • Affiliate Genie: Make professional looking affiliate websites in minutes – Recommended by super affiliate Keith Baxter
  • Membership Site Builder: The easiest and most trusted way to get super targeted 'Web traffic' is by having a membership site related to your product/service. Providing relevant quality information and articles on your membership site will have multifarious benefits. It will grow your email list (repeat sales), create brand value and trust, generates referrals and viral sales etc.



Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Link Tracking and Cloaking Software

Thieves are not only on the earth, they are also in cyber space. Your affiliate link is very vulnerable and subject to stealing if you do not cleverly cloak your link.

Smart Cloaking Tools:

  • Affiliate Camo: FREE. Protect and also track your affiliate links.

  • GoTryThis: Clever cloaking, tracking and reporting tools, all-in-one.

  • Affiliate Cloner: Super smart cloaker. Turns your affiliate link into the merchant's website URL.                


Affiliate Marketing Tools - Opt-in List

"The Money Is In The List"

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

As said earlier, if you are not going to capture your visitors' name and email address, you are missing the opportunity to sell to your list over and over.

This is where a super affiliate stands TALL over scores of other affiliate marketers.

How to grow your email opt-in list: (You don't have to buy all of them. But get them all slowly, for exhaustive coverage)

How to grow your email list? Click Here!

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Learn How to Grow Your eMail List by Over 257%


Essential Reading:

The All-In-One Solution

Email Marketing Software: - Email Marketing Service

How to write killer emails? 

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with Effective Email Copy Writing Techniques


Affiliate Marketing Tools - Super Affiliate Techniques

Steer away from being ordinary folks and RISE above the rest, using some of the super ‘Affiliate marketing Tools’ and techniques!

Endeavor to become a super duper affiliate and make 7 figure income doing the things that many does not even have a clue.


Article Marketing: Writing and submitting articles to high PR directories is a time tested way to promote your "Affiliate Marketing Program".

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Article Writing and Submission Tool

Essential Reading:

Super Affiliate Marketing Tools: 

  • Instant Article Wizard: An extremely fast and effective article researcher and writer. Highly recommended.

  • Answer Analyst: User specific query generator from Yahoo answers.

    Tired of writing? No problem.<>


I talk, you write! Automate your article writing with this cool tool:

FR Nuance - DNS 11 Home

Save 5% on Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium with Coupon Code: mi6qbq39z..

Another option is to outsource your writing task.

Article Directory Submissions: Submit your articles to top ranking directories using the following tools:

Outsource Both Writing and Submission: 



Blogging: Blogs are treasured by Google. Why? Because blogs by nature are dynamic content as opposed to a website which is static.

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: The Blog Solution to Work Smarter, Not Harder

How to become a super affiliate through 'Blog Marketing'?

Click Here!

Must Read:

Affiliate Marketing Tools of the Trade:


  • Auto Blog Samurai: Fully automated blogging software
  • Blog Blueprint: Blogging software with blueprint steps

Blog Themes

Great WordPress Themes

Blog Content Creation

Download Your Free Blog Content Tool

13 Auto Blogging Blunders

FREE Word Press SEO Plugin

Word press Content Spinner & Rewriter

The Ultimate Blogging Guide - FREE

Outsource Your Blog Building

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Blogging Done for You



Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Get High PR Links for Under $0.13

It is not so much the quantity, but the quality of in-bound "One Way Links" that matter.

One of the 'Affiliate Marketing Tools' in a super affiliate's tool box.

Essential Reading:

Tools of the trade:

Free Link Building Techniques You Don’t Want to MISS!

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: LinxBoss Fully Automated SEO Linking

  • Go Rent an EDU Domain for $1!!
  • Link Vana: Extremely powerful one way links
  • SEO Link Vine: FREE link building services
  • 30 Minute Links: Out of the world link building techniques, guaranteed indexing.
Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: SEnukeX SEO and Link Building Software You will Ever Need

Cheap & Effective Link Building Services



Social Marketing: "Social Media Marketing" has become a power to reckon with. What the heck is "Social Media"?

Why Social Media?

Essential Reading:

Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Must Have Tools and Resources:


Social Media Blue print: Social Profit Formula - FREE Videos

Effective Twitter and Facebook Tools: 

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Social Media Facebook Marketing Techniques

 Social Bookmarking Tools: 

As you probably know, Facebook is currently, the leading Social Networking site, and a craze with marketers, for a good reason.

Facebook commands 20% of the entire Internet search population. But that is not what I want to stress here.

I want you to take a look at the free videos on Facebook marketing, and a Social Media Blueprint, on how to generate huge targeted traffic, using Facebook, to your product/service website.



Video Marketing: Videos are the craze now a days. Product sales/conversions hit the roof with "Video Marketing". No wonder why Google purchased YouTube!

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Video Niche Dominator

'Affiliate Marketing Tools' employed by the super affiliate:

Training Tools: 

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: How to Hugely Proft from Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Tools: 

A MUST Have Video Marketing and Much More Tool!!

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Animoto Video Marketing - The End of Slideshows


Aside from the strategies that you get from this page, if you want take your Online Affiliate Marketing further with super sneaky techniques, sometimes refered to as black hat in the online world, then you should read this...

Affiliate Marketing Tools - Scale it Up Strategies

Two super techniques to take your "Online Affiliate Marketing" to the next level. The affiliate marketing tools are indispensable to this process!

What are they?



Viral Marketing: A strategy used by those super affiliates, to generate way beyond six figures of wealth. "Viral Marketing" is actually not something new, but, definitely an underutilized "101 Marketing strategy".

Must Read:

In a nutshell, viral marketing is the art of subtly persuading your visitor/customer into relaying your marketing message to his/her 'Social Network'.

This is accomplished primarily by offering incentives such as, eBooks, software, downloadable products or any such 'FREE' item of value and use to your customer.

The word is 'FREE' and 'VALUABLE'. The easiest and effective way to do this is give away valuable and relevant eBooks to your visitors.

Where to get the content and resources for the eBook?

Use PLR (Private Label Rights) eBooks. Why PLR?


Recommended PLR Sites:

Recommended Tools:

Click here to get PDF Brander Pro
  • Viral Content Creator
  • Secure Branding and Rebranding Tool


Marketing Funnel: Sales or 'Web Marketing Funnel' is where the BIG money is.

What the heck is a sales funnel?


From the broad mouth of the funnel, your visitors will come in and pass through the narrow bottom of the funnel. Visitors thus filtered will be very few, but, highly targeted. Meaning, they have some kind of trust in you and are willing to buy anything from you.

That's exactly what you want, right?

Your visitors when they pass through your sales funnel, will be presented with your front-sell, cross-sell, up-sell, down-sell and finally your back-end sell. This is where you cross the boundaries and make HUGE sales and profits.

But you will need the appropriate 'Affiliate Marketing Tools' and a process to reduce sales leak and maximize profits.

Must Have Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources:


Butterfly Marketing: The Viral Marketing Experiment that Shocked the World 

 Get the Butterfly Marketing Software with Source code FREE!!

You just saw how to explode into a super affiliate with the 'Affiliate Marketing Tools' and process.

The amount of money that you can make is only limited by your imagination!


Marketing Training-Coaching-Mentoring:



Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys

Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: The Online Secrets Revealed in 200 Step-By-Step Videos

This goes without saying that, a proper coaching and mentoring makes all the difference. No body is born with these skills, it's acquired.

Less Expensive Options (High quality and value):

Want To Quit Your Job, And Never Work For Someone Else EVER Again?


So, there you have the strategies and the 'Affiliate marketing Tools' to make a killing with "Affiliate Marketing" as a merchant and also as an affiliate marketer.

The back-end sales funnel system, is where the big money is. You will understand that better when you set it up yourself.

The 'Butterfly Marketing' techniques is the ONLY tool and strategy that teaches you the proper steps to do that. 

Coming soon 

Back-end sales strategies How to setup Your "Viral Marketing" in 5 Easy Steps?

Stay tuned and Keep visiting this website every often and the links below to take the maximum advantage of the practical strategies and solutions to your online affiliate marketing.

Much better, if you bookmark the "Marketing Strategies Blog" page, so that you are automatically updated when new pages are added to this website from time to time.

In closing, I want to you to seriously take action and utilize the 'Affiliate Marketing Tools' to automate and speedup your "Online Affiliate Marketing".

As always, here is wishing you all success in your new found Affiliate Marketing Tools!!




Contact Vat Thilek for Questions & Suggestions

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