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Blogging is one of the easiest ways to 'Make Money from Home Online'. I am sure you also know that. But, what I am going to discuss here and related pages will blow you off!

For those of you new to blogs and blogging, suggest read, Blog Marketing” and “How to Blog?”

Welcome to Make Money from Home Online Blogging page. As you know, Blogging is comparatively easier to ‘Make Money Online’, compared to other online money making activities. 

Why this is so? Because it requires minimal setup, that even a non-tech guy could do this. 

But, what is required is ‘Hard Work’, ‘Commitment’, ‘Willingness to Learn’ & to ‘Make it Happen’, the so called ‘soft-skills’.

What You will Learn from this page:

Free WordPress Tutorials

Essential Reading:

Your Essential Blogging Tools & Techniques


How to Make Money from Home Online, Blogging?

The major ways that I use blogs to "Make Money from Home Online" are:

* Google Adsense
* Affiliate Marketing
* Cost per Action Marketing

And by using some of the contextual ad programs, you can increase your income levels from the blogs.


Make Money from Home Online Tips:

The more popular contextual programs are:

---> Kontera
---> Infolinks

This way you start to “Make Money from Home” online, sitting in your pajamas...; And, If you add up the revenue from the above income streams, it becomes quite substantial, over a period or time.

Is it really doable? I bet, provided you know how to do it properly. And that's what you are going to learn on this page and related pages.

OK. Let's see the ingredients required to make this work.


Tools and Process to Make Money from Home Online, using Blogs


Domain Name: There are tons of Domain registrars out there. A reasonably cheap and quality service is available from the

Just remember that, when you choose your domain name, include your main keyword in your domain name. Your keyword is the 'KEY' to Make Money from Home with blogs.

Go to "Keyword Research" to learn more on effective keyword research strategies.


Hosting: A very reliable and customer focused hosting is what you want to go for. The recommended hosting for a beginner is, "Hostgator", known for quality and service.

I cannot stress enough the need for a trustworthy hosting company. I bit my fingers going for the wrong ones'. I do not want you to do the same mistakes. Remember that you are in this business to, 'Make Money from Home Online' and not to spend without returns.

If you have to host a large number of blogs, and you will see why, when I discuss blog farming and other mass scale blogging techniques, you will need highly reliable hosting options.

A recommended hosting service is Fast servers for:


Managed Dedicated Hosting Servers


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Tool: This is a tool that you will be using to upload/download your files to/from your server. You can actually use any of the free tools listed under: ==> free FTP tools

Now, you don't really need to buy one, But, if at all you need to use a professional one, then, the suggested tool is IP Switch.


Wordpress Blog Templates: Why wordpress blog templates? Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform for bloggers and to make money online with blogging.

Make-Mone-From-Home Blogging with Great WordPress Themes

The other platform is Google's Blogger, which is not so dynamic and flexible like Wordpress.

Wordpress has a vast variety of 'FREE" templates, and that is good for a person who is blogging just out of fun. But, you are here to "Make Money from Home", isn't it?


Make Money from Home Online Tip:

I recommend that you go for customized Wordpress templates, intended for serious bloggers to 'Make Money Online'. The one that I use for my white hat blogs are:

–> iThemes

-> Theme Wars 

-> Affiliate theme 

-> Try out the Squeeze Page theme - Test Drive


Blog Content: Content is king. Writing high value content is an unavoidable step, to 'Make Money from Home Online' with blogging.

You have some cool options, when it comes to writing 'Blog Content'.

Outsource the Job:

Make-Money-From-Home-Online: Blogging Done for You

Check these sites out:

You will need to be very careful about quality, pricing and plagiarism. The best way is to approach reliable outsourcing services. One such service that can deliver high quality expert content for a reasonable price, is WL Marketing.

--> Write Your Own Content: This is a bit time consuming and a laborious option. But, this is what I recommend, if you can...

To make money from home online, is a real job. It requires hard work and good spirit.


Blogging Tools & Techniques

Here is a cool eBook titled 'Make Your Content Pre-sell', by a highly successful internet marketer, that will hold your hand and teach you how to write high quality blog content or a 'Web content' for that matter. You will be surprised, how easily you can write content that motivates your visitor to take action and put hard cash into your pocket. A must read if you intend to write blog content on your own and want to Make Money from Home Online, blogging!!

But wait a minute! From where you are going to get your blog content? You will need to first research your content. Where and how?

Google of course. Simply type in your keyword and do a research on the websites that come up.

Make Money from Home Online:

Automation – Key to Blogging Success

Automation and speed are two great companions, to see that, you 'Make Money from Home Online' with blogging and other methods!


Need to do your 'Blog content' research faster?

No worries. Take a look at the following tools that will deliver quality and speed at the same time:

-> Instant Article Wizard

-> Instant Article Wizard PRO

-> Answer Analyst

Essential Blogging Tools

Content Generation Tools

So now you have your blog content issue also resolved.

What next? Simple.

  • Start building your blogs that is also SEO optimized, if you are using the customized wordpress themes listed above.

  • Monetize your blog with "Google Adsense", "Affiliate Program". "Cost per Action" programs and contextual ads.

I will discuss the 'Blog Monetization' part and 'Blog farm' and automated blog building techniques on separate pages. Be sure to visit them and read and apply the strategies outlined there. These are some very sneaky strategies employed by the top players in the game and is also labeled 'Black hat' techniques.

If you take action and follow the methods discussed on the pages linked below, will ensure your blogging success and accelerate the process to 'Make Money from Home Online' with blogs immensely!!

Here is wishing you immense riches,




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