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The information that I am going to provide on this page, deals with the techniques, that I have implemented successfully.

In a world of information overload, and information junk, I am confident that, you will find this page and the other pages of this web site refreshing. You should first know the rules of the game and techniques, to play it effectively. And this website, should help you with 'both' for sure. On this page, we will discuss the key ingredients to make your CPA marketing a huge success.

Topics Covered on this Page:

OK. Let's jump right into the topic.

The very first step in your market analysis and research, is, to find profitable keywords related to your product or service. Every analysis starts with a thorough Market or Keyword Research.

The important thing to remember while doing a keyword research is that, the keywords should be easy to dominate, meaning, it should have a good amount of searches, with less competition.

You will get to know more about the keyword analysis, on the keyword research page.

Go to "Keyword Research", to read more on this.

Before looking at the various CPA marketing strategies and techniques to implement it, let's very quickly understand about CPA offers and CPA networks.

Essential Keyword Research Tools


CPA Marketing: CPA Offers and CPA Networks

So, what is a CPA offer?

A CPA offer is, where a user fills out a form or downloads a software from you, as an advertiser. The forms can range from a single email submit, (free laptop offer) to a much longer form with multiple fields (life insurance offer).

The down loadable tools/software, could be for items such as toolbar, screen savers, emoticons etc. CPA advertisers generally payout anywhere from $0.25-$3.50 for a single email submit, to as high as $140 for a longer form.

To give you and example, EHarmony dating's CPA offer, pays out as high as $4.75 for a single lead.

CPA Marketing Tool

What makes CPA marketing an attractive marketing tool, is that, the user generally does not have to buy anything and is just required to enter their personal information. Once they complete the lead, you will send out the lead commission to your team of affiliates.

You see how powerful this marketing concept is.

CPA Network:

OK. Let's now see, what are the different CPA Networks.

CPA networks are companies that work as brokers or middlemen between you as an advertiser and your affiliates/publishers. CPA network hosts the CPA offers from their advertisers (you) and then have their publishers (affiliates) push the traffic to these CPA offers and take a percentage of the lead value.

Very simple concept.

But do you see how powerful this is, in driving traffic, that too warm traffic, to your website?

So, CPA offers and CPA networks, form the two pillars of CPA marketing.

How does the CPA network actually makes money as a broker or a middleman?

Good question. You see, an advertiser may pay the CPA network $5.00 for every lead generated on the network, and, the CPA network, may pay the affiliate/ publisher only $4.00 for the lead generated, taking a $1.00 commission cut. This is exactly how a CPA network, make their money.

I will discuss more about the CPA networks in my coming update. Please stay tuned in.


CPA Marketing: Role Of An Affiliate Manager

When you are approved into a larger CPA network, you will be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager to your account. This is a real person that will work with you to bring more traffic to the CPA network, and thereby traffic ultimately to your CPA offer and website.

Affiliate managers have a vested interest in the success of the affiliates, because a portion of their compensation, is based on how much money the affiliate generate for the CPA network.

This, he does, to ensure that, you as an advertiser, is happy with the amount of traffic generated by the network to your CPA offer. This makes CPA marketing a powerful tool to market your service/product.

A dedicated manager to handle your account, is like, having your own CPA marketing manager, without actually hiring one. This indeed is a huge asset, which you will not find in other affiliate programs, like Click bank, for example.

An Affiliate manager is there to support you and tell you how your CPA offers are performing on their respective networks. They are their to ensure that, you as an advertiser, get your money's worth, advertising on the CPA network. This will also ensure the success of your CPA marketing program.

Affiliate managers are also responsible for placing appropriate conversion codes or tracking pixels on your success page. This will help you track your conversions on the tracking systems, and works much like Google Adwords' tracking system.

You should develop a close working relationship with your affiliate manager, because, they can increase the traffic to your site, by providing additional payout to the affiliates, on your CPA offers.

A very critical step in your CPA marketing success.

Affiliate manager provides an array of information, to their affiliates, such as what CPA offers are performing well on the network, for what forms of traffic, traffic, such as, natural SEO, email or pay per click traffic. This kind of data keeps more and more affiliates wanting to join that net work.

And if your offer is very attractive, then, you will have no problems to drive the kind of traffic almost instantly, that is simply impossible with any other marketing strategy.

An additional incentive to consider CPA marketing as your primary marketing focus.


CPA Marketing - Gauging The Demand

Although, I have covered the various keyword research techniques and the most effective tools to do that separately, on the, "Keyword Tools" page, I will go over the fundamental groundwork that you should be doing, for a strong foundation for your CPA marketing.

Recommended Reading:

And that is, essentially evaluating your market and your user requirements. You can gauge the possible demand for a your CPA offer, by looking at the search volumes, for the most relevant keywords related to your offer/product/service.

Evaluate Your CPA Offer and Your Market with These FREE Tools:

>> Easiest and fastest way to accomplish this, is, by using Google’s free keyword tool.

An example would be: Say, you want to promote a “Free Skin Cream Trial” offer. You would type in the keyword “skin cream” to see how many people are searching for that particular keyword every month.

>> Here is another great tool, Google Insights for gauging demand, that allows you, to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames.

>> Google Trends, is yet another research tool for gauging the demand.

You see how important this exercise is, for successful CPA marketing!

Google Trends, allows you to see the trend for your market or your keywords over time. Your CPA marketing success is absolutely dependent on your market research and intelligence.

>> EBay, as you know, is probably the single largest marketplace of buyers and sellers on the Internet. This is a good way to measure what is currently hot, simply by looking at what is selling on EBay.

>> And, If you go to EBay Pulse, you can clearly see the most popular search terms in a glance. Market intelligence is your number one aid, to measure the probability of your CPA marketing success. This is like looking into the magical crystal ball.

>> Lycos Top 50, also provides data for the most popular keywords, and for the most recent week. The most recent search results are important, because, they indicate trends and events in the search market. You cannot ask for anything better, when it comes to your CPA marketing.

One of the most powerful strategies that I have found to generate profitable ad campaigns is to run CPA offers that are related to current events.

For example, I found that, CPA offers, that were related to the popular reality television show, “American Idol”, did really well. In my opinion, this could be, due to, the reason that, people who love watching the show, search the Internet for more information on the contestants and highlights from previous shows.

>> Here is a list of other resources, that could provide valuable input for your CPA marketing campaign:

  • A well covered market research lays down a strong CPA marketing foundation. What now remains, is to analyze your competition.

    Tools & Resources to Analyze Your Competition


    CPA Marketing - Analyze Your Competition

    If market research is your one leg, then gauging your competition, is your second leg of your CPA marketing.

    So let's see how you can make this a strong leg.

    Tools & Resources to Analyze Your Competition

    There are many software tools out in the market, that will tell you how many ads are running for certain keywords on Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. I will, however, discuss here, some free tools, that will do a good job of competitive intelligence gathering.

    This is an extremely important component upon which, your CPA marketing foundation will be built.

    Here is a quick way to see the number of offers that are running for a CPA lead offer that you also want to promote.

    Here is how this is done. Just type in the most relevant keywords for your CPA offer into Google, MSN or Yahoo. You will get an idea of how many sponsored ad listings are showing. Look for low competition keywords, where you can find a highly searched keyword that doesn’t have very many ads running. These keywords are like golden nuggets that, can really help you get a lot of leads for a targeted CPA offer.

    Now let’s do this market research from a different angle using an SEO Tool that is said to be worth close to $10,000. But don’t worry, you can own and use this for FREE…Just click on this link to download this excellent market research tool.

    Now if you have noticed, the video by Ryan Deiss, shows how this tool gets the competitive intelligence data instantly, and shows exactly the competition and ways to beat the competition, using high quality back links to your product site. 

    The same marketer also shows you how to get high quality back links rather easily on this secret codes report. Download this highly confidential report for FREE…and thank me later for all this!

    I have discussed lead generation separately.

    Go to "Lead Generation" page to read more on this.

    Now, don't get scared, when you learn that, your CPA offer is in a market that is highly competitive. This actually is an indication that, your target keyword is in demand, and your competitor in this market is actually profitable and is making money.

    Therefore, this target market is a place to be, with your CPA marketing program. If you can find some obscure keywords for a competitive market or even just write better ad copy than your competitors, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to compete in this market.

    So relax....put your guards down.

    I have already provided you with one of the most intelligent market research tool and also a very powerful and highly secretive report to get the ‘all powerful’ back links to beat your competition. What more you want?

    A good CPA marketing plan will go a long way to make your campaigns highly profitable, and will also earn you tremendous success, especially, with highly targeted leads to market your products/services repeatedly.

    Get your hands on to some cool training and mentoring programs, that will make your CPA marketing venture a great success in no time.

    Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys


    CPA Marketing - Landing Page

    Your Landing page will make or break your CPA marketing campaigns' success. This is the plain truth.

    When selecting a CPA offer, experienced affiliates, will always look at your landing page, that, they will be sending traffic to.

    A landing page should be easy to fill out for the prospect. Naturally, the fewer the fields there are to be filled, the better chance you have of converting the prospect into a lead.

    An example of an easy converting CPA offer is email and zip offers. Some affiliate networks pay up to $1.50 just for a user submitting their zip code. You heard it right. Just for the five digit zip code! Nothing else to fill.

    You see, how this can be an irresistible offer for your affiliate. A good way to guarantee your CPA marketing success.

    CPA offers like these are very easy to convert. Just imagine being able to get 1,000 people a day to fill in their zip code. Look at the amount of leads that you are able to generate.

    Some CPA networks will even allow the affiliate, to append an affiliate URL with a code provided by the CPA network, which will automatically pre-populate the form with the visitor’s zip code by analyzing their IP address. This means that, the only thing that, the visitor has to do is click the submit button.

    Do you see why CPA marketing is so lucrative?

    Email leads are CPA offers where the advertiser is only looking for the user to submit their email address.

    So, at the end of the day, simplicity rules. Your landing page should be as simple as possible. This will ensure good conversions, and therefore your CPA marketing success.

    How to Convert a Visitor into a Sale?

    Convincing copywriting on your landing page!

    Here are some tips to remember when designing your landing page:

    These landing page tips will ensure greater conversion.

    Your landing page should be easy to read and give clear instructions. Most affiliates generally like to select lead offers that only require 4-5 maximum fields to be filled in for high conversion rates.

    -> Headline: I have read somewhere about marketing statistics, indicating that, your headline is responsible for 80% of your ad copy. This means that you literally have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the prospect. Make sure that the CPA offer that you are promoting has a clear headline that captures the prospect’s attention.

    And remember to always use a headline that taps into the prospect’s emotions. This is because, people generally make decisions based on their emotions rather than logic. A successful CPA marketing will take this factor into consideration.

    -> Clarity: Your landing page should be clear and concise. If your landing page is confusing, you will definitely lose your prospect.

    Make sure that, your landing page has a clean design and is easy to read.

    -> Relevance: As part of your CPA marketing, if you are promoting your CPA offer, then you need to connect the dots here.

    There should be a clear connection established between, say, your banner, PPC ad, text link, etc. to your landing page.

    Basically, your prospect should know what to expect when they click on your link. If your prospect is taken to a landing page that is not relevant to what he/she was expecting, then, you simply wasted the click.

    -> Scarcity: It's a general tendency that, people will respond to an ad more readily, if they feel, they will lose something, as opposed to an ad, that shows them how they will gain.

    It's that fear of loss that motivates them to take action. This is why, scarcity tactics such as a time limit or quantity limit work extremely well on a landing page.

    Let me illustrate this with an example: Have you seen some of the diet CPA offers? It has landing pages that indicate that there are only 75 free trial offers remaining. Even a time limit such as “Expires In The Next 30 Minutes” also creates a sense of urgency. An excellent CPA marketing strategy.

    A great tool to use on your landing pages to increase urgency is:

     IM Triggers

    -> Social Proofing: Social proofing works well, when the online searchers are unsure of what they are after, and what options and choices are available to them, to make an informed decision.

    I am sure, you must have encountered such situations yourself, Haven't you?

    During such times, testimonials or endorsements works well on landing pages.

    Why? It's because, testimonials generally provide that social proofing. You will see many people have used the product/service, and therefore, this must be a good stuff.

    A very good example is, the dieting offers like the Acai Berry offer here. See, how they use news broadcasting names like CBC and ABC news to add social proof and credibility to their landing pages, giving some kind of a self-assurance about this product. Another cool CPA marketing strategy.

    And finally,

    -> Call To Action: You should invariably add a 'call to action', when promoting your CPA offers. What this means is that, as soon as the person sees the CPA landing page on the screen, the form which they need to fill in is right there. The call to action should clearly indicate to the prospect, what the next course of action should be.

    Take a look at, which has pretty much all the landing page points covered above.

    Are you with me? Good.

    That's the spirit. I am not done yet.

    I need to discuss some very important topics. But, since this page has become very long, I will continue with the rest of the CPA marketing strategies in my next update.

    CPA-Marketing: Increase Your Conversion & Sales with this Marketing Tool 


    I will discuss some other key ingredients that are vital to your CPA marketing success. Topics such as, testing your landing pages, tracking the results and conversions etc. I will however, discuss this on a separate page, that will be a continuation of this CPA marketing page.

    I really appreciate your time and patience to read to the end of this page. I am sure you must have taken home some pretty neat stuff. Now, all you have to do, is to, put everything you read here into practice. And, as usual, be sure to visit the links below, read and take home as much as you can.

    Here is wishing you all success,



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