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Continuing our discussion from "Make Money from Home Now", with “Google Adwords”, you will learn 'How to Make Money Online' with Blogging, using some underground techniques that are not discussed outside of the elite blogging group. 

Making money from blogs, has now grown into a full fledged “Home Based Business”.

How to Make Money Online with Blogs? Is it a good business model to ‘Make Money’? All these questions will crop up initially. Of course, it's a good business model.

Is it difficult? Yes to some extent. It all depends on your passion and determination to make money online. 

Are You? Don’t worry about the knowledge and skill required. This page and other related topics will provide you with the required knowledge and the tools.

Welcome to ‘How to Make Money Online’ page.

Topics Covered on How to Make Money Online

Essential Reading:

Click here to watch the “Wordpress Blog Tutorial"

On this page, you will learn how to automate the entire blog building process with a very powerful 'Automated Blog Software', and also to create 'Blog Farms', to generate tons of cash.

How-to-Make-Money-Online with Blogs: The Blog Solution to Work Smarter, Not Harder

I am giving out high-dose information here on 'How to Make Money Online' from blogs. Therefore read every word on this page to the very end.

You do not want to miss out on some very very cool stuff!


The techniques mentioned here is based on Alex Goad's infamous eBook titled "Project Black Mask"


Some of the techniques discussed here will be 'BLACK HAT' in nature, and is only intended to "Make Money Online". But, you should try to genuinely place the reader's interest first as much as possible, even while building blogs on a mass scale. This way, your blogs will enjoy a longer life span and will generate money for you literally on auto pilot. 

Are you ready for this? OK. Let's continue.


How to Make Money Online from Mass Scale Blogging?

Mass scale blogging is the way to go if you want 'Make Money Online' and see some serious cash!

How? You may ask. Well, the idea is simple. Create a 100 blogs with the intent that, each blog will bring in anywhere between $0.50 - $1 'Adsense Money' on a daily basis.

So, you now make on an average, anywhere between $50 - $100 daily with "Google Adsense". You gradually increase the number of blogs on your blogging network to see some good money.

Isn't this cool? Yes.

Isn't this easy? NO... But, over a period of time it will be.

How to Make Money Online with Mass Blogs?


Here is the Process in a Nut Shell:


Keyword Research: Choosing a good keyword/niche is paramount to see any respectable success with this method, and, is the very first step in seeking answer to the burning question, "How to Make Money Online with Blogs?" 

How-to-Make-Money-Online: Discover Profitable Nichesfor Blogging

Keyword Research Tools


Domain Registration: Register six domain names based on your keyword research. You actually don't have to go for Top Level Domains (TLD), like, 'how to make money', 'how to make money', 'how to make money', but is recommended.

Register 6 domain names with related variations of your main domain name. For example, if your main domain is, 'How to Make Money Online', then, use variations like, earn money online, make money on the internet, make money at home, make money from home etc.

You need to register for 6 domains.

Recommended place to register domain names is, Go Daddy. 

                Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at Go Daddy

How-to-Make-Money-Online: Register Domains for Real Cheap with Go Daddy



Hosting the Domains: Adam Short, a highly respected "Blog Marketing" expert, recommends, setting up 2 domains on each of 3 different hosting accounts.

How-to-Make-Money-Online: Cheap and Realible Hosting Options for Your Blogs

How to Make Money Online – Tip

Always go for trustworthy hosting services.

This tip may sound stupid, but can put you into much trouble if ignored!

Now you need to have different 'C' class IP blocks to host your domain names.

Why? In short, that tells Google that these sites are not necessarily owned by the same person.

This way, you will pass link juice from one domain to the other. I am not sure if "Hostgator" provides with different 'C' class IP addresses.

The best option for you is to register your domains with "SEO Host", a hosting company that perfectly understands "Search Engine Optimization" and value of different 'C' class hosting.


===> Side Note <===

It is recommended that, you do not not host your primary monetization site (money site) on the same hosting accounts that have your blogs. This is required in order for  you to milk out maximum benefit from your blog farms.

Building a network of blogs is never easy, if done manually, blog by blog. It's very time consuming and tiresome.

And for the blog building process that is discussed below, you need to rely on speed and automation.

 Here is an extremely high-end and completely Automated Blog Software, that will do the heavy lifting for you, right from setting up your C panel account to Blog Promotion. It has the highest number of 'Wordpress Plugins' for blog promotion and propagation. A must have 'SEO Blog Software' to help you build highly optimized and monetized blogs on a mass scale. This one tool will address your question, "How to Make Money Online Blogging?".



Building the Blogs: Now you enter into the process of actually creating the blogs. You will install the blog on each of your six domains that you have earlier registered.

If you are installing blog by blog manually, then, watch this video tutorial

Or, use the 'Automated Blog Software' to build your blogs faster, as explained in the above link. In effect, you will build 6 blogs for each of your 6 domains.

Essential Reading:

> Learn How To Blog From A Seasoned Blogger



Adding Sub-domains to Your Blogs: 

Add 2 sub-domains to each of your 5 blogs, that you already created.

What is a sub-domain?

Sub-domains are like separate domains that exist on your main domain. It would be like this :

-->, where, 'make-money-online' is the sub-domain.

So in essence, What you now have is 6 domains, each of them with a main blog on the root of the domain and 2 sub-domains each on the 5 out of the 6 blogs.



How-to-Make-Money-Online: Underground Blogging techniques to Get More Web Traffic with Auto Link Juicer

As in the example of domain names above, remember that your main domain is 'How to Make Money Online', for example, and the other 5 domains will be based around that theme.

These domains will be interlinked together and are consolidated into one unit or blog farm.

The renowned marketer and blogger, Adam Short suggests that, you build one blog farm for every 30 or so money sites you build.

This number is going to be flexible and reasonable for what you want to accomplish, which is, how to make money online, blogging. 

How-to-Make-Money-Online with Blogs: The Blog Solution to Work Smarter, Not Harder

As said earlier, creation of blogs 'in mass' takes time and resources. And you will most certainly need 'Automated Blogging Software'. There are several on the market, but the one that holds my attention is:


This 'Automated Blogging Software' uses its own blogging platform, which is an added protection to your blog network, as, Wordpress and Google's Blogger can come down heavy handed, when, indulging in some of the black hat techniques.


A thing to be aware of:

It's extremely important to do the interlinking properly. I will explain this concept once again:

How to Make Money Online Tip:

Blog Linking Tool to Automate the Job


Now, in the above diagram, you see 6 large blue circles, for each of your 6 domains that you registered. This is also where you will install your blogs. On the small orange polygons, you will install your sub-domains.

The blue and grey lines on the above diagram represents your one way links. Each main blog links to the other blog and also to the sub-domains. Notice how the last blog doesn’t have any sub-domains. Rather, it links to the other blog and receives a link from one blog only.

This way you will build your blog network and links structure. It is indeed hard work initially, but, you will get used to it in a short period of time.


Automation is crucial here to speed up the process.

How-to-Make-Money-Online: The Blog Solution to Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you thus have your blog farms tightly built for each of your niche money site, this is exactly how you will make money online.

Do you see now, 'How to Make Money Online' blogging?

How to make money online with blogs, using these underground techniques, is what you just learned on this page.

Please visit the following links to read more on 'Blog Promotion' and 'Blog Content' techniques, that will bring life to your blog network. Keep visiting this page and the links below, where, I will be adding more such back hat techniques that you can implement and make a good amount of money online.

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Here is wishing you immense blogging riches,




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