Adsense Tips to Bring Tons of Buyer Traffic

I will explain on this page, the "Adsense Tips", that you need to know, to get a good volume of targeted traffic to your website.

You already read and know, how

adsense plays a positive role in your “PPCMarketing. If you have not, just head over to "Google Adsense" page to read on that.

Just to recap:

Google Adsense is a great opportunity for businesses to advertise their products and services on various websites, and pay only for those clicks. Now, if you have a website that is highly optimized for your best keywords, and if you placed and positioned some Google Adsense ads on your website; Guess what happens?

If you have not guessed it right, here is what happens.

Google will start almost instantly displaying relevant Adsense ads on your website. Now, on its own, this will bring in the traffic to your website, when a user types in the keywords, that you are also targeting and has your website monetized for.

Do you see my point?

When the surfers are pulled in to your website as a result of the adsense ads that you are displaying on your website, your visitors are now presented with your website content. And if you have a great content, then that's it....

You have a new customer now, from no where basically!

Do you see the power in this?

Adsense-Tips: Build a Site for Google-Adsense with Site Build It!

Now for this to happen, you need to have a   keyword monetized website content. This is where it all begins. You see how we always land on the very same topic over and over again. 

Good valuable content is the key.

Secondly, you will need to place and position some adsense ads on your website. You are getting two birds with one shot. You get adsense money, plus you also get 'Free' targeted traffic from Google adsense.


This is where, my "Adsense Tips" will come handy.

Having said this, let's quickly move to the adsense tips, that you need to know, if you are planning to place Google adsense

on your site. And why not?

What You Will Get from This Page?

You will learn some insider tips that I have been using daily to draw targeted Web traffic to Your website….

Table of Content:


The first thing you need is a website. I am hoping you already have this. And If you don't, then here is a free website builder, that will do a good job of building a website, right from scratch. No need to learn HTML, php etc. Although, it's free, this is a high quality website builder from the SEO expert, Brad Callen.

Website Builders

OK. So we have solved the website issue. I have to point out one thing here, though.

Adsense Essentials


"Adsense Tips" that I am going to discuss here, is based on the following assumptions:

1 - You have your own website, with your product and/or services, you have written about.

Adsense-Tips: Build More than a Website, Build a Business with Site Build It!

2 - Obviously, if you have a website, then you need to host it somewhere. So, I am assuming that, you have taken care of this.

Adsense-Tips: Best Hosting Option

3 - Keyword optimized website content. This is the maker or breaker. Assumption is that, you have researched and analyzed various keywords, and also have good quality content built around these keywords on your website.

Essential Reading:

Keyword Research Tools & Resources

The crucial factor here is, to write good content, content that will interest your visitors, thus, creating, trust.

Here are some automated solutions for generating good quality content, and also some excellent outsourcing options.

Create Excellent Web Content With These Tools & Resources

Content Writing With PLR

So, basically, if all of the above is taken care of, then you are ready to start on with the "Adsense Tips"




Now we can discuss the

adsense tips, to drive loads of targeted traffic to your adsense ads, and to your website.

Adsense Tips to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website


Adsense Account: The very first thing is to apply for an adsense account. And the easiest way to do this, is by creating a Blogger blog.

Blogger is Google's blogging platform, and therefore, a blog built on Blogger, will be viewed by Google in a special way. Creating a blog is very easy.

The key factor here is that, you can apply for an adsense

account directly from your Blogger account. Create your blog on Blogger.

Learn more on blogging and blogs in "Blog Marketing" and “How to Blog” pages.

Essential Blogging Tools



Search Engine Ranking and Optimization: Once your website or blog is up, then the next thing is, to make the universe aware of this. This is where you will need to use the various SEO techniques.

Adsense-Tips: SEnukeX SEO Software


The major way the engines look, respect, and rank your page, is by analyzing your in-bound links to your website, from, other relevant and topical websites. This is called “Link Building”.

I have covered all the possible link building techniques, that, I know of, on a separate page called "Link Building". This is my favourite subject, and therefore, you can rest assured that, you will be getting the top of the class link building techniques from me.

Link Building Tools & Resources

Follow the SEO strategies that I have already covered, by visiting, " Search Engine Positioning"


Google Listing: Assuming, you do not have adequate in-bound links on your website, you should first submit your website to Google.

Get your site listed on Google.

However, there is no guarantee that, your site will get listed in Google. But, there is no harm in trying, right? Likewise, you will need to submit to the other search engines out there, as much as possible.

I know this is a daunting task, to do manually. But, remember, this is a real business, and you should think and act likewise. You can also outsource this tedious job to a good SEO service provider. More on outsourcing later.

For now, grab this free tool to do the job.


Directory submission: Next, you will submit your website to the various directories.

Adsense-Tips: FREE Directory Submitter

adsense tips, may look out of place. You might think that, this should more belong to SEO, rather than adsense tips. But, according to me, it is necessary to discuss these techniques here, as you are trying to get Google search engine positioning and ranking for your website.

---> Like Yahoo,, charges an annual fee of $299 USD for inclusion. So, as with Yahoo!, decide whether you site needs the credibility boost that a listing in will give it.

To submit to, you need to start from the category where you want your site listed. Start browsing, and once you've found your category, click on the 'List Your Business Here' button, just above the alphabetical index. Then enter your personal and site information into the text boxes provided.

Get Listed in the Top B2B Online Business Directory - Receive $50 Off!

Submitting to a good number of directories will be a good idea for a faster approach. I wanted to provide you with as many good free stuff as possible, along with the adsense tips


My objective is to keep the adsense tips highly interactive and productive.


OK. Let's continue with the

adsense tips.


Article directories: Writing and submitting articles to various 'high traffic volume' article directories, is a sure-fire way to get indexed and ranked on the major engines.

Please see "Article Marketing" page for more on this. Of all the adsense tips, this method of generating highly targeted traffic to your website, is enduring and lasting.

Recommended Reading:

> Writing Articles That Gets Noticed!!!

Essential Tools & Resources

I hope that, you are reading and enjoying the adsense tips, and taking notes at the same time.

Make the fullest use of the adsense tips



Submitting articles to the various article directories is a hardcore manual process. But there are tools to automate this job and make your life easier. This is one such tool, again, from the renowned Internet Marketer, Brad callen. Article Submitter is a very good submission software, that will enable you to pick and choose from the list of high PR directories for submission.

Hope you continue to enjoy the

adsense tips..


Social Bookmarking: Submitting your website to the social networking sites, is a great way to rank fast in the engines, and also to drive some targeted social traffic to your website.

The adsense tips that I am providing here, is essentially focusing on bringing the traffic to your site.

> How to Get Loads of FREE Traffic <

Adsense-Tips: FREE Traffic System

I will be discussing some cool adsense tips for your adsense ads itself. That will cover placing and positioning techniques for your ads on your website. Plus the tracking and monitoring tips for your ads, will also be covered in detail.

free social bookmarking tool

> Bookmarking Tools & Resources <

Again, to reiterate, the adsense tips that I am covering on this page, is focused on getting the traffic to your site. Once the visitor is on your site, then your keyword researched and optimized quality content will do the rest.

The visitor will be drawn to your content, about your product/service. If your content is really good and interesting to your visitor, then you get the much coveted click on your "sale' button. At least that is the objective, and reason for placing the adsense ads on your website.

On the other hand, if the visitor is drawn away from your content, and is more interested on the adsense ads on your website, then his click will bring in the adsense money for free.

But, you are at least getting an opportunity to present your website product/service content to your visitor.

A well written and optimized keyword content will do wonders...

And if you have such a website content, then following the adsense tips discussed here will be extremely productive. OK. Now, I want to discuss the last piece in my adsense tips, that will guarantee your website ranking and search engine positioning even faster.


You will buy text links from Text Link Ads, Inc. This is the largest text links broker. You will get various types of links, like:

---> Site-wide Links: Your links will be on every page of your website.

---> Homepage Links: Your will appear only on your home page.

---> Post Level Ads.: You can choose your specific page for your links. If used properly, this is the only form of paid link, that can get you, traffic and a good SEO on your page.

Now, here is a cool tip. For some bargain, use your specific keywords, and search for newly added sites, with a minimum link popularity of 4 and a sub-100K Alexa rank. You will do the search, on to the left of the homepage, where you will see a form to search for the type of links.

Here are some more points in my adsense tips to note, while buying a text link:

  • ---> Buy only from authority sites, with PR 4 and Alexa below 100k.

  • ---> Buy only for SEO purposes, where you will get a link back for your search engine ranking.

  • ---> Use target keywords on your links.

  • ---> Maintain the links for at least 3-6 months, to see the effect.

  • ---> Don't place more than one link on the same site/page...diversify your links.

  • ---> Buy as many Post Level Ads, rather than buying site-wide ads. Post Level Ads, appear right below your content. This increases your chances of getting traffic to your content page.

Although, this strategy falls under the "Link Building" category, I chose to include this in my "Adsense Tips"

, more so, because, I felt an urgency, for some initial traffic to your website.

Recommended Reading: 

Link Building Tools & Resources

Adsense-Tips: SEnukeX SEO Software


Google Adsense, as you see, is a traffic driver, if you have highly relevant web content, that is also optimized for the search terms. Need I mention that, this is the second easiest and fastest way to build an online revenue stream, after continuity and membership sites.

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Here is wishing you all success,



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