Online Affiliate Marketing from an EXPERT

As you know, 'Online Affiliate Marketing' is one of the easiest and best ways to setup your "Home Based Business". Only thing is that you should know how to set this up correctly.

So, the next question is, how to setup your 'Home Based Business' using "Affiliate Marketing"?

Welcome to 'Online Affiliate Marketing' page.

What You Will Get from this Page?

You will learn how to become a super affiliate and establish a six figure home based business in a relatively short period of time!

Online Affiliate Marketing: Topics Covered

Essential Reading:

And Why Should You Listen to Me?

Because I live the life of a super affiliate myself. I have perfected the tricks of the trade, albeit the hard way. You might have read some of the techniques elsewhere, but, what I am going to discuss here are not just any methods.

These methods that you are going to get are the ones that has produced results and still do. These are my day-to-day strategies that I employ with absolute stunning results.

Learning the tricks of 'Online Affiliate Marketing' is one thing, doing it right is totally something else.

You will get to see the "Affiliate Marketing Tools" that I use to get things done faster and with precision.


Aside from the strategies that you get from this page, if you want to take your Online Affiliate Marketing further with super sneaky techniques, sometimes referred to as black hat in the online world, then you should read this...

Online Affiliate marketing - Getting It Right!

There are countless affiliate programs all singing the same tune and bragging to be the best of all of them, giving an impression that, all you need to do, is to promote their banners on various advertising networks. The money will start rolling in..

Nothing is further from the truth. There is NO such thing called 'Get Rich Quick'.

Absolute essential things you need to succeed with 'Online Affiliate Marketing' and become a super affiliate:

Affiliate Masters Course: Free PDF


-> Attitude: First of all change your mind set from a get rich quick to real life thinking.

There will be challenges and hardships. You may feel like quitting already even before you started.

Trust me. Never to give up and always go with a winning attitude.

-> Process: You need to have a process in place to follow every time. You will get that here on this page.

-> Tools: You will see the "Affiliate Marketing Tools" that I use for each process.

-> Plan: You need to have a "Marketing Plan" in place for your online affiliate marketing. You can hand pick your "Marketing Strategies" from this website.  

The 80/20 rule: The general statistics is that, 20% of affiliates generate 80% of sales, while, 80% of affiliates generate 20% of sales. Which one are you?


Online Affiliate Marketing - The Process

1 --> Locate a Hungry Crowd: Locate your buyers who are desperately looking for solutions.

How? Real life situations!!

Online Affiliate Marketing Tip

Folks seeking to solve their problems, such as:

  • Finances: Loans, credits, debts, mortgages etc.

  • Appearance: Overweight, obese, skinny etc.

  • Beauty: Skin problems, hair loss, acne, rashes etc.

  • Health issues: Diabetic, heart ailments, blood pressure etc.

  • General health: Anxiety, depression, sleep etc.

  • Social problems: Divorce, child care, parenting etc.

  • Time and Money freedom: "Make Money from Home", "Home Based Business", "Make Money Online", fire your boss etc.

Each of the above category falls into that niche/market.

How to locate that hungry crowd? This is where you will do a "Keyword Research".


Must Read:

 Market Research and Brainstorming Sites:

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: Discover Profitable Niches

Use "Affiliate Marketing Directory" to perform market research. How?

Read 'Clickbank strategies'.

Examples of buyer keywords: Solution, remedy, want, buy, symptoms, purchase, how to, repair, cure, help, fix etc.


2 --> Identify Affiliate Products: Now that you have narrowed down your niche, it's time to seek out an "Affiliate Marketing Program" relevant to your niche.

All of the steps outlined here is crucial to your success with 'Online Affiliate Marketing'.

High Commissions and Conversions:


Tip: If you have identified a downloadable product, like an eBook, that you want to sell, then, start with Click bank! Why?

The 3 C’s of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Read this: Which Affiliate Marketing Directory Should Be Your No.1 Choice? That also explains how to select the best affiliate program from Click bank.

Other 'Affiliate Networks' to pick your digital or physical products. 


Online Affiliate Marketing Tips:

--> High Affiliate Commissions: The bottom line is your affiliate marketing program should pay you reasonably good commissions for all your efforts.

Remember, an affiliate program that pays you $15 and the other one that pays you $75, both requires equal effort. So pick your programs wisely.

--> High Conversions: Your online affiliate marketing success is equally dependant on the conversion of your affiliate product.

A low converting item will only suck your resources.

A conversion is the ratio of total number of actual sales TO total number of visitors.

Example: Program pays $50 in affiliate commission. Total Visitors=100. Total No. of visitors actually purchased your product= 5. Therefore Your conversion = 5% and your commission = $250

Yeeeah!! Not bad. But you get the point?


Conversion is KEY to becoming a Super Affiliate.

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: Traffic that Converts Like Crazy - The Evolution of 


How to make that happen? Read 'Clickbank strategies'

How to Increase Your Conversion Even from a Dud Product? (Black Hat Techniques) 

3 --> Setup a Multi-Purpose Website: Action starts here. The purpose of your website is actually three-fold:

Affiliate Website Builder

  1. Presell your visitors
  2. Capture their name and email
  3. Send your presold visitors to your affiliate product, using your affiliate link

Tools of the trade:

  How to Write Content that Actually Sell?



Online Affiliate Marketing - Web Traffic

Now you are ready for them. But why no one is coming?

Traffic is the lifeline of your "Home Based Business" that you are creating through "Affiliate Marketing". You want as much as your server can take.

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: 16 Point-N-

</p><p>Click Methods to Generate FREE Traffic

Free Traffic Resources:

Essential Tools & Strategies for Generating FREE Traffic


4 --> Domain and Hosting: Home for your visitors. Try to use your keyword in your domain name.

Read this and other tricks on "Search Engine Positioning" page.

Recommended Domain Registrar:

Go Daddy -

Recommended Hosting Services: 

  • Hostgator 
  • Fast Servers - Dedicated super hosting services

Much essential strategies for your 'Online Affiliate Marketing'.


5 --> Search Engine Optimization: Get the engines to like your website content.

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: Free SEO Tools and Resources Worth $300

SEO Mindset (FREE book): Teaches exactly how to get #1 search engine rankings in the major search engines. 

Essential Reading:


6 --> Targeted Traffic: Seek out every method to drive loads of web traffic to your website waiting to generate sales for you. But, it all starts with a trickle of traffic initially. Make that first visitor to land on your affiliate link.

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: Targeted Traffic that Converts Like Crazy-The Evolution of Traffic  

Must have Resources to Drive Targeted Traffic:

Having a "Marketing Plan" will go a long way to help position your online affiliate marketing in a very strategic manner.

More Free Traffic Strategies


7 --> Link Building: Getting quality one way links from various related and relevant websites will make your website STAND OUT from the crowd.

Essential Reading:

Tools of the Trade: 

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: Fully Automated One Way Links Building Software SEnukeX

  • Go Rent an EDU Domain for $1!!
  • Link Vana: Extremely powerful one way links.
  • SEO Link Vine: FREE and paid link building services. Recommended.
  • 30 Minute Links: Out of the world link building techniques, guaranteed indexing.

Get all the Link Building Tools


Online Affiliate Marketing - Super Affiliate Tricks

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: FREE Videos

  • Get the Super Affiliate Coaching Videos
  • Why Online Marketers Fail? 14 Free Videos

8 --> Email Marketing: Leverage on the 'Web traffic' to your website and the growing opt-in list. Repeat and ongoing selling opportunity!



"The Money Is In The List"

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

Essential Reading:


9 --> Blog Marketing: A super fast way to get ranked in the search engines. Some affiliates use this as a platform to launch their 'Online Affiliate Marketing' campaigns.

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: Get More Web Traffic with Auto Link Juicer

How to become a super affiliate through 'Blog Marketing'?

Click Here!

Must Read:


10 --> Article Marketing: "Writng Articles" is a sure and sticky way to generate pre-qualified web traffic and fast track to success in 'Online Affiliate Marketing'.

Online-Affiliate-Marketing: Unique Article Wizard-The Super Affiliate Article Marketing Tool

Essential Reading:

These are the exact techniques that I use for my 'Online Affiliate Marketing'. I have already established this as my "Home Based Business". 

Super affiliate techniques and tools - Beyond 6 figures...


You just saw the day to day strategies and tools that I use to make a killing with "Affiliate Marketing". I have not yet disclosed the backend process for my 'Online Affiliate Marketing', which I will cover at a later time.

There is nothing secretive to the sales funnel system, which is my backend process. The entire system I just got from Mike Filsaime's famed 'Butterfly Marketing' strategies. I took the opportunity to get his software along with the source code for FREE!!!

Butterfly Marketing Software - FRRE Source Code

But that's not even the BIG thing. I took the system and worked it.

None of the strategies and tools discussed on this website will work, unless 'YOU MAKE it WORK'! It's that simple.

You now have the strategies to become a Super affiliate.

But what about the tools?

Are Affiliate Marketing Tools Indispensable to YOUR Success?

Keep visiting this website every often and the links below to take the maximum advantage of the practical strategies and solutions to your online affiliate marketing.

It will be so much easier, if you bookmark the "Marketing Strategies Blog" page, so that you are automatically updated when new pages are added to this website from time to time.

In closing, here is wishing you all success in online affiliate marketing,




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