Online Lead Generation And Email Marketing

Online "Lead Generation

", is the easiest and cheapest way to generate leads and prospects, and probably get your return on investment much faster. It is undoubtedly, the most effective way to market your product or service to your prospective lead.

An online lead generation is simply the act of generating email leads through an email 'opt-in' process setup on your website. That is the very first part.

The second part, is to actually send sequential emails, to your leads or to your email lists. This is where, you will be doing some soft sell, and promoting your products/services.

This is a highly effective strategy, provided, you know how to pull this off.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am into email marketing

since my eyes opened to this very cool marketing strategy. That was in the year 2005. I have generated quite successfully, different emails lists for my various markets, in the process of "lead generation" for my MLM businesses.


Go to "Email Marketing" right now, to learn more about this cool marketing strategy.

Go to “MLM”, to read more on what is MLM?

What You Will Get From this Page?

I will discuss on this page, very simple yet HIGHLY effective "Lead Generation" strategies that you can easily implement.

Topics You Will Read:

Never Before Revealed Autoresponder Strategies…

Related Reading:

Now, remember this. As a result of your lead generation

activities, you will also be simultaneously growing your "Email Lists".

Treat people on your various email lists, respectfully. If you respect them, they will respect you.

I will discuss in detail, how to grow your responsive email lists, on "Email Marketing

Strategy", in my forth coming update…

So, stay tuned in…

Lead-Generation: The All-In-One Solution

Now let me run over this quickly.

Nothing on this page, or, for that matter, on this website, will work, unless "YOU" make it "WORK".

I am providing all the marketing strategies, on this website, based only on my own experience. These strategies worked, and continue to work very well for me, because I make it work, by taking action, and sticking to it. I do not give up... If you also follow the same principle, I am sure this will work wonders for you. OK. Let's get going.

Essential Tools & resources



Lead-Generation: Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

An "Email Marketing Software

", is the very first thing that you will need, to setup your 'Lead Generation' process online. Obviously you will need to have your own website, for this to work.

Get Your Website Building Tools

To make it simple, an autoresponder

is a web based application or service, that provides you with an "opt-in" box code, which you will place directly on your website. Now, when your visitors choose to opt-in, to get your free stuff, they will be required to provide their names and email addresses.

Your visitors must be motivated to part with their contact details, mainly, name and email address.

For this, you must provide something free in exchange. And it must be of real value to your visitor.

Alright. There are many ‘Email Marketing’ software(s) available in the market. You need to be very careful when picking one.

I cannot stress this enough. It’s very important to remember that, there are major differences between the various autoresponder


Not all of them are created equal. You want to choose a good autoresponder service that will meet your opt-in needs, "Lead Generation" strategy, and also the following:

-> Easy to Install: First of all, It should be easy to create an opt-in box and install it on your website. Your email marketing software, should provide for an automatic subscribe and unsubscribe feature. You shouldn’t have to take any action at all whatsoever, in managing your new subscriptions or unsubscribes. The autoresponder should provide for tracking information. You will be required to test and track your messages, for effectiveness, delivery etc., and your autoresponder should provide these data:

Email delivery success rate - Tracking - Spam control, etc.

-> Email Lists Management Capabilities: Your email marketing software or autoresponder should provide you with the ability to send your messages to one list or to several of your email lists.

  • >> Security features: Your autoresponder's security features must ensure that, not only your personal information is safe, but, also that of your subscribers’ information are also safe.

  • >> Technical support: Your autoresponder service should offer a 'FREE' 24/7 technical support. You should ideally find a service that offers phone as well as IM support.

Go to the "Email Marketing" page, to read more on this.

You will find both free and paid autoresponder services. I will 'NOT' recommend free autoresponder services.

Why not?

Not all free services will be of good quality. And it's good to remember, "you get what you pay for"....

With a good autoresponder

service, your online 'lead generation' process will become rather easy to pull off.


OK. I just suddenly remembered about an "Autoresponder", that is throwing out, 'Free" trial offers for 60 days. This is not a free service. They are offering a free trial for 60 days...There is a difference here. I want you to take advantage of this opportunity, to go ahead and start your "Lead Generation" program. Just, test the waters, what the heck?. It's free anyways for two months. But, make sure, you understand this process reasonably well, before you begin.

How To Setup An Effective Online 'Lead Generation' Bait?

The email lists

that you will create in the process of your lead generation, is the most valuable business asset.

"The Money Is In The List"

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

You already saw how to choose your autoresponder above.

Now, let's see hot to set up your free lead generation offer online.

Ready? Here you go.

Before proceeding, you may have a question,

"why a free offer?"

Negative Side of Lead Generation

Well you see, people online are becoming increasingly wary and concerned about providing names and email addresses to anybody for any reason.

Following are the three major concerns for an online visitor:

> Identity theft: The threat of an identity theft is for real.

> SPAM: If you provide your name and email address, then, "will not your in-box receive junk emails?"

> Value added offers: The first question on your visitors' mind when asked to provide their names and emails, is, "what is in it for me?". They ask themselves, "Is this free stuff (eBook, newsletter, ezine, report, etc.) worth its salt? Will it provide any value to me? etc...

Lead Generation: Positive Reassurance

Now, the first two concerns can be easily addressed. You simply provide a clear "privacy policy" and use trust symbols on your site that show that you conduct your business with integrity. Symbols such as, a Better Business Seal or safe shopping seals, will provide your visitors with self-assurance.

You can use a FREE privacy policy available with none other than Better Business Bureau Online

The 'value' concern of your visitors is a little harder to deal with.

Therefore, the incentive that you offer in your opt-in box, must have real value to your visitors.

It should be a high quality offer. If your visitors don’t see any value, and does not satisfy their question, "What is in it for me?", they will not provide you with their names and email addresses.

Simple. Not good for your lead generation


Consider these points for your incentive offer:

>> An eBook:

If you are providing an eBook, in exchange, for your visitor's name and email, your ebook doesn’t have to be voluminous. It can be between 10-50 pages in length.

But, here is the thing.

The most important thing is not quantity, rather, it's the quality that will make your online lead generation

successful. Your ebook must provide information to the visitor that the visitor deems 'valuable.' You can write the eBook yourself, buy it with resell rights, or outsource the job of compiling your ebook.

>> An Ezine/Newsletter:

Do not promise more than what you can deliver. Don’t go for a daily newsletter. Once a week, bi-monthly or even monthly will work fine. Each ezine/newsletter that you send out, needs to be of good quality and value to the customer. If it doesn’t, you can bet, they’ll opt-OUT.

Do you get the picture?


The VALUE of the information should be the determining factor here. Whatever you choose as an opt-in incentive, for your lead generation

, it 'MUST' provide value.

Useful Lead Generation Tools & Resources:


Driving Traffic To Your Online Lead Generation Opt-in Setup

Lead-Generation: - Email Marketing Service

The value of your lead generation opt-in

and email lists to your business cannot be stressed enough. Your lead generation email lists, contain, names and email addresses of your prospects, who have already expressed an interest in your product/service.

And, this is more true with an MLM, if at all you are involved with one.

Go to “MLM Leads” page to read more on MLM Lead generation process.

In other words, they are pre-qualified and pre-screened. They’re the people who are most likely to buy what you are selling!

So, now you have your lead generation opt-in

box on your website, but, if nobody visits your website, you won’t get any subscribers. Right?

You need traffic, and more traffic...

Lead-Generation: FREE Traffic Generation Strategies

I will show you some easy and effective ways to drive quality traffic to your website.


There are lots and lots of ways marketers use to draw visitors to their websites. Some of these methods are free, some are not.

Your objective is to get Google, Yahoo and other search engines, to list your website, in the visitors' search results, for your target keywords. You want your visitors, to click on your link, come to your website, see your opt-in form and opt-in

to your list.

Lead Generation Tip:

Cover Your Ground Well

OK. So, let's see how to make this happen.

Step #1:

Research your Keywords well and use them to optimize your website. The way that people find your website and related information, products and services they want, is, by typing in, the words that describe what they’re looking for (KEYWORDS) into the search box, of the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

You must do your keyword research thoroughly, to find the words and phrases that users will type into the search boxes. Then you must use these keywords, that you are after, and optimize your web pages, for the search engines. This act is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Keyword Research Tools & Resources

Go to “Search Engine Positioning” page, to learn more on SEO.

Keyword research and SEO are broad subjects that deserve its own pages for discussion. But, you need to learn and understand the principles and strategies for both.

I have discussed ‘Keyword Research’ separately, and provide you with all the insider tips, tricks and tools to make this a fun exercise, with the potential of unseen success, with your ‘Web traffic’ generation.

Lead Generation Tip:

Awe Your Visitors with Quality Content

Step #2:

Content, more content and quality content. Provide timely and valuable Content on Your Website! Publishing good and original content that contains the keywords you’re targeting on your website does two things:

1. Attracts search engine spiders and boost your search engine ranking.

2. Helps convince your website visitors to opt-in to your list.

This will ensure success of your online lead generation endeavour.

Lead Generation Tip:

Lead-Generation Tips

Step #3:

Link Building.

In-coming links to your Websites, that are rated highly by Google, and other engines, will position your sites, high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). One measure that Google and the other search engines use, to determine the position of your website, in the search results, is, by the number of links, that you have on your site, to and from other websites.

Link building is another topic that is far too deep and evolved, to discuss in depth here. But, it’s a tactic that you need to understand and put into action. In short, you need to get links to your site from various related topical websites.

Though this may sound easy, it's not. Trust me.

I have done this, and I am still doing it. Initially, all these were Latin and Greek to me. But, my persistent determination to learn and put into action, the various marketing strategies, made me a subject matter expert. Well, sort of.

That is why, I stress on the importance of a good coaching and training.

Visit "Link Building

" to read on the various techniques, that will, help you execute, an effective link-building strategy.  

> One Way Links: Factors Essential for Success <

Lead Generation Tip:

Social Traffic

Lead-Generation: Social Media Tips

Step #4:

Post comments to related forums and blogs. For this, you will need to find 3 or 4 blogs and forums that are related to your niche. Then post comments above your signature tag. (A signature tag is your name and a link to your website.)

There are two reasons, why you need to do this:

1. The search engines count your signature tag as a link to your site.

2. Related blogs and forums are where your best prospective customers hang out on the Internet.

Techniques and strategies are discussed on the “Blog Marketing" and related pages.

Step #5:

Join social networking sites, like, Twitter, FaceBook etc. Social networking sites provide a way for you to interact with your potential customers. But you must first build relationship and trust. Don’t just concentrate on building your list and selling products.

Go to "Twitter" and "Twitter Marketing” to learn the techniques.

And if you are wondering, what social networking is all about, then, go to the "Social Media" page, to learn more.

Essential Social Media Resources

Step #6:

Post Videos on YouTube, and other major video network sites. Video marketing is big. You can post videos about the products you’re selling and there’s always a possibility that a YouTube video will go viral. Be sure to include links to your blog and to your website in your videos.

I will cover "Video Marketing" in my future update. I bet, you will love this module.


Best Practices To Keep Your Lead Generation Opt-in Secure and Responsive


is a powerful way indeed for an effective online lead generation. Most users actually spend more time reading their emails, than surfing the web.

So each name on your email lists is valuable. I am sure, you don’t want a single one of them to opt-out.

It's said that, each name on your email lists represents one dollar ($1) of income for you per month.

With that in mind, let's see how you can leverage on your lead generation opt-in email lists:

  • Personalize your marketing emails! Just like snail mail, an email addressed as 'friend', 'current resident' or 'occupant', simply gets trashed before they are even read.

  • DO NOT drown your list with emails. As a golden rule, don’t send marketing emails more than once a week.

  • Walk the talk. Do what you told your subscribers you would do. If you promised a newsletter on 'Tuesday', make sure you do that on Tuesday, and not Wednesday or Friday.

  • Remind your subscribers at the top of the email, that, they are receiving your email, because they agreed to receive it. And finally,

  • Brevity rules. Keep your marketing emails

    brief and to the point.


OK. So, there you are.

You now have the ability to setup your online lead generation mechanism and also generate reasonable to good amount of targeted traffic to your lead generation website. The strategies that I have discussed with you here, talks only about online lead generation.

I have plans to write about the off-line strategies, that I have done for my “MLM business. These strategies, most of them, are very straight forward and simple to follow. But it involves some manual work.

But, they do work, if done properly. 

Nevertheless, the online approach is much faster and easy to achieve.

I thank you for reading this long page to this point. I do not want you to limit your traffic strategies to this page only. The whole website provides you with different approaches that you can take, to drive traffic to your website.

And with more advanced strategies to follow, this will be really simple and effective.

Here is wishing you all success in your affiliate marketing campaigns,



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