"Google Adwords Tips" For Highest Return On Investment!

Y ou already have some of the "Google Adwords Tips", that I have discussed in Google Adwords page.

If you have not read that already, then, go to "Google Adwords" page, before you proceed any further.

The Google adwords

tips that I am going to deliver on this page, will enable you to optimize your adwords cost with highly relevant and targeted ad campaigns.

I will also talk about some tricks and techniques to, achieve an above normal visitor conversion ratio. You know my story, how I lost money with Google adwords initially, and how I was a victim of Google slap. You can read all on "Google Adwords" page.

Wait a minute. Do you still have a lingering question about,

Why Google Adwords is So Important?

I will answer that question in a very simple form. OK.

A little known fact is that, the first page gets about 90% of all traffic from Google and the other search engines. To get to the first page is not easy at all. Depending on your competition, it may be even impossible. As simple as that.

With Google adwords, getting to that first page is possible, and is relatively easy. The Google adowords

tips, that I will discuss on this page, will make that job even easier.

What You Will Get from This Page?

You will discover some cool strategies, to get around with Google slap, and achieve high conversions at a far lesser cost!

Google Slap!! No need to worry about it anymore 

Google Adwords Tips Covered on This Page:

Essential Reading:

Tools & Resources that Will Make a High Impact:

CPC-Advertising: Google Adwords-Quantum Click Method

  • Tools that Guarantee Lowest Cost-per-click with Highest Conversion
  • Armand Morin’s Secret Adwords Tips
  • How to Get Visitors @ 1 CENT per click: Video Training

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Google Adwords Tips - Keywords Are Your Key To Success

OK. Keywords

have become the centrifugal factor for a successful CPC campaign and for “Search Engine


Click here to learn more on CPC .

Google has consistently been developing their search algorithms in favour of rich keyword-focused content pages. The engines are getting better at “reading” your page content all the time.

> Read about Google’s latest algorithm change

In this Google adwords

tips page, I will discuss a little bit about “keyword Research” and some free tools that are available to you.

The importance of keywords will only continue, because it’s the only way the search engines can be sure, that their results are relevant to the searchers. And, if you are dependent on AdWords, Yahoo Search or any other PPC service, for your marketing needs, then, your CPC campaign lives or dies on your ability to write a winning copy and bid on the right keywords.

Follow these Simple Steps, when Doing a keyword Research, and You Cannot Go Wrong:

1. Choosing the keywords with the highest demand to lowest supply.

Recommended Reading:

> Tools & Strategies Specific for the Job <

2. Analyze your top competitors on the search engines for the keywords you have chosen, to see, how well they are optimized for each keyword.

>> How to Spy & Dominate Your Competition?

3. Optimize your web pages exactly around those keywords in a way that will beat your competition. There is no way that you can hope to succeed without proper keyword research. And this is why, the vast majority of websites have little to NO traffic.

The FREE & Paid Tools for the Job

As promised, here are your free tools that you can use for your initial keyword research and competitive intelligence:

Google-Adwords-Tips: FREE Keyword Tool

-> Google's keyword tool is a great tool to research the keyword, for demand, supply (advertiser competition), and cost per click pricing all in one place.

> Get your help and support on using this excellent tool here.

-> Free SEO

Intelligence gathering tool. Now to research on your competition, here is another SEO Tool, that will help you analyze your competition, and gather valuable intelligence data.

-> Free SEO intelligence tool. Here is yet another Free SEO Tool

, to take your market competition, and PPC campaigns to a whole new level.

-> Cherry Picker – The $10,000 Price Tag Tool – FREE!!!

So, I kept my promise, given as part of the Google Adwords Tips. It's now your turn to do good to my promise.

I have covered in depth of keyword research and keyword analysis, on the "Keyword Research" page.

>> Get Both FREE & Paid Keyword Tools Here….!

Must Read!


Google Adwords Tips - What You Need To Know About CTR (Click Thru Rate)?

"What is a Click Through Rate?", you may ask.

A Click Through Rate or CTR

in short, is the number of times your Adwords ad is clicked on per hundred views. For example, if 100 people search for 'Google Adwords Tips', and 5 of those people actually click on your ad that has the key word 'Google Adwords Tips', then, you have a 5% click thru rate.

Your CTR

is the most important determinant, for how much you pay for the clicks. You should aim for a higher CTR

, as this is also used in Google's quality score.

Tools & Resources to Get Highest CTR for Lowest Cost!

Recommended Reading:

  • What is Google Quality Score?

  • How to Improve Your Quality Score?

    CTR is measured on a keyword-by-keyword basis. Therefore, it is quite possible to have a high CTR for a particular keyword, and low one for another. Google remembers your CTR, even if you pause your ad campaign, or, even change your ads.

    You can end up with a very low CTR on Google's partner site, AOL, or on Google's content network, 'Adsense', in spite of a high CTR on Google Adwords

    . Google does not factor in your CTR on its other networks, when determining your relevancy for its quality score algorithm. But, it will include and display your total CTR

    in aggregate, on your Google adwords campaign.

    It is confusing, isn't it? You will get better, after you read to the end of this Google adwords tips page.

    As you read through Google Adwords Tips, you will see how to improve your CTR.

    Although, your are getting my Google adwords tips for free, do not treat it lightly. These are some serious tips that, many of the top players will be reluctant to share.

    Look, I am not positioning myself as a Guru, OK. I just learned the tricks, from the Gurus and Adwords expert, through their 'Adwords

    Training'. OK.

    Continuing on with Google adwords

    tips, you will be assigned an average CTR, whenever you add a new keyword to your ad group.

    The bottom line is, you should end up with a high CTR, and the way you achieve this, is, by writing a compelling ad copy, that, your visitor cannot resist.

    I will cover how to do this, as we progress with my Google adwords tips.

    The other determining factor for your ad cost, will be, the relevance of your site to the search term or keyword that you have used to optimize your site with.

    All the above factors will constitute Google's quality score. And a high quality score will mean, less ad cost and high ranking on Google's Search Results Page (SERP). I have also discussed some other Google adwords tips, on Google Adwords page.

    Go to "Google Adwords" page to read more on the other Google adwords


  • >Top<

    Google Adwords Tips - How To Improve Your Click Thru Rate?

    Google-Adwords-Tips from Adwords Expert Armand Morin

    The Google adwords tips

    that are discussed on this page, and also, on the "Google Adwords" page, will see you through your initial challenges, if, followed properly

    OK. Let's move on...

    Adwords Campaign and Ad Group

    You should have separate campaigns for each promotion that you do. And within your campaign, you will have several ad groups. Ideally, you should have about 5-20 keywords

    within your ad group.

    Keep your ad groups to a controllable level. Anywhere between 15-50 is adequate. Always you should start with a small daily budget and be prepared for the worst.

    I don't want you to jump into this unprepared, like I did.


    I think, you should get a sound understanding, as to how this thing works, before you get into this. Although, my "Google Adwords Tips", will show you how to "Beat Adwords", you need to be firm on your foundation. At this point, you should start off with a good "Adwords Tutorials", to make your base strong. What better place, than AdWords Learning Center, to get your education.

    Adwords AD Group

    OK. Continuing with the Google adwords tips

    , your next step is to organize your various keywords into tightly related ad groups. Now when you have your keywords arranged, make sure to use all the three types of matches, for all of your keywords.

    And, If you are wondering, what are the 3 types of matches, read it here.

    Assembling your tightly related keywords into various ad groups is key here.

    You may ask, "why?"

    Simply put, you should have very tightly focused ad groups, each with its own set of keywords, and very relevant and targeted ads. Now, with such tightly held ad groups, the ads displayed will represent the keywords within that group.

    So, if you have several related keywords

    , your ads will be displayed, when a searcher queries with those specific keywords.

    I think, I will use a small example to address this point.

    Let's take the example of an ad group for , How to lose weight in 7 days?”

    The key words in this ad group should be as follows:

    "how to lose weight" - how to lose weight - [how to lose weight]

    "lose weight in 7 days" - lose weight in 7 days - [lose weight in 7 days]

    "How to lose weight in 7 days" - How to lose weight in 7 days - [How to lose weight in 7 days]

    Now, here is your second ad group for: "Want to lose weight?"

    "want to lose weight" - want to lose weight - [want to lose weight]

    "I want to lose weight" - I want to lose weight - [I want to lose weight]

    Like that, this will go on till you have about your 10-40 ad groups.

    Do you get my point?

    Having multiple focused ad groups is an absolute must, to win this game big time.

    I did not have this knowledge and skill when I started out, for which, I had to bear an expensive consequence.

    Before proceeding any further with Google adwords

    tips, I need to stress something here.

    The Google adwords tips that you are reading and enjoying, although, you are getting it for free, I paid a good amount to get it, after my dismal failure with several PPC campaigns

    . On top of all these, suffering at the hands of Google, with a Google

    slap, I was forced to call it a day...

    But I did not quit.

    I learned several Internet Marketing, PPC and SEO, tips

    , tricks, and the techniques, from the 'Adwords Expert', Perry Marshall

    , through his master mind membership program, and also, from some other selected top sources and players.

    The amount that I lost with my campaigns and several other "Newbie" errors, that I committed, when I first started off, with my online career, plus the training and coaching expenses, were recovered in due time and ended up richer every minute of the day.

    Trust me, you will be happier spending and investing in yourself. The returns could be unbelievable, so to speak.

    What I am trying to point out here, is that, you need to get yourself the required training and coaching, for the top and sneaky "Internet Marketing Strategies", "SEO" and "PPC Advertising" techniques.

    Although, you will get some of the best techniques for free here, I may not be able to cover each and every strategy in detail on this website.

    Therefore, it is imperative for you to get the necessary coaching and training

    , from the masters in their respective fields. Please heed to this advice in all seriousness.

    CPC-Advertising: Google Adwords-Quantum Click Method

    • Tools that Guarantee Lowest Cost-per-click with Highest Conversion
    • Armand Morin’s Secret Adwords Tips
    • How to Get Visitors @ 1 CENT per click: Video Training

    Internet Marketing Training From Big Boys


    Google Adwords Tips - Writing Your Adwords Ad!

    The next in our Google Adwords Tips

    item, is copywriting...

    Does this ring a bell??

    Oh yeah..It sure does.

    Let me blow my horn here a little bit... I have honed my copywriting skills, and if I were to grade my skill on a scale from 1 to 10, I will put myself on "8", without any second-thoughts.

    Thanks to my training and coaching from experts like John Carlton, Eric Louviere, Perry Marshall

    , Armand Morin, Stompernet

    , to name a few. OK. I blew my own trumpet enough...Let's get back to Google adwords tips.

    Google-Adwords-Tips: Effective Copywriting Techniques

    You must read this section very carefully. In fact every thing written here, is worth a look more than twice, for sure. Good ads lead to high CTR, that leads to low cost and maximum traffic.

    Your goal is to launch an adwords ad campaign, that is very solid in its fundamental foundation.

      Your Google adwords

    tips for good ad copywriting:


    Your ad must be relevant to what a user is searching for. The user should get exactly what he is looking for, from your ad.

    Compare the following two ads and see which one is more relevant, if you were, looking for good houses to stay in Florida.

    Houses In Florida       
    Looking For Cheap Houses?
    Florida Houses Exposed       

    Find Places To Stay In Florida
    Looking For Cheap places?
    Cheap Florida places Reviewed

    Which one?

    Obviously the first ad, isn't it?

    The first ad appears to be more relevant to your search, correct?

    The all important word here is "appears". The user has no clue as yet, whether, the site is going to be relevant, or, not.

    This is the very first impression. And the first ad makes a cut above the second one. The user, for sure, will award a click to the first ad. And that's what all that matters, is the first impression.

    Note, how the word 'Florida Houses' is mentioned a couple of times in the first ad.

    Google highlights the search term, when it appears on the ad copy, which catches the searcher's attention, and increases the chances of the user clicking on that ad.

    If you look at the above ads closely, you will notice that, both of them are saying the same thing. Except, that, the first ad appears to be more relevant, to your search. That's the whole point.

    Now, relevance of the ad copy, can be achieved, only, by having multiple ad groups in your campaigns.

    If you take the above ad groups, you want the keywords, 'houses in Florida', 'Florida houses' etc. in your first ad.

    You do not want keywords, such as, 'places in Florida', 'Florida places' , in your first ad group.

    Because the second set of keywords are not relevant, you will be throwing away precious user clicks.

    And you do not want that, right?

    Do you see what I am getting at?

    Now let's see, in the next Google adwords tips, how to work your ad headlines.

    Affordable Copywriting Lessons:

    => IM triggers
    => Ultimate “At Home” Internet Copywriting Workshop
    => Copy Freaks
    => Dan Kennedy's copywriting Seminar
    => Master's Course in Net Writing - FREE


    Google Adwords Tips - How To Write An Irresistible Headline?

    Your headline

    is going to be an important factor to influence your click-thru rate.

    An headline that stands out will get the click, from your visitor.

    So, how to make this happen?

    Take your dominant keyword in your ad group, that you want to push, because, it gets the most traffic. Use that keyword for your headline.

    So, in our example above, your keyword

    is 'houses in Florida', that you want to place on your ad copy headline.

    Now, here is a little known trick, to play with your headline.

    Head over to Google, and type in your keyword, 'houses in Florida'. Note the headline of the top 5 sponsored links. or the adwords ads to the right of your page.

    See the sample search results:

    Sponsored links

    1. Florida Homes and Villas

      Florida homes villas and condos for
      rental and sale in Orlando

    2. Houses Florida

      Florida Foreclosures 50% Off Market
      Search Free and Save a Fortune Now!

    3. Waterfront Florida Homes

      Save an Additional 5% with the
      Exclusive Buyer Agent Advantage

    4. All Estate Florida Real Deals

      Save up to 70% on special deals to
      Estate Florida Real at Yahoo Travel.

    5. Great Miami Deals

      Homes. Condos. Foreclosures. Short
      Sales. Search 1000s of Listings.

    6. Buying a home in Florida?

      Take advantage of strong Canadian $
      foreclosures, resale, and new homes

    7. Houses in florida

      Fantastic prices on houses in florida
      Deal with Canadians and save

    8. Houses In Florida

      Search for Houses In Florida
      Find Houses In Florida

      The top 5 searches will be saying pretty much the same thing. But study the ads, look for the variations in the headlines. Now, come up with a super ad copy using the 5 top ads' headlines.

      Say for example:

      Florida Houses and Homes

      Save on special deals on

      Florida Houses and Homes

      Something like that.

      But my point is, this simple copy and paste exercise, will solve at the least half of your effort and time. The top 5 ads are there for a reason. They are the best relevant ads, according to Google. So, copy the best.

      This method, will put you, on par with your competitors' ads, and if you manage to keep your bids at a lower cost than your competition, then, this will mean, higher margins, but lower traffic.

      Google-Adwords-Tips: Get the Lowest Cost Clicks Possible Using the Quantum Click Method

      Using this method, if your PPC

      campaign falls flat on its face, then, at least, you know that, it's not your headline that is wrong, because, the top ads are using a similar kind of headline. So, it's not your headline that has fallen short.

      If I had known this, then, I could have salvaged a good portion of what I lost in this game. But, I have recovered that anyways...

      The methods described on my Google adwords tips

      , is, by far the best underground techniques, that no body will ever want to disclose.


      Effective Strategies & Techniques for Best Results

      As I see this page getting way too long, I am kind of bringing my 1st part of Google Adwords Tips to an end.

      But I promise to bring you more of such tips in the 2nd part of my Google adwords tips. I will keep you posted here.

      So, do come back, and revisit this page, at a later time. Also, don't forget to click on the links below, if you want to return to, other related topics.

      The trick to making it big with Google adwords, or any other “PPC Advertising” or “PPC Marketing”, is to learn the correct way to do things, and then actually doing it. In the next part, I will discuss some other underground techniques, to improve your headline and make it almost irresistible to an online searcher.

      Here is wishing you all success,



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