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Welcome to 'Affiliate Website Marketing' page. You now know what is “Affiliate Marketing” and how it's a great way to "Make Money Online", right?

Having an "Affiliate Marketing Program" and a website is one thing. Driving targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing program is quite another thing.

Without 'Web Traffic' you will make nada, zilch, zero with your affiliate marketing program.

It's all about TRAFFIC!

"How to attract quality Web Traffic?"

What You Will Get from Affiliate Website Marketing Page?

You will learn how to drive loads of web traffic, both PAID & FREE, dying to buy from your web site.

Essential Reading:

Affiliate-Website-Marketing: Without Traffic NO Business. The #1 Traffic Getting System


Affiliate Website Marketing - Web Traffic Sources!

Before we start, here is a FREE Affiliate "Marketing Plan", to bring together your Affiliate Website Marketing strategies. You just need to opt-in to get your hands on to this cool affiliate marketing mind map videos!!

There are basically two ways to generate web traffic to your affiliate marketing website.

What are they?

--> Paid Traffic
---> Free Traffic


I have done all of them, and still do them very regularly for my affiliate marketing campaigns. I have found success mostly with Google Adwords.

But, the other programs listed here, and also discussed on the pay per click advertising page, have given my websites a good boost in traffic.

Affiliate Website Marketing with Google Adwords:

Do not get into Google Adwords, especially, if you are new to this or simply struggling and losing money.

To be successful with Google Adwords and other pay per click advertising programs, you need to have a good understanding of how this works and also need to employ some sneaky techniques.


Essential Reading:

  • Real Life Google Adwords Tips For Highly Profitable PPC Advertising!
  • Your Google Adwords Tips For Low Cost High Return CPC Campaign
  • Adwords Made Easy - FREE PDF
  • Google Adwords Course from Perry marshall - FREE   Master and Hugely Profit from Google Adwords:
  • Perry marshall's Google Adwords master Mind Program
  • Definitive guide to Google Adwords
  • Armand Morin's Secret Adword tips  >Top< Google Adwords is by far the fastest and most lucrative way to go. I have learned the tricks from the real players and also outsourced some of my adwords accounts, giving me plenty of time to focus on other “Internet Marketing Strategies”, that I can apply to my 'Affiliate Website Marketing' efforts. Don't get me wrong. This is also the most challenging and cash sucking program, if you do not know what you are doing. I have taken huge losses, when I started with this. Later on I learned the tricks by reading several e books and also through the coaching and mentoring programs that I am recommending here.>Top<
  • Affiliate Website Marketing - FREE Traffic

    Affiliate-Website-Marketing: 16 Point-N-Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic

    Undoubtedly, a huge money saver to your Affiliate Marketing business. This is the other way, the free way, to get traffic to your affiliate link using organic traffic.

    But is it really true to say that, "free web traffic costs you nothing!"

    Hmmmh...something to think about.

    I think it is not correct to say it costs nothing. It definitely is time consuming, and if you assign a $ value to your time, then this is not free.

    Time is money, right? To get free traffic, you need to implement the various "Marketing Strategies" that we have already discussed on this website.


    The organic traffic from the search engines is generally a slow process.

    But there are some strategies that can get you fast rankings and traffic. This will involve some tools to expedite the process.

    Affiliate Website Marketing: Traffic Generation Tools & Resources

    Other Sources of FREE Traffic

    Affiliate Website Marketing Tip

    Place your Traffic Generation in High Gear with

    Affiliate-Website-Marketing: Link Building Strategies for Low Cost High PR Links
  • Link Vana: Extremely powerful link building services to generate top quality links. - Highly recommended***
  • SEO Link Vine: FREE and paid link building services. Recommended**
  • 30 Minute Links: Out of the world link building techniques, guaranteed indexing. Highly recommended***
  • FREE Link Building Video Lessons
  • Cheap Yet Effective Link Building – Any One?
  • Get all Your Link Building Tools in One Place>Top< So, are you ready? Here you go. The link building strategies is beautifully covered by Adam Short in his eBook. You can download his PDF titled "Underground Link Building" for FREE here. This website itself provides high quality "Marketing Strategies" that you can read and apply to your 'Affiliate Website Marketing' plan and reap huge benefits out of it. Free Traffic Tools & Resources
  • There will be more resources and powerful strategies that will be covered in future updates. Therefore, keep an eye on this page and return from time to time.

    Visit all the links below and read and apply the strategies to drive highly targeted and pre-sold web traffic to your affiliate marketing program.

    I encourage you to share this website with your friends who are struggling with information overload, most of them JUNK!!!

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    Here is wishing you all success in your affiliate website marketing,




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