Make Money from Home Now with Google Adwords

To 'Make Money from Home NOW' is every one's dream, and the gateway to Time and Money 'Freedom'. "Google Adwords" is one of the options to do that. If done properly, then, this is a prefect "Home Based Business" model, that can be scaled to a six figure income generating machine.

In fact this page will help build a perfect "Home Based Business", by promoting lucrative 'Affiliate programs' using 'Google Adwords'.

Do you want to make money from home now? yes or No.

If yes, then you better follow the strategies on this page. Read to the very end of this page or you may miss a key point that could be your lottery to internet riches!

Topics You will Read on Make Money from Home Now Page

Why Should YOU Listen to Me? Right?

I started with Google Adwords in 2004, not on the brighter side, made all those newbie errors, bled red and took a break with a vow to come back and make it work. Come back I did exactly after a year. With renewed effort to make money from home ‘NOW’ kind of determination, and equipped with the essential "Google Adwords Tips" learned from some of the greatest players, I dived into it, applying all the techniques that I learned.

Slowly but steadily, I managed to turn all the campaigns that I lost in 2004, into profit and then improvised on it constantly using the insider tips and tricks from the 'Adwords Experts'.

Long story short, I achieved CTRs over 20% and some times up to unbelievable 80%.

'Make Money from Home NOW’ my style, sitting before the laptop, promoting high paying affiliate programs.

This is one of my lucrative “Home Based Business” model.

If I can do it, YOU can definitely do it and ‘Make Money from Home Now’!

If you make a determined effort to succeed with the techniques on this page, you may not make money from home now, as it literally means, but, definitely later. The simple trick to win with Google adwords is to test the ads and make it better.

In a nutshell, the secret to "Make Money from Home" with "Google Adwords" is to master the art of 'Copywriting', "Keyword Research" and then promote high paying 'Affiliate Programs'.

Make Money from Home Now, by following the strategies on this page and related pages provided here and on the links below.


Make Money from Home Now:

Tools of the Trade

I attribute my success to the following individuals:

---> Chris Carpenter for his "Google Cash" methods

---> Perry Marshall for his "Definitive Guide to Google Adwords"

---> Armand Morin for his "Secret Adwords Tips"

---> Armand Morin again for his excellent resource "Secret PPC"  

TOOLS that enabled me to make Google adwords my "Home Based Business", and "Make Money from Home" 24X7:

---> Perry Marshall's Master Mind Coaching (This was a BIG influence on my Adwords success)!!

---> Google Cash Detective (Money keywords and ad copies in a silver platter)

---> Adwords Analyzer (Keyword profitability analyzer)

---> IMEye (The best all-in-one tool. A marketer's must have weapon)

---> Keyword Elite 2.0 (An excellent tool to create unbelievably large keyword list tightly grouped for adword campaigns)

---> Micro Niche Finder (Discover the hidden gems)

I therefore recommend the above eBooks and the 'Tools' wholeheartedly. I know, if you are just starting out, money will be an issue for most of you guys. Very understandable and I appreciate that.

Make Money from Home Now:

Free Adwords Resources

5 Days to Success with Google AdWords

–> FREE email delivery

  • Adwords Made Easy

    –> FREE PDF

  • AdWords Beginner's Guide

    –> FREE from Google

  • Google Cash –> FREE Download

  • Make Money from Home Now: Adwords Tools & Resources

    The ONLY Set of Adwords Tools & Resources Required

    TO Make Money from Home Now


    Make Money from Home Now:

    Google Adwords Steps

    Locating the ideal product/service in a niche market is your very first step.

    Look for very lucrative markets like:

    Loans, Mortgages, Insurance, Credit cards etc. These are also fiercely competitive. But even in these highly competitive markets, there are always hidden keywords that no one before you, looked at, and can be immensely profitable.

    Here are a few places to locate some lucrative affiliate programs:

    One of the easiest strategies to ‘Make Money from Home NOW, if you want.

    -> Clickbank: The largest "Affiliate Marketing Directory" for digital or downloadable products. Click here to join "Clickbank".

    -> Commission Junction: A trusted and very reliable directory for affiliate products ranging from digital to hard goods and everything in between. If you seriously look around, you will find some very lucrative affiliate programs to "Make Money from Home NOW" using Google adwords.

    Sign up for Commission Junction here. 

    Similar to the above are two other "Affiliate Marketing Programs" directory as under:

       ---> Linkshare (
       ---> BeFree (


    Make Money from Home NOW with some hot selling affiliate programs overlooked by many! How?

    Well, you simply explore the following places:

    ---> Lycos 50:  An online daily report on the top keywords searched and the products expected to hit big time. A very useful tool to look into the future products that are going to be hot and therefore profitable. Try this out.

    ---> Google Zietgeist: A press report for breaking news, search trends, emerging markets and surprise finds.

    Other places are:

    Yahoo buzz, eBay Pulse and Amazon. Happy hunting..

    Take a look at this cool little tool that can brainstorm niche markets that are currently popular, and then dig further to come up with hidden micro niches waiting to be explored and hugely profited from. The tool is called 'Micro Niche Finder', which is very reasonably priced with lifetime free upgrades.


    Want to Make Money from Home NOW?

    Move Away from the Norm - Join Affiliate Programs not Explored by Many:

    This is what I call, easy pickings, to "Make Money from Home NOW", and I mean NOW! 

    The type of affiliate program that I am talking about is, 'Pay per lead' programs. The interesting thing about this is that, with a pay per lead affiliate program, you get paid, when some one performs an action like, filling out a form, providing their name and email address, or simply signing up for a user account etc.

    This is somewhat like ‘Cost per Action Marketing’. Read more about it on the "CPA" and "CPA Marketing" pages.

    I want to draw your attention to the fact that, you are getting paid when some one takes action that does not involve any money! Isn't this interesting?


    OK. Show me where to look for? Right?

    Here is the trick. Go to Commission Junction and type in "lead" and select, Search: Advertisers. This will provide you with a list of all the affiliate programs that pay you commissions per lead.

    Join the programs that you like, setup your "PPC Advertising" campaign with "Google Adwords" and gradually turn your campaigns into profits and then you start to make money. Easy, right?

    I am afraid no, if you are a newbie or does not have a good handle of  Google Adwords.

    But you will get there, so don't worry. Slow and steady, one step at a time.

    Go to "Google Adwords Tips" to learn some advanced strategies, once, you get your basics right. 

    I will cover some adwords strategies here, that will set your thinking straight and your foundation strong.

    Now when you are on BeFree affiliate directory, choose 'Advanced search for merchants' and then do a search by 'Cost per lead' for the 'Commission method'.

    For the Linkshare affiliate network, search on 'pay per lead' programs by hitting 'Cntrl-F' on your keyboard, and when the search box pops up, type in 'flat fee'. This will bring up all the pay per lead affiliate programs.


    Chris Carpenter's 'Google Cash' explains this method and other methods rather exhaustively. I would consider this as an excellent starting point to Make Money from Home NOW, by learning the adwords techniques and the niche and keyword research that Chris has explained in great detail. He also provides video tutorials for some key strategies and gives you the feeling of watching Chris over his shoulder kind of, while he performs the tasks.

    (2) Make Money from Home NOW with Google Adwords:

    Keyword Research With a Twist

    "Keyword Research" is the key to make money with every thing. It is the most crucial step to your success online.

    A free and money saving way to do a good keyword research is with Google's own keyword tool

    But here we will see how to do this from a different angle. The human search psychology angle.

    You may wonder what that is? Right? It's simply to understand a normal user search behavior by stepping into the shoes of an online searcher.

    Make Money from Home Now: Tip-1

    Well, how is this done? Think like a searcher. What keywords will a user type in, to find information in a particular niche market?

    You want to go after that keyword. In other words choose more targeted keywords that has a potential commercial intent. And not the broad keywords, that will simply waste your clicks.

    One way to do this is to locate the keywords that has a very high commercial intent. If you are wondering, "what is a commercial intent?", it's a searcher's intention behind his search term, like, seeking information, casual search, looking to actually purchase something etc.

    Look for an intent to buy, seeking a solution to a problem, keen desire to learn more etc. behind the keyword.

    These are typically the keywords from which you can 'Make Money from Home NOW', literally. 

    A tool like 'Micro Niche Finder' comes so handy, that, it does this analysis in a jiffy. 

    Think outside of the box. Think like your visitor. Come up with all kinds of search terms that a visitor is most likely to type in, related to your niche.

    Download Chris Carpenter's "Google Cash" and apply those strategies to your 'Online business', and you will also in no time, make money with "Google Adwords".    


    Make Money from Home Now: Tip-2

    Another kind of keyword to go after is the website names and company names.

    A keyword research tool just for the job is "Adwords Analyzer" . I have used this tool to dig up terms based on company names that has fewer to no competition, for my adwords campaigns. An extremely useful tool to mine the keyword gems that has no takers. Highly recommended. 

    Talking of keywords that are ultra profitable, if you are not using the specialized tools to do the job, then you are leaving immense amount of cash on the table. Obviously you do not want to do that? You want to "Make Money from Home" with adwords. That's the whole point. Right?

    Here is an extremely specialized and covert keyword research tool, you should have in your possession, that will seek out the hidden keywords overlooked by most marketers, for your adwords campaigns. This is the 'KEY' to adwords money. Low cost keywords in super competitive niches. A secret not known to a majority of marketers.

    Make Money from Home NOW: The bottom line

    Think out side of the box. Come up with as many keywords as possible using all the tools mentioned above. Look out for names of companies and products related to your niche. Use misspellings and bid on those keywords. However, you have to apply caution, not to use copyright terms.

    One thing to keep in mind when you bid on the narrow, tightly targeted keywords is that, you will not find that many searches for the term. But, if you have a good many such keywords, it will make an impact on the clicks that you get. You literally own the niche. This is how the big boys make money from home with adwords, especially.

    A particular tool specialized in coming up with a large list of misspelled keywords is 'Keyword Elite 2.0'. This is another top gun and an extremely potential tool to setup adwords campaigns.

    For more ideas on keyword marketing and keyword analysis, go to "Keyword Research" page.

    The last piece of the puzzle is the "Google Adwords" campaign.


    (3) Make Money from home with Google Adwords:

    Campaign setup

    This is where the fun starts. Google adwords is a money drainer no doubt. But with the strategies discussed here and on "Google Adwords Tips", you can now look forward to 'Make Money from Home Now', if you are keen. like the big boys.

    Are you excited? I see that you are. OK. Let's begin.  

    Make Money from Home Now: Tip-3

    > You did your keyword analysis and have a list of keywords related to your niche. You also have some misspelled keywords and keywords on the name of the product, company etc.

    > Now you need to arrange the keywords into tight groups, each group will be represented by your adwords ad. The more groups for the related and closely matching keywords is better. This way you will cover many keyword terms all tightly related and represented by your adwords ad.

    To learn more on this strategy, please visit the "Google Adwords" and "Google Adwords Tips" pages.

    The keyword research and creation of tightly matched adwords groups is completely automated by "Keyword Elite 2.0". Also, download this 'FREE" pdf, ‘Adwords Made Easy’ that describes the whole process in a step by step form using this essential tool.

    Another great resource is Chris Carpenter's Google Cash methods, which is a 'MUST' to make it big time with 'Google adwords'. Get your copy for 'FREE' copy of ‘Google Cash’ here…


    Here are the key points to remember while setting up your adwords campaign, if you want to Make Money from Home ‘NOW’ like the BIG fellas....

    a) Ad Title: Write the ad title in such a way that, it will pull in the visitor and make him read your ad.

    * Your title should include the main keyword
    * Should create interest in your visitor. Phrase your title in the form of a question. Use reverse psychology. E.G. "Don't read make money from home page". This will generate a kind of doubt and the visitor will be tempted to read.
    * Capitalize the beginning letters of the title. E.G. "Make Money From Home Now"

    b) Ad body: Your adwords ad should tempt the reader to take action and click on your ad.
    * The cardinal rule here is, to focus on the benefits to the reader, VS the features of your product/service.
    * Try to include your main keyword in the body of the ad.
    * Direct the reader to take action.
    * Use social proofing techniques when crafting your ad copy. E.G. 30,567 visitors benefited by reading 'Make Money from Home' page.
    * Use numbers if possible in your ad copy, like in the example above.

    There you go. You have the winning strategies right here on this website. It's just a matter of taking a deep breath and put to action whatever you have learned here.


    Other strategies like bidding, ad rotation, split testing, geographical and demo graphical ad targeting, landing page and redirects etc. will be discussed separately.

    I will keep you posted here. So, do come back, and revisit this page, at a later time.

    Also, don't forget to the click on the links below, if you want to return to, other related topics. 

    The trick to making it big with Google adwords, or any other PPC advertising, is to learn the correct way to do things, and then actually doing it.

    In the next part, I will discuss some other underground techniques, to improve your headline and make it almost irresistible to an online searcher.


    The best way to keep updated, whenever a new page is put up on this website, is, by subscribing to the "Marketing Strategies Blog". 

    But the essential strategies for you to succeed and make money from home with adwords, is covered here and other related pages, provided on the links at the end of this page. Please make sure you visit the links below and read all the pages.

    There is no magic in this. This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme. It's your hard work, patience and perseverance that is going to pay off BIG TIME. Hang in tight and enjoy the ride to success, and in the meanwhile, 'Make Money From Home Now'......

    Here is wishing you all success,



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