Internet Marketing Tools: Do You Have The RIGHT Tools?

First of all, welcome to the 'Internet Marketing Tools' page. To make money you need to throw some! Without investing in the right "Marketing Tools", you will not be able to "Make Money Online" as fast and as much, as you desire.

How can I be so sure, right? Well, that's my experience in my +7 years online.

If you got the right 'Marketing Tools' and an "Internet Marketing Strategy" that works, then you have your success formula right there!

A successful "Home Based Business" in a very short period of time, is definitely a realizable dream!

What you will find on this page?

You will get to see an extremely successful and rewarding ‘Internet Marketing Strategy’ and the 'Marketing Tools' to bring it to life.

Although, this page is recommended for advanced marketers, there is no harm in trying this strategy out, even if you are a starter. Obviously you learn from experience.

But the strategy and your 'Internet Marketing Tools' are there anyways.

Essential Internet Marketing Tools:

=> Keyword Research Tools
=> Website Building Tools
=> Content Generation Tools
=> PLR Content 
=> Email Marketing Tools
=> Why Sales Funnel
=> Sales Funnel System
=> Sales Funnel Tools
=> Sales funnel Setup
=> Affiliate Marketing

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Having all your internet marketing tools is one thing, making it work is, where the magic happens!


You should look at your 'Online Business' as real business. And to be a successful Internet marketer, you need to have good time management skills and a positive outlook.

I have discussed the basic elements required to be a successful marketer on the "Internet Marketing Course" page. To think like a business person, you have to understand the value of your time.

Money comes and goes. But, time, never comes back. And every one has only so much time.

You spend that time on non-productive activities, you are throwing away valuable commodity for nothing...

Let's have a look at some of the "Marketing Tools" that you will require as part of your "Internet Marketing Strategy".
Before we talk about the various tools required to implement and execute this strategy, let's discuss about the importance of having  a sound “Marketing Plan”.





One of the biggest mistakes caused by a beginner in Online marketing is the failure to develop a marketing plan which will also contain your 'Internet Marketing Tools'.

You should understand that your strategy has to be something beyond just making a sale. Your initial sale is a mere introduction of your product/service to the market.

What is important is that, you nurture and establish a good customer relationship, that will have repeat business and sales.

Without a “Marketing plan” it is not possible to envision this.

Therefore, your tool no.1 that will support this 'Internet Marketing Strategy' and establish a credible and growing business, is your marketing plan.

Tools of an Online Marketer


What if your are stuck with no clue what-so-ever, how to develop your 'Marketing Plan' or even worse, have no idea where to   start and what to start with? Without a plan your Internet Marketing Tools will be simply gathering dust. Here is a Step-By- Step Roadmap, you 'Need', to build a Business from ground up. This is from none other than Rich Schefren, the mentor to the   famous marketers like, Brad Fallon, John Carlton, Marlon Sanders, Keith Baxter, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Tellman Knudson   etc. You can get Rich's Business Growth System here.

Internet Marketing Tools - Sales Funnel For Strategic Business Growth

"What is a sales funnel?"

A sales funnel in a nutshell, is a process, where, a 'Visitor' is converted into a 'Customer', through, a series of front-end, up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell and back-end process. The purpose behind this, is to optimize on all opportunities to make a sale from your visitor.

This Strategy along with the set of internet marketing tools, will have wide repercussions into the future of your business.

I will discuss here the various 'Internet Marketing Tools' that should be in place at the appropriate levels in your sales funnel.

Here is a glaring opportunity, to adopt a plug-and-play system, from the 'Internet Marketing Expert', Mike Filsaime. His 'Butterfly Marketing' is a collection 'Marketing Tools' and is widely regarded as one of the best systems available, that automates and integrates the entire sales funnel process under one platform. And, now, he is giving out the source code to this automated software, for 'Free'. I don't know, why he does this. All I know, is, here is your opportunity to get it, when it is available. This is one of the rarest free tool that comes with all the functionality of a paid one.


John Delavera's 'DELAVO' pushes the bar further up, and delivers an entire system that is fully automated, integrated and   finely interfaced, for an ever smooth front and back-end sales funnel process.The key here is the automated and centralized   delivery of a very effective sales process, that, will keep the customers hooked long-term on your product/service. Try   'DELAVO' risk free.

Internet Marketing Tools of a Sales Funnel

Landing/squeeze page: As always, your beginning point, is to acquire your visitor's email address. Till such time, your visitor is anonymous, for all intents and purposes.

Essential Tools:

Squeeze Page Builder: In order to start marketing online, you need to get your visitor's contact name and address. And for this, email works best.

So, in essence, once you get your visitor's email, that means, he/she has entered the mouth of your sales funnel. And this happens through your squeeze page.

Now securing an email address will not happen for 'Free', and just like that. You need to motivate your visitor to provide you with his/her email address.

How to motivate your visitor in providing you, with their contact details?

By offering something free in return for their name and email!
But remember, your free item must be of good quality and must provide value to your visitor. I have covered this in depth on the "Viral Marketing Campaign" page.

But it's one of the 'Internet Marketing Tools' in the arsenal of a super marketer.

Easiest way to generate content for 'FREE' distribution - PLR Articles!

> Get Over 100,000 Articles Nearly FREE!


Internet Marketing Tools - PLR Articles

>>> PLR Articles: Private label Rights gives you the ability to use articles to which you have the rights to publish. 

It's one of the 'Internet Marketing Tools' used covertly by the super affiliates to speed up content creation process and make significant amount of money in the bargain. 

> What you can do with PLR?

Internet-Marketing-Tools: PLR Niche Formula

Free PLR stuff from Public domains: Public domains have expired copyright stuff that you can use freely for your "Article Writing"

How to find them? Right?

Discover 11 Powerful Ways to Use Public Domain Content To Jump start Your Information Marketing Empire!


Recommended PLR Sites:

Downside to PLR:

The chief problem with using PLR is duplicate content. You are not the only one using the PLR articles. There may be scores of marketers like you using the same stuff.

Problems with Duplicate Content:

---> Search engines can penalize your site. How? De-indexing and lower rankings. Any links on that page will have less link value and power.

How to deal with this problem? Easy. Rewrite the content to at least 45% uniqueness. How?

Suggested Rewriting Tools:

==> The Best Spinner
==> Content Creator & Spinner - Recommended
==> SENuke - Does everything explained on this page and more - A Must have tool

Rewrite 100% Unique Content With This FREE Tool


Internet Marketing Tools – Sales Funnel System: Auroresponder

Try AWeber's Autoresponders for $1

What happens after you capture your visitor's email?

Yow will send out auto-responder emails at various intervals, starting with your welcome email.

What's the purpose behind sending auto-responder emails? To grow trusted, responsive and targeted 'Email List'.

Why? To make money out of repeat sales!


Email List Building Strategies and Tools


>>> Grow Your Responsive List:

"The Money Is In The List"

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

So at the very front end, you will collect your visitors' email addresses and start growing an email list that is targeted and responsive enough to fetch you repeat sales and retain active customers.

Growing and managing a very responsive and lucrative email list is the art and science of a key 'Internet Marketing Strategy' known as "Email Marketing".

How to successfully grow a responsive email list?


Incorporate the persuasive sales techniques from the marketing guru, Armand Morin, into your email messages, that will   motivate your visitors, into reading and taking a coveted action like clicking on your sales links, rarther easily. This is   an exclusive 3-day seminar, where, Armand openly shares his personal sales techniques. Click here to get an entry into your   'no risk' persuasion X seminar now...

Once you start building your email list, and gaining your customer's trust and confidence, you will now start your sales funnel process.

Your 'Email List' is one of your most powerful 'Internet Marketing Tools' and is the driving force behind your marketing funnel.

>>> Sales and Marketing Funnel: You need to be aware of the thin line between warm sales and hard sell.

This process is as much fun as it is tricky. Your success is totally dependent on how you execute this technique.

The money is in the back end!!


Without the right steps and 'Internet Marketing Tools', you will not be able to pull this off.

  • Get all the tools, steps and process integrated and automated for Maximum Effect
  • Get the Butterfly Marketing Software with Source code FREE 

Coming soon:

=> Back-end Sales: How to sell high ticket items easier than ever?

>>> Affiliate Marketing:

Internet Marketing Tools-Affiliate Marketing Software

If you employ a team of affiliates to sell your product/service, then managing your affiliates will be a part of your 'Internet Marketing Strategy'.

Let your team of affiliates send the 'Web Traffic' to your sales funnel setup. The rest will be the easiest part. To see your sales and your 'Email List' grow!

If you are a product vendor, or you want to increase your sales, or you are just an affiliate seeking to "Make Money from Home", get all the internet marketing tools for "Affiliate Marketing" here...

Affiliate Marketing Tools


It is very difficult to cover all the 'Internet Marketing Tools' that will make a difference to your marketing on this page.

But, you can get all the tools here:

-> Affiliate Marketing Tools
-> Marketing Tools

I respect your time, and I do not want you to be overwhelmed with all the information at once.

Therefore, You take your time to visit and read each link below slowly but steadily, and, be more confident and informed at the end.

Applying whatever you read here on this website, will definitely grant you success with every aspect of your "Online Affiliate Marketing". 


Do not forget to visit this page very often, as you will find new topics related to the 'Internet Marketing Tools', added regularly.

You will find a link to the pages at the bottom of this page. So, click on each of the links below, to be taken to the appropriate page.

Better still subscribe to "Marketing Strategies Blog" and stay connected with the most current "Marketing Strategies" and "Marketing Tools".

As always, here is wishing you all success in your new found Internet Marketing Tools!!




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