Why Network Marketing?

Also known as MLM or Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing is the preferred choice of a 'Home Based Business' model for the well informed.

I want to 'Work From Home'!!

Have this thought ever crossed your mind? Have you ever dreamed of working from home?

MLM Marketing or “MLM” is an ever increasing choice of 'Home Based Business' with many a folks. Therefore, it is only correct to ask questions about it. 

What You Will take Home from this Page?

Network Marketing: Things to Know

How was it before? How is it done today? Is it likely to change in the near future?

These are some questions to ask as more and more people are seeking a home based business opportunity and hoping to work from home and make their dreams come true.

I will be using both the above terms interchangeably, as, many of you use it like a synonym, although, they are unrelated, and represents two different things, as discussed under fallacies, towards the end of this page.

The reason why this is a preferred choice of a 'Work From Home' model, for folks who knows MLM, is, because, this works, and with the residual nature of income, is a very lucrative business model, to “Make Money From Home”.  


Network-Marketing: QUIT Your Day Job with Site Build It!

And for the vast majority, they, either, had bad experience before, or, does not have a complete picture of Network Marketing.

I do not blame them, as I myself had very bad experience with MLM initially. I struggled with this for over 2 years without any luck, and left it a couple of times, saying, this is not going to work.

Now look at me. I have three MLM businesses successfully running...The one out of that is a bomb, meaning, a true "MLM Business Opportunity".. 

You can read my story on the "Make Money From Home" page.

You need to understand one thing though....

This is 'Network Marketing' and not, 'Not Work' Marketing.

This actually works like 80-20 rule, meaning, you will have 20% people under you actually working, and the other 80% doesn't produce any results. So there you go, it's really a 'Not work' marketing for 80% of folks really.

But, that is not any reason to be sad heartened. In fact, I will provide you with all the guidance and also point you to an "MLM Business Opportunity" that I consider to be the best ever...

Many people had bad experience with MLM, and has even gone to the extent of calling this a scam, because it never worked for them.


It will be very interesting to know your take on this. Share your MLM experience with the world. Click on this link to let the world know your story….

OK. So, what is it about network marketing? Why should I even consider this?

Are these your thoughts?

They were mine too, when I miserably failed with four MLM business during my initial years...


Network Marketing: Opportunity to Work from Home

Network-Marketing: QUIT Your Day Job with Site Build It!

But you know what?

'Network Marketing' has grown from a million-dollar business that it was, may be about 30 some years ago, to what it is now, a multi-billion dollar industry.

A little bit of history on this. I don't know if you know this. Started some 30 years ago, with companies like Amway and the likes springing up.

These were the "Wave One" companies, that actually came up with the strategy of hiring 'Independent Representatives' to promote their MLM business and the product. The birth of 'Residual Income' took place to keep the customers buying their products every month.

I have explained residual income on the "MLM" page. But I will repeat here for your convenience.

A residual income is what I call payments received into the future for work done in the past.

One time work, life time pay....so to say.

And if you happen to join the right 'MLM Business Opportunity', then, you will sing praises of network marketing, believe me. 

Now if you are wondering how to join the right 'MLM Opportunity', or, how to pick and choose the right 'MLM Business', you need to visit the "MLM Business Opportunity" page now.


And, if you don't know what is 'Network Marketing', this is how I understand it. Network marketing is a type of selling in which a company recruits kind of home based marketers, rather than the traditional sales force within the organization.

These home based marketers, in turn, recruits people under them to grow their MLM business, and also sell the MLM products, like in retail selling. Thus, the home based marketer gets a cut from his team of marketers when they make a sale, and also when they recruit their team members, and on the sale they make. This can go a number of levels deep, depending on the MLM program.  

I hope that explains.

There are many different compensation plans. I will explain them at a later stage. But our focus has to be on joining the right MLM opportunity.


We are coming to the same question again? What is it so good about network marketing? Why is it a good business model to 'Work From Home'?

The biggest attraction with network marketing is obviously the residual income. That is the reason why, and the only reason why, this is so popular form of 'Work From Home' business, the favorite with work from home moms...


Interestingly, here is a very good informative PDF, showing various ways, a 'Work From Home' mom can launch a successful business from the comfort of your home. Download this PDF for FREE here...

And with the combination of a right "MLM Business Opportunity" and a solid marketing plan, you will indeed have incredible success with this.

Now, if you are thinking about the intricacies of setting up a good marketing for your MLM business, then, don't look any further.

Just read through the following testimonies from simple folks, who neither had any clue what-so-ever about marketing, nor, the technical skills to setup a "Lead Generation" website.

But, they managed to make it big in 'Network Marketing', with the help of an incredible system, an 'MLM Software', if you will, developed specifically for the novice and technically challenged.  


Network marketing Success Stories


      • "I treat network marketing like a "real" business. You cannot thrive on a system that requires enrolling only eight customers, all of whom are family and friends. As I watch my traffic, leads, retail sales and enrollments increase, I am convinced that there is no better way to build a network marketing lead generation source that brings in the kind of quality leads you would pay a fortune for anywhere else."
        ~ James Beane
        http://case-studies.sitesell.com/James Beane

      • "I am thrilled with the direction my business is going. I believe in the "Law of Attraction" where I am seeing many more good things being unfolded right before my eyes. And what's amazing above it all is that it doesn't seem like I'm selling. People who contacted me have already been sold on my website. They have already seen and felt my passion and know that they want what I have to offer. When they call me, their mind was already made up to make that purchase."
        ~ Sara Ding
        http://case-studies.sitesell.com/Sara Ding

      • "Finally, I'm now able to put aside a chunk of money every month for my children's future, and still have some left over to go for an annual vacation. With SBI!, dreams can and do come true. Thank you, Dr Ken!"
        ~ Sara Ding
        http://case-studies.sitesell.com/Sara Ding 


Network Marketing Success Begins with Your MLM Business Opportunity

The MLM software is useless if, your MLM opportunity is not a good one. The prerequisite for a successful MLM Business is the opportunity itself.

Now, many Network marketing companies out there would like you to think that, you are going to get money for life.

Forget about that. It's just not going to happen, unless you make it happen. You will need to make your down line buy the products every month, for the rest of their lives.

You see what I am trying to say here?

Therefore, go for such an opportunity that does not require people to buy the products every month.

How will I locate such an MLM Business Opportunity?

Is this what you are thinking?

Tough question indeed. And the answer is, "Do your research."

Or, just keep reading this page, from top to bottom, where, you will discover the answer...If you are observant.

The combination of an excellent MLM Business Opportunity + the right Marketing strategies, training and software is indeed difficult to come by. But, here is your golden opportunity to lay your hands on the cutting edge tools, training and software for $1 a day pricing. What is left is MLM opportunity that is already at your beck and call...


Network Marketing Fallacies

-> That this is MLM: Over the years 'Network Marketing' has made for itself a bad reputation. The no. 1 misconception being, it is Multi level Marketing. People get mixed up with network marketing and MLM quite often.

Let me straighten up this a little bit. MLM or Multi level marketing is really the way you are compensated, at many levels deep. Whereas 'Network Marketing' is what you actually do to bring in the sale or sign-up.

It's really selling vs activity (marketing).

I hope I am making this clear. Any ways, that's how I understand this whole thing.

-> It is a Pyramid Scheme: This is also a very prevalent disbelief amongst many. Pyramids are illegal everywhere. I believe there were some MLM programs in the past, that were considered to be pyramid schemes. But that was long ago, and the air has been cleared since then.

The absolute truth is, it is not MLM, if it is pyramid. Period.


Pyramids does not involve any selling or any kind of movement of the products.

So, if somebody is talking you into some kind of a pyramid scheme, under the pretext of "MLM", then, you can easily see through it, in the light of the above fact.

At the present time, network marketing has gained more popularity as an effective medium for marketing, that, even large corporations are now into this.

And why not?

If you think about it, it's a good way for these corporations to expand their customer base, and increase their revenues.

Many a folks have also this misconception that, network marketing involves some shady business, and is somewhat like a covert operation.

NO...NO...All crap.

More millionaires are made through network marketing. This is a statement made by Donald Trump, and, not me. But you get the gist, right?

Read why Robert Kiyosaki is calling 'Network Marketing' The Business of the 21st Century


Why People Fail In Network Marketing?

-> Human Element:

MUST Read Books: 

Beach Money; Creating Your Dream Life Through Multi Level MarketingNetwork-Marketing: Get it Right the First Time All the Time

Beach Money AudiobookNetwork-Marketing: Get it Right the First Time All the Time

A good question though. In my opinion there could be number of reasons. But here is what I feel the number 1 reason.

Money, Money and more Money....

How could this be a reason for failing? Right?

You see in the rush to make money, the all important 'Human' element is left in the lurch.

This is also in a way relationship marketing. Everything is based on building trust and relationship with your down line, business builders and your direct customers.

You should place people's interest first. Focus on coaching, inspiring and motivating your people under you. This will prompt them to take action, which will in turn make them money...and you too.

And you know what?

If you have joined a good "MLM Business Opportunity", then it becomes easy for you to coach and train your down line. Trust me.


-> No Product Knowledge or Experience:

In network marketing there is this saying, "You need to be the product of your MLM product". Meaning, you must have a first hand experience of the product yourself before you even market it. This will also lend some credibility when you talk about the product with your lead or prospect.

-> Wrong Opportunity:

This is what I consider the number 1 factor, why, many people fail in "MLM".


Because it happened to me, not once, but 3 times....

If you do not have the right 'MLM Business Opportunity' to work with, then everything else is simply a waste of time, money and resources. Period.

Land the right opportunity by avoiding the pitfalls. Go to "MLM Business Opportunity" page to learn how.

-> No Marketing Plan or Lead Generation System:

Lead Generation Software for the Job

This is a wide spread issue amongst the network marketers. They do not have a proper understanding of the marketing fundamentals, and also lack a system to generate warm and presold MLM Leads.

Go to "MLM Leads" and "MLM Leads-2" page, to read more on the different types of leads and how to generate them efficiently.

Marketing is the backbone of your MLM success.


By the way this is also where you chip in to tell the world about your MLM stories. Click on this link to share your great MLM adventures…

I hope you now realize that 'Network Marketing' is for real, in spite of the bad reputation this has attracted.

The key to success with this is, to join the right opportunity and proper marketing of course. Once you have joined the right opportunity, then all that is left is, to follow a system of marketing and promoting your opportunity.

I will provide with some cool strategies and some advanced techniques to avoid the above mentioned failures, and to take your MLM success to greater heights. Visit the “Online Network Marketing” and “Network-marketing Business” pages, where, I have shared some cool  stuff. And if you really see, you have all the information you require on this page. Just go to the links above, and you have everything there, to succeed with this.

Till such time, continue visiting this page, so that you do not miss any information. In closing, I want to reiterate that, through a good 'Network Marketing Opportunity' and a sound 'Marketing Plan', you will create a very successful online business to 'Work From Home'.


Wishing you all success,



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