Turn Your CPC Advertising Cost Into Profit

Is it not clear to you that, CPC Advertising, is, in fact, driven by “Google Adwords, the most prominent PPC engine?


The strategies that I am going to discuss on this page, is so important that, if this is missing in your PPC plan, then you are doomed for failure, for sure.

This was the exact reason for my dismal failure with CPC advertising, back in 2003. You know my story right?

Why Should You Listen to Me?

In the year 2005, I started out without any guidance or a proper direction. I was doomed to fail, and fail I did. Massively bled $$$$. Well, lessons learned, on the way to success.

I would have never even imagined, back then, that, I will be able to write volumes, on a topic that was a disaster.

Patience and perseverance prevail....my friend.

How much I wish, I had this skill and knowledge, back then!!

Unfortunately, I cannot rewind the time. Time waste is indeed life and money waste.

All the more reason to insist that, you invest in some good mentoring, coaching and training programs. This investment will never go futile. In fact, you will reap its rewards later, a thousand times...

What You Will Learn from this Page?

You will learn the following things about CPC Advertising:

You will get some high quality training courses, eBooks and mentoring programs, that I have shared under Tools & Resources

Please have your eyes glued to this screen.

CPC-Advertising: Quantum Click Method

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CPC Advertising - Bidding Strategies

What do you know about bidding?

OK. Let me rephrase that question. "What is bidding?"

The amount that you are going to be charged for the CPC Advertising, will be the amount that you are willing to pay for each click. That will be your "Maximum" bid price.

However, you will not be always charged that amount. But, if you set your maximum bid, higher, your sponsored ad will also appear higher on the search results page.

And, the higher up your ad appears, more clicks and traffic you get to enjoy.

Now, Google Adwords system is such that, it ranks you from the top to the bottom. And, it's generally better to be higher up on the results page.

Your ad will be also going to be judged for quality, based on the number of people that actually click on your ad.

I am trying to explain to you, as best as I could, the actual mechanism of Google's ranking algorithm and quality score system. Some of you may find this Latin and Greek, especially, if you are new to this. Nothing to be ashamed of that. Every body has to start from somewhere.  

OK, Back to the topic.

The number of times your ad gets clicked, on a per/100 view, is known as your 'Click-Through-Rate, also known as CTR. For convenience purposes, I will say Click-Thru-Rate.

OK. This in reality spells out your CPC advertising success or failure.

Now, to simplify this explanation, I will give an example.

If 100 people do a search for 'CPC Advertising'. and five of them actually click on your ad, then you just registered a 5% CTR, for your keyword, 'CPC Advertising'.

I want to issue a warning here, that this page might go longer. I will try to keep it to the point, at the same time, driving home, the key concepts of CPC Advertising.

But, my advice to you, is to read to the end of this page, each and every word that I have written. Failing to do so, you may miss the key elements, strategies and techniques, to come up successful with CPC advertising.

I hope you get me right.

Essential Tools & Resources


OK. Let's get to the meat of things.

CPC Advertising: Click-through Rate

Your CTR is 'The Most' important factor in determining your cost for the clicks. So, you should always aim for higher CTR for your CPC advertising campaigns.

Don't forget that, this also plays a major role in Google's quality score, affecting the amount that you are charged for a click and also the position of your ad on the search results page.

Go to "Google Adwords Tips", to know more about quality score and other topics and techniques.

Bidding, according to my experience, is overlooked and continue to be overlooked by many. I also did this in the beginning.

OK. When you launch a fresh CPC Advertising campaign, with Google Adwords, your ad position is determined by Google, to a certain extent, on your maximum bid amount.

Certain keywords cost more than other keywords. For example, 'CPC Advertising' costs around $5 for a click. Whereas, 'cpc advertising networks', costs only about $0.08, each click. 

What Do You Set as Your Maximum Bid Amount?

This actually depends on factors, such as, competition, your capacity, the conversion rate of your landing page, your relevancy between your ad, your keyword grouping, your landing page etc.

Let's say that, you are promoting your product/service, that earns you a profit of say $30 on each sale. Now, assume that, 1 out of 100 of your visitors, actually converts to a sale. So, you can safely assume to pay a $0.30 for each of your visitor, to break even.

Different product/service, converts at different rates. Say, for example, a keyword like 'Buy CPC Advertising Guide', will convert better than, 'CPC Advertising Guide'.

Because, 'Buy CPC Advertising Guide', is a buyer keyword, that has a higher 'Online Commercial Intent'. than, 'CPC Advertising Guide'.  

Another factor that, determines your maximum bid, is, what others are paying for the same keyword. If others are paying more, then, you be prepared to do the same. In general, I would like to assume that, since they are paying more for a keyword, they are also profiting from it.

What I have learned and experienced is that, if you are paying close to $2/per click, and still you are no where near the top of the page, then, it is better to keep away from that keyword, till you are advanced enough to play the game.

This is exactly how I lost most of my CPC advertising money.

And, always start with a very low budget and bids, because there are so many factors that can 'Make' or 'Break' your CPC advertising campaign.

If you spend $200 on your very first day, you are most likely going to burn out, like I did, unless you are dead certain that, your campaign is going to be profitable.

On the contrary, if you start small with several niches, with multiple products, you will definitely end up profitable.

CPC-Advertising: Quantum Click Method


CPC Advertising: Your Daily Budget

Your daily budget is the amount that you are willing to pay for your cost per click campaign daily.

Now, there are two different schools of thought, regarding, setting up your daily budget. Some gurus say that, you should setup your daily budget higher than you would usually do, for about a week.

This will tell you which keywords are profitable and which ones are mere duds. In my opinion, this strategy is good for those with deep pockets.

But, I will suggest that, you set it low, when you are starting with your "Google Adwords" campaign. Increase your daily limits gradually, once your campaign is steady, and is making some profit.

What if you have a proven profitable Cost Per Click campaign?

Easy, set your daily budget as high as possible.

Many marketers, including myself (in the beginning), did not realize the fact that, Google will not display your ads for every search, if you have a very low daily budget. In this case, you are leaving money on the table, as Google staggers with your limited budget.

Here is a little trick that I tried with my campaigns. I selected Google's content search also on top of my campaigns. You will not believe, as even I did not believe, this simple strategy added an extra $500 in returns for that month.

But, I will caution you here. This strategy will only work for proven profitable campaign. Also, bid very low for the content search.

But you have to test various strategies and techniques, to come up with your highly effective and profitable "CPC Advertising" strategy.

As a rule of thumb:

If you are in a new niche, then go for a lower budget. If you know for sure that, your niche is going to be profitable, then go for maximum budget.

Now, if you set a very low budget for a keyword, say for example "CPC Advertising", then, your ads for that keyword will be paused and will be made inactive.

But, if you have an account that always had a good CTR, and you launch a new campaign with a moderately low bid price, then your ads will not be paused and made inactive. That's why you should always aim for a high CTR.

Now, if at all, you were to face with a situation, where, your ads are paused by Google, for whatever reason, then to come out of that hell hole, you will have to start afresh, with a new CPC campaign, and then copy the best ad.

Go to "Google Adwords Tips" to read more on this ingenious tactic.

There is no fun without automation.

Don't worry. I have up my sleeve, some highly sophisticated tools, to manage your 'CPC Advertising' to profitability.

CPA Advertising Tools & Resources

CPC-Advertising: Google Adwords-Quantum Click Method

  • Tools that Guarantee Lowest Cost-per-click with Highest Conversion
  • Armand Morin’s Secret Adwords Tips
  • How to Get Visitors @ 1 CENT per click: Video Training

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So, "CPC", in essence, is the management of the bidding strategy, and setting up daily budget, in accordance, with the profitability of your campaign.

Go to "CPC", to learn more on this.

There are some excellent free tools provided by Google itself. I will discuss in much detail, how to use the various free tools, to manage your campaigns from a central location.

The strategies discussed on this page, is based on my own experience, and therefore, should be only shared with like minded individuals, interested in "Beating Adwords", and succeeding with CPC Marketing.


Let me repeat this. I am sure, I have already mentioned this elsewhere.

CPC Advertising is all about quick action and fast results. Your success verily depends on knowing the rules of the game and playing it smart.

This can be very addictive and a money drainer. But, you will have success with this, if you follow the strategies outlined here and also on other pages.

Therefore, visit the links below, and read everything on it. The strategies, no matter, how effective, it is, will never work, unless you make it work.

Here is wishing you all success,



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