Grow Your MLM Leads From Purchased Lists

You now know, how crucial is it, to generate MLM Leads for your business. If you are still wondering, what is a lead, then, I urge you to visit "MLM Leads" page, and read over.

Now, another way to generate your leads is through a mailing list, that you will purchase. But, not any mailing list. The list that you want to buy, will be of people who have been involved in MLM at some point in time.

Why should I buy a list?

If that is what you are thinking, then, here is the answer.

First of all, you should realize that, this list will be a level 1 lead, as explained in the no.2 category, in the previous "MLM Leads" page.

Topics Covered on MLM Leads-2 Page

MLM Leads:

To Buy or Not to Buy a List

As told earlier, this will be a level 1 list. Visit “MLM Leads” page to learn about the different types of MLM Leads.

You will need to work on this lead to convert him/her to a better qualified lead. This you will do either through your own “Lead Generation website or through a phone call.

By buying a list, you will have already the groundwork done for you. Simple as that. But, you must also apply caution when going this route, as explained on the earlier page.

Either ways, to execute this strategy effectively, you need to have a very good "MLM Business Opportunity" to present.

MLM Leads:

Points to Consider when Buying a List


Here are some salient points to consider when you buy a list.


Ready? Here you go.


Make Sure You Trust the Source of Your List:

Normally you will deal with the 'List Brokers'. And having a reasonable trust and comfort level will make things smooth.

Now, here is a little tip that you can use. Make your broker/dealer tell about the list. And, not the other way round.

If you are asking questions about the list, then you will get answers that you want to hear, but, not the facts.

Remember, you are the one spending money for the list.


Do not Overpay for Your List:

You should not end up paying more than what is right. You may find that the list sounds great, but, do not overpay for the list.

As a general rule of thumb, try not to pay over $0.06 for a single name on the email list, and $0.15 for a single name on the physical mail list.

You should also ensure the following:

    --> You have sufficient information about the source of the MLM leads

    --> Did they buy anything before, or they are just inquirers (Inquirers are not good enough)

    --> If they have bought something before, look at the price they paid. Higher the price, better the lead



Run Your MLM Leads through Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS):

Now, if you are wondering, what SRDS is, it's an organization that sell around 15 topical directories, on the various printing and advertising resources, and Business to Business magazines and newsletters in the US.

You can get their 'Mailing List Directory', which is an excellent guide that they offer. You can find a copy of this in major libraries.


A quick word about SRDS, especially the 'Direct Marketing List Source' page. This contains valuable data for researching a list.

Here are a couple of things that will interest you, if you are looking to buy your list for your MLM leads:

    --> You can review lists for a market of your choice

    --> You will be able to access the lists on the spot

    --> Get the contacts for the buyers who have purchased high-ticket items through mail orders

    --> Get email lists

    --> Obtain demographic/lifestyle data to target specific market segments, etc.

You will have to subscribe to the SRDS services, on an annual basis, which is somewhat expensive.

In a nutshell, the SRDS DirectNet is an online tool to perform complex list evaluations.

If you think that buying a list could be cumbersome, then you may be somewhat right.


You do not have to worry about purchasing your list, if you can develop your own MLM "Lead Generation" website. And I have already discussed how to do that in the "MLM Leads" page.

It's a tall order though. But, you know what?

Here is your best bet!

Listen, "why to struggle and go all the way to buy lists from 3rd party sources?", when you can simply follow a time tested system, that is guaranteed to generate 'TOP NOTCH' leads. Granted that, this requires hard work and all the other good stuff, but, at end of the day, you will get what you want. I am the first one who will vouch for this. Why not try this all-in-one system, that will not cost you, an arm or a leg. Take this for a test drive, and dump it, if you are not happy.

Misinterpreting MLM Leads

Many marketers (including me) have been misled by the quality of the "MLM Leads", generated or referred by someone.

A low quality lead will obviously be a doubter and a quitter.

MLM has a stigma attached to it. This is mainly due to people failing in MLM due to various reasons, and then blaming the system for one’s own failure.

The most obvious reason for failure being, the wrongMLM Business Opportunity”.

Do you have any thing to say about your MLM business? Share your MLM experience here…


> Now, if you are going to buy MLM leads through the above method, it will be a low level lead, meaning to say, they have inquired about an MLM program, or, have purchased something, online or offline.

But such a lead will need to go through your own filtering system, in order to convert them into a better quality lead. 

Now, there are chances that, you may misread or misinterpret a low quality lead for a high quality one.

Let me illustrate this.

Now, if a person has seen briefly your "MLM Business Opportunity", or has bought something before, from you, or is a person who was with you in a prior 'MLM Business', he/she is a fully qualified lead. No doubts about that.

But, the problem is, although he/she is a fully qualified lead, there is no guarantee whatsoever, that, the person will join your business.


It's simply because, you have not given adequate information about your MLM opportunity, for your lead to fully understand the business plan. This is a very common mistake committed by a large number of MLM people.

I used to do this mistake all the time, and used to wonder, why the person did not signup!  

It kept on happening with me during my initial years, and took a long time for me to realize the mistake.


If the opportunity that you are in, has plenty of marketing materials, including video and email marketing, then, it will be easier for you to promote, market and filter your prospect rather effectively.

I will discuss "Video Marketing" on a separate page.

You can visit "Email Marketing" page, to read more on that topic.

Make sure your MLM business has good promotional materials to market and promote your 'MLM Business Opportunity'.

I have covered the top things to look for in a good MLM business, on "MLM Business Opportunity" page. I will also discuss, the best opportunity, to have come our way, in a long time.

Make sure you visit the “MLM Business Opportunity page for updates...

MLM Leads: Quick Tip

MLM-Leads: The Lead Generation Software from PowerLeadsPRO will Automate Your MLM Lead Generation Completely on Auto Pilot

If you spend some extra hours on the information that you give out to your prospects when they actually signup, will, in fact, save you significant amount of time in the future. This will also help to keep the dropouts to a minimum.

Again, a good MLM business will already have, sufficient information for your prospects, well packaged with an enticing marketing message, that, you can simply give to your prospects. It does save a huge amount of time. Trust me on this one.

This is also where you will leverage, when generating your MLM leads.


How to Covert Low Quality MLM Leads to High Quality Leads?

Most of the MLM opportunities out there will have a 'Lead Generation' website. But, the problem is that, it will not be able generate a top quality lead.


Well, it's simply because of lack of marketing and promotional materials. When I say promotional materials, I mean to say materials that you can use on your own website as a "Lead Generation" tool.

Almost all of the MLM programs, will not allow you to represent them on a website, other than the one, that is approved, and comes as, part of the business opportunity, when you signup.

Now, there is a correct way to get around this. And that is by providing high quality content on subjects like, 'MLM Leads', 'MLM Business Opportunity' etc.

The only way to do that, is, to learn the best and most effective ways of building your own website to promote your opportunity, and collect your top quality leads. Just take a look at this website, that, teaches you how to connect the 'Internet' with your 'Network Marketing' rather effortlessly...

OK. Back to the conversion of low quality leads to high quality 'MLM Leads'.


Now, keep this in mind. No matter how good your lead generation program is, you are bound to lose some leads.

You may ask, "HOW?"

Calm down. That's simply the way of things in MLM. Trust me. I have been there, done this, and still experience this. 

We will focus on what needs to be done to keep this trend to the barest minimum.

MLM Leads: Tip

You have to keep in mind the all important question regarding your MLM leads:

--> Qualified Lead:

Is your lead a qualified one?

Remember, a qualified lead is the one who has passed your filtering process, and has also raised his/her hand by way of interest in your opportunity.

Here is a Lead Generation Software for the Job

> It is easier to work with a qualified lead as opposed to working with an unknown. Now, after you qualify a lead, it's time to provide him with adequate information about your MLM business.

> The lead qualifying and filtering process will be done either over the phone or through your own website.

Do not worry if you do not have a lead generation website, or, you do not have any clue, how to set one up.

Please revisit the link above, that addresses network marketing strategies, training and software, to have a complete handle of, the process of, setting up a high quality lead generation website and to learn very effective ways of network marketing through internet.


> Now, assuming that you have a very efficient and high converting lead generation website or mechanism, your 'MLM Leads' that come out of this system, will be smoking hot, obviously. And, you do not want to sit around or prolong to give them a phone call.

I had experienced this myself. I never used to leave a message for the leads that I called to follow-up, fearing that, they, would never return my call. Such was my fear initially.

But then I changed my outlook, and started to promptly leave a call back message, and to my surprise, nearly 75% to 85% returned my call.

And why would not they?

Think about it for a moment. These are qualified and top quality MLM leads that I filtered through the process. They will definitely come back, as they have shown interest and some even put money to get the business plan.

Of course, this would not have been possible without a good 'MLM Business'.

I have discussed the ideal "MLM Business" on ”MLM Business Opportunity” page. Make sure you read it.


To summarize,

converting 'MLM Leads' from a low to high quality one, should be ideally done with the help of a web site or a "Lead Generation" site.

Although, this can also be done manually, through, 3-way calls, with, you, your upline and your lead, over the phone, this is going to be more strenuous.

It would be much better and effective, if you can process your lead through a filtering system first, and then, provide more information to your lead, who will now be more receptive, as your lead is presold on your 'MLM Business Opportunity'.

The point is, when you are involved in MLM, one of the first things you need to do, to get started, is, to have your own website.

And your primary goal is either, to gather MLM leads, or to sell your products. Plain and simple.

And if you are generating leads through a 'Lead Generation' site, you want to make sure that, you provide sufficient information, to make your reader more than curious about your "MLM Business Opportunity".

Most people will focus on getting the name and email address of the visitor, but, you should strive to educate them about your 'MLM Business', so that, they will fill out an entire form about themselves, and will actually look forward to learn more about the opportunity.

Once you have your website done, then, obviously, the next thing you want to do is to drive traffic to your brand new website.

Simple, right?

WRONG. Driving traffic to your website is a whole new ball game. I am sure you understand that.


MLM Leads:

Marketing & Promotion


Care to join and share your MLM stories? Click on this link, and get noticed with your emotional and motivational MLM experiences…  

In my coming updates, I will provide you with more strategies to effectively market and promote your 'MLM Business'.

These are some highly advanced techniques practised by many top marketers to grow warm and responsive 'MLM Leads'.

I have discussed some effective techniques of ‘Fusion Marketing, that will incorporate the time tested traditional ‘Network Marketing’ methods and the highly advanced ”Internet Marketing Strategies”, in the “Network Marketing”, “Network Marketing Online” and “Network Marketing Business” pages. Make sure you do not miss on any of the pages…

keep visiting this website as often as you can, if you do not want to be left behind. I can promise you that, you will discover more strategies and techniques to harvest the highest quality 'MLM Leads' for your business.

A Note of Caution:

Your hard earned leads will go to waste, if, you do not have a good 'MLM Business', to present them with. I know this from my sour experience.

I have discussed the ideal opportunity that meets all the requirements, in my experience and observation. Visit the "MLM Business Opportunity" page,  where, you will learn what to look for in an ideal “MLM” opportunity, and, you will also be presented with an opportunity, that is extremely hard to turn down.

Look out for my updates on this page and also in the links below.

Bookmark this page and feel free to pass on to people who are serious entrepreneurs, looking for a perfect business model, to "Make Money From Home".

Here is wishing you all success in your affiliate marketing campaigns,



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