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Monetization comes last. 'Make Money Blogging' with the 2 blog monetization methods that your are going to learn on this page. Blog monetization is the fun part and also most rewarding.

What You will learn here?

On this page you will learn how to monetize your blogs with affiliate programs and adsense. The two super easy ways to monetize your blogs. Properly executed, you make money blogging, chunks of money. I mean it. I live and experience blogging riches in an unadvertised way.

Make Money Blogging: Topics Covered

Make-Money-Blogging: The Perfect Monetization Strategy for Adsense

Must Read Blogging Topics:

Suggested Tools:


Keyword Tools:

-> Keyword Spy
-> Keyword Country
-> Keyword Elite
-> Micro Niche Finder

Make-Money-Blogging: Get More Web Traffic with Auto Link Juicer
  • Auto Blog Samurai: Fully automated blogging software, guarantees a minimum of $1 a day in adsense earnings from each blog!
  • FirePow: Highly advanced and automated blogging software
  • The Blog Solution: Your solution for massive blog building
  • Blog Profitz - Blog Monetization Software

Make Money Blogging: Tools

OK. Let's start with affiliate programs as your main monetization option.  


Make Money Blogging: The Affiliate Method

Here are the Steps to Follow:

Make-Money-Blogging: Keyword Research Tool

1 --->

Locate High Paying Keywords: Now for the steps discussed here, you will need to resort to some highly specialized keyword tools. This is the most important first step to 'Make Money Blogging'.

Here are the ones’ that I use and recommend:

  • Google's External Keyword Tool - This one is free and is a good place to start off.
  • IMEYE: Highly specialized tool to locate the hidden gems and evaluate key worth.
  • Keyword Spy: Spies on Google adwords competition and CPC value.
  • Keyword Country: Watch this video!
  • Keyword Elite: An extremely good keyword analysis tool, long tail and misspelled keyword generator.
  • Micro Niche Finder: Very reasonable and extremely good tool to research micro niche keywords. The only tool to determine the commercial viability of a keyword.

What are high paying keywords?
For example 'Make Money Blogging' keyword has a CPC (Cost per Click) value of over $3, whereas 'Keyword tool' has a CPC around $2.70. High paying keywords both in affiliate sense and adsense is your groundwork to make money blogging.


2 --->

Assess the Search Volume: You want to narrow your "Keyword Research" to the ones' that has high search volume and whether it's going to convert well, and at the same time, has some good affiliate programs related to it. The overall picture, you see?

Make Money Blogging Tip:

Here is how to do this:

-> Seek out keywords that has a good search volume with a high CPC pay out.
-> Now narrow down your search to come up with the long tail keywords.

Why Long Tail Keywords?


Make-Money-Blogging: The Art of Longtail Search

To bring the competition down and to increase the conversion rates of your 'Web traffic'.

You see my point? Make sure that your long tailed keywords have reasonable search volume.

-> Eliminate the keywords that has few or no affiliate programs associated with it.

With the help of the advanced tools, it will be less stressful and an enjoyable experience, while you make money blogging.


3 --->

Match the Affiliate Programs to Your Traffic: One way to locate relevant affiliate products for your keyword is to do a Google search.

High Paying Affiliate Networks

For example, if you want to identify the programs related to 'Make Money Blogging', just type in the word into Google like this, 'make money blogging affiliate program'. This will bring up a wide selection of choices. All you have to do is choose the right one that has high conversions and commissions.

Bottom line: Locate keywords that has good search volume, low competition and good affiliate and adsense payouts. You are now ready to roll.

Use the keyword tools listed above that will really speed up the process. Most of them are equipped to do the dirty work of deeper analysis for you and to come up with the 'winnable' keywords that you can shoot for!


4 --->

Build Your Blog and Monetize: Now you build your blog page and host on 3rd party hosting services.

Money-Blogging: Blog Monetization Software

Recommended steps:

-> Build your blog pages for each of your keywords that you have analyzed and researched. Use the 'Automated Blogging Software' ( Auto Blog samurai) for speed and automation.

If you are looking to build your blog farm, then use, The Blog Solution software for mass blog building.

If you want to give a personal touch to your blogs, then, I suggest you use FirePow.

-> Research the affiliate product associated to your keyword. Look for user reviews for the affiliate product, review the product landing page for product benefits etc.


Suggested Tools for Blog Content Research:

Recommended Hosting Services:

  • Hostgator 
  • SEO Hosting: Hosting on separate 'C' class IP
  • Dedicated Hosting

I will cover the subject of 'Hosting' in detail on a separate page. Keep a look for the update.

An automated blogging software to generate the affiliate program feeds for you, completely automated. This tool knocks out human effort from the equation and speeds up the process of generating relevant blog content and graphics to match your keyword. A truly easy way to monetize your blog and Make Money Blogging...


Make-Money-Blogging: Link Tracking and Cloaking Software

Link Tracking Software by LinkTrackr

Why to protect your affiliate links?

There are affiliate link thieves lurking around to snap up your links. How they do this is a topic for another day.

You are here to 'Make Money Blogging' and not to lose it to the cyber thieves!!

The important question is how to protect your affiliate links?

Easy. Clone your links and make it look like a normal link. How?

Use the suggested tools:

  • Affiliate Cloner 

  • Affiliate Camo: Use this FREE tool to go one step ahead and perform the following:

      1.Cloak the affiliate links to protect your affiliate commissions
      2.Track the links to see which one is a performer and a dud
      3.Covert affiliate marketing and promotions to virally market your affiliate link/product (platinum feature)


Make Money Blogging Tip

Redirect Your Affiliate Link to Merchant Site:

Make-Money-Blogging: Best Link Cloaking Software

Why? Although this is actually not necessary, it is advisable to place a redirect script on your blog.

The whole point is to get people to click on your affiliate link, to be then taken to the merchant site.

Here is the redirect code that you can place on your blog's HTML:

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