Network Marketing Business Starts With U!

Your 'Network Marketing Business' starts with U(n equivocal) Vision and Commitment, the two corner stones for success and growth, for any business.

I hope this doesn't sound like a Harvard Business lecture. But it's a fact though.

Once you have your vision established, then you need to commit to it.

What could be that vision?

To build a profitable 'Home Based Business' with "MLM" or "Network Marketing".

I have discussed on the "Network Marketing Online" page, the strategies to market and promote your "MLM Business Opportunity" using the 'Internet'.

Why Listen to Me?

I have spend 10 years in MLM and 7 years marketing online. Plus, I have invested in myself through a continuous process of learning the most current "Marketing Strategies" and 'Business' development, aside from having an ‘Internet Marketing & SEO Certification.

So you are in good hands.

What You Will Get from Networking Marketing Business Page?

On this page, I will discuss the paramount factors that differentiates you, from being a mediocre to a successful network marketer.

If you absorb and apply the points that I am going to talk about on this page, it will significantly improve your 'Network Marketing Business', guaranteed.

I urge you to read to the end of this page, as this will be packed with high value content, that otherwise will cost you a good amount of money.

OK. Let's get started.

Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

If the network marketing business that you are in, is not really a good one, then, there is no point in reading this page.


Because it will be a big waste of your time and effort.

The starting point is to identify your perfect opportunity to join, and then work your way up.

I have discussed how to identify your perfect 'MLM Opportunity' on the "MLM" page.

Now, if you want to avoid the hassle of researching and locating your 'Network Marketing Business', then, go to the "MLM Business Opportunity" page, to learn,


"What to look for in a good Network Marketing Business?"

Assuming that, you are already into a great 'Network Marketing Business', you need to stay focused on that business.

The difference between just a network marketer and a successful marketer is:

"A successful network marketing business person will apply several strategies and will have just one opportunity to focus on. Whereas, the person who is not so successful, will work with several MLM opportunities, but will have just one strategy to apply."

Do you see the difference?

No wonder why so many people fail in MLM or "Network Marketing", and then start spreading false stories about MLM. Are you one among them? What is your story on MLM? Share with the world your MLM stories, and be an inspiration to others....!


Network Marketing Business & Your Commitment

Network-Marketing-Business: Build & Expand Your Network with SBI Site Builder

The level of commitment determines the level of success with your 'Network Marketing Business'.

I have read somewhere, commitment before clarity! Where are you going? Most people haven’t yet made a solid commitment to build a profitable business.

No matter what type of marketing and tools you have, you won’t create success unless:

> You change the way you look at your business! 'Network Marketing Business' is a real business. Treat it as one.

Is it any wonder why, the author of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' is calling 'Network Marketing', The Business of the 21st Century


What Does It Take To Be Successful with Your Network Marketing Business?

Network Marketing Business Success Tips

Below are the essential steps that you need to take to be successful:

1) Relationship Building and Lead Generation

You must build relationship first with your prospect and then sponsor him/her to your business. This is an absolute must for the sustained growth of your 'Network Marketing Business' or any other business for that matter.

This page will deliver some very important and effective strategies to build relationship and trust off-line.

2) Converting Your Prospect to Customer/Business Builder

A tall order indeed. This is where your "Lead Generation" system will come into play and can happen in two different ways:

----> Conversion to the product

----> Conversion to your 'MLM Business Opportunity'

You success rate will be higher if you have joined a good "MLM Business Opportunity".

3) Monthly Purchases/Ongoing Consumption

Again a good opportunity and your lead generation system will take care of this itself.

The bottom line is, converted customers will be regular, loyal and satisfied users.


For this to happen obviously you will need to setup a reasonably good "Lead Generation" system.

Question is how?

To implement an effective lead generation system for your Network Marketing Business, you need to have proper training, strategies and a good 'MLM Software'. You can save the trouble of researching the website for the right training and tools, by clicking on this link that will take you to the perfect all-in-one 'MLM Software' and lead generation system for the price you can hardly beat...

4) Replication

So you have established sufficient trust and relationship in your prospects, that, they are now your loyal customers.

The next logical step for them now, is to move to the next level, and want to know about your “MLM Business Opportunity”, and if they like it, they then become active distributors themselves and begin to build their own down lines, replicating your exact same system.

Now let's see how you can develop crucial off-line strategies and adopt to your relationship and trust building process one-on-one.

Ready here you go.


Drive Your Network Marketing Business in High Gear!

First and foremost, you need to stand for something, or you will fall for anything. As a 'Home Based Business' owner, you need to stand for your "Network Marketing Business'.

Beach Money; Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing

> Do Not Pre-judge Your Prospect: Lean to take 'NO' with a grain of salt. Most people are so afraid of hearing a 'NO' from a ‘prospect’, that they prejudge the prospect, and choose the path of failure instead of success.

I did the same thing and was so afraid of no, that, I started prejudging people. It happens especially, when you are new. But you need to stop prejudging.

Starting from No: Ten Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection and Succeed in BusinessNetwork-Marketing-Business: The Network Marketing Book for Guaranteed Success

> Get into the Right Mind set: Learn to handle your 'Network Marketing Business' challenges differently. Try to bring in new and different approaches to life and business situations. Most people stay the same way mentally.

One of the qualities to be imitated from the successful, is to strengthen and increase your mental threshold by “handling challenges with renewed energy and better than before”, all the time. This will come to you very normally after some practice.

Many folks struggle with their network marketing business, and fail to take off, because of a constant mental zone of conflict, due to a low mental threshold.


Here is one book that I found to quite useful:

> Understand Your Activity and Productivity: Time spent on productive activities will essentially differentiate you from the small timers and place you in the league of big timers.

I can see you go blank here. I will explain that a little more in depth.

>> Productivity (Actions that will directly impact your network marketing business):

  1. Follow-up calls (Call back and connect with your prospects that have come through your lead generation system)
  2. Arrange for a home presentation at your prospect's place
  3. Invite for business presentations/seminars And some other activities to raise your productivity, like: Inviting your prospect to a recorded call, live call, webinar etc. If your "MLM Business Opportunity" has flash presentations or other prospecting tools, then sending them to your prospect is another productive action.

OK. So what is an activity?

I would say everything you do, that does not directly impact your 'Network Marketing Business', or growing your down line, or making a sale, or connecting with your prospect will fall under your activity.

You get my point?

Note: If you spend more of your time on activity instead of productivity, you’ll get to a point of becoming very frustrated. Negativity creeps in, and you throw the towel on your network marketing business. You’ll go down the same path that many have gone before…

Network Marketing Essentials

Beach Money Audiobook

Read Everything on Amazon KindleNetwork-Marketing-Business: Get Your Network Marketing Business on to the Right Track Right from the Beginning Network-Marketing-Business: Get Your Network marketing Business on the Right Track from the Beginning


Your Network Marketing Business Success Plan

If you fail to 'PLAN', then you are planning to 'FAIL'.

It is essential to have a "Marketing Plan" for your 'MLM Business'.

Many people in MLM and Network Marketing, become frustrated and fail, mainly because, they set themselves up for failure!

Why? How?

They don’t know have a plan, or they simply don't know the correct way to plan for success.

Here, let me give you an example of a plan.

>> Sponsor 5 people to your 'Network Marketing Business' in the first 30 days.

You can not obviously control factors that are beyond your control, in this 30 days. But you definitely CAN manage your productivity in those 30 days, which will result in your achievements.

Let's see how you can make this work through some action plans, one step at a time:

^ Firstly have the end in mind, which is, to sign-up 5 people to your 'MLM Business', in 30 days.

That means, you need to connect with 2-4 people a day.

Draw upon your commitment affirming, "I need to connect with 2 to 4 people to-day, no matter what!"

Then go ahead with your prospecting method, which could be:

--> Network Marketing Online (MLM Lead Generation system)

--> Off-line prospecting and lead generation, or both.

Remember, we talked about connecting with your "MLM Leads", who have shown interest in your 'Network Marketing Business', and come to you, through your online lead generation system.

It's time for you to pick up that phone and place the follow-up call. You will not face much problems, as your lead is already pre-sold on your MLM product or your "MLM Business Opportunity".

What a Good Lead Generation System Can do to Your Network Marketing Business? 


See what a good MLM lead generation system can do to your 'Network Marketing Business':

"I treat network marketing like a "real" business. You cannot thrive on a system that requires enrolling only eight customers, all of whom are family and friends. As I watch my traffic, leads, retail sales and enrolments increase, I am convinced that there is no better way to build a network marketing lead generation source that brings in the kind of quality leads you would pay a fortune for anywhere else."
~ James Beane

"And what's amazing above it all is that it doesn't seem like I'm selling. People who contacted me have already been sold on my website. They have already seen and felt my passion and know that they want what I have to offer. When they call me, their mind was already made up to make that purchase."
~ Sara Ding

Go to "Network Marketing Online" to learn, how to generate your presold "MLM Leads" using the online strategies.

Network Marketing Business: Sponsoring Steps

Here are some steps to achieve your objective of sponsoring 5 people to your 'Network Marketing Business', in 30 days:

a} Attract a prospect through online or by any other strategies you are familiar and currently using.
b} Connect with your prospect and invite for a Home presentation or a Private Business Reception (PBR).
c} Show the Business & Compensation plan.
d} Follow up & through.
e} Launch your newly joined business builder in a proper way. 
f} Provide training and support. Encourage your newcomer to attend the training sessions and events provided by your 'Network Marketing Business'.


Plugin to Your Network Marketing Business System Right away!

Don't try to be a system yourself. You should plug in your new recruits to your 'MLM Business' system, once they are all set. 

A good MLM business comes with a tested and proven system that will benefit immensely, your new recruits.  

Here is a list of things that you will find in a good "MLM Business Opportunity":

* Daily/weekly/monthly conference calls
* Webinars
* Leadership calls
* Product training calls
* Live: local/regional and international training events
* Company conventions
* Motivational events and recognitions
* Websites
* Marketing and promotional tools
* Unmatched up-line support and dedication

Understand your 'Network Marketing Business', products and compensation plan and then transfer your knowledge to your down-line.


In addition to the above, you will have your own marketing and lead generation system and process, that will bring in additional effective strategies to build your MLM business.

These strategies should be affordable, simple, effective and easily duplicable.

You now have the winning strategies, and when you combine the online and offline techniques discussed on this page as well as on the "Network Marketing Online" page, you essentially create a powerful 'Fusion Marketing', to take your network marketing business to the extreme level.

Network Marketing” is for real, and is an ideal 'Home Based Business' if you are serious and committed.

You just need to make sure that, you are into a good 'MLM Business Opportunity' that has all the ingredients discussed on this page. And if you are new to MLM, or seeking to join a good MLM business, then, I urge you to look into the "MLM Business Opportunity" page, to avoid any kind of frustrations you may face after joining a wrong opportunity.

I will discuss in my next update, the "MLM Software" that over delivers on its promises. So keep an eye for the do not want to miss on this one!

As always, Here is wishing to your success,



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