What is an Affiliate Marketing Network?

First of all, welcome to 'Affiliate Marketing Network'. Now, to answer your question, affiliate marketing network is where, product/service owners place their product/service for promotion by affiliate marketers in exchange for commission.

As you know, "Affiliate Marketing" is an extremely effective strategy for the product owners to establish a web presence and sell their products globally.

It is also one of the best "Home Based Business" model to "Make Money from Home"!!

And to make this all happen rather quickly and in a short span of time, services of an affiliate marketing network is sought after.

What You will Get from This Page?

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Why Join an Affiliate Marketing Network?

Think of this. You are a product owner and wish for more online exposure and sales!

What you will do?

Look for the 'Affiliate Marketing Network' that will do the job for you. Right?


-> The team of affiliates from your 'Affiliate Network' will do the marketing, promoting and selling for you.

-> The affiliates promoting your product bear the advertising costs and invest in their time.

-> You are going to pay your affiliates ONLY when they make a sale.

-> You are therefore not wasting your ad dollars on anything that does not directly result in a sale.

And if this is your first "Affiliate Marketing Program" that you are launching, you cover your risks well and manage to keep them down.  

On the other hand, if you are an affiliate marketer yourself promoting other people's stuff, then, this is the place where you go, to locate the best programs that pay you top commissions.


How do you locate the best programs to promote?

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Attract the best affiliates to your 'Affiliate Marketing Program'

Implement Your Affiliate Marketing Program in 5 Easy Steps

Affiliate Marketing Network - Which One?

On what affiliate networks you should have your affiliate marketing program?

Your Affiliate Marketing Network should give you all the essential support, tools and affiliate management capabilities.

The No. 1 reason you are in, is to simply avoid the hassles and the grunt work of managing your “Affiliate Marketing Program”, isn’t it?

Your focus should be ONLY on running your affiliate program as smoothly as possible. Leave the grunt work to your ‘Affiliate Marketing Network’.

Not all affiliate networks are created equal. You should pick the ones’ that satisfies your marketing requirements.

Question is, how to find such affiliate networks?


Affiliate Marketing Network: Essential Features to Look For

1- Free Sign-up: Your "Affiliate Marketing Program" and "Affiliate Marketing Directory" should be free and open to any one looking to "Make Money Online".

Some smart programs offer signing bonus, which is an attractive way to make more folks wanting to join your program.

2- User Friendly: Easy to understand, use and navigate. Guiding all the way through with search tabs, pointers and links, all add up to user friendliness and experience.

3- Cookies: Smart cookie tracking provide the affiliates assurance that their efforts are rewarded well into the future.

4- Affiliate Training: Training and tutorials for your affiliates, teaching them "Internet Marketing Strategies", to drive traffic and setting up "PPC Advertising" campaigns etc., will make them more knowledgeable and efficient marketers.

This will also keep them committed and motivated.


5- Tracking and Reporting: This is a big one. Every one needs to measure their success and failures.

If you cannot measure you cannot manage.

This is where your tracking tools come handy. 'Affiliate Marketing Network' should take care of this.

Affiliate Networks typically should provide ways and means to track and measure an affiliate's performance and also that of an "Affiliate Marketing Program".

As your sales are directly related to your marketing and promotional efforts, a tracking should be in place to monitor visitor activities, clicks, conversions, page and link views, downloads, e zine sign-ups, op-tin lists etc.

As online marketing and technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, the 'Affiliate Networks' should also strive to be current with various tracking mechanisms.

6- Safety and Security: With cyber attacks and affiliate commission thieves springing up daily, a safe and secure environment is crucial.

Affiliate networks and also affiliate programs must ensure safe and secure downloads and web surfing.

Secure website signs and SSL certificates like, Verisign, Go Daddy, Geo Trust etc., creates trust and confidence for people to join as affiliates and also lends protection to online transactions.


7- Customer Support: A good and reliable support is the backbone for any business. No different here. Providing timely and efficient support will make the affiliates and the vendors happy.

8- Payments: Prompt payment of affiliate commissions with options to receive commissions in the form of checks, direct deposits etc. are the hall marks of a great affiliate Marketing network.

9- Product Search: Ability to perform searches for different affiliate programs in various ways is indeed an helpful feature for affiliates like me.

A classic example of this feature is Click bank.

I have promoted and still promote many Click bank products and earn very good commissions on them.

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10- Referral Program: Not many affiliate networks can boast of this simple but effective strategy.

By having a referral program for your "Affiliate Marketing Network", can create viral effects, as many affiliates will be motivated to refer these affiliate networks to other folks.

Think about the exposure that you will be getting. And if you have multi-level commission structure, like "MLM", the effect of tons of affiliates promoting your product/service on such networks is only imaginable.


Affiliate Marketing Network - Affiliate Networks


Click here for a comprehensive list of Affiliate Networks...

An "Affiliate Marketing Network" is your starting point to promote your "Affiliate Marketing Program" as a product/service owner.

So, there you have all the essential ingredients to look for in 'Affiliate Marketing Services'. It is undoubtedly the easiest and fastest way to promote your affiliate product/service, using an affiliate network!

The only thing that you need to put together is an attractive "Affiliate Marketing Program".

And if you are an affiliate yourself, then, that's where you head first.

"Affiliate Marketing" is one of the easiest and quickest ways to "Make Money Online" aside from "Google Adsense".

Obviously, nothing is easy for a beginner. Everything has to start somewhere and comes with a learning curve.

Looking to become a Super Affiliate?


Like this, I will provide in future updates more strategic approaches in promoting your product/service through ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

Keep visiting this website every often and the links below to take the maximum advantage of the practical strategies and solutions to your online marketing.

It will be much easier, if you bookmark the "Marketing Strategies Blog" page, so that you are automatically updated when new pages are added to this website from time to time.

Here is wishing you all success in your affiliate marketing campaigns,




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