PPC Advertising Rules For Success

You must have already read about PPC Advertising. If not, then, no time is better than now, to learn about "PPC". On this page, you will discover the essential steps, to create, manage and monitor your PPC advertising campaigns.

If the steps discussed on this page, are followed to the tee, then your success is guaranteed. You will be able to reduce your losses to the minimum.

One thing that you must understand and be prepared for, is, the loss that is inevitable at the beginning, when you launch a new PPC advertising campaign.

"Why this is inevitable?", you may wonder.

You see, when you begin your ‘PPC Marketing’ campaign, you have no clue as to what will work, or what will not work. Your success in this, is determined by various factors.

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PPC Advertising: Variables that Drive Your Success

Here is a list of the variables that can 'MAKE' or 'BREAK' your campaign.

Ready for this? Here you go.

-> Your Niche/Keyword

-> Your competition

-> Relevancy

-> Ad position

-> Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

-> Conversion

Now, if you have done your home work, then you should be able to address the first two factors, may be the third one too.

But your ad position will depend on your bid price, daily budget, relevancy of your ad group to the landing page and the search query. This will automatically address the CTR issue.

Now, what is left is conversion, or your visitor action/reaction. Your landing page and your sales/copywriting skills will take care of this. You need to give some time for your ads to run and then see the result.

This is the time when you should be ready to throw in the money.

Basically you are testing the waters. When you strike the right chord, everything will fall in place. You will notice the results in the form of reduced PPC advertising cost, increased CTR and conversions. Google will reward you with a higher ad position for a lower cost, than your competition is paying.

But this will only happen, once you analyze your PPC advertising results, and then act accordingly. I mean, you will continuously test and tweak the various components, like, your copywriting, your ad relevancy, your landing page composition, your PPC advertising budget and bid amounts etc.

You see now, why you need to be prepared for some losses in the beginning.

Ask me. I went out without proper knowledge, skill set, planning and preparation. The end result...$$$$$$ spend than $ earned.

I don't want you to be in the same position. And I will make sure that, you will get the right guidance, steps, process and tools to make your 'PPC Advertising' a great success. That much I will promise.

The rest is up to you. You need to go out and take action.

Visit this site, book mark this page, as I will provide you with the top notch techniques and tools right here on this page. Continue to read to the end of this page, and also pay close attention to the links provided at the end of this page.

MUST Have Tools & Resources


PPC Advertising: Seven Steps to Success

PPC-Advertising: Coaching for Online Success OK. Let's discuss the Seven Crucial Steps to succeed with your 'PPC Advertising'.

1 - PPC Advertising Objective:

You Need to focus on your objective. What is it that you are after? You need to have a “Marketing Plan, with an end result in mind. This could be, growing ‘Email lists’ or driving targeted traffic to your website that sell a product/service.

Remember that, you have to pay for each and every click. So, you need to optimize on the clicks and convert as much as possible.

It is very easy to lose money on PPC advertising.

Get a free report from the marketing mastermind, Rich Schefren, that will pinpoint the areas where you need to focus for maximized productivity and returns. While this is not exactly a marketing plan, this sure, will help to prioritize your work, and spend time on more productive chores. Take advantage of this free report called "Final Chapter report"


2 - PPC Advertising and Keyword Research

The success of your 'PPC Advertising', verily depends on your “Keyword Research” skill and also to a great extent, the tool you use for your keyword Research.

> Keyword Research in Three Steps <

The Keyword Tools are all basically the same. But the major difference lies in its functionality and deeper and ingenious brainstorming capabilities.

Do extensive 'Keyword Research'. Of course, broad keywords such as “PPC,” “CPC,” etc. are searched more often. But you will also find that, the bids for such keywords shoot through the roof, with less sales and returns.

Why less or no returns?

Because such keywords are not targeted or buyer keywords. There is no 'Commercial Intent' behind such search.

This will ruin your 'PPC Marketing', no doubt.

Instead, your focus should be on, more specific, and targeted keywords, that a user will type in, to buy a product or service. In other words,

The Art of Long tail Keyword Search!

PPC-Advertising: The Art of Longtail Keyword Search

>> Create a moderate keyword list of 15-100 keywords. Distribute this between 5-10 ad groups. Make sure that the keywords in the group relate tightly. This is crucial for your success with 'PPC Advertising'.

>> Closely monitor your results. See how the ad group performs. If you find that you are getting a good return on your investment, from your 'PPC Marketing', then you expand on your keywords. But, you always start with a moderate keyword list.

>> When researching your keywords, do not just focus on one dominant keyword all the time. For example, if your dominant keyword is 'PPC Advertising', also focus on 'PPC Marketing', 'Google Adwords', 'Pay Per Click' etc. At the same time, you will need to go more lateral to include keywords like, 'Internet Marketing Strategies', 'Marketing Strategies' etc., otherwise, you will be reducing your traffic potential drastically.

>> Another strategy is to, think about the likely problems of the searcher, as somebody is always looking for solutions for their problems. This can enhance your PPC advertising effectiveness, and generate a good CTR. However, this may not profit all the time.

But generally speaking, this strategy will do reasonably good. It is such lateral brainstorming, that will produce your killer keywords for your PPC advertising campaign.

This type of a lateral approach, can even dig out the star performers, in an under performing niche. This has happened to me a number of times, with a couple of my PPC advertising campaigns.

Also, if you can focus more on these laterally thought out keyword themes and ideas, and include in your 'PPC Advertising' campaigns, within the appropriate ad groups, rather than just focusing on the keywords list, will improve your chances of success with PPC marketing.

I must say that, most of the PPC advertisers overlook this simple yet effective "CPC" strategy.

Many beginners make a couple of errors, when it comes to keywords. I also did the same mistake. They either have one huge keyword list under one ad group, or, only have very few lateral/broad keywords. And once this error is discovered, most of the PPC advertisers, generate a very long list of keywords, sometimes up to 10,000 keywords, in each and every niche they enter.

This is another big mistake.


This is simply because, you would have wasted all your time and effort, if that niche turns out to be a poor one.

Bottom line?

Enter each niche with a moderate number of keywords, and do not spend a large amount of time either doing this. You should expand on your keywords list, only, if your PPC advertising campaign proves to be successful. Invest time wisely

Follow these Simple keyword Research Steps


3- PPC Advertising and Your Ad Copy

I have covered the basics of writing a winning ad copy in "Google  Adwords Tips".

But, I want to elaborate on some of the key points of Writing a Winning Ad Copy for your 'PPC Advertising' campaign.

Here are my good ad writing rules to succeed with your 'PPC Advertising'.

Ready? Here you go.

The very first thing that you should know is this,

Good Ads = Good CTR

Get your ads right, and you will make your day with "Google Adwords"

Rule #1 - Relevance:

Relevance is king in 'Google Adwords', as they say. This actually starts your high CTR. Go to the “Writing Ad Tips” section and study the 'Florida house' example, on the "Google Adwords Tips" page, to see how relevancy matters the most.

Also note, how Google highlights the search term, when it appears on the ad.

Your ad should appear to give the searcher, exactly what he/she is looking for. That's the very first step to success with your PPC advertising.

Rule #2 - Headline:

This is the second element that influences your CTR.

The headline of your ad has to be appealing to the searcher, an attention grabber, so to speak. When you are thus focusing on your headline of your ad copy, 'NEVER' deviate from 'RELEVANCY'. Relevancy is and will always be a 'BIG' CTR influencer. Keep that in mind.

Simply pick the dominant keyword in your ad group and apply it to the head line. This is your first step. Say, for example, your dominant keyword in your ad group is 'Google Adsense', apply that to your headline. Start your headline with ‘Google Adsense’, and not with ‘CPC Advertising’.

Again go to "Google Adwords Tips" to see the detailed explanation.

To summarize, Ad writing can be regarded as the art, science and imagination.

It’s definitely not easy, and requires training and practice, to write good ad copies that, will adhere to Google’s terms, standards 'AND' also grabs the attention of a searcher with a problem or a passion.

Therefore, simply, put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. Ask intuitive questions like, What are your audience’s hot buttons? What’s driving them to search those keywords? etc.

Come back to this page, for updates on some cool resources, in addition to the PPC advertising strategies and techniques provided on this page and related pages.

PPC Advertising Resources that You Can Hardly Miss!


4 - PPC Advertising - Testing and Tracking Ad copy

You see, I have told this before too. In the Internet Marketing world, everything needs to be tested first.

You are going to apply the rule here to your PPC Advertising campaign too. Test, Test and Test!

You have to test your Ad copy, your display URL, your placement of keywords in your ad, your landing page layout and colors. All these things have to be tested and tweaked as appropriate.

"Why do I have to test all these things?". Is this your question?

You will test all these components, in order to obtain higher conversions, CTR and your Return On Investment (ROI). How about that?

Your focus should be on your profitability of your 'PPC Marketing', and to achieve this, you will get your cue from the marketplace, that essentially drives the combination of factors to generate the highest conversions.

I will cover the details of testing and tracking on "Adwords Secrets". Please look out for my updates.

Split Testing

What is split testing?

This is the most important activity to measure the success of your PPC Advertising campaign. You will have to split test your headline and your ad body.

It is the act of pitting your ads against each other in the same ad group. What this means, is that, you will let the ads run, till such time, one of them turns out to be a clear winner.

As a rule of thumb, wait for the ads to get anywhere between 20 to 30 clicks, before judging your ads. You will then, take the winning ad and pit that against another ad, which will have some experimental changes to its headline, ad body, keyword structure etc. This cycle will continue, till you discover your golden ad composition.

It is a continuous process in the journey to finding your golden goose. This process will allow you to maximize on your PPC advertising returns, and should be practiced without fail. The trick to do this, is, to start with fool-proof methods that I have covered on this as well as on the "Google Adwords Tips" page.

Also, watch out for the highly effective methods and the tools, that will help to speed up the process, that will be covered in depth, on, "Adwords Secrets" page.

Any one who has a good handle on PPC advertising, will know about split testing. But, the sad story is that, hardly anyone does this judiciously. This separates the regulars from the winners.

I did not have any kind of training or any guidance, when I first started out with my PPC marketing campaign. I was not aware of any kind of testing and tracking. All this led to my dismal failure.

A proper training and coaching will go a long way, in mastering Google Adwords and the PPC advertising process. Invest in some quality 'Adwords training' or 'Adwords tutorial' and other 'Internet Marketing Strategies', that I will provide in my next update.

Come back, and visit the page, "Adwords Secrets", for in-depth testing and tracking techniques.

PPC-Advertising: Google Adwords Tips


5 - PPC Advertising and Bidding

Bidding is a key strategy that is vital to your PPC advertising and marketing success. It's also one of the most overlooked areas of "Google Adwords" optimization.

It's pretty much a decision time, how much to bid. There is no right or wrong amount to bid. It all comes down to your testing and experience. After all, every bit of experience adds to your success with PPC advertising.

The simplest way to find out how much a certain ad position will cost you, is to use Google's Traffic Estimator. If you are enrolled with Google Adwords, and have an active campaign, then you can access the tool, by going to an ad group within the campaign. Just click on 'edit keywords', and you will find a box that displays your keyword specifics. 

Just play around with your maximum amount. Click on the 'Re-estimate Traffic' button at the bottom. This will give you a very rough estimate of the traffic that you can expect for your bid amount. But, again, this is just an estimate, based on past averages from the PPC advertisers.

From my experience, I can say this. Do not get caught up with the number one position for your PPC ad. Instead of focusing on your number one spot, it will be wiser and economical to focus on getting anywhere between number two through number five positions.

Do not worry. Your ad will still be above the fold, on most user screens, and that's what really matters, to start with. If you consistently register a good Click Through Rate (CTR), then, Google will move your ad to higher positions.

To learn more on bidding, go to "CPC Advertising"

Essential Tools & Resources


6 - PPC Advertising - Measuring Your Success

I don't have to repeat this. Do I?

If you cannot measure, you cannot manage.

Measure what?

Well, there are two very important things that you need to track and monitor.

-> Conversions:

You see, 'PPC Marketing' is a business model. You nee to look at it as your business. So from a business point of view, PPC advertising is not just about clicks. There is something higher than that. 

You got it.

Your Conversion & Marketing Budget!

The visitor actually clicks on your ad and follow through with a purchase, or sign-up for your news letter, or any action that you want the visitor to take. That is where, your PPC advertising success lies. You have to still maintain a good click-through-rate, and please Google with your ad performance, in order to maintain your ad position, and your ad cost.

> An Internet Marketer's Essential Tools & Resources! <

But, if you have very poor conversion ratio, then, it simply defeats the purpose. What actually matters to YOU at the end of the day, is whether your ads turn into sales, or sign-ups, or leads. If clicks are high but conversions are poor, then you need to perform some diagnostics.

Basically, you need to hone your copywriting skills. I have covered some very good techniques on the "Google Adwords Tips" page, that deals with Ad Copywriting.

I will cover other highly sophisticated strategies in my future update of "Google Adwords Tips-2" page, that will, grab the attention of your visitor, and, prompts him/her, to take action.

 7 - PPC Advertising Budget

You need to always pin your one eye on this. This is where money is, lost by you, and, made by Google. For me, the wounds of that bitter experience, lasted for a long while, till I recouped the lost sum, many times over.

Keep tracking and monitoring your ad spends, continuously. Don't worry. I will detail out some very cool strategies, to track your PPC advertising performance, both, manually and automated.

Needless to say, 'Watch Your Budget'. This discipline, has to be inculcated, not only by the beginners, but also by the experienced. In today’s PPC advertising environment, you usually have to lose some money on a campaign in the early stages.

This is simply unavoidable, and has to regarded and consoled as, the price that you need to pay, to discover, what actually works. But once it’s working, it’s just smart business to check your 'PPC Advertising' campaign reports daily and keep track of your conversions and ROI.

Book mark this page, and visit them regularly. I will come up with some updates, that will cover some techniques for '"Google Adwords" management, that are just round the corner. These techniques are not to be found any where, even if you pay for it.


I am providing all practical information here, based on the training, eBooks and my own experience.

It is my privilege, to guide you in the proper direction with the right information and tools. I want to see your testimonies of success on this website.

I will be only happy to have saved you from the kind of pressure, pain and fear I had undergone 7 years ago.

You will get everything you need to succeed online on this website. Please take your time in reading every page of this site and all the links at the bottom of each page. And as usual, I wish you all success in your 'PPC Advertising' campaigns.

Here is wishing you all success,



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