Writing Articles that Gets Noticed!!!

When it comes to 'Writing Articles', most people cringe at the difficulty and hardship, and never give it a try. You already know the effectiveness of “Article Marketing”.

If you have not got a chance to read about "Article Marketing", then, do it now. You need to understand the importance of article marketing, in generating free 'Web traffic'.

Writing articles, doesn’t come naturally for many. Some struggle with this lack of article writing talent, and finally after writing for over an hour, realize that, they managed to write under 100 words or so.

Do you fall in this category? If so, relax. This page is all about techniques to show that, writing articles can be indeed fun and less hard than you think.

Writing Articles: Topics Covered on this Page


Now, why you need to listen to me?

Is this what you are thinking?

OK. Let me answer that real quick. I have been writing articles, even before my Online career. You see, I have written articles on various subjects, including politics. I have submitted my articles to the various news paper editors, when I was in the University.

May be that is not very important. But, I have been writing articles since 2003, when I started my online career. Ever since, I am involved with writing articles and 'Article marketing'. I am an expert ezine article author, and regularly write for the ezine article directory.

Now, you will love this.

I have marketed many affiliate products, and my own ebooks, using my article writing skill, and have made a good amount of money.

In fact, 'Making Money On The Internet' by writing articles, is now a second nature to me. Seriously.

I think I should stop bragging now. But, you see, you are in good hands. Trust me.

Writing Articles >  Essential Tools & Resources

Writing Articles Start with Your Keyword Research

OK. writing articles start with your market and "Keyword Research". This page focuses on writing articles, and the 'Article Writing' techniques, that will bring in the desired results.

Keyword Research Tools 

You can go to "Affiliate Marketing Program", to get a very basic idea on how to do a 'Keyword research' and analyze the researched data.

I will however, cover keyword research in detail, on a separate page.


Writing Articles to Ensure Visitor Action and Conversion

What do you think would be the key points to ensure a good conversion for your articles?

Well, according to me, when writing articles, your articles should be able to convey to your reader the following:

---> Your unique voice

---> Authority and trust

---> Realistic and honest view

You will deliver all of the above when writing article. Each of them will be segregated into separate paragraphs.

But, you will also have an 'Introduction' and a 'Conclusion' to your article.

So all in all, your article will have five paragraphs, with a total word count of over 400 words. This will be just right for an ezine article.

You see, you need just about over 400 words, split into the five paragraphs.

How difficult is that?

OK. Let's see how to write each of the paragraphs in a proper way.


Writing Articles One Paragraph At A Time

> Introduction:

The first will be your Introduction. Write your introduction in approximately 2 to 5 short sentences. Here, you will basically introduce your topic. Now here is a quick method to come up with your introductory paragraph.

Always remember your five W's, as in an audit. Who, What, When, Where, Why (and/or How). Try to answer these questions.

Here’s an example, how to do this:

Online marketers "WHO" are struggling to 'Increase website traffic', and are considering 'Writing articles', will want to waste no time, "WHEN" investing in a guide to proper 'Article writing' (WHAT), so that they don’t waste money on cheap regurgitated material, that will simply kill their marketing efforts prematurely and cause them to give up on their dreams to make it, big online (WHY). You can get all the right information and resources for free here on this website (WHERE). All you need to invest, is, in your patience, determination and passion to learn a new skill.


You see, how to structure your paragraph around the five W's. This is very important when writing articles. Your introduction is your first impression. So make this as attractive as possible.

Initially, it will be tough, but, as you practice, it will be just a piece of cake.

> Personalization with Your Unique Voice:

In two to five sentences, you will tell your story, with a unique voice to it. You see, with free 'Web traffic' sources, it’s often a 'Web 2.0' and “Social Media" situation. What this means to you is that, you will need to build up a peer to peer trust.

Word of mouth recommendations. Marketers’ recommending this website to the other marketers.

So let’s see an example.

Now, you have to remember that, you don’t know about this website yourself, and you will be upfront and honest in your reviews. This will for sure establish a connection with your reader.

So, here is an example, how you will write the review:

"I am not new to 'Online marketing'. I am looking for some good marketing resources. I have gone through a couple of ebooks that discussed various ‘Internet Marketing Strategies'. But, I am not happy with the material, as it did not have the marketing strategies outlined in a step by step fashion, especially writing articles. So now I am contemplating whether or not Armand Morin's 'Free Internet Marketing Newsletter' would be perfect for me. I have finally narrowed down my decision to 'IMC' and 'Marketing Strategies To Succeed Online' website. I didn’t know anything about 'Marketing Strategies To Succeed Online' website, so I went online to gather information and see how good and practical are the strategies discussed there."


This has exceeded 5 sentences, but, you see, how easy it is to come up with an upfront review that has your own voice.

And by the way, Armand Morin is the Guru of Internet marketing. He is offering a free news letter, titled 'Internet Marketing News letter', or "IMC' in short. Although, you are getting his newsletter for free, it's contents are equal to or better than $97/month stuff you get in the online market.


> Authority and Trust:

Now let's see how you can build your authority and trust, when writing articles. There may be cases where, you do not know how to pen the words of authority while writing articles. But, you have a 'done it, been there', kind of experience. It’s just that the words do not come easily, to put that into a good 'Web content'.

What you will want to do in cases like this, is to do a research on the topic. Now, this does not have to be your own expertise. You can talk about the other person's authority, too – like this:

"After going through many websites, I discovered there are many things that go wrong for an inexperienced marketer. I found a site by a Marketing expert, Vat Thilek, which explained some of the things that could result in total failure of  generating web traffic. Vat discussed the various "Marketing Strategies" on his website, which covers issues like, "Article Marketing", "Email Marketing", "Affiliate Marketing", "PPC" and more. I was happy to find out that these "Marketng Stategies" are written for people like me – who, have never owned a website that pulls in the traffic, and don’t want to have a misstep. I love the fact that the strategies discussed are easy to follow and implement."

That is just an example, and don't think that I am tooting my horn.


But do you get my point? You see 'Writng articles' after all, can be fun. This will also increase your knowledge, while you are investing in a new skill.

> Realistic and Honest View:

Remember this. When writing articles, your honest feelings, even negative points about a product/service, are appreciated and come across as more realistic to your reader. So, don’t make it up, to look like a glowing review.

On the other hand, you will be more successful, to promote your products/services, or sell products/services as an affiliate, when you incorporate a slightly negative review, when writing articles.

Here’s how you can convey honesty when writing articles:

"To be honest, I wasn’t too crazy about spending money on coaching and training on "Marketing Strategies", when, I don't have inclination to spend money on that. But, Vat convinced me in his website that it’s important to know these things, to be successful on the net. So I gave some serious thought to it. And I’m a frugal person – I don’t like shelling out money on information, I feel, I could probably find for free online. The problem is, it’s all scattered across the web – and I don’t want to take advice from “just anyone” – I wanted an expert to teach me. Plus, once I found out about the value and returns, I couldn’t say no – Vat's website provided me with high quality information and some excellent coaching and training options."

Honesty is the best policy. Be upfront and honest, when writing articles, especially, if it's a product/service review.


Writing Articles That Concludes Well

The last paragraph of your article is your conclusion. Now that doesn't mean, that your article ends there. On the other hand, it's the beginning of your visitor's action, that will more likely end in a sale. The award for writing persuasive articles.

Ka-ching --- Do I hear the cash roll?

> Conclusion: 

Wrap it up here. Reiterate why it’s important for them to get the coaching and training sooner rather than later.

Here’s how you will do it:

"If you already own an 'Online business', or plan to do so, I highly suggest you educate yourself about the various 'Internet Marketing Strategies" and 'Article writing', thoroughly. There are so many seemingly small details that could cause severe problems for your online business, if you don’t know them. If you’re looking for an expert to trust, I can give Armand Morin's 'Internet Marketing Explained' or Stompernet's coaching and training program, my seal of approval. It’s made me feel confident and motivated that, once these strategies are implemented, my 'Online business' will have a long and successful future."


By the way, although that was an example, it is a real one. The above statement is absolutely true in my case. I just let you in on my most held back secret tools, in the above example…

You see, writing articles, is a simplified process, if you follow the above guideline. I have written so many articles on different topics, using the above criteria. My articles are some times, the most viewed and downloaded, from the ezine articles directory.

You now finished your article writing in five paragraphs. So, writing articles this way, you can come up with over 500 words article every time. What is left for you to do now, is to simply add a hyperlink at the end of your article in your 'Author bio box' also known as 'Resource' box.

I will discuss, “How to write your resource box, that will do the trick”, in my soon coming updates. Keep watching the links at the end of the page, where, all the updated pages will made available and will be linked to.

Remember this. You will create best reviews for your own or someone else's product/service, when you put your personal voice to it.

Now go and try this method on a couple of different articles and see if 'Writing articles' becomes a tad easier for you.


Writing Articles: Increase Your Speed & Efficiency of Article Marketing 

Now, here is a quick tip. For added speed, try a tool like Dragon Naturally Speaking. I use it, and it sped up my article content creation four times faster than I was able to do previously. What you need to do is to, simply put your headset on, speak out loud, and it will type it into your PC for you. It’s an invaluable tool, for writing articles, or if your are going to create a ton of 'Web content'.

Get 5% OFF Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional - Use Promo Code: 8awa8ou8n

How about automating the process of writing articles and content writing?

Very good question. My answer is, yes you can. You can start with this guy here, 'Dragon Naturally Speaking'. It Does the grunt work for you. You just need to dictate your article.

Below are the tools, that will make your 'Article writing' a breeze, I would say.

Google`s New Algorithm Compatible Article Writing & Publishing

Essential Tools & Resources:


But you still have to write your author bio box.


This is where you will persuade your reader to take action, by going to your hyper link and clicking on the link. 

You see my point?

There is much more to writing articles than what you have read on this page. In my coming updates, you will learn the various tricks to draw your reader in and keep glued to your article and finally force he/she to click on your own or an affiliate product/service link.

This is where money is.

You will learn how to quickly research the topics, and even come up with suggested sentences for writing articles, all automated.

You will also learn about the best article directories to submit your articles to.

You have to keep visiting this page and also the links at the end of this page, to get some high value and high profile information unavailable to the masses.


'Writing articles' and "Article Marketing" are essential to drive hordes of free 'Web traffic' to your website or to your affiliate link.

The good part is that, for readers like you, this website will be a treasure chest of very high value information and strategies, that you are not likely to find easily anywhere. So, will it not be a good idea to book mark this page, and visit any time you need to have some 'Internet Marketing Strategies", that you can aggressively pursue and implement?

The strategies discussed on this website is current, cutting edge and proven to work. New strategies will be added to this website, as and when discovered and found to be working.

I welcome and even suggest that, you share this website amongst your marketing friends, who are struggling and juggling with various strategies, to little or no success.

Here is wishing you all success,



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