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Why an 'Internet Marketing Training'?

First of all, welcome to the 'Internet Marketing Training' page. And, now to answer your question, success comes from learning a concept and then putting it into practice.

Marketing online and for that matter offline has certain process and steps that will require some skills to execute. Where you will get that knowledge and skills from?

From an "Internet Marketing Expert"!

In my +7 years online, I have learned one crucial lesson. You need a trusted source to deliver those 'Internet Marketing Training' lessons or an "Internet Marketing Course" for that matter.

And that is also the biggest challenge.

In my case I have literally spent money in the thousands on less effective and regurgitated training materials and internet marketing eBooks.

There are tons of information on the net, but, not all of them will be really any good.

You will Read on Internet Marketing Training Page

  1. Why You Need Training in Online Marketing?

  2. Make this the 1st Day for the Rest of Your Life!!

=> The Need for a Marketing Plan for Your Business
=> How to Read Your Market?
=> The Fastest way to get Found on the Net!
=> How to Get the Cream of the Traffic for FREE?
=> A Highly Targeted Buyer Traffic Comes from?
=> Introduce Relationship Marketing into Your Marketing Plan
=> How to Harness the Raw Power of the Engines?
=> How to Generate a Sale from almost Every Visitor?
      --> Sales Copywriting
      --> Affiliate Marketing
      --> Sales Funnel

Essential Reading:

-> Good Internet Marketing Course Is Where Your Marketing Strategy Really Begins!!
-> Internet Marketing Strategy: Free or Paid Tools?
-> Are Affiliate Marketing Tools Indispensable to YOUR Success?
-> How a Marketing Plan Can Save YOU from Committing these 7 Costly Mistakes?


Internet Marketing Training: Do You Really Need One?

Internet-Marketing-Training: The Online Secrets Revealed in 200 Step-By-Step Videos

From what I have learned and experienced, a good "Internet Marketing Course" or 'Internet Marketing Training' can speedup the process and make a HUGE difference to how you market your product/service online.

Also, if you can learn from more than one trusted source, you will gain a deeper and broader knowledge on 'Internet Marketing' and the various "Marketing Tools" employed by the marketing gurus.

There are many highly successful marketers, who have established a stable, long-term, and lucrative 'Home Business' in a stunningly short period of time.

The point is, you can also do the same following in their footsteps! 

   Coaching Program With YOUR Success In Mind



Internet marketing is a vast area with various components to it. It is difficult to master this subject in one sitting. This page will cover the most important areas and training that is focused on each of them.

You will also find a number of free training available that I have used and still use to good effect. So you sit back and relax and take your time to read and understand them.

The key to success is taking action. Nothing will ever work for you till you make it work!!


Internet Marketing Training Video

Make this "First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life"


Internet Marketing Training - Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan From Two Masterminds 

You just cannot imagine starting up a 'Home Business' without a plan, can you? How then can you even dream about, drawing out your marketing steps and process, and integrating with the appropriate "Marketing Tools", to promote your stuff online?

No, you just cannot. You see what I mean? 

Without a 'Marketing Plan' it is not possible to envision this.

Therefore, your tool no.1 that will drive the skills acquired through your 'Internet Marketing Training' and establish a credible and growing "Home Based Business", is your marketing plan.

What if your are stuck with no clue what-so-ever, how to develop your 'Marketing Plan' or even worse, have no idea where to start and what to start with?


Without a plan your Internet Marketing Tools will be simply gathering dust.

Here is a Step-By-Step Road map, you 'Need', to build a Business from ground up. This is from none other than Rich Schefren, the mentor to the famous marketers like, Brad Fallon, John Carlton, Marlon Sanders, Keith Baxter, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Tellman Knudson etc. You can get Rich's Business Growth System here for FREE…

Other Recommended Resources:

=> Get the Best Marketing Brains Do the Plan FREE For You!
=> A Mastermind Marketing Program Designed ONLY for Success

As you read further, you will also see training and coaching specific to the "Internet Marketing Strategies", that we will
cover on this page.
       Get Your Internet Marketing Training & Tools All In ONE Place!          ===============================================


Internet Marketing Training - Market Research

The Longtail Search

Also known as "Keyword Research", lack of a sound market research and keywords relevant to your product/service, is the chief cause for failure and desperation for many beginners and often for some marketers.

If you have not done your home work, meaning to say researched your niche market well and identified winnable keywords for your product/service, you are setting up for failure even before you have started.

You definitely need a good 'Internet Marketing Training' to begin with, in the area of keyword research.

Keyword Research Resources:

Essential Reading:


Internet Marketing Training - Online Advertising

What is online advertising? Simply put, it's a type of promotion using Internet and World-Wide-Web, to deliver your marketing messages locally or globally.

Although this looks to be a simple task, truly speaking, this is a marketing skill acquired over a period of learning and testing.

Without a proper level of 'Internet Marketing Training', this exercise can turn out to be a big money sucking program, especially if you are indulging in "Pay-Per-Click" advertising. Speaking of "PPC Advertising", "Google Adwords" is the current leader in this segment of marketing.

Yahoo publishing network is another "PPC" program that is easier to win.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites. Sign up and get a $25 credit.

Recommended Training Programs:


Why Buy Clicks When YOU Can Get them for FREE?

  • Free Adwords Tele Seminar
  • Get Adwords Seminar in Digital Format 

Google adwords focused 'Internet Market Training' delivered through extremely useful eBooks. These will be your guide till you reach your peak of success.

Google Adwords eBooks:


Get Your keyword Tools for the Job...


Related Reading:

The end objective of an 'Internet marketing Training' is obviously to be able to drive 'Targeted' and 'Ready to buy' traffic to your product/service website.

The "Internet Marketing Course" page has also some excellent training and coaching options covered.


Internet Marketing Training - Generate Free Traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of your business.

You have seen how to get qualified traffic almost instantly using the online advertising methods, which is nothing but paid traffic.

Internet-Marketing-Training: Experience True Success with SBI!

Will it not be nice if you can get FREE traffic from the engines?

Internet-Marketing-Training: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic

This is where a good 'Internet Marketing Training' will come into play.


Rapid Free Traffic



Having said that, let's see the various training options out there to fit in your budget.

Get High Quality Traffic Lessons for FREE:

    High Quality Super Targeted Traffic = $MONEY$

    TRAFFIC Secrets Hidden from You:

    Internet-Marketing-Training: Without Traffic NO Business. The #1 Traffic Getting System



    Excellent Traffic Solutions:

    Traffic Generation Simplified to Minimal-Effort!

    Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys

    Have You Heard About The SIX Figure Code?


    Internet Marketing Training - Video Traffic

    Affiliate-Marketing-Tools: Article Writing and Submission Tool

    Videos are the craze as you can see and people in general are attracted towards media. It's one of the easiest and proven ways to land targeted traffic.

    An 'Internet Marketing Training' is not complete without this segment.

    The Best Video Marketing Tutorials:

    Get More Traffic Than A $2.5 Million Super Bowl Ad That Costs Next To $0

    Game Changing Strategies – FREE

    Video Marketing Tools


    Internet Marketing Training - Relationship Marketing

    "What is relationship marketing?"

    It's a marketing strategy to  establish 'TRUST' and 'RELATIONSHIP', the two most essential elements in generating repeat sales.

    Repeat sales is the foundation of your 'Home Business' or any kind of business.

    Is there a good internet marketing coaching available for this?

    You bet!

    Internet Marketing Expert Tips

    Relationship marketing can be divided ideally into the following:


    1- Email Marketing: "Email Marketing" is where you will build your trust and relationship, by sending out useful, relevant and informative articles about your market, product/service.

    Internet-Marketing-Training: Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with AWeber Email Marketing

    While you thus send your emails to your customers, you will also soft-sell other products.

    This way you will build your trust level and also warm up your customer towards other products that you recommend.

    The result? You got it. Repeat sales and business.

    Get Your Marketing Training and Tools... 


    2- Social Media: Another effective tool to build on your customer's trust is "Social Media".

    Internet-Marketing-Training: Social Media Facebook Marketing Techniques

    There are a couple of good 'Internet Marketing Training' available on social media.

    Get Your Training & Tools for Social Networking...


    Internet Marketing Training - Search Engine Optimization

    Why you need to be trained on 'SEO'?


    Sharpen Your SEO Skills without Learning SEO!


    A good "Search Engine Positioning" is the ONLY way to guarantee really good FREE traffic. This is the goal of all webmasters, and yours too.

    There are so many factors involved in 'SEO' that you need to get a very good hang of this. A sound 'Internet Marketing Training' is the only way to go about it.

    SEO can be divided into 'on-page' and 'off-page' strategies. Although both are important, the off-page strategies influence the 'Search Engine Ranking' to a greater degree.


    A good internet marketing training will cover all the strategies in good measure. "Link Building" is an unavoidable part to the off-page SEO strategies.

    There are countless training and eBooks available on "Search Engine Optimization" and "Link Building". But the sad part is that, most of them lack substance.

    Internet Marketing Training by SEO Gurus:

    Free SEO Lessons

    • SEO Training & Coaching
    • Link Building Techniques Straight from the Heart
    • Link Building in 30 Minutes
    • SEO Mindset - FREE

    Internet Marketing Training From SEO ExpertsInternet Marketing Training - SEO Tools



    Related Reading: 

    The 'Internet Marketing Training' for SEO is crucial to your success as an online marketer. You have, I would say, the best options available to become an SEO expert.

    Get all Your SEO Tools & Resources


    Internet Marketing Training - Sales Generation

    Sales can be generated using the front-end and the back-end strategies. The front-end strategy is pretty straight forward.

    You send your 'Web Traffic' to your marketing website where, you will have your product/service on offer.

    If you have written up a very convincing sales letter, then, the visitor will be impressed and will be tempted to buy your product/service.

    Internet Marketing Training: Tip 

    Ever Thought of Using eBay As Your Sales Platform?


    Internet Marketing Training-Sales Copywriting

    If you can write a good sales copy then you can literally sell anything online. It's a very gifted skill that can be acquired through some training and coaching.

    Where to find a good 'Internet Marketing Training' for Copywriting?

    Internet-Marketing-Training: Insider Training and Coaching for Effective Copywriting

    How to Write an Irresistible Sales Copy?

    Affordable Copywriting Lessons:


    => IM triggers
    => Ultimate “At Home” Internet Copywriting Workshop
    => Copy Freaks
    => Dan Kennedy's copywriting Seminar
    => Master's Course in Net Writing – FREE

    Internet Marketing Training: Tip

    How to generate sales faster than you could even think of?

    Simple, employ the following "Marketing Strategies":



    Affiliate Marketing: By deploying a team of affiliates, you can multiply your sales 'n' number of times. This technique is known as leveraging on time and effort put in by one individual VS a team of people. You got it?

    Internet Marketing Training from Super Affiliate Marketers:

    Pages from this Website:

    -> Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies At Your Fingertips!!
    -> Is Affiliate Internet marketing a Sure Fire Way to Get BUYER TRAFFIC?
    -> Online Affiliate Marketing: Steps to Become a Super Affiliate!

    Internet-Marketing-Training: The Internet Lifestyle Secrets Revealed



    Sales Funnel: Also known as back-end sales, this is where you get to sell to your pre-sold customer, a number of related products, using that one sales point, when your customer initially made a purchase.

    The initial purchase happened the first time your customer visited your website, read the sales letter, got impressed with your product/service.

    Internet Marketing Training - How to Setup a Sales Funnel?

    => Butterfly Marketing
    => Ignition Formula 

    Want to Join the Internet Party?


    Internet Marketing Training - Career and Certification

    Internet marketing is the future for businesses to promote their products/services. I am not discounting the good old offline strategies. But you see what I am getting at?

    And there is no better time than now to get the 'Internet Marketing Training' and get yourself certified as an Internet Marketing Specialist.

    How to "Make Money Online" as an Internet Marketing Expert?

    An 'Internet Marketing Training' with the combination of the right "Marketing Tools" will enable you to occupy the coveted "Search Engine Positioning" with major engines.

    In other words, without the right tools you will not be able to leverage your marketing skills to any degree.


    Must Read Pages:

    -> Internet Marketing Tools: Investing in the RIGHT Tools! 
    -> Proven Marketing Tools for Your Internet Marketing Business! 
    -> Are Affiliate Marketing Tools Indispensable to YOUR Success?
    -> Good Internet Marketing Course Is Where Your Marketing Strategy Really Begins!!

    I will be adding to this 'Internet Marketing Training' page on a regular basis, new training, coaching and mentoring programs, guaranteed to deliver results.

    Internet-Marketing-Training: The Online Secrets Revealed in 200 Step-By-Step Videos


    Do not forget to visit this page very often, to see what's new with 'Internet Marketing Training'.

    You will find a link to the pages at the bottom of this page. So, click on each of the links below, to be taken to the appropriate page.

    To make things easier, subscribe to "Marketing Strategies Blog" and stay connected.

    As always, here is wishing you all success with your Internet Marketing Training!!




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