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You need 'Affiliate Marketing Services', if you have an "Affiliate Marketing Program" setup, to promote your product/service, using a team of affiliates.

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What is in it for You?

On this page, You will learn how to jump start your 'Affiliate Marketing Program' and how to choose the most effective "Affiliate Marketing Directory" or "Affiliate Marketing Network"!!

Affiliate Marketing Services: Topics Covered

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Why Affiliate Marketing Services?

Are you planning your next big 'Affiliate Marketing Program' launch? This could be your most effective launch pad in that case.


KEY Affiliate Marketing Services to Look for:

A good affiliate marketing network should offer the following services.

--> Recruiting: You don't have to worry about recruiting your affiliates. Your affiliate marketing services will do that for you.

--> Training: Your team of affiliates will have access to the training area that will teach them how to promote your product/service effectively using the various "Internet Marketing Strategies". 

--> Monitoring: Your affiliate marketing network will monitor and track your affiliate's performance. You will know how many affiliates are promoting your product/service at any given time. 

--> Payments: This is a big thing. Payment 'From' and 'To' your affiliates will be done, monitored and tracked for you.

--> Reporting: You will have access to some cool stuff, like, real time tracking and reporting. You will be able to view the performance of your product/service as well as your affiliates'.  


So what you are left with?

Product support, customer service etc.

The key to be successful with 'Affiliate Marketing' is quality product/service and an enticing affiliate marketing program.

How to come up with an "Affiliate Marketing Program" that no one can refuse!

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Implement Your Affiliate Marketing Program in 5 Easy Steps

Top Affiliate Marketing Services

The most popular choice amongst the 'Affiliate Marketing Services', when it comes to digital products, is this! Click here to read further and you will not be surprised!!


Here is a List of Affiliate Marketing Services to Consider:


Affiliate Marketing Services: Ad Tracking

What is ad tracking?

Ad tracking basically tracks visitor activity on a website and provides extremely useful data to the merchandiser and the affiliate in measuring the performance of their promotional activities.

It has become an essential feature for an Affiliate Marketing Network.

For example, you can view the following metrics:

---> Number of visitors
---> Pages visited
---> Click thru rates (No. of times clicked on the links VS no. of visitors)
---> Conversions (Sales, downloads, email submissions etc.)
---> Geographical and demographic data of visitors
---> Keywords used to locate your website, etc.


Some advanced ad trackers and split-testing tools, like, Site Super Tracker, Pro Tracker PLUS (FREE ad tracking and split testing -  etc.) can perform tracking and provide some advanced analytics, for: "Email Marketing", "PPC" ad campaigns, autoresponders, downloads, ezines etc.

'Google Analytics' is a powerful free tracking tool, that can be used on any website. Ideal for tracking "Google Adwords" and "Google Adsense".

So, there you have all the essential ingredients to look for in 'Affiliate Marketing Services'. It is undoubtedly the easiest and fastest way to promote your affiliate product/service.

The only thing that you need to put together is an attractive "Affiliate Marketing Program".


I will provide in future updates more strategic approaches in promoting your product/service through "Affiliate Marketing". Keep visiting this website every often and the links below to take the maximum advantage of the practical strategies and solutions to your online marketing.

It will be easier, if you bookmark the "Marketing Strategies Blog" page, so that you are automatically updated when new pages are added to this website from time to time. Folks looking to "Make Money Online", get the strategies from "Online Affiliate Marketing".

Here is wishing you all success in your affiliate marketing campaigns,




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