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In our 5 part series on "How to Make Money from Home Online”, blogging, 'Blog Promotion' is what you will learn here. Without 'Web Traffic' you are not going to see money, as simple as that.

Effective Blog promotion techniques is what makes that possible. You will see here the various methods by which you can drive traffic to your blog farm or your blog network.

The bottom line is, Google love Blogs, for the simple reason that, it’s not static like a website. The content is always refreshed and new.

You see, Google is after content, relevant and high quality ‘Web Content’.

What You will Read on Blog Promotion Page?

Essential Reading:

You already learned how to automate the entire blog building process with very powerful 'Automated Blog Software', and also to create 'Blog Farms', to generate tons of cash.  Just to refresh your memory, here are the tools again:


Essential Tools for Blog Promotion

--> FirePow: This 'Automated Blog Software' not only build your blogs, but also has some very effective 'Blog Promotion' tools integrated into the blog building process. Highly recommended. 

--> The Blog Solution: A mass blog building tool with blog promotion functions incorporated. The specialty of this automated blog software is that it uses its own unique blogging platform for the blogs.

This is in fact beneficial as wordpress and Google's Blogger can penalize and even pull the plug on your blogs if found in violation of their rules.

The techniques mentioned here is based on Alex Goad’s infamous eBook titled "Project Black Mask ""


Blog Promotion - Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is in essence "Social Media" or 'Web 2.0' as is popularly known. It's basically user generated content that has created such successes like "Twitter" and 'Facebook'.

Read More about Social Media Tools & Resources

The way this works is that, when you see something of interest while surfing, you will bookmark that page for later visit. So, when you thus book mark a page, others on your network can see the page that you have bookmarked.

Out of curiosity, other people read your bookmark page and if found to be of interest will do the same thing. The site that is bookmarked now grows in popularity. Meaning, more visitors.

The bookmarks are most often ranked by popularity, based on number of times bookmarked by the visitors, and tend to usually land up on the front pages of these social bookmarking sites, that has huge traffic and very high page rank.

You get my point?


Now imagine if your bookmarked page links to your blog, then the visitors are taken to your blog, and so does the spiders. This is indeed a smart way of doing blog promotion.

There are countless 'Web 2.0' sites out there. Wouldn't it be nice to get back links from all of them? You bet.

Quality vs. Quantity?

The idea is to get as many backlinks as possible from the social bookmarking sites as part of your 'Blog promotion'. It doesn't matter if your bookmark content is not up to the mark.

Remember, we are using some shadowy techniques to "Make Money from Home Online Blogging"!

Now, you need to do the bookmarking task on a mass scale, meaning, you will need more than one user name for each bookmarking site.

How to accomplish this? Two options. Automation and/or outsourcing.


Free Bookmarking Tools:

-> Only Wire
-> Social Poster

Here are two powerful bookmarking tools to automate the entire process, from opening of multiple accounts to actual bookmarking with predetermined frequency:

-> Bookmarking Demon
-> Social Bookmark Submitter

Outsource Your Social Bookmarking Tasks for very Reasonable Price!

A word of caution:

> Use proxy when opening bookmark accounts and while bookmarking. It's better to be safe than sorry.


Here is a list of proxy tools that will help:

ProxifySocksify - Alive Proxy  - TOR

> Do not bookmark all the pages of your site. The whole idea is to look natural to the engines.

Web 2.0 Marketing is a solid option for your web promotion and getting your blogs indexed and ranked pretty soon.

Blog-Promotion: Effective Web 2.0 Strategies with SEnukeX SEO Software

I have explained "One Way Links" on a separate page. Please take your time to read and understand the concept and techniques.

But, here, I will discuss shortly the techniques for getting one way links as part of your 'Blog promotion' strategy.

Before we get into the finer details of generating Quality One-Way Links, take a peep here to discover, How You Can Quickly, Easily & Automatically Blast Your URL to the Land of fresh untapped Blogs... With Great PageRank! An highly effective Blog promotion strategy to Make Money from Home blogging.


Talking of one way links, here are a couple more excellent link building programs, to generate super duper one way links:

-->  SEO LinkVine  - Get this FREE of charge!
30 Minute Links - Absolutely unheard of technique to build one way links...!

Why links, especially, 'One way links' has to be a part of your 'Blog promotion' endeavour?


Getting enough links to your sites quickly, will make a difference between, making pennies a month and making several dollars a day, with "Google Adsense", if this is one of your blog monetization techniques.

Essential Reading:

Link Building Tools.

Must Read:

Make Money Blogging With Lucrative Blog Monetization Strategy

By getting more one way links to your blogs/sites, your pages will rise in 'Search Engine Ranking', and "Search Engine Positioning". Meaning to say, more traffic to your sites.

Remember, this is where many will falter. So, here is your opportunity to outplay your competition, and, "Make Money from Home", blogging. 

Build high quality one way links


For those of you who would like to generate one way links manually as part of your blog promotion, here are the steps:

• Writing Articles: Pay a writer on a freelancing site to write 10 or so articles for you. You can also do this yourself, but considering the quality of the articles you are looking for, it is preferable to outsource.

Here is a cheap article writing service 

Read more on "Writing Articles". Read all about "Article Marketing".

• Article Submission: Submit your articles to the top 10 article directories using the author bio box to link back to your blog farms. This will have much the same effect as above.

Blog-Promotion: Article Writing and Submission Tool

--> Free Article Directory Submitter 

--> Outsource your article submission here

Keep it Real:

Send the links to the main blog that does not have any sub domains. This will be the anchor of the blog farm.

• Try to push the quality up, initially. Create better content than just the RSS feeds. Add graphics to your blogs' sidebar to make it look real and natural. This will help your indexing faster by the engines and pass human review.
• Blog farms can live a long healthy life, bringing you residual income virtually on auto pilot. Each blog farm can earn you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Build them well and you will not regret it.

Automation is your best bet. Use the blogging tools referenced above, to build blogs on a large scale.


The one 'Automated Blogging Software' worth the mention is FirePow. As the name suggests, it's truly blogging on fire.

Blog promotion is all about getting good quality one way links to your blog farms. Use the techniques on this page and you will soon find your blogs ranking higher and higher on the engines.

After you have repeated the process enough times, you will find it much easier than you did the first time. Your blog networks will have a good build -up of link juice at your disposal, allowing you to get indexed pretty much any site, extremely quickly.

This is your secret weapon to "Make Money from Home" blogging. Keep visiting this page and the links below, where, I will be adding more such back hat techniques that you can implement and make a good amount of money online.

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Here is wishing you immense blogging riches,




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