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Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning! Is This For Real?

You Bet. I will show you ways to turn your "Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning

" dream into a reality.

You already know "what is Search Engine Positioning?"

I have covered this topic rather elaborately, and also provided the steps, for easy Search Engine Ranking and placement, that you can easily follow.

Visit “Search Engine Positioning” page, to read more…

How many of you are a fervent follower of "SEO Optimization

" and "SEO

Marketing?", and do this correctly, to obtain, a guaranteed search engine positioning?

This is actually a grey hat strategy, in my opinion, as you are somewhat inducing the search engines to rank your website or pages high. A grey hat strategy will involve some black hat techniques.

What the heck?

So what, if I am inducing the engines for a good "Search Engine Placement


Well, there is nothing wrong provided, you know what you are doing, and get a Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning with all engines!

I have to warn you again that, this page can go longer, due to the depth of the subject matter that we are trying to deal with. I will endeavour to keep this as short and to the point as possible. But, you be ready anyways to spend some time in reading the entire page. Read to the end of this page, and, you will only benefit from it.

Search Engine Positioning: SEO Mistakes


Techniques for High "Search Engine Ranking" and "Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning"!!!

OK. Some of the techniques, you have already learned from the "Search Engine Positioning

" Page.

Go to "Search Engine Positioning", to read on the techniques...

Search Engine Positioning and Search Engine ranking, is achieved through tweaking of the web pages. This is also known as 'Search Engine Optimization' or 'SEO


Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning Strategy

SEO Strategies & Tools

This Strategy is basically divided into:

  • On-page and

  • Off-page strategies.

I will cover the essential elements and techniques for a good SEO

on this page and other pages of this website. But, honestly, you should get a qualified training and coaching on the various search engine ranking strategies from an "SEO Expert".

Must Have Resources:

This will widen your knowledge base and will eventually make you an SEO expert. After which, a guaranteed search engine positioning will be like a child's play for you...

I am going to provide you with some excellent training courses in Internet Marketing, that will also cover the Search Engine Ranking and Search Engine Placement strategies. These courses are a little bit expensive.

But, you know what, these are the same courses that I bought and found success with. So, I will recommend products that I have tried and worked for me very well. This way, you will save a ton of money and time, that I have already invested in researching and testing.

Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys

Hard pressed for cash? No worries.

I will provide you with two excellent 'Free' training courses that will push your search engine ranking

and provide you with the guaranteed search engine positioning that you are after. Now don't get wrong notions, about the quality and effectiveness of the training, just because it's free. There are some free materials floating around, that are sometimes better than paid ones.


The first SEO course is provided by the "SEO Expert", Aaron Wall. His courses are in great demand and provide a slew of "SEO Tips" and "SEO Tools". Take advantage of this opportunity to get the desired search engine ranking, with virtually $0 investment.

Here comes another FREE high quality "SEO Training Videos". This is from the renowned Internet Marketer and "SEO Expert", Jeff Johnson. He is the creator of the highly successful 'SEO Blog software'. You should take the fullest advantage of this free training, and implement the strategies to gain the coveted search engine placement for your websites.

As I have mentioned before, a strategic SEO move is, to obtain a first hand assessment of your competition for your targeted market or keyword. Everything else follows suit. Now, here is a tool to just do that and much more as you will see once you click on this link. This SEO Tool is an ambitious product of a well known SEO Expert and Marketer, Ryan Deiss and reportedly costs around $ 10,000. What if I can give you this amazing SEO Tool for FREE?! Click on this link to get it free…But, hurry, it may disappear any moment….

Your Guaranteed-Search-Engine-Positioning with SEnukeX SEO Software

OK. So much for the free stuff....

But, these free SEO Tools will ensure you a Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning for sure.

Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning – On-page Strategies

Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure good search ranking

and a guaranteed search engine positioning. Make sure you follow the tips below correctly.

How to Please GOOGLE?

Simple. Follow the tips below:

    • -> Have a good website linking structure. Your site should have absolutely clear hierarchy and links for easy human and spider navigation.

    • -> Provide a sitemap for easy navigation for your visitors. This is as important as the first tip.

    • -> Have very targeted and highly focused keywords. Make sure also that your website content is built around these keywords.

    • -> Google's crawler will not recognize text hidden in the images. Make sure that, you use plain text when using your keyword links.

    • -> Your TITLE and ALT tags should be descriptive and accurate and the website should have no broken links or incorrect HTML.

    • -> Limit your dynamic pages (URL with ‘?’ character), as, each and every search engine

spider will be unable to crawl them.

  • -> Make sure that, your "robots.txt" file on your web server, is current and is not blocking the Google bot crawler. This file tells crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled.

  • -> Provide good valuable and relevant content on your website.

  • -> Focus on the visitors needs, rather than, tricky link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking.

  • -> Do not employ hidden texts or hidden links. Google looks down on websites using cloaking techniques.

  • -> Do not ever send automated queries to Google.

  • -> Do not stuff your pages with keywords and create irrelevant content. Also, avoid "doorway" pages created just for search engines, and other "cookie cutter" approaches, like, links to your product/service with hardly any original content.

  • Rule of Thumb for Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning

    >> Content and good content is the golden rule of thumb. Placing your content near the top of a page, counts for more than content at the end of the page, especially, your HTML title and the first couple of lines, are the most important part of your page.

    If your keyword matching a search query, appears in the HTML title or in the initial lines of the text of your page, then you stand a very good chance of a high search engine ranking

    , for that keyword.


    Sharpen Your SEO Skills without Learning SEO!



    Here is a Free guide that will show you, how to play the game straight. This guide will teach you to write content that pleases both your visitor as well as the search engine. What easier way for a "Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning?". Read the guide and learn the techniques for free.

    Points To Consider For a Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning...

    Query-Dependent Factors

    Let's look at the query-dependent Factors.

    This segment will be longer and cannot be accommodated on this page. So this will be covered in parts.

    OK. Here you go... -

    • Your HTML title is very important. Make sure you have also your keyword in the title.

    • Your first lines of text. The search query keywords and phrases should be appearing early on, on your web page, rather than at the end of the page.

    • Your meta tags. Now this is important. Your meta tags are treated as ordinary words in the text. Now, if your meta tags are unrelated to the content on the page, your web page will be penalized 

    • Words mentioned in the "anchor" text associated with hyperlinks to your pages.

    (E.g., if lots of good sites link to your site with anchor text "guaranteed search engine positioning

    " and the search query is also "guaranteed search engine positioning", your chances of good search engine ranking for that keyword is pretty good, and you will appear high on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

    OK. You must have heard a lot about doorway pages, I am assuming.

    If you don't know these terms, I would urge you to go to this link here, and read about the various SEO terms.

    But I am sure, only a handful of you, know about the blanket policy for doorway pages and cloaking.

    Many search engines are opposed to doorway pages and cloaking. It considers the doorway and cloaked pages to be a spam and strongly encourage webmasters and website owners to stop using such 'black hat' techniques, with a view to obtain an easy guaranteed search engine positioning. 


    Importance of META Tag: Again, let me repeat here. I have already provided a link to the free SEO

    dictionary. Visit them as and when required.

    Learn all the SEO terms, while you are productively engaged on this website.

    You should also go to the free SEO courses that I have provided on this page. It will cover everything that you need to know, in order to make your search engine ranking efforts successful with a guaranteed search engine positioning for your keywords.

    OK. Coming back to META tag. Let's see what has to say about this.

    ``Although Meta tags are indexed and considered to be a regular text, claims, it doesn't give meta tags any kind of priority over HTML titles and other text. I have personally use meta tags on my web pages. But, some webmasters believe that, doorway pages rank better in, when a meta tag is not used.``

    But, frankly, it's up to you and your experience.

    Now, let me tell you this, If you do use meta tags, make sure that, your description tag is no more than 150 characters in length, and your keyword tags do not exceed 1,024 characters. 


    Keywords in Your URL and File Names: You see, indexes ALT tags. Therefore, if you use images on your site, make sure to add them.

    ALT tags should be descriptive, and should describe what the page/image is all about. Do not just leave it at that with just your image's description. Include your main keyword and sprinkle some related keywords also into the description. All the more reason to do this, if your image is at the top of the page. 


    How Long Your Page Should be?

    This is debated by many. Some webmasters believe that, short pages rank higher, while others argue that long pages are the way to go.

    According to AltaVista's help section, it prefers long and informative pages.

    I have particularly long pages, just as the ones on this website. But, my research indicates to me that, pages with 600-900 words are most likely to rank well on any engine.

    Forget the debate.

    Here is the straight foreword approach.

    Your page should be as long as it takes to cover a topic well. Simple. You are essentially building a page for your visitor, and doing it in such a way that the engines get it.


    Frames: If you are using frames on your website, here is something that you need to know.

    AltaVista has the ability to index frames, but it sometimes indexes and links to pages intended only as navigation.

    Now, there is a work around for this issue:

    What you should do is, submit a 'frame-free' site map containing the pages that you want the engine to index. You may also want to include a "robots.txt" file to prohibit AltaVista from indexing certain pages.

    A search engine

    crawler/spider, can base its search engine ranking and search engine positioning on a static factor (a computation of the value of page independent of any particular query) and on query-dependent factor.

    The under mentioned static factors are re-computed, approximately once in a week, and as a result, fresh good content pages slowly goes upward in the search engine ranking


    Here is how to address the static factor:

    Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning – The Off-page Strategies

    ---> Build long pages that are rich in meaningful text (not randomly generated letters and words). Although this is a on-page technique, this is the trigger to generate visitor actions and reactions…..

    ---> Build pages that serve as good hubs, meaning, with lots of links to related topical pages. The content on the related pages should be relevant.

    Avoid at all cost, random meaningless links, such as those generated by link exchange programs, to fool the engines, by creating a false impression of "popularity".

    I have explained in depth the correct way of 'Link Building

    ', and also some highly ingenious link building strategies and tools, on a separate page.

    Link Building Strategies & Tools

    ---> Link quality. The quality and relevance of the linking page is extremely important. The incoming link to your site, should be relevant to your topic and should be coming from a related topical website that has some age and authority.

    Also important is the variety of domains providing the link juice.

    To make my point clear to you, a site or a page is "good" in the eyes of Google, if that site has many pages from several different sites pointing to it, especially, if the sites pointing, are really "good" ones.

    Again, these strategies are covered in "Link Building

    ".... Make sure you visit this page.

    There are some killer strategies, that you don't want to miss. These strategies, when applied, you are "Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning

    ", on all major engines, for a long time...

    ---> If you have an in-pointing link from a directory, then, the level of the page in the directory that it was found matters. Links from a higher level in the directory, is considered more important, than a link from a page buried too deep.

    The search engine spider simply will not go that far and will never find it.

    Essential Reading:

    Tools of the Trade:

    • Free Link Building Techniques You Don’t Want to MISS!
    • Go Rent an EDU Domain for $1!!
    • Link Vana: Extremely powerful one way links
    • SEO Link Vine: FREE link building services
    • 30 Minute Links: Out of the world link building techniques, guaranteed indexing.

    I have more tips to cover on "what your website actually needs" to get a guaranteed search engine positioning that will have a greater staying power. This will be covered in a future update under the page titled "SEO Tips".

    I will also discuss a step-by-step page optimization for guaranteed search engine positioning and ranking on a separate page under, "Search Engine Positioning Secrets".

    Keep visiting the links below, as, "SEO Tips

    " and "Search Engine Positioning Secrets", pages are added, you will easily find on the links at the end of this page.  Most people, either do not know of these strategies, or do not know, how to do them properly.


    Do I need to tell you to visit the

    links below? I don't think so.

    If you are in right earnest, to learn the "Search Engine Placement" strategies, and ensure pretty much a "Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning" for your keywords and web pages, then I do not have to remind you.

    Am I right?

    Well, I appreciate your time and patience, to read this page to the end. I am sure you are now more knowledgeable than before, about the various marketing and "Search Engine Placement" strategies, that you have now learned.

    I still honestly feel that, you need to get some training and coaching from the real players and experts out there. One way to do this is to visit the links to the free tutorials that I have provided, and start your learning process.

    Do not waste a single minute procrastinating. I will include in my future updates, the real cool stuff, with excellent tutorials and SEO Tools

    that, you cannot live without. As simple as that....

    Visit this page for the updates. Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning is for real... And I know, you can make that happen...

    Here is wishing you all success,



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